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Found 58 results

  1. Both my washing machine and kitchen sink drain to this main drainage pipe on the kitchen floor.... recently when both are drain at the same time, the water was being force out due to slow drainage to the common pipe - sign of choking. This morning, without even using the washing machine, just washing at the sink, the water runs out....but still drained very slowly..... then I use the aluminium broom handle and shove it down the pipe, pieces of white solid block float up and I removes it..... now it seems like TOTAL CHOKE When I look above the ceiling, checking how my above neighbor's drainage pipe looks like, a normal U shape, but funny I can't feel any opening all around at the bottom of the pipe with the aluminium handle.... so I wonder if I get those "snake flimsy metal rod" , I wonder can it penetrate and clear those solidified waste since those wire are so flimsy.... any advice?
  2. Hi all Need some professional advice. Staying on ground floor unit condo. I wish to install a retractable canopy over my PES. I check with Mgt office. Well, i was advised to check with BCA on approved ones and also to wrote to MCST for permission. And i might be asked to present during AGM. The mgt office advised me to do it concurrently so that if the MCST ask for BCA advice or approved types of canopy. I'm thinking, instead of getting info from BCA, can i just ask some professional advice from canopy contractors on restrictions? If yes, any one can recommend any contractor for this? How can i deal with MCST ppl? LOL
  3. Was thinking of using terazzo but seems rare theses day. Some how homogeneous seems to be the default now.
  4. The lift stops on the eighth floor. But there is a ninth. To get there, people enter an office pantry on the eighth storey, key in a password on a keypad on the wall, and a door - disguised as a display shelf - unlocks. Behind it are two flights of stairs. Go up, and one finds an entire floor spanning over 5,000 sq ft. In what is the first known case of its kind in Singapore, a light industrial building in Alexandra Road has been discovered to have illegally included a hidden floor. The size of eight three-room HDB flats, it boasts various living spaces with workstations, beds, a kitchen and a meeting room. The hidden floor came to light last week when the authorities, acting on a tip-off, conducted inspections of The Alexcier. The Building and Construction Authority, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) told The Sunday Times that the floor is "unauthorised". They will be taking enforcement action against those responsible. A strata-certified plan of The Alexcier obtained by The Sunday Times showed that there are supposed to be only eight storeys and one basement in the multi-use light industrial B1 building. It was built by local developer Chiu Teng Group in 2005. A company director of Chiu Teng Group, reached via phone, declined comment. He did not give his name. The boss of the company that owns the eighth-floor unit admitted to The Sunday Times that it had built the extra space above. It has been owned by real estate investment firm ZACD Investments since 2008, and is now leased to property and asset management company ZACD Posh. Both are under the ZACD Group, which hires some 300 employees. Mr Stanley Yeo, ZACD Group co-founder and group chief executive officer, said: "It's not an additional floor. It's a racking system. We built it four to five years ago for storage purposes. It's only about 3,000 to 4,000 sq ft." A racking system is a shelving storage system, similar to what furniture retailer Ikea uses to store large items at its pickup hall. The hidden ninth floor at The Alexcier boasts various living spaces with workstations, beds, a kitchen and a meeting room. But The Sunday Times understands that the ninth floor is as big as the eighth-floor unit, which is about 5,200 sq ft, excluding a rooftop terrace. A video of SCDF officers inspecting the clandestine unit last Tuesday shows that it - unlike a racking system - is constructed like an enclosed floor, with interior fittings. Some business owners working in the same building said they had no inkling that there was a ninth