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  1. Hi bros, would like to check with u all is there any cheap season parking at chinatown? i am going to work at people's park complex and the season parking there is $200. any other cheaper alternatives?
  2. Hi any per entry or cheap(Free) Parking Charges at Sim lim square area?? Thanks..
  3. One woman got a few good sugesstions leh http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singapor...d=63982#comment
  4. my optra 1.6A is 1.5 years old. I have this problem as mentioned above. any one experiencing the same. Tq
  5. Hi, Anyone knows the season parking rate around Bugis Junction, preferably those outside CBD like Raffles Hospital, ParkView Square, The Gateway.. Thanks!
  6. Laserjet

    Tester area

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  7. Tried searching the forum and the discussions were very old (10 years back!) Would want to add a 12V socket (or 2 sockets, depends on cost and complexity) at the car boot area - anyone done it before? Any recommendation on workshops that can do it nicely? TIA!
  8. I wonder what are the profiles who would rent in areas like Pasir Ris? It's awfully far from other parts of Singapore? Where do they work? What do they do and why would they rent there?
  9. Hi Guys, Firstly, Merry Christmas and I hope you guys are enjoying the festive holidays!! To start this, I've went down to view and test drive a Kia Cerato Forte Koup 2.0 yesterday at WCEGA Plaza, Top Carz / Pioneer Auto. (#02-55) I was about to submit my particulars to purchase the car when I threw the question if Lemon Law is applied to this car. The dealer said no and there isn't any lemon law applicable for their cars. No reason was given when I ask and he just keep saying that their cars on sale has no lemon law. Alternatively, I can get a 3rd party warranty for 6 months, which I have to service my car at their workshop if not the warranty is void. On top of that, I would need to pay a premium for the warranty. I have rejected the car purchase and would like to ask if anybody has encountered the exact situation with other dealers as he said in the market there are some who doesn't apply lemon law? From what I know, lemon law should apply even if it doesn't state on the sales agreement or contract. But, if in the event the sales agreement states a clause that the vehicle is sold under "as it is" condition, then there will not be lemon law applicable. Sincerely seek the community's advise or opinion on this. Thanks.
  10. Manual car preferred. a good and patient one. info like the charges per hour will be helpful too. TIA
  11. Anyone tried to appeal and was successful? Can enlighten me how to appeal effectively ?
  12. Army regular found dead in SAF training area Published on Jul 16, 2013 10:52 PM By Jermyn Chow AN army regular was found dead in the Singapore Armed Forces training area in Lentor on Tuesday, said the Defence Ministry. In a statement released on Tuesday night, Mindef said First Warrant Officer (1WO) Rajendran Pachemuthu,51, was found hanging from a rope in the Lentor training area by two civilian contractors who were maintaining SAF training equipment. There was no SAF training conducted in the area in the last two days, Mindef added. The contractors reported the incident to Master Warrant Officer Ong Chin Sai, a commander from Engineers Training Institute, who headed to the site and made a police report at 12:20 pm.
  13. Hi bros, recently i've experienced some noise when doing u-turn or at roundabouts or doing turning left/right. Slight turns are fine with no noise. The noise seems to come from the wheel area and there is this sound of squashing plastic bags. I've visually inspected and there is nothing stuck to the wheels but the noise persists. Anyone has any idea what's going on so I can send the car to the right kinda workshop to check?
  14. Dear Bros, will appreciate if anyone could give me an idea where is the cheapest season parking at Suntec area? Thanks in advance.
  15. Based on Polis stats. They classify major crimes as robbery, break-in, snatch theft, car theft and outrage of modesty. While this place may not have the highest for each category, it is the only area to have double digits in all 5 categories. No googling please
  16. Taken from http://www.hotelsandphotos.com/its-beginning-to-look-a-lot-like-xmas ( I don't own these photos)
  17. I realised many parking lots in town area that's free after 5pm or 10pm has now changed to ERP parking and they no longer offer free after office hours .After 10pm they charge by usual to a maximum of $4. For example last time opposite cineleisure is free parking after 10pm, but now chargeable. Now fort canning also changing to ERP charging liao, hanky panky also need to pay. Just a rant.
  18. Other than airport and fast food, where can I get good breakfast around changi at 5am? Any type also can. Alternatively, is there some where along/beside PIE that I can get good food at 5am in the morning?
  19. I mean without the F1 walkabout pass we still can go there walk walk. Want to catch a glimpse of the F1 cars on action. Any lobang where can see beside Marina Square? From the circuit map I think a good place to be will be the bridge across Marina Square and Millenia Walk. Do you think they will block it off? Cos it is public area for shoppers to cross over so they cannot block right.
  20. Yo all, got questions to ask about Bartley area. saw a condo there, its NOT Bartley Ridge or Residence. It's in Lor Ong Lye. Can walk to Bartley mrt in 7 mins or Serangoon MRT in 10-15mins. Maris Stella and PLMGS nearby Anyone can advice about this area? Peak Traffic jam? Heat? Amenities? What's the government future plan?
  21. Just had a small puncture, must be a small hole somewhere in rear tyre but as night is falling, cant see the actual damage but should be due to some nail. Need to crawl to nearest shop for repair first thing tomorrow. Instead of the sometimes unreliable "insert a plug" type of repair at most petrol kiosk, can anyone recommend any tyre shop in Ang Mo Kio vicinity that can remove the tyre and patch up the hole from inside? Presumably I can find one around Sin Ming area. Many many thx in advance.
  22. Hi People, I used to get my durians from a stall near 628 Market in AMK. The prices he is charging is 14/kg for MSW and $12/kg for JingFeng. $10 per fruit for D13. I think the price is a bit high. Quality wise no complaints. Wonder if there are better deals around the AMK area.
  23. Hi bro, I am drving a yaris and is looking to change my tyres due to wear. Any bro can recommend any good and reasonable price tyres shops (with address will be good) in Bukit Batok area? I know nuts about tyres and through my observation, there are 2 types of tyres, hard and soft. Anyone can enlighten what is the different and the price range? Thanks in advance...
  24. Hi guys, I am wondering at Leng Kee Area (Redhill) still don't have what car brand has a presence at there? Or still got what car brand does not have a showroom in Singapore yet? Just curious hahaha
  25. does anyone know if there is ura parking facilities ard united square area? as I only intend to be ard that area for only 20mins on a weekday evening after 7pm, don't wish to incur per entry parking in the shopping center carparks. tia
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