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Found 757 results

  1. Goodyear’s ultimate all-rounder: new Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 combines luxurious comfort with superior wet braking and dry handling performance Successor to popular and acclaimed Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 range Innovative technologies unlock significant improvements in wet braking and dry handling without compromising ride comfort or road noise Caters to growing Ultra High Performance (UHP) market, with 61 SKUs arriving between February and December 2019 with fitments from Volkswagen Golf to Porsche 911 Goodyear has announced its next-generation Ultra High Performance (UHP) road tire, the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5. Conceived as the ultimate all-round summer tire, Goodyear has utilized innovative technologies to unlock significant improvements in wet braking and dry handling without compromising ride comfort or road noise. Key to the tire’s breadth of ability is Goodyear’s development of a highly-refined compound that combines wet weather capabilities without sacrificing endurance or dry handling performance. Thanks to a contact patch designed to extend when braking, the tire’s contact with the road increases to a level more usually associated with a track tire, resulting in wet stopping distances which are a significant 4 percent shorter compared to the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3. [1] Goodyear’s efforts to optimize performance focused on reducing flex in the tread pattern as lateral forces are transmitted. The resultant crisp, precise turn-in, higher grip levels and efficient, clean acceleration facilitate an improvement in dry handling. Feedback through the steering is also enhanced, providing a more communicative and confidence-inspiring driving experience. Goodyear will introduce 51 SKUs between February and May 2019, with a further 10 arriving between June and December 2019. Goodyear will offer 17” to 22” diameters, 205 to 315 mm widths, and 50 to 25 side profiles, with intended fitments ranging from cars such as the Volkswagen Golf, through more luxurious cars such as the Mercedes C-Class and the BMW 3 series to the standard versions of the Porsche 911. This will strongly position Goodyear to exploit the robust 8.3 percent year-on-year growth experienced by the 17” and above UHP tire segment since 2012, now accounting for 22 percent of overall summer volume. [2] Upper segment vehicle sales are also forecast to increase from 17.5 to 18.2 percent by 2023 [3], while UHP demand from north-east and south-east Europe expanding 18 and 25 percent year-on-year since 2012 further increases the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5’s relevance to the market. [4] http://news.goodyear.eu/LATEST-NEWS/goodyear-s-ultimate-all-rounder--new-eagle-f1-asymmetric-5-combines-luxurious-comfort-with-superior-/s/56fa4e38-abcd-4074-9a78-4a0133ce5a75 Good news for Goodyear fans.
  2. Starting new thread for fun, mods pls delete or merge as deemed necessary. Recently been seeing a new decal gaining popularity: RYDANZ At first I thought is it some abang's name.. only lately found out it's a tyre brand. Anyone got feedback how's this brand? How does it compare to MCF's favourite Tourador? 😄
  3. Samwng

    Kumho Ecsta PS31

    New Tyre from Kumho.. looks promising..( made-in tomyam land ) Any bro here fitted with this and want to share with us your view on it.
  4. sinistral

