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Found 20 results

  1. Received a call from 'Singtel Telecom' yesterday via Viber. In fact, i've maybe received only 1 call from a friend via Viber 3-4 yr ago, so didn't immediately recognise it was via Viber... The whole screen of my phone showed the caller's profile pic, which was the official SingTel logo, so i was initially wondering why SingTel called me out of the blue via special mode (not phone call, not whatsapp call, not wechat call, not skype call - the only 4 i'm familiar with)... Then the ang mo sounding fella said he's calling from Singtel Telecom, and that there's some lucky draw and that my phone number has won a prize of $50,000. I had just finished a discussion with colleagues when the phone rang, so my mind wasn't v clear yet, and didn't immediately knew/decided it's a scam, partly cos got influenced by the SingTel logo, and also the price of $50k is not like those $500 mil that i've come across before from those Nigerians... And the fella actually read out my phone number and asked if that was my number. He then asked me to 'give him my name', in order to proceed. It was at this point that my mind became clear and alert again - on the occasions when Telcos or banks call me, they will authenticate by stressing 'for verification purpose', which this fella didn't say. I strung him along, and asked shouldn't they my name if they're from SingTel? At this point, the fella must have detected the first doubt from me, and still tried to substantiate it, saying that he's really calling from Singtel Telecom, in 'Changi International Airport'!!! I purposely asked him again at where, and he said 'you know, Changi International Airport'... When i asked again, that he meant he's calling from the airport, that's when he knew the game was up, and hung up the call. Dunno whether the hell they got my no. from, and found out i'm with SingTel to try this scam. Maybe SingTel got people got hold of their number (but not name) database for this... Those of you with SingTel, do be careful.
  2. So I got lucky and managed to win the grand prize for the recent Sonax workshop event held on Renault premises. The top prize was a weekend drive-away with the prize winning Grand Scenic. MCF organisers requested a thread on the weekend drive-away and I was happy to oblige. Just wondering if anyone has questions on this 7 seater model, I may be able to help answer some questions as I explore the ride this weekend. Current ride is a smallish Hyundai i30 wagon, so this is a different category for me, although I did come from a Mazda 5 not too long ago. A more complete review will be attempted, but first up some specs. Renault Grand Scenic Type - MPV 7 seater (midsize MPV) Engine - Diesel 1.5 litre Turbo dCI (Auto) ; Euro 6 BHP - 110; Torque - 260 NM Extras - full size glass roof (standard on Grand Scenic) Seats - full leather, one-touch foldable system via rear and front display panel Wheels - 195/55/20 with 20 inch rims Weight - 1.5 tons Length - 4.6 m; Height - 1.6 m 0 -100 km/h : 13.2 seconds Luggage space - 233/596 (3rd row folded)
  3. Win total 8 pairs of ticket (worth $320) to BMW World - Of Passion and Joy by starting a new thread about BMW in MyCarForum! Contest mechanism: Start a new thread in MyCarForum about BMW. Contest period: 1-15 August 2018 Please post on the correct folder (any car-related folders) & check before you start any new thread Members may post more than 1 thread. However, only 1 thread will be qualified to participate in the contest. Duplicated and similar threads will be removed Internal moderators will choose the contest winners. 1st winner will get 2 pairs of tickets. 6 winners will win 1 pair of ticket each. Contest winners will be announced in this thread and will be contacted through PM on 16 August 2018 Contest winners are not allowed to choose the tickets' dates More about BMW World - Of Passion and Joy This event will take up two halls (halls 403 and 404) at the Suntec Convention Centre and is set to open on the 25th and 26th August, from 10 AM to 10 PM. BMW World will also serve as a place for the introduction of a number of BMW’s latest offerings to the Singapore market, as well as concept and showcase vehicles. Visitors to BMW World can expect to see the following models: BMW i8 Roadster BMW X4 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer and Gran Tourer BMW M2 Competition BMW 8 Series Designer Mini by Paul Smith BMW Concept X7 iPerformance Terms & Conditions Winners need to be above 18 or accompanied by an adult. Singaporean, Singaporean PR or have a valid Singaporean ID to claim the prizes. Only 1 valid Singapore ID per every pair of tickets claimed. No purchase required to participate in this contest. Collection of tickets are to be made on 16th and 17th August from 10am – 5pm at sgCarMart’s premises (61 Ubi Ave 2, Automobile Megamart #07-05/06, Singapore 408898). Any prizes left unclaimed will be forfeited after 17th August 2018. Collection of tickets will only be allowed with the presentation of a valid ID and email stating that the person has won. sgCarMart's decision is final and no query, challenge or appeal may be made or entertained regarding the decision. Prizes are non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash and may be subject to availability. sgCarMart will not replace any prizes if winners are unable to attend the event. Acceptance of any prize shall constitute a release and discharge of SgCarMart by each winner from any and all liabilities, claims, and/or damages which the winner may have arising out of or relating to: (i) the campaign, (ii) personal injury and/or property damage, theft or loss suffered by the winner as a result of the use and/or enjoyment of the prize. sgCarMart reserves the right, at any time, to modify, alter, withdraw or update its Contest Terms of Participation without prior notice. By participating in this contest, you are allowing SGCM Pte Ltd and their affiliated companies access to any information that you provide, so as to notify you about any updates about this contest or any promotional content that may be of interest to you.
  4. Laserjet

