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Found 111 results

  1. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/health/younger-but-tapping-healthcare-as-frequently https://www.straitstimes.com/sites/default/files/attachments/2019/05/06/ST_20190506_SKMALAY0667ZL_4819381.pdf
  2. Gahmen is introducing the new Water tax in 2018 Let's discuss here
  3. This hit and run Incident happened on 02/10/2018 at 9.30AM at parking lot. I parked my vehicle at parking lot. At 11.30AM I went to my vehicle and noticed there were scratches and dent, my vehicle was hit by another vehicle. I requested from the company near parking lot to view security camera and noticed this Sliver Van when he reversed his van to park at lot beside mine and he hit my vehicle. Despite he felt impact and came down to take a look. He left without leaving contact or details. I have the video and photo of this incident. I proceed to make a accident report online, and went down to Mazda to make accident report. After showing them the video which I saved the Mazda Claim executive said the evidence it wasn't strong. At 3pm the security guard saw the Van driver drove back his van and gave him my number asked him to call me back. The van driver called me as I answer he said with laughter and said he didn't know he bang my vehicle despite the video clearly shown he came down to look in front and behind of the vehicle and pick his colleague, drove off. He said he want a private settle which I disagree, I questioned how can he not know he bang my car when the video shown. Some more my car is less than 3 month old. I must report which he said ok. After that the claim executive asked me to request his vehicle insurance, I sms but he didn't reply. I called him and ask for his cooperation he had the guts to raise his voice at me "you wan report you report lah, ask for my details for what. My vehicle also no scratch. Don't know you report for what." I told him he bang my car till my car paint chipped off he still can say? At that point I was furious but did not want to argue anymore. According to the claim executive he said this 3rd party claim case is based on case by case basis and can drag for years plus my evidence is not strong, last resort will have to self claim. I'm not looking for sympathy or online shaming this farker but rather need people advise on this kind of situation how do you handle, thanks. The hit and run damage left on my vehicle
  4. Super sian should have tried to high ball but they keep low balling In the end also accept low ball price since trade in And sure enough after being listed the car was sold in less than 3 days after listing. Who wouldn't want it Maybe should have been more hardworking and sell direct
  5. Was looking through SGcarmart just now... noticed that some of the resale cars were advertised as having 'lady owner' etc. Obviously, the SE sees it as an advantage or a good selling point of a resale car. Was wondering.. is it really true that lady drivers tend to be less aggressive on the engine and so the engine of the car would be in better condition or is it just a stereotype? Hahaha... I have never seen a car advertised as having an ex 'young male owner'.
  6. June 30, 2008 Managers, professionals command higher salaries in '07 JOBS requiring professional and specialised training continued to command higher salaries in 2007, reflecting the premium on skills and responsibilities. Wages also rose with age, especially for jobs at the higher end. But this link was less so for the lower skilled and blue-collared workers whose wages rose slightly with age and peaked early in their 30s. These are some of the key findings of the 'Report on Wages in Singapore, 2007' published by the Ministry of Manpower's Research and Statistics Department. The 210-page report, out on Monday, provides information on salaries of over 300 occupations as well as wage changes and bonuses paid in various industries. It also includes information on the extent to which employers have restructured their wage systems. The report shows that managers received the highest median gross monthly wages at $6,101 in June 2007, followed by professionals at $4,030. The third highest paid were associate professionals and technicians at $2,789, while clerical and sales and service workers were paid close to $2,000. Among blue-collar occupations, production workers were paid more - at $2,110 - than plant and machine operators ($1,780). The lowest paid were the cleaners, labourers and related workers who took home a median gross pay of $968. The report also revealed that: [*]Amid the strong economic performance and tight labour market, total wages rose by a seven-year high of 5.9 per cent during the year, up from 4.5 per cent in 2006. This was a result of a basic wage gain of 4.3 per cent and an increase in bonus payout (also known as annual variable component) from 2.18 months in 2006 to 2.36 months in 2007. [*]Labour productivity contracted by 0.9 per cent, after the previous two years of slowing growth. After adjusting for higher inflation, real total wages rose by 3.8 per cent and real basic wages by 2.2 per cent. Consequently, real wages outpaced productivity growth in 2007 for the third consecutive year. Over a longer period of five years or more, the growth in productivity had kept pace with gains in wages, said the report. [*]As at December, 84 per cent of of the workforce in the private sector was under some form of flexible wage system, up slightly from a year ago but significantly higher than 76 per cent in June 2004. During the year, more private establishments (18 per cent) that employed low wage workers adopted the National Wages Council's recommendation to give more to these workers, compared with 16 per cent a year ago. The report can be downloaded from the Ministry of Manpower's website. http://www.straitstimes.com/Latest%2BNews/...ory_253138.html
  7. I found my block and surrounding area quite dirty and messy lately, especially yesterday. Litter all over the common area. MBT punishes us for not give him overwhelming support? Ok.. maybe yesterday is public holiday. No cleaner.