    Yokohama Advan Apex V601

    Anyone currently driving with these set of tyres? I think this belongs to the UHP segment, so its competitors include Goodyear's F1A5, Michelin's PS4, Bridgestone's Potenza RE004 etc. The first two are essentially the best in this segment, so not sure if the Apex V601 can compete against them?
  5. Think you need a new set of tyres? Just leave it to the professionals at Borneo Motors and Champion Motors to sort it out - you deserve to drive with peace of mind. Text and photos by Goh Zhi Xuan You’ve probably heard and read about this a dozen times, but I’ll reiterate, tyres are the most important part on any wheeled vehicle. Think about it, they are the only point of contact between your car and the road. The tyres are the ones doing the heavy lifting to keep you safe and sound while driving down the roads, and that’s why you would want the best when it comes to them. If you are driving a Lexus, Toyota or Suzuki, here’s some great news. You won’t have much to worry about the tyres on your cars, Borneo Motors (BMS) and Champion Motors (CMS) now offer the most comprehensive tyre protection programme in the industry - Total Tyre Shield. Strict quality control that you can trust There are no better people than the skilled technicians at your Authorised Distributor (AD) to entrust the important job of maintaining your car. Needless to say, when it comes to something as important as tyres, you’ll do well with the same trusted bunch. Trained and certified by the respective manufacturers, experts at your AD would have the intrinsic knowledge on every nook and cranny, and knows just how to keep your car running perfectly and safely. When you entrust your car to the AD you can be sure that only the adequate size and type of tyre for your car will be recommended, ensuring a safe and fuss-free driving experience. With the strict quality control in place as well as the knowledge on proper storage of tyres, you wouldn’t have to worry about the condition of the tyres that you are getting – with BMS and CMS, quality is assured. Exceptional value It’s not just quality that you’ll get, Borneo Motors and Champion Motors are determined to offer the best value to its customers as well. There’s really no need to shop around for tyres when you can get such a great deal with the AD. If you have a preferred brand, you’ll be glad to know that there are several brands of tyres for you to choose from. BMS and CMS works directly with the distributors of the tyre brands, not only does this open up a range of tyres to best fit your needs, it also enables them to minimise your tyre costs. And the cost savings is clear to see - tyres for Toyota and Suzuki cars begin at just $96 per piece. Meanwhile, drivers of Lexus cars can get their new tyres from as low as $160. The best part of getting your new tyres from BMS or CMS, is the Total Tyre Shield programme that you’ll automatically get to enjoy when you purchase a fresh set of tyre from them. Total Tyre Shield allows you to drive with peace of mind What is Total Tyre Shield? Well, think of it as an insurance plan for your tyres. Total Tyre Shield offers unlimited coverage on three important services to ensure the longevity of a set of tyres - puncture repair, rotation and wheel balancing, when you purchase a fresh set of tyres. Encountering punctures on your tyres can be a frustrating experience. If you were to leave it be, and drive on low tyre pressure unknowingly, you will risk damaging your tyres and may even endanger your own life should the tyre fail catastrophically. That is why you should get punctures repaired as soon as possible. While tyres are expected to last between 40,000km and 50,000km, or an average lifetime of three years in normal circumstances, this is only achievable with routine tyre rotation, each time you service your car, to ensure even tyre wear. Do not slight the importance of wheel balancing. An unbalanced wheel can result in many problems, it can result in steering vibration, affecting the handling of your car, it can also cause uneven tyre wear, once again shortening the lifespan of your tyres. When you purchase a fresh set of tyres for your Lexus, Toyota or Suzuki from Borneo Motors or Champion Motors, you won’t have to worry about paying for the maintenance of your car’s tyres - everything you need to stay safe on the road is included with your tyre purchase. Tyres are important, don’t wait any longer. Contact BMS or CMS today to make an appointment for a set of fresh tyres!
  6. Hi, wonder if any bros encounter this problem before. My stock tire size is 205/45 R18. I asked some prominent shops and come to the conclusion that this size is not available in Singapore. What are the options available when the time comes for replacement. I have no intention to change the rims.Thks.
  7. Ironstarz

    Tourador Tyres

    Saw Al Tyre marketing them aggressively . Anyone used before ?
  8. ER-3682

    Yokohama RV02.

    Hi Tyres Gurus,anyone tested the Yokohama RV02.?
  9. Hi folks, Anyone has good experience with this tyre? I need feedback from real users on our roads. I'm looking at them for my next replacement for the following reasons that I have read online. 1) It is one of the few tyre available in 215/45R18 and with load rating of min 92. The others are Toyo t1 Sport and Kumho KU31. 2) Read that Toyo has relatively high rolling resistance and Kumho are quite noisy after some time. 3) The P1 are claim to have low rolling resistance and are designed for "Comfort"according to manufacturer's website and foreign websites. I have a friend on P7 (non RFT) and confirmed that the rolling resistance does feel low compared to many other tyres he used over the years. But then again, it is P7, not P1 although they are from similar series. Would like to hear your comments on their comfort level wear rate, noise level and wet performance over 10/20/30K Km if you have used them before. I'm a family man, don't go fast on the roads especially on rainy days and comfort/noise is an important factor for me. Currently on Potenza RE002 and I find them heavy, quite hard and slow to move off (high rolling resistance perhaps) I have looked at many of the "comfort" tires recommended in this forum but unfortunately, they are not available in the size I'm looking for. Many thanks in advance.
  10. Hamburger