    Free Flowers to give away!

    Take part in the sgCarMart + MyCarForum Contest by answering questions regards to Floral Garage and stand a chance to win a $50 voucher. Contest period from 18 June 2018 to 09 July 2018. More details here : http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?app=lifestyle&section=contest This first post is continuously changed every month to reflect the latest contest materials.
  5. Take part in our monthly sgCarMart contest by answering questions about Fitinpart.sg and stand a chance to win one of the two sets of prizes (NiBK six-pot Big Brake Kit Upgrade and car parts & service vouchers) worth $1870. 1 Oct 2017 to 31 Oct 2017 More details here : http://www.sgcarmart...est/listing.php This first post is continuously changed every month to reflect the latest contest materials.
  6. Bonjour fellow MCF members! MyCarForum is collaborating with Motul to give away 60 bottles of Motul engine oils (300V, 8100 & H-TECH) that all comes in 5W-40 & 5W-30 viscosity! About Motul Motul formulates, produces and sells automotive (cars, motorcycles, racing karts, etc.) lubricants in more than 100 countries. Motul also offers a wide range of maintenance products for various types of vehicles. Their flagship racing oil 300V carries the latest technological evolution ESTER Core®, which is used exclusively in the 300V range. This technology allows your car to achieve maximal performance, over and beyond existing standards. ESTER Core® technology guarantees unrivalled protection for your engine, even under the most demanding conditions. Do check out their 300V Reward Club! Here’s how to join the giveaway: Register here. Registration period: 7 Nov - 31 Dec 2016. We will then contact you within seven working days. If you are selected for the giveaway, we will send you the link to complete the registration. You will need to pay a registration fee of $20, which exclude the oil change labour charges. After payment is completed, kindly do the servicing before 21 January 2017 at any of recommended servicing workshops. Please find the list of recommended servicing workshops here. We will update the oil change labour charges shortly. MyCarForum will be giving away our exclusive MyCarForum cashcard with $10 value inside for every participants who have submitted a review before 31 January 2017. To receive Motul merchandise worth $15.90, prove how Motul Engine Oil has improved your driving experience. Members have to talk about Fuel Efficiency, Performance of the car and idling. Share your review before 31 January 2017 at: Motul 300V (5W-40) Motul 300V (5W-30) Motul 8100 (5W-40) Motul 8100 (5W-30) Motul H-TECH (5W-40) Motul H-TECH (5W-30) Terms & Conditions: Servicing must be done before 21st January 2017. Participants who do so, are entitled to win MCF and Motul merchandise worth $35.90. Registration fee of $20 is non-refundable - exclusive of oil change labour charges (payment of oil change labour charges is payable directly to servicing workshops) Please ensure you submit the correct car make and model. For cars with bigger capacity engines, we will need to take note on the quantity of engine oil to use. Motul merchandise needs to be self-collected at SGCM Pte Ltd, 61 Ubi Avenue 2, Automobile Megamart #07-05/06. Clause for Indemnity: SGCM Pte Ltd will not be liable for any dispute between the workshops and the car owner. Kindly double check the condition of your car and the job sheet before the workshop starts servicing your car. More details about the product: http://www.sgcarmart.com/products/listing.php?BRD=Motul REGISTER HERE
  7. sgCarMart Car of the Year 2016 Submit a review and stand to win attractive prizes as below. http://www.sgcarmart.com/coty2016/nominees.php Be the one with the most correct choices and win attractive prizes as below. http://www.sgcarmart.com/coty2016/vote.php
