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Found 73 results

  1. Hello all, Does anyone know what are the terms and conditions for the promotions below? Audi A8 $1,763 a month Audi A7 Sportback $1,474 a month Audi A6 Avant $1,087 a month Audi A5 Sportback $1,251 a month Audi TT $1,322 a month http://www.audi.com.sg/sea/brand/sg/audi_p...;container=page
  2. Hi, anyone knows if my son who is one of the named occupier for a 3G unit is still eligible to apply a BTO for his own family after a certain period of years? We are due to attend and select a unit this friday 26 April. need an answer b4 we decide whether if we still want to proceed to take up a 3G or not. TIA
  3. I saw many ads of condo units with tenancy, it may be good to have some rental income during that interval but are there any catch with such arrangements? For example tenant spoil furniture, not willing to move out or what are the major catches one should look out for?
  4. Hey guys, been thinking of going back to catching crabs (not the sexually transmitted disease). Anyone know of any good locations? used to go sembawang jetty.... but the crabs kenna catch until almost extinct liao :P
  5. this is good news for some of the young people. from personal experience i have seen some of the younger people from the last downturn come to do quite well after a few years. --- S'pore grads in recession catch up eventually Teh Shi Ning | The Business Times | Wed Nov 23 2011 SINGAPORE - Graduates entering the job market here in a recession start off with lower pay, but their salaries catch up with the wages of those who start in economic booms after about three years on the job. This compares with an 18-year disadvantage faced by graduates joining the United States workforce in a recession, says a study published in the latest issue of the Economic Survey of Singapore, released yesterday. Click here to find out more! Economists from the Ministry of Trade and Industry's (MTI) Economic Division found that a one percentage point increase in the unemployment rate at the time a university graduate starts work reduces his starting pay by about 6-8 per cent. The results of their statistical regressions are similar to those of a US study of graduates which finds an initial wage loss of 6-7 per cent for a one-point increase in the US unemployment rate. But this negative impact diminishes over time and disappears after a graduate has gained three years of work experience. "Singapore's labour market would thus appear to be efficient enough to prevent the perpetuation of downward wage persistence for 'unlucky' cohorts of graduates," the study's authors said. The US study found that it takes almost 18 years before a graduate's initial wage disadvantage is mitigated. Singapore's recovery period could be shorter due to higher job mobility of university graduates here, or greater variable and performance-linked components in the wage structures here, which could make it easier for "unlucky" graduates to catch up with the skills acquired, the MTI economists said. Their results do come with caveats though. The data available, from 2000 to 2007, covers just one recession and the short time frame may exclude long- term negative effects. Also, without information on individual ability and job switches, they were unable to assess how different segments of university graduates are affected - key because wage persistence can differ for people of varying abilities. The economists said that this exploration of whether joining the labour force in recession-time has a negative impact on wages is an area "of growing importance", given the "rising economic volatility in Singapore". There have been three recessions in the last 15 years, and only one before 1996. Job creation was stronger in Q3, with 32,300 jobs added in the quarter compared to 24,800 in Q2. But with economic slowdown now underway, economists like OCBC Bank's Selena Ling expect the labour market to "soften this quarter and next year". Pointing to recent official business expectations surveys, she notes that employers have already turned cautious about hiring. This article was first published in The Business Times.
  6. Mustank