    DIY punctured tyre

    Coming back home last night the car tyre monitoring system indicated a leak in front R tyre. Checked it out upon reaching home and indeed discovered a nail. 1. Extracted the nail out with an orange pliers. 2. Plug in a round file to smoothen and enlarge the hole. 3. Standby the sticky worm inserted into the needle eyes. 4. Insert into the hole with some force, with about 3/4 way in and pulled it out quickly. 5. Spray some water or bubbled one to check for leak. I pumped up the tyre a bit with a portable inflatable pump and drove to a petrol kiosk to fully inflate the tyres and do a reset on the tyre monitoring system. Do note that I am on RFT and hence could drive back home. Non RFT tyre should find a safe place to stop immediately and proceed to mend the tyre. Lucky me it was the front tyre, might need to take it off if it was at the rear which would restrict the hand movements. Fun, yes, Satisfaction, oh yes.
  11. hey guys, any recommendation of places to do tyre rotation and balancing? Normally how much will it cost?
  12. Michelin Pilot sport 4 Different moulds used, This week I had a puncture in one of my ps4's and got it changed, I realised that the two tyres looked considerably different to each other, one tyre has a rim protection lip when the other doesn't. Brought it up with the tyre place who contacted Michelin who then had it escalated to figure out why they where different. 4 days went past and it turns out that Michelin make the tyres in both Spain and Thailand and the new one I got (Made in Thailand) doesn't have rim protection like the original ps4 tyres. it is pretty disappointing that the tyre is different since they look considerably worse than the original Spain made ps4 tyres. I've posted photos of the two for reference Anyone else experienced this and as frustrated as I am?
  13. Kumweng

    TTC urethane cushion buffer

    What do you think of this product. Anyone install? Please feedback http://thinkthinkcar.com/en/
  14. Franwilliam

    Any recommended tyre shop

    Hi guys, Anyone knows or can recommend a tyre shop here in SG that offer good price and service? I planned to do it in JB but when I read in the forum, some of them said that the price not much different or even more expensive compared to SG perhaps due to tax, but alignment is cheaper in JB. Well I am looking for 224/45/17 for my car. Please share if you guys knows any shops. Thanks in advance
  15. Hi one of my car tire cannot be charged, suspect the charging valve is stuck. What should I do? Can the valve be replaced or must I change tire?
  16. Rskeisuke

    Reputable tyre shop near ubi

    Any shop to recommend to trade in my brand new factory fitted tyres and replace with F1A5?
  17. Neutrino

    Tyre puncture

    Just about to take my sil to A&E and see that my nearside rear tyre is flat. So she has to go to A&E by taxi. I change the tyre which is so much heavier than they used to be, and see there is a nail/screw through the tyre right vertically and in the center of the tread. Car has only done 5000Km. Bit suspicious I'm thinking especially as for the last three or more years some nutter in this HDB block has been throwing NTUC bags of smelly rubbish underneath cars. Anyway two questions: - do the AAS come out to a HDB car park to change a tyre?? - Is there a good tyre repair place close to Clementi central?? Thanks.
  18. Just changed to this set of new eco tyres, Bridgestone EP 300 yesterday evening at SE Tyres Co with Uncle Ming. This new model is an upgrade from EP 200. My initial feel of this eco tyres on the road so far has been quiet (maybe becos it is new) but the grip on dry roads been doing well so far. Cornering at 60km/h has been a breeze. Stiffer sidewalls improve body roll which I like. What I like is that it has enhanced NanoPro-Tech with a new polymer that provides enhanced wet grip due to an increased contact area that grips wet road surfaces with higher frictional force at the micro-level. In addition, the new tread pattern contributes to anti-hydroplaning performance, better handling and reduced noise. I also learnt from Uncle Ming that the EP 300 deeper lug depth on the tyre shoulder is designed to strengthen durability and increase wear resistance. The tyre also features new tread design to better control tyre deformation and provide long-lasting tyre life through a uniform wear pattern. Will monitor the tyres further to see how it performs down the road. http://www.torque.com.sg/18675/bridgestone-introduces-ecopia-ep300-singapore/ https://www.bridgestone.com.sg/ecopia_ep300.html https://youtu.be/6CbgsequQoo
  19. for those who kpkb say Goodyear sidewall soft & squishy: Three-tier range comprising SuperSport, SuperSport R and SuperSport RS Innovative technologies enable significant improvements to braking distances and lap times http://news.goodyear.eu/products-and-services/all/goodyear-pushes-the-limit-with-new-race-inspired-eagle-f1-supersport-range-for-road-and-track/s/51e7cd71-2088-4d59-a4c8-bd6b61829bb0
  20. (Image source: Continental) Earlier this year, we brought you the news that Michelin and GM are teaming up to bring airless tyres to the market in 2024. Continental is moving in a different direction with its growth, and the German company has come up with a self-inflating design that says it is "closely aligned with the requirements of electric and autonomous driving"–because that's the way we're all going, obviously. The concept is known as Conti C.A.R.E (standing for Connected, Autonomous, Reliable, Electrified) and the headline piece of tech is the new, self-inflating ‘PressureProof’ system. Essentially, the force generated by the turning wheel acts on a centrifugal pump, which in turn generates compressed air. The air is then placed into the tyre to continuously maintain maximum pressure while you're riding around. Continental states that any surplus compressed air would be contained in an enclosed tank so that you would never slip below the maximum pressures and see a stable reduction in CO2 emissions as well as a small increase in the average fuel economy. Because everything has to be linked these days, however, C.A.R.E tyres would also use a multitude of sensors to feed information on things such as tread depth, possible damage, tyre temperature and tyre pressure to the device. Could this be the end of passenger cars? Will the autonomous car be taking over the road in the near future?
  21. Fastfive1