  8. Hello, Members! MyCarForum is collaborating with Maz Energy to give away $39.80 worth of MAZ Nitro GX 1 Performance Additive for MCF Members! Here’s how to join the giveaway: Registration has been closed (This giveaway is for Petrol-engine cars ONLY) We will send you 2 packs of MAZ Nitro GX 1 Performance Additive @ 70 ml through normal mail. (Postage fee of $7) Prove how MAZ Nitro GX 1 Performance Additive has promoted your car’s engine combustion efficiency. To use, simply empty the contents of the packet into your car's empty fuel tank before refuelling. Share your review here before 16 September 2016 and we will send you another 4 packs of MAZ Nitro GX 1 Performance Additive @ 70 ml! 10 best reviews will get BONUS 3 packs of MAZ Nitro GX 1 Performance Additive @ 70 ml! 10 best reviews that can prove fuel economy with Maz Nitro GX 1 Performance Additive will get BONUS 3 BOXES (9 packs) @ 70 ml! Winners for both best reviews and best reviews for fuel economy will be announced on 11 October 2016. Please take note: For fuel savings to kick in, do finish trying all 6 sachets/treatments. 2 sachets/treatments is not enough for carbon deposits in the engine to clear out. Carbon deposits takes time to be expelled out from your engine due to combustion combustion process. If you just tried your first 2 packs, please do not write about the fuel efficiency in your review. You can discuss the fuel efficiency in your second review after finish trying all 6 sachets. Terms & Conditions: Postage fee is one-time off, non-refundable Please make sure that you give us your correct mailing address when you register. Any chance of loss mail, we will send a new set if the address provided is correct. Please input your name, not nickname, we wont be responsible for returned mail. More details about the product: http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/events_features.php?AID=3261&PN=1
  9. Their reply was classic but the entries AFTER was lagi classic Nikon's FB post goes viral due to photoshopped winning entry Nikon Singapore has gotten plenty of flak online after naming an allegedly badly-photoshopped photograph as a prize-winning shot on its official Facebook page on Jan 29, 2016. Screengrab: Nikon Singapore/Facebook Prize winner has apologised for his mistake, claiming it was a 'joke' BY WONG CASANDRA wongcasandra@mediacorp.com.sg PUBLISHED: 7:34 PM, JANUARY 30, 2016 UPDATED: 9:18 PM, JANUARY 31, 2016 SINGAPORE — A post on Nikon Singapore's Facebook page has gone viral with over 25,000 likes, close to 19,000 shares and 4,000 replies — but for all the wrong reasons. In the post —which has since been deleted —, the camera maker had awarded Mr Chay You Wei a Nikon trolley bag worth S$169 for being this week's NikonCaptures winner. He had submitted a black and white photo of an aeroplane flying overhead framed by a ladder, one which many netizens have pointed out to be a badly-photoshopped image.
  10. sgCarMart Car of the Year 2015 Submit a review and stand to win attractive prizes as below. http://www.sgcarmart.com/coty2015/nominees.php Be the one with the most correct choices and win attractive prizes as below. http://www.sgcarmart.com/coty2015/vote.php
  11. sgCarMart Car of the Year 2014 Submit a review and stand to win attractive prizes as below. http://www.sgcarmart.com/coty2014/nominees.php#review Be the one with the most correct choices and win attractive prizes as below. http://www.sgcarmart.com/coty2014/vote.php Join our Facebook Page for even more chances to win https://apps.facebook.com/sgcm_coty/
  12. Get instantly rewarded in our Scratch & Win giveaway! Win prizes worth up to $15,000 and earn more chances by inviting your friends! Attractive prizes are waiting for you! Participate now: https://apps.facebook.com/mcf_scratch_win/ Prizes: Cash Prize $688 Cash Prize $388 Capita Voucher! Infratint Solar Film worth $188 Kennol 5W40 Endurance $158 Eclipse - LED Undercarriage System $300 Tyre Queen - Tyre Voucher from, and many more!
  13. Take part in sgCarMart's monthly contest by answering questions about Pioneer's revolutionary AppRadio software in the month of December, and stand a chance to win Pioneer Products worth up to $1,377. http://www.sgcarmart.com/contest/listing.php Contest period from 1 December 2013 to 31 December 2013 First prize : 1 x Pioneer AVH-X2650BT(Worth $699) Second prize : 1 x Pioneer XW-SMA3-K(Worth $399) Third prize : 1 x Pioneer BDP-160(Worth $279)
  14. Zanter

