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Found 14 results

  1. Schell31

    New Renault Grand Scenic Diesel

    Saw the road show in vivo city, the frugality is amazing...what do you think? i think diesel is the way to go green!
  2. So I got lucky and managed to win the grand prize for the recent Sonax workshop event held on Renault premises. The top prize was a weekend drive-away with the prize winning Grand Scenic. MCF organisers requested a thread on the weekend drive-away and I was happy to oblige. Just wondering if anyone has questions on this 7 seater model, I may be able to help answer some questions as I explore the ride this weekend. Current ride is a smallish Hyundai i30 wagon, so this is a different category for me, although I did come from a Mazda 5 not too long ago. A more complete review will be attempted, but first up some specs. Renault Grand Scenic Type - MPV 7 seater (midsize MPV) Engine - Diesel 1.5 litre Turbo dCI (Auto) ; Euro 6 BHP - 110; Torque - 260 NM Extras - full size glass roof (standard on Grand Scenic) Seats - full leather, one-touch foldable system via rear and front display panel Wheels - 195/55/20 with 20 inch rims Weight - 1.5 tons Length - 4.6 m; Height - 1.6 m 0 -100 km/h : 13.2 seconds Luggage space - 233/596 (3rd row folded)
  3. Hi, i just got my new car (very first) & thinking of installing 2-channel dashcam with parking mode so as to give me peace of mind. Wondering if anyone in this forum has Renault Grand Scenic (latest Gen4) with 2-channel dashcam installed & which authorized shop you had it installed. Im asking coz my SE told me Wearnes Automotive stopped installing rear camera due to leaking issue after installing.
  4. May want to upgrade to a MPV for my next ride and am considering this 4 mid-size conti diesel-powered Cat A MPV which I have viewed them all but couldnt made up my mind. Reason for going Diesel is because I figured out over a distance of 100k km, the saving in pump cost is much greater as compared to the higher road tax which I may have to pay for a diesel-powered 1.6L MPV (making comparison with mid-size petrol powered MPV like Wish/Mazda 5). Furthermore, driving up North is something which i seldom do. Based on personal observation, Touran is the one which i spotted most often on the roads (though they may be the petrol variant and not neccessary the diesel variant) Any views from current owners or anyone who has an opinion? I'm trying to guess which MPV is the best value for money or best bang for bucks over a period of say 8yrs.
  5. Trollstigen, is a serpentine mountain road in Norway - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trollstigen We stopped at the port of Alesund, Norway, while on a cruise. That day was a long cruise stop day, so there was time for us to rent a car, which we did in advance. Originally we were supposed to get a Toyota Prius equivalent. We were given a complimentary upgrade to a BMW 520d Touring model, so good for me. Driving to the Troll Road and back was fun. The hairpin turns look scary, but they were not difficult at all. In fact, I think it is more challenging to drive up to Genting. Nevertheless, the experience was fun. Here is a video I made of the adventure to Trollstigen. Driving down the hairpin turns start at the 8:32 mark. Some more information on the blog post, for all those interested. http://guitar123foodandtravel.blogspot.sg/2014/07/adventure-of-seas-day-9-alesund-part-1.html The BMW 520d Outside a Shell station. The hairpin turns, from the lookout. Not that hard, just drive slowly.
  6. Hi, where can I find spare tyre carrier for Renault Grand Scenic? A second hand one will do. Thanks. spare wheel carrier.docx
  7. KARTer

    Any scenic Park Connectors?

    Yesterday i jogged/walked along the park connectors next to the canal from Bradell Rd Bridge (next to Delgro depot) all the way passed PIE near St Andrew School there and ended up at Bendemeer Bridge.... the connectors are shady and as it was hightide, the water was full to the brim.... i could imaging pple having those Oxford/Cambridge, or Yale/Harward row-boat race down the canal, or dragon boats race it was quiet and i met only a few mei mei joggers, a few cyclists, few old men resting/smoking at the benches.... didnt know sgp still has such idylic spots one part has HUDC flats behind some matured trees on the other side of the canal..... very tranquil and peaceful (potong pasir estate) Anyone knows other such park connectors which have some old-charm and relaxed atmosphere? I ever cycled from Pasir Ris park to tampines town centre using the connectors.... not bad but as the estates are newer, so the feel is different
  8. Lycanthrope

    Renault Scenic 1.6A

    guys .. anyone driven before ?? comments and reviews and pictures ?? thanks .....
  9. Raycsk

    Scenic and challenging routes

    Hey All, Anyone love going for drives at night? Still love these routes: 1. Pierce Reservoir (running along Upp Thomson Road) 2. 99 bends (Buona Vista) behind Science Park 3. Tuas Reclaimed Land 4. Punngol Road 5. Changi Coastal Road 6. Kranji Dam toward New Tew 7. Lim Chu Kang Road (tengah Airbase) Anymore fun routes you can think of? Also went into the cemetries before, not eerie to me cause had military exercises in ther before
  10. DarkLord

    New Renault Scenic

  11. Icemanic

    Renault Scenic Phase III

    New Scenic Makes A Scene uto Express magazine has the first pictures of next year's all-new Renault Scenic, and they show how the French company isn't taking any risks with the next-generation compact MPV. Unlike the radical new M