    Husband Catch Wife Adultery

    WOOHOOO!!!!! Scandal of the month!!! More Sexciting than YSL, Palmer, Fireman, Mata and my First Sex Professor!!!!!! http://iwantrevange.wordpress.com/ make husband wear cap!!! let lover cum insai!!!! woohoo!!!! got telephone number somemore!!!
  7. Google Maps now lets you find and catch wild Pokémon April Fools’ Day has already arrived in Japan and as expected, Google has a deluge of jokes and Easter eggs to check out online. You can check out our constantly-updating list here. One of our early favorites is the new Pokémon Challenge for Google Maps which, at long last, lets anyone with a smartphone or tablet earn the all-important title of Pokémon Master. From an iOS or Android device, you simply need to launch the Google Maps app and tap the ‘Search’ option at the top of the screen. You’ll see a new ‘Press Start’ option and a blue Pokéball icon, signalling the classic quest that awaits every aspiring Pokémon trainer. In our quick playtest, Google bounced us across to the Pokémon Lab, suitably located at the CERN research facility in Switzerland. As you swipe around the map, you’ll see colorful sprites for individual Pokémon, which you can then catch and add to your Pokédex for safekeeping. There are some nice throwbacks to the original games too; the Pokédex has full artwork for each monster and when you tap on a Pokémon the classic phrase ‘a wild Pokémon appears’ is displayed prominently at the bottom of the screen. Here's a video
  8. https://www.facebook.com/hhsu.pink.copen/videos/10206805455402870/
  9. 2) As above ... anyone willing to share more. Some can ridiculously asking for 5K to do a programming job. And 8-10K to do a DBA role in banking industries.... they think BANKERs are Robert head. I asked my HR how to counter check and she mention very difficult to verify their degree and she ever email to their respective college but never reply... perhaps need to pay a little sum to verify their cert. I even know some FT asking me to bluff to know certain skill in order to get into the job then learn from there. If this case, seem like many people doing this..... What can i do to protect against them. This is too much for us to take it. Whereby most of the time they will work for couple of years and the savings are enough to build a two storey Bungalow with a little nice garden. And as for me after couple of years, i still couldn't a five foot way in singapore. I am believed there are still thousands of uncaught fake FT degree out in singapore and MOM just unlucky to get hold of them. It just like smuggle cig from JB. Every day thousand s are doing it and many just go past uncaught. 2) Also in chennai, they are claiming they can get almost similar salary range... is it true.
  10. maid jump down from 14 floor, cleaner rush over to catch her, he managed to catch the maid but the impact was so great that he broke his leg, unfortunately the maid didn't survive. He has no regret of doing what he did. will you do such a thing if you happen to see one? 14 floor can imagine the speed like knock down by a speeding car [sweatdrop]
  11. is it because of high performance causing more heat production togethrr with poor maintanence which causes fires in the cars? or is it other factors? we often hear of ferrari, lambo, bmw cars catching fires on the roads. anyone got any views on this? can prevent it one?
  12. Chucky2007

    Saw TP catch cars with LED Lights

    Yesterday monring 745am travelling along Guilemard Road, saw a Honda Edix stopped by TP and TP was using a camera to take photo of car's headlight. Car's HID and LED ligt below headlight is on. At that moment i was wondering how come a TP will know that that car got install HID.... Then realise maybe the car on his LED light, kanna stop by TP, and TP ask him to on his headlight & reveal that its illegal HID. Moral of the story.... if ai swee wanna on LED light in bright daylight.. look around. see TP, better off the LED.. Caution for those bros that have those LED or HI installed on their headlight illegally.
  13. RadX

    Good Catch!!!

    This girl's time not yet!
  14. Apparently higgs has a bosum???? LINK Can a explain?
  15. I was driving home today from work in lane two at normal speed, suddenly two fast cars, one on lane ONE, the other lane THREE, zoomed past very fast on my right and left sides.... before i knew it, saw few TP bikes in the bus bay 300m ahead, and two TPs moving to the centre of the road to stop cars going pass........ not surprisingly, the two fast cars slowed down, but to my surprise, only the one on lane ONE kena gestured to park by the roadside near the TP bikes, the one on lane THREE was waved off..... i remembered both were 'racing' at the same speed when they zoomed pass me few seconds ago!! there were at least 3 TP bikes there, surely combining the speed cams/guns they have, it's possible to track all the cars, in all three lanes! Any bros saw similar situations before?
  16. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...tches_fire.html A STOMPer saw a man who locked himself in a parked car, and kept stepping on the accelerator until his exhaust pipe caught fire at Yishun. The man was apparently drunk, said the STOMPer. Said the STOMPer: "On Sunday (Jan 8) around 1pm, a man was stepping on the accelerator of his stationary car for a good 20 minutes non-stop. "Inside his car he was using his mobile phone and exercising in a lying down position . "He stopped ramming the pedal after there was visible fire from his car's exhaust pipe. "I called the police who arrived super fast with the entire SCDF team. "The man refused to open the door, but once the police officer took out his baton he opened it. "The Singapore police force was very efficient. "The man (in black) seemed to be drunk. "And since I live on the second storey of a nearby block, I could hear him saying that he was asleep in his car." A spokesperson from the police says: "Police received a call on Jan 8 at about 1.15 pm requesting for assistance at a carpark near block 132 Yishun Street 11. "It was established that an Indian man in his mid 20s was found sleeping inside his vehicle. "He was subsequently conveyed to KTPH for medical examination." See man rev engine until car exhaust pipe catches fire
  17. The suspect scammer, Goh Chin Soo, did not show up in court to answer the 20+ charges against him. It's reported in ST. Maybe he chabut already leaving his aunt to lose the $40,000 bail...
  18. Bought a small little kit and installed it Just completed and yet to find out the performance of airbleed http://bit.ly/kcAot0
  19. Every year, the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) pits cars and drivers in a series of two, three or four-day events though some of the toughest, and most varied, conditions on the planet. The roads on this epic motorsport adventure range from the ice and snow of Scandinavia to the stifling heat of Jordan
  20. Greatbirdlegend

