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  1. http://paultan.org/2015/07/09/2016-toyota-sienta-mpv-unveiled-for-japanese-market-2/
  2. The all-new 2017 Impreza debuts the Subaru Global Platform architecture that's designed to deliver significantly higher levels of driving pleasure, agility, crash protection and ride comfort and will underpin a variety of upcoming Subaru vehicles, including hybrids. As before, every Impreza is equipped as standard with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, a boon to driving agility and traction and a key advantage over front-wheel drive competitors. The roomier 2017 Impreza models also debut the brand's new design language and new driver-assist technology. Also new, multimedia features including st
  3. Hi All would like to start a new thread on the New Suzuki Vitara(2WD and 4WD), Went down to the show room at the new show room at Leng kee, the showroom was crowded, this is the first time I saw the Suzuki show room with this many customer, seem like this Vitara is getting more popular. The cheapest vision of 2WD start with 97K, a good price point to my view, hope to hear more people commenting on this.
  4. Sedan Avant Body shape looks pretty much indifferent But some cool tech inside
  5. Looks amazing and like a s class. This is going to be a seller in singapore Ultimate luxury
  6. Is all new model. So I create a new thread for everyone to comment and discuss. If COE drop below $20k(although very unlikely). Will this become best selling model again?
  7. http://www.carbuyer.co.uk/reviews/vauxhall/astra/hatchback/review Heard from my Opel SE that the Astra 2016 is here already. Anyone test driven already? Can the 1.0L turbo version make it? I'm a little bit skeptical about the power myself. Hoping to get some advice from the gurus around
  8. http://www.edmunds.com/toyota/prius/2016/#fullreview A new platform, revamped interior and 55 mpg should make the 2016 Toyota Prius the iconic gas-electric, go-to choice among hybrids. Prius is an interesting car but not popular in SG. Would the 2016 iteration attract more buyers? Of course, the AD may need to trim down the margin a bit. The margin is > 25k for the previous current version? http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/toyota/first-drives/2016-toyota-prius-review The new Prius is the first model to be based upon the Japanese manufacturer’s new TNGA modular architectur
  9. Will the folks at Wearnes reading this....please bring in the 1.5 diesel version, please?
  10. http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/article.php?AID=15533 new turbocharged 1.6-litre T-GDI engine, which will be available in Singapore in the fourth quarter of this year, comes with a new seven-speed Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT) and will deliver a responsive drive of up to 175bhp.
  11. Iniital batches will be almostly hand-assembled. Once the assembly line is refined, robotic automation moves in. Delivery 2014(Japan), 2015(NA) Love the way each worker double checks their work and finishing with a self-assuring gesture with a sign off. The digital torque wrench is the preferred tool in the video. Edit: The name "Mirai" means Future in Japanese Kanji or in Chinese "未来" Assembly floor in raw sound and HD.
  12. Was wondering how cum no one start a thread on this car. Saw this car at a pi. Car lingual. Seems like a nice looking car. Anyone driving one here? And frm what i gathered. Theres 1.5x 1.5g and 1.5wx?? Seems little info to suggest the diff??
  13. http://www.caranddriver.com/news/2016-chevrolet-malibu-photos-and-info-news I'm hoping the new Malibu can come to SG soon! Damn it looks really really hot!
  14. Saw this at Incheon Airport. Does the front looks like Porch??
  15. Interior and exterior pics are out! Seems better than the current generation, looking forward to the diesel variant. There also seems to be a little lexus design there in the rear. 7 seaters too so will tick some extra boxes. Anyone knows when it's hitting our shores?
  16. New sylphy has been out in europe, anyone know when it will landibg Thailand and available in sg? With the launching of new civic 2016 guess difficult for nissan to compete with honda if no further facelift model launch on their current car range :-/ https://youtu.be/3S_qPoAKzqI
  17. Looks like Premium has quietly brought the facelifted Audi A1 Sportback in. Anyone looked at it, or found out what its equipped with? Currently only one engine option listed; 1.0L TFSI. Could be really economical! Promotional pricing now only $117k, which is remarkable for an Audi. Pricelist is $137k.
  18. Skoda Superb Combi 2016 model - nice! I owned the 2003 generation model. Amazing drive and lovely big sized interior, this new model is awesome looking! http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2700965-sharing-leak-lobang-groceries-10-off-free-delivery/
  19. Wish to get help here. My car is Elantra Basic model. i crack the left tail light cover a few month ago. Now I got a new light and wish to change by my self. However, when I start to do DIY, I found there is an additional wire connect to the tail light. Is there anyone can advice what is this wire for? I think it looks like for the power source for reverse camera, or reverse sensor? The new light I bought do not have this wire. I attached the photos. Thanks The new light bought do not have this wire I checked the right tail light, do not have this wire
  20. Anyone have any affordable Android Auto HU for Qashqai 2016 to recommend, please? Somewhere less than $600 will be good. Do also recommend the installer if possible. Thank you in advanced.
  21. Hello! I have a problem with my 1 month old Estima: While driving suddenly I lost power steering, Speed reading and all the warning lights including Engine, Power steering, traction control and ABS came on. The car remained drivable and the engine sounded the same. Brought it to the service center (PI) and they said it was a bad battery, changed it. Problem happened again and they changed battery again. Finally they also changed the alternator at my insistence but the problem continued. They then blamed the drive camera for draining too much battery. I've been asked to unplug it and see if th
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