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Found 6 results

  1. This is the replacement model for the aging A4 (yes, you read it correctly, no typo). So is the A4 dead? Why not really. The reason for the new name plate has to do with Audi's new name strategy, where odd number are reserved for ICE model (petrol and hybrid) such as A3, A5, A7, Q3, Q5, Q7, while BEV will be allocated with even numbers, such as the new Q4 and Q6 e-Tron, got it? The new A5 comes with a fresh look, updated tech, and a pair of perky ICE engines that Audi hopes will keep drivers happy no matter their budget. The base model has a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder that sends 268 horsepower to all four wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Variable turbine geometry for the turbocharger up the engine’s efficiency (actual fuel economy figures are TBD). The new S5 has a turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 sending 362 hp to all four wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch. It's the first time Audi has used this transmission in an S5. Its Quattro all-wheel-drive system is hooked up to a Quattro sport differential with torque vectoring. It's the first of many cars to use Audi’s shiny new Premium Platform Combustion architecture, which is set up for front- or all-wheel drive, as well as straight-up gas or hybrid powertrains. Let see how the new A4 looks like in a few weeks time. S5 Sedan (Liftback) S5 Avant (Wagon)
  2. Sedan Avant Body shape looks pretty much indifferent But some cool tech inside
  3. Wet dream for wagon lover... The Avant E-Tron shares the same dimensions as the earlier A6 Sportback E-Tron Concept. Both are 4.96 meters long, 1.96 meters wide, and 1.44 meters tall. The difference is in the rear styling where the Avant has a more angular roof to make room for the larger cargo area. The result of this sleek look is a 0.24 drag coefficient, versus 0.22 for the Sportback. The A6 Avant E-Tron Concept rides on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE), which is also underneath the forthcoming Q6 E-Tron crossover. It has an electric motor turning each axle for a total output of 469 horsepower (350 kilowatts) and 800 Newton-meters of torque. Audi isn't disclosing the exact battery capacity but indicates the figure is around 100 kilowatt-hours. The 800-volt, 270-kilowatt recharging capacity allows for getting 300 kilometers of WLTP range within as little as 10 minutes. Less than 25 minutes is necessary to take the pack from 5 to 80 percent. Depending on the powertrain, the production A6 Avant E-Tron would be able to reach 100 kilometers per hour in less than seven seconds or as quick as "well under four seconds" for high-performance models, according to the company's announcement. A rear-drive version of the electric A6 Avant would be capable of 700 kilometers on a charge.
  4. Hello all, Does anyone know what are the terms and conditions for the promotions below? Audi A8 $1,763 a month Audi A7 Sportback $1,474 a month Audi A6 Avant $1,087 a month Audi A5 Sportback $1,251 a month Audi TT $1,322 a month http://www.audi.com.sg/sea/brand/sg/audi_p...;container=page
  5. [ Unlike the Italians, Germans are more eloquent in their art of disguise. This, particularly in the way their performance cars are made. Ferraris and Lamborghinis scream supercar with their vivid, attention catching colours, while the Merc AMGs, BMW Ms and Audi RSes are quick to have you mistake them for just another motoring staple. And here, we may have another example of a wolf in sheep's skin. On the outside, nothing quite separate this A6 Avant from its tamer siblings. The usual suspects are absent - no range-topping 'RS' kit or badge. What it has though, are adequately sporty S-line dressings. And a set of 20-inch rims - which does not look overtly large in those wheel arches. Here comes the exciting part. A 3.0-litre bi-turbo V6 diesel engine, giving the A6 Avant enough power to dish out the century sprint in 5.3 seconds. That's about just half a second slower than the RS4. Then there's the chunky 650Nm of torque, which makes driving in our urban landscape a breeze. The Avant (Audi's speak for wagon) has become an icon in the world of automotive shapes. And we reckon it just adds to the uniqueness of the car's overall preposition.
  6. been thinking of the above for my next car actually, any bros here got any feedback about it? in terms of handling, fuel consumption? many thanx
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