    Women set up website to catch men in Geylang

    Very old news but always good to remind the tiko rangers again. ----- Women set up website to catch men in Geylang inSing.com Editor InSing.com - 16 hrs 46 mins ago Geylang Checker posts photos of men and their cars, complete with license plate numbers for wives to check on them. A group of women has banded together to catch "cheating men" in Geylang. They are now recruiting and even analysing their "enemy" - The prostitutes in Geylang! "Geylang Checker" was set up late last year. The site is dedicated to catching men who visit Geylang for sex. Photographs of these men and their cars, complete with license plate numbers, are posted on the group's website for wives to check their "hubby's claim of doing overtime". Recently, the website posted recruitment ads for "female Geylang checkers" and men to be consultants to understand the "deepest mind of cheating men". A picture of a Geylang prostitute in a bra has been posted on the website for the women to assess their enemy. According to the website, the photo reveals the "standards of the girl in Geylang". The website adds, "To win them, we must know them." According to the website, "Geylang Checker" was set up by an attractive woman who was cheated on by her boyfriend. She laments that she is unable to understand why her man had to visit prostitutes while he was with her. The site has received considerable attention. Men who frequent Geylang have sent the group hate mail filled with vulgarities, while wives have sent messages to thank them for their efforts.
  21. I really dunno what to say. Best part is the guy turned himself in. The offences he committed were only parking ones. But when he failed to pay the fines and didn't turn up in court after several summonses were sent to him, a warrant of arrest was issued against him. Lawyer Luke Lee said a court can issue an arrest warrant if the person fails to answer a summons and does not turn up in court. When two Aetos auxiliary police officers went to his flat to arrest him on Thursday, the offender, known only as Nic, fled while being handcuffed. That sparked off a six-hour manhunt around Hougang Street 51. Surrendered More than 30 police officers, several sniffer dogs, five police cars and four red Special Operations Command riot vehicles were activated to search for the man, according to Shin Min Daily News. He surrendered to the police that evening. At 2.20pm on Thursday, two Aetos officers turned up at Nic's four-room flat. As they were handcuffing him, Nic, 28, struggled violently, broke free and ran down the stairs, with the handcuffs dangling from one arm, reported Lianhe Wanbao. The police were called in and they mounted an extensive search of the area lasting almost six hours. Besides Hougang Street 51, the housing estates in Hougang Street 52, Avenue 5 and Avenue 8 were also searched. The hunt covered carparks and a construction site, Shin Min Daily News reported. Pictures of Nic were put up in public places, such as staircase landings and coffee shops. Around 8pm the same day, Nic turned himself in at the Ang Mo Kio North Neighbourhood Police Centre. Yesterday, The New Paper visited the neighbourhood. Madam Jessica Toh, a 45-year-old housewife who lives with her family two doors away from Nic, described his parents as "very friendly". She said they would exchange greetings when they met each other. According to Madam Toh, the couple looked to be in their 50s. They have two other adult children - a son and a daughter. She added: "They look educated. They also dress tidily and are well groomed." Two floors down, a resident, who has been living at the block for more than 20 years, thought that a "murder case" was under investigation. The resident, who declined to be named, said: "There were two or three police cars and a big group of both uniformed and plainclothes police officers. I knew something was not right." He added: "They kept a low profile. I observed them for one to two hours but no body was carried out." When The New Paper visited what is believed to be Nic's flat, the door and windows were shut and remained so despite repeated knocks. There were potted plants and a rack full of shoes outside the flat. There were also poles with clothes hung out to dry. Police said investigations are on. For escaping from legal custody, the suspect faces up to two years in prison, or a fine, or both.
  22. Ahtong

    Why do some cars catch fire?

    Last night there was 2 accidents at the CTE - SLE intersection, causing an epic jam. One accident vehicle was a burnt out Wish. Nowadays, it seems quite a few vehicles have been catching fire. I wonder why this is so? Is it a lucky hit in the petrol tank? Or were fuel lines ruptured in the accident? Does the fire start slowly or does the car go ka-boom?
  23. http://satayclub.net/2011/04/another-star-...-workers-party/ "Star Catch" I mean. If put him in Aljunied GRC with Sylvia Lim and Chen Show Mao. PAP sure up lorry.