floor. But they had suspected that people were living on the eighth floor after seeing foreigners taking the cargo lift to it late at night. One business owner who asked not to be named said: "A few years ago, the security guards were already talking about people living on the eighth floor. They were told by the owner to let these people into the building. Some of them are foreigners. About 15 to 18 of them come here after 10.45pm every night." But Mr Yeo insisted that no one was living on the ninth floor, which he said was solely used as storage space. The furniture there, including beds, was previously used in his company showroom, he said. As for the workstations, he said he had moved up some of the computers from the eighth floor after his company's IT system was hacked. "Nobody lives there, but we have people who work overtime and overnight. We have a software engineering business and people work late. They are not there most of the time. Only once in a while," said Mr Yeo. He added that he has been told by SCDF that his additional structure is not compliant and he will be sealing off the stairway later this month. ZACD Posh is moving out of the unit to an office at Spring Singapore because it is cutting down on some operations, said Mr Yeo. A potential foreign investor who viewed it recently said she was not told that there was an extra floor in the unit, even though she had questioned the eighth-floor unit's low ceiling given that the roof looked high from the exterior. When The Sunday Times visited the premises last Friday, things were already packed in boxes. The architect of The Alexcier said that he designed it with eight floors. Mr Chng Beng Guan, managing director of 3HPArchitects, added that it would not have passed inspections by the authorities ahead of getting its Temporary Occupation Permit if there was a ninth floor then. The illicitly constructed floor means that the owners had dodged paying a development charge to the URA. Based on the current rate of $3,850 per sq m for the sector that The Alexcier is located in, Mr Yeo should have paid over $1 million for the additional floor area if it had been approved. But for others, the discovery of the ninth floor has also raised questions about the building's structural soundness, given the additional load that may not have been factored in from the get-go. A former member of the building's management council, who asked not to be named, said: "We have been holding our meetings in the eighth-floor unit all these years and none of us knew about this ninth floor. "This is a safety issue that the authorities need to address quickly." The illicitly constructed floor means that the owners had dodged paying a development charge to the URA. Based on the current rate of $3,850 per sq m for the sector that The Alexcier is located in, Mr Yeo should have paid over $1 million for the additional floor area if it had been approved. The Alexcier's architect, Mr Chng, said the eighth floor - which comes with a 6.5m-high ceiling - will be able to take the extra load "because that was designed for an industrial racking system which is to take a lot of goods". Experts not related to the building are mixed in their views on whether the extra floor will pose any risk. Engineer David Ng, a member of The Institution of Engineers, Singapore's civil and structural technical committee, said an unauthorised extra floor would usually not have been taken into consideration in the design of building foundation and supporting columns. "This additional loading could result in a reduction of the required design factor of safety and if the additional load is significant, it may cause the supporting structure to be overstressed." Mr Albert Loh, who runs a structural, civil and mechanical engineering consultancy firm, said that "the biggest danger is getting the wrong person" to add in the extra floor. "If so, the floor is unsafe." Under the Building Control Act, anyone found guilty of carrying out unauthorised building works will be liable upon conviction to a fine of up to $200,000 and/or jail of up to two years. wow this building got 机关 like those in movies https://www.straitstimes.com/business/property/illegal-floor-found-in-industrial-building
  5. Isabel