  8. http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2016/05/premium-plunge-sales-many-popular-luxury-cars-america-nosediving/ "Yet after BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Acura, and Cadillac all failed to match the rate of industry-wide expansion in 2015, the first four months of 2016 have revealed that even more top-level premium brands are fading as the market for new vehicles continues to expand. U.S. auto sales are up 3.4 percent in 2016. Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, BMW (the three top-ranked premium auto brands), Acura, Cadillac, and Infiniti posted declining sales in the first-third of 2016." Is this a symptom of the ongoing recession, or a trend of changing taste?
  9. This is one of the place 7 days a week you can see people parking their cars along the dam, TCSS and enjoy the nice scenery. Soon it will be gone ...... http://www.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/Story...227-330429.html Two new road projects to improve connectivity in S'pore's north The Government will start on two new road projects to improve overall road connectivity and capacity in the north to support upcoming and future developments, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said on Monday. It will expand the existing interchange that connects Central Expressway (CTE), Tampines Expressway (TPE) and Seletar Expressway (SLE). At a cost of $75 million, the expansion will improve connectivity between Yishun, the new Seletar Aerospace Park (SAP) and the expressway network. As part of the project, four new vehicular flyovers will be constructed and five new road connections will be created. With the flyovers, motorists travelling on Seletar West Link will be able to access both the CTE and Yio Chu Kang Road, and vice versa. Those on the westbound TPE will also be able to access Seletar West Link. SECOND PROJECT The LTA will also construct a new road link between TPE and Yishun Avenue 6. As part of this new road link, a new dual two-lane road from Yishun Ave 1 to Yishun Ave 6 will be built. A stretch of Yishun Ave 1 will also be re-marked from the current dual one-lane road to a dual two-lane road. The existing Seletar West Link will be widened from a dual one-lane road to a dual three-lane road as well. When completed, motorists can look forward to better connectivity and faster travelling time between the three connecting expressways, Yishun Town and SAP. For example, motorists travelling from Yishun Town to CTE can expect a time savings of up to 10 mins. The completion of the new road link will also improve traffic conditions along Lentor Avenue and Yishun Avenue 2. Tenders for the new road link between TPE and Yishun Avenue 6 will be called shortly. Construction is expected to start in the third quarter of 2012. According to a my paper report, road-diversion works will be carried out during off-peak hours. Both projects are targeted for completion by 2015.[attachment=64924:Yishun_Dam.jpg]
  10. I realised many parking lots in town area that's free after 5pm or 10pm has now changed to ERP parking and they no longer offer free after office hours .After 10pm they charge by usual to a maximum of $4. For example last time opposite cineleisure is free parking after 10pm, but now chargeable. Now fort canning also changing to ERP charging liao, hanky panky also need to pay. Just a rant.
  11. We were too quick to congratulate ourselves. February's announcement that biker and pillion deaths fell by four to 72 last year sounded like good news for bikers. Yet any comfort the statistics provided has been tragically cut short. The New Paper reported this week that there were 23 bike-related deaths within the first two months of this year. In the same period for 2013 and 2012, the figures were 15 and 19 respectively. We are too aware of the incidents. Social media networks are accident barometers. Members in social media groups enthusiastically inform each other of any motorbike accidents they witness. We show our solidarity by attending the wakes of fallen riders and post wishes online for a speedy recovery to the injured. In addition, seasoned riders post riding tips so that others can avoid finding themselves in similar crash situations. But the big question is, are we listening? Bikers often neglect results from research like the 1981 Hurt Study - which looked into the cause of 900 motorcycle accidents in the Los Angeles area. Researcher Harry Hurt discovered that a lack of attention "to the driving task" was common among motorcyclists who were involved in accidents. A rider has "less than 2 seconds to complete all collision-avoidance action", he wrote. In emergencies, most bikers over-braked, leading to them skidding; or under-braked the front wheel, which leads to bikes colliding at high speeds. More than 30 years later in Singapore, The Hurt Report is a faded memory, and even common-sense advice to pay more attention on the roads appears to be falling on deaf ears. Three common mistakes bikers here commit are: Failure to have proper control, not keeping a lookout and not obeying traffic light signals. This needs to change. While the trend shows a general decline in annual bike-related fatalities since 2004, is it too grand a hope to see the figures fall even more? Are we willing to let these deaths be just a statistic; or will we finally come to realise that more than 23 families have been needlessly devastated? An overall decline in biker road deaths is encouraging, but offers nothing to cheer about. Every death is one too many. MY SAFETY BUBBLE For close to 25 years, I have managed to stay accident-free on our roads by riding within my safety "bubble". I maintain this "bubble" by observing the "2-second rule", which dictates that I keep a safety distance of two seconds behind the vehicle in front. In an emergency situation, I'll have enough time and space to brake safely or swerve. It's also vital to protect the sides of your "bubble". This is done by riding in the centre of a lane, which gives you a sizeable gap from the vehicle next to you. Whenever some other motorist tries to penetrate your "bubble" - whether from the rear, front or side - just speed up or slow down. Source: http://ride.asiaone.com/news/general/story/less-killed-roads-can-bikers-do-better -------------------------------------------- the above was written by a rider who can stay accident-free for 25 years which is an impressive record..he advocated 2 valid points, one which is the 2-second rule & most importantly riding in the centre of a lane which I personally think more than 70% of the riders did not adhere to
  12. Dear All, My car left close to 2 years before COE expire. Any recommendations for tyres? Currently I am on Bridgestone RE002, size is 225/45R17. Prefer to change more economical brand/ model. Thanks!