    365automotive Avoid this shop

    This is a shop I would avoid. Prices quoted on their facebook ads and carousell listings are completely different from prices quoted over the phone. The price on their carousell listing says 190 for Michelin PS4 225/45/18. Call them up to confirm, the price goes up to 240. WTF!!! Then later when I ask what the manufacture date is, they tell me it is made in 2016. The tire is 3 f**king years old. No wonder so cheap. Then a few days later I see the facebook ad listing it as 220. Call the guy up to confirm what the year of manufacture is, he says it is 2017 although I highly doubt that. It is probably the same 2016 tire. I asked the guy over the phone about whether got new stock for the Michelin PS4 and whether it is $220. He brushed me off saying he is not in office and will get back to me. What a c**t! I eventually got tired of waiting for this c**t to get back to me, I went nearby and snagged a set of 2019 PS4 tires for $235 a piece. At least the other tire shop was straightforward and also an authorised dealer of Michelin tires. Given how sketchy they are about answering questions, I will avoid them. It seems they try to toss old stock to unsuspecting people who don't ask about manufacturing dates. They give different prices over the phone and in their listings. So hard to stay consistent meh? There is always a catch with their pricing. If you visit this place, visit at your own risk.
  22. Any bros here know a gd n cheap place to repair tyre puncture? Ard how much? Or can DIY?
  23. There might be times when you feel like you don't want to spend too much on tyres, or if the workshop you are in does not have the tyre size you need, which could then lead or force you to pair budget tyres with expensive ones on your car. Is it ok to do so? Will it affect your car's handling? Watch Tyre Review's video as they switch on one end of the car with a premium brand (Michelin) rear tyre, then a midrange kumho rear tyre, then a budget rear tyre to find out how it changes the car.
  24. Bluecollar

    Temporary Tire Repairs

    Hi All, Some cars these days do not come with spare tires, although not much of an issues if you are in Singapore. However if traveling north in the middle of no man's land may be a problem and personally have a completely toasted tire with a spark plug pierced into the tires before in Malaysia. So the question is can tire sealant helped until you find a next available tire shop??? What about sidewalls???. Is there any external temporary patch of sort that can use on sidewall available in the market???? Note we are talking about temporary repairs only until you find earliest available help.
  25. topprize123

    Bad listed Tyre Shop

    Hi Everyone; BEWARE of this shop! Lian Kiat Alloy Tyre & Battery Center along Jalan Jurong Kechil. Recently I was duped and conned by this dishonest shop owner in his 60's. He charged me $950 for 4 Falken Tyres whereby the usual price is around $440. You may ask why I paid so much without comparing prices. The reason was that I had done some tyres change at this place and found him to be decent and therefore I let my guard down the last time thinking that he would be honest as usual. Also I realized his tricks are to act innocent, speak very fast and mumble to himself; he will unscrew and take out your old tyres and then he will tell you there is no stock and recommend you some brands made in China. You will get very frustrated waiting for him to get his tyres from elsewhere and you are at his mercy as you cannot drive away without the tyres. I went back to ask his why over-charged me by more than $500 and he told me all kinds of stories saying COE and house prices have gone up. I told him this does not give him the right to overcharge by 200%. He said it was a done deal as it was done willingly by both parties. Hope no one get conned by him again!