    Latio floor mats

    3M floor mats.... they fit the latio premium? Any nice mats available? TC mat won't last. Suggestions please!
  6. Rg04

    Types of Floor Mats

    Anyone has good recomendation for customised floor mats, except 3M ones? For example, velour material. Thanks in advance!
  7. Folks need to seek your advice. Recently, my neighbour from one storey below mine informed me that water from my bathroom floor leaks through their ceiling. Some work might be needed to resolve the issue. As we are staying in old HDB flat, what is the best way to address the issue? 1. Contact HDB and get HDB appointed contractor to do the work. 2. Get an independent contractor to do the repair work. Would there be any subsidy from HDB for the repair work? How should the payment be split? 50-50 with neighbour, or 100% on me? Many thanks.
  8. Poor boy.. RIP... There's a lesson we have to teach our children. A phone is not worth your life. Let it be, get scolding from parent is still better than risking your life. http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/man-falls-4th-floor-orchard-gateway
  9. Wanted to get one cause will be ferrying four persons quite frequently. Don't want the middle person at the back to feel uncomfortable, therefore looking for ones which have flat floor. So far the ones i know are Honda civic and the new vios. Anymore? Thanks for sharing.
  10. anybody with experiences living in ground floor unit of condo or EC? seem some bad press report about littering from the neighbours upstairs, how bout problems of insects, rats, ants etc, is it much worse than living on top floor? also privacy, is it true that anybody can just peep into your home and you are not allowed to do any unauthorise renovations such as blinds, etc on your patio? thanks for all feedback in advance.
  11. Wanted to do for my 2 toilets, any expert here can advice which type to go for?
  12. Hi, Bros I need your recommendation for an good deal for ply wood cutting for my panel van floor board (Especially to have 2 x rectangle boxes to cover the rear wheel arches)
  13. how much was your biggest "loot" u ever picked up in one "attempt"? link to other 10 cent in drain thread
  14. need some advice. recently i found some water patch on the floor mat, at back seat, behind driver's seat. my car never kena flood before. and i don't rem my doors leak in rain water. I didn't even wash my car for few months liao. can't be air con water coz back seat has no air con vent. Front seat floor mats are all ok. can't be bodily fiuld coz i don't do anything on back seats. any possible cause of this? today, i park under hot sun, remove the floor mat, roll down windows abit to allow drying will monitor over few next days.
  15. 18岁女郎一丝不挂,从武吉班让组屋组屋7楼坠下,重伤入院。 案件发生在武吉班让环路大牌第431座。据悉,女郎是从7楼角落单位的房间内坠下,事发时只有哥哥和她在家。 哥哥陈先生(21岁)受访时表示,他当时在睡觉,并不知道妹妹坠楼了,直到警方来敲门。 Source: http://news.omy.sg/News/Local-News/story20140819-286277 ----------------------------------- 18 years old naked girl plunged from 7th floor from Bt Panjang Blk 431 suffered serious injuries..she fell from a corner unit HDB flat..only the brother & the victim were at home when the incident happened..the brother claimed that he was sleeping when his sister plunged from the flat & was unaware until the police came knocking on the door
  16. As above. Having a debate with wife about an resale unit we saw recently.
  17. Happened last night at 1 am. The mum who just got married last March jumper down from the 25th floor with her 6 month old daughter in her arms. Reminds me of the bedok reservoir case when the mum committed suicide with her 3 yo son due to depression last year.
  18. Hi Does anyone have a good recommendation for a direct contact who can polish the marble and paraquet floor in my apartment? Thanks
  19. Phang

    Where to buy

    I have this (junk), given to me by a friend. I am looking for a good quality jack to lift a medium size saloon car. Thanks in advance.
  20. maid jump down from 14 floor, cleaner rush over to catch her, he managed to catch the maid but the impact was so great that he broke his leg, unfortunately the maid didn't survive. He has no regret of doing what he did. will you do such a thing if you happen to see one? 14 floor can imagine the speed like knock down by a speeding car [sweatdrop]
  21. 11岁的女生学生上课顶了一句嘴 老师发狂把她扔下四楼摔死
  22. GLZT

    Floor mat protector

    Anyone here use a floor mat protector? I'm looking to get one, something like this. http://lloydmats.com/?page_id=102
  23. Hi all, I always thought I smell something whenever I get into my car. It was a damp smell. Moist smell. Suspecting that perhaps the floor mats may not have been dried properly after a car wash, I bend down to touch it. To my disbelief, the whole mat was soaking wet. And when I flipped up the mat, I found my floor carpet soaking wet too. I thought to myself, there is no way that a not properly dried floor mat would cause such a mayhem. I then checked the passenger's side. It was totally dry. So what could have contributed to this? A leaky under carriage? Water from wet roads sipping up? Funnily, only the driver's side were affected (both front and rear). Yet, I do not remember spilling any water. Neither do I have kids who may have caused it. Anyone with similar problem? Now I wonder where should I go to get this sorted. Appreciate any advice that can help me on this. Thanks.
  24. I got my condo unit renovated, and i water proof the whole house (unit below me requested). After installing oak plank in the bed room. the oak plank warp! when they remove the solid plan. it found water drop on the surface of the cement floor. That is to say. the moisture unable to escape as it was trap between water proof and timber floor. I even let the cement floor cure 3 weeks before i install! 1.5 weeks after 2nd installation. it start to warp again! :( tis was a pre finish oak floor and need not lacquer again. any expert out there can help? does letting the cement floor cure a longer time then install again will help?... or.... install it. let it warp and sand down to re-lacquer again to solve the problem. ....Since I cant and no way i can remove the water proof under the cement floor.
  25. Guys I am helping a friend to find the floor mat for 1995 E280, W124. He doesn't like those 3M mats.