  13. I saw this on a facebook page I keep an eye on, and it made my laugh... So thought it worthwhile sharing here, many bros would enjoy - especially @Radx with his legendary economy in his Bimmer.... An interesting head to head - fuel use challenge between an M3 and a Prius
  14. The recently released Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Draft Master Plan 2013 is also very much a land transport road map supplementing the and contains a strong two-pronged theme - reclaiming the city from the car, and reducing the need to commute, reported The Straits Times. Uncool IMO. Another bad move by the govt. http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/article.php?AID=9238
  15. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/woman-smashes-brand-new-50k-4261551 A woman driver who ruined her brand new Porsche and four other vehicles just seconds after leaving the car showroom is facing a 150,000 GBP bill, say police in northern China Horrified Ping Ch'ang caused £150k worth of damage when totalled the Boxster after mixing up the throttle and the brake as she approached a set of traffic lights in Shenyang, China. The 27-year-old driver had just turned out of the Porsche garage and was on her way home when she suddenly accelerated into a queue of cars waiting at a red light. Witness Zhang Ko said: "She seemed to be trying to change lanes when without warning she shot forwards. He added: "We all ran over and she wasn't hurt but the car was a real mess. We pushed it back to the showroom where it is with the mechanics. "We'd warned her that it was a very powerful car." The white Boxster - capable of 0-62mph in just 5.7 seconds and with a top speed of 162mph - is expected to need extensive repairs, as are the four vehicles she hit. Police spokesman Ho Hsia said: "All the other cars were stationary so she bears the responsibility for the accident and is liable for compensation."
  16. I cannot post in General Discussions, so here goes: Last week I filled up at SPC Upp East Coast and I noticed that the dispensed quantity is less than calculated (see attachment). Here's what I mean: Qty dispensed (as stated on receipt) 18.017 litres Amount paid $41.08 divided by price of fuel $2.23 = 18.42 litres Comments?
  17. Don't understand this new rule, that the HDB selling price to be based on recent transaction price instead of COV? do they mean that the HDB price will be based on bank valuation only??? ----------- To improve the long-term stability of the public housing market and encourage buyers and sellers to focus on the sum total of a flat's price, price negotiations for HDB resale flats will now be based on recent transaction prices instead of Cash-Over-Valuation (COV) figures. This according to an MND facebook post summarising National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan’s speech in Parliament this afternoon. As of 5pm today, HDB will only accept valuation requests from resale flat buyers or their appointed salesperson, after buyers have been granted an Option to Purchase (OTP) by the sellers. Under the new rules, buyers who are granted OTP will have 21 calendar days, instead of 14 days to exercise the OTP to adjust to the new procedure. In addition, HDB will publish daily prices of resale transactions as and when they are registered, instead of fortnightly after the transactions are approved. Responding, Mohamed Ismail, CEO of PropNex Realty, said: “Using valuation and negotiating based on COVs has been a long-standing practice for the sale and purchase of HDB resale flats. With this revised procedure, the possible impact of allowing valuation only after the OTP is granted, will expose HDB home buyers to a higher vulnerability of a greater cash outlay if there is any gap between the agreed price and the valuation price. Buyers will become more cautious in their offer price as they enter into a purchase without an indication of how much the property is worth. In comparison, for the purchase of a private property, buyers do get an indicative valuation from the banker before entering into an option and in most instances, banks do honour the valuation based on indicative prices given. “This new procedure will take some time to adjust as the market moves away from the use of COV as the yardstick in negotiations. In those estates where the COVs are still holding high, especially in central locations like Redhill, Bishan or Toa Payoh, buyers and sellers are likely to continue to rely on the valuation of other sources for their price negotiations as such information are still going to be made available by property portals and other platforms,” added Ismail. He noted that HDB resale prices are expected to drop further as potential buyers take a cautious approach in their negotiations before they ink the OTP. For the first time after an eight year period, HDB resale prices saw negative growth of 0.6 percent in 2013. Ismail expects this trend to continue, with prices expected to fall by five to eight percent this year. http://www.propertyguru.com.sg/property-management-news/2014/3/37469/new-rules-place-less-focus-on-covs