    Kena 2nd prize Toto but...

    Only get $2018. Toto results Anyway I didnt even kena but friend kena. He very happy thought can retire..but alas not to be.
  15. Thugstercena

    Come vote and win prize

    http://www.sgcarmart.com/coty2010/vote.php lai lai lai. i just casted my vote. hahas. vote for car of 2010 by sgcarmart.com. hahas. got prizes to win.
  16. SGCMmadman

    Shld share the prize?

    hi bros n sis? m new here, jus need ur opinions n advise.......my colleagues wife's fren wanted to buy a LCD tv end of last year which was having a very special lunch time onli price..... last one on offer... needed to pay immediately n she realised she lost her purse..... because was the last piece, the salesman said cant reserve, so my colleague wife paid on her behalf using credit card. the fren had filled in the contest forms b4 paying but since she din pay n my colleague wife paid 4 her, no new forms were given to my colleague wife to fill in..... guess wat, weeks later the fren won a mazda 3 and $5000 cash...COE was 5k tat time, so in a way, a free brand new mazda 3 wif COE.... and guess wat, my colleague wife got nothing.... and wat makes it worse, she accompanied my colleague wife to buy a washing machine months later for my colleague's place and din even offer to pay the S$199 tat the washing machine on offer cost.... how ungrateful can a person be? my colleague wife helped the fren get a job despite knowing the person had very bad credentials, helped financially wen the fren was getting married..... and the fren cant even share the prize... to me tats not a fren... every1 (frens, family, biz colleagues) are simply shocked tat such ungrateful people exist in tis world.A fren even suggested colleague n his wife, sue bestdenki (the organizer) for not issuing contest forms wen my colleague wife made payment at point of sale. my colleague wife is jus too good hearted to do tat but wat makes me mad is the sheer boh-chapness and ungrateful behaviour. wat would u do in their place? share 50 -50 wich wat the fren would hv insisted if situation was reversed, give the 5k cash prize?
  17. A chinese lady (sounds like Taiwanese) been calling me the past 1 week to congrats me on winning a phone lucky draw. I was told I won the 2nd prize; 45 days tour round the world. I have to fly to HK to commerce the trip, and also told this would be the only cost i have to come up with. However if I choose to cash out, i will "LOSS" about $10k value of the ticket. I would still cash in $48,000 (Singapore dollars). Each time when told to talk more, I told the lady I am away or busy. Yesterday (sunday), she actually told me that, they have a mini fair at East Coast Park (near MacDonalds). And there are signs leading me to their booth.. just have to quote AK3698. Anyway, I was too busy shopping yesterday. This morning.. since I was so free... when she called, I entertained her.. and her calls has not stopped since then... I am supposed to call a law firm in HK to verify myself... so the $48,000 can be successfully transferred to me. WAHAAHAA... I am rich!!! I will soon get $48,000!!! By the way... it's REAL!!! cos they even got website... and just put in AK3698.. and you will see that I did win the 45 days tour round the world! http://www.ap-ta.com/login.asp
  18. Sci10213

    Nobel Peace Prize

    Can we nominate Singapore Govt for Nobel Peace prize? CPF ... ERP ... GST ... blah blah blah
  19. Hi Guys, Anybody try it before? What's prize for this?