  18. Only in China!!! A Chinese baby boy who had been declared dead was saved from being cremated alive when he started crying at a funeral parlour, media reported Thursday. PHOTOS Illustration: A Chinese baby boy who had been declared dead was saved from being cremated alive when he started crying at a funeral parlour. (AFP/Philippe Huguen) Enlarge Caption BEIJING: A Chinese baby boy who had been declared dead was saved from being cremated alive when he started crying at a funeral parlour, media reported Thursday. The parents of the critically-ill boy, who was less than one month old, had agreed to end his medical treatment at Anhui Provincial Children's Hospital in eastern China, hospital sources told Xinhua state news agency. A death certificate was issued before the baby was sent to a funeral parlour in Hefei, the provincial capital -- only for staff there to be alerted by crying on Wednesday. It was unclear how long he had been at the funeral parlour, or when his cremation had been due. The baby was immediately sent back to the hospital, several news outlets including the Beijing News reported on Thursday. "Because the baby still had life signs, we continued to give him transfusion to maintain his life for humanitarian reasons," a hospital staff member told Xinhua. The baby was born with a "congenital respiratory system malformation", the report added. The baby was receiving treatment at the hospital late Wednesday, reports said. A doctor was suspended, a nursing worker laid off and an investigation launched into the incident, the hospital said, according to Xinhua. - AFP/xq
  19. http://business.asiaone.com/personal-finan...-debt-save-face
  20. Since Friday . Seriously, over Friday and Saturday I really feel lesser people in shopping areas.
  21. West_end

    Less Can Be More

    Less can be more... and being quiet can say more than any amount of words. Knowing when to stop, with words as well as actions, is often the best way to handle complexity. "Criticisms can be appropriate and important, especially in a business setting when someone isn't doing his job. The problem is, when it comes to criticizing, many do not know when to stop. We keep cutting loose after the point has been made. Sometimes, we cannot stop even when we know doing so will only create ill wil, with no positive change whatsoever. This tends to make life much more complicated than it has to be".
  22. Why didn't anyone suggest this during my time? From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/forum-...-years-20130401 Cut NS to less than 2 years Published on Apr 01, 2013 I WAS heartened to read that improving the perception of national service is finally getting the attention it deserves ("Aiming higher for NS: Getting back that NS feeling", March 23). Present and future generations need to think of NS with pride rather than as a liability. There is no doubt that NS is critical to Singapore's survival. However, its patriotic sentiments are overridden by three factors: First, it is disruptive. It interferes with a young man's studies, university applications, and later, even work. It takes two years on paper, but when the difference between discharge from NS and university start dates are factored in, it can go on for much longer. Second, it is risky to life and limb. Third, it delays the day when a young man can contribute to his family's income and start his own family. As a result, it is perceived as an extreme sacrifice, especially in the light of the head start enjoyed by one's foreign peers in today's competitive world. Recent recruits agree on one thing - that the second year is usually not directly related to military training. The most substantial field training is largely done in the first year. One way to minimise the disruptions and disadvantages that NS causes is to reduce the tenure of service. This is in line with what is happening in several other countries. This way, there will still be a trained reservist force ready to defend the country but the resentment associated with the disruptions will be significantly less. No amount of monetary incentive can replace the two years that are lost in the prime of one's youth. Kelly Kishor Mel (Mrs)
  23. Living with Less I LIVE in a 420-square-foot studio. I sleep in a bed that folds down from the wall. I have six dress shirts. I have 10 shallow bowls that I use for salads and main dishes. When people come over for dinner, I pull out my extendable dining room table. I don
  24. talk about ... killing the competition ...? Undertaker jailed 3 years for having cannabis "SINGAPORE - Central Narcotics Bureau officers arrested him that day at the loading bay carpark in front of Block 255 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4. They escorted him to his flat where one block and one packet containing a total of 161.71g of cannabis were found. Another two blocks and a packet with 36.45g of the drug were found in his company van." http://www.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews...206-400512.html