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  1. I'm not as stupid as you to smoke weed. Have a nice day Sir.
  2. The weed you're smoking must be the very best. Well done.
  3. People riot in HK you riot in this forum. Durian trees everywhere
  4. The universe is hinting at you to get the GT3 brudder
  5. Porker

    Death penalty an effective deterrent

    That is rehabilitation not blame. If you wanna blame then impose the same punishment as traffickers.
  6. Porker

    Death penalty an effective deterrent

    People with average intelligence know drugs are generally not good for the human body except maybe the occasional bong hit. So if people want to waste their lives away then so be it. It's very much the same as alcohol abuse. Or smoking. You can educate but you cannot eradicate and that I agree with you. Pinning the blame on traffickers is just a low blow. Take personal responsibility for the s h i t you created. As far as I see it, the abusers are very much to blame and in fact more so than the traffickers. As usual people want to blame others for their shortcomings. I can never understand the much abused statement "wait till your child falls prey to drugs". Well if my child falls prey to drugs then it's my own fault for not teaching him properly!
  7. Porker

    Death penalty an effective deterrent

    There won't be traffickers if capital punishment is really effective as a deterrent. Drug abusers should be hanged alongside the traffickers since both are part of the supply chain. Parents of abusers should be jailed since they failed to educate their children and want to pin the blame on suppliers. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? Legalise drug use and the underground market will collapse.
  8. Porker

    Lee Hsien Yang's son marries bf in South africa

    I'm waiting for your proposal love
  9. He mentioned he stays in Woodlands many times lah Brudder. Space has discount now. Quick go grab that Poliform sofa!
  10. Since you stay in Woodlands and the office parking is unpalatable, you may consider selling the car. Public transport is not great relative to places like Japan and HK but it's still ok. You can always pop you kid on school bus. That's what my mum did for me anyway. And I walked to school after Pri 3. I realised this is a car forum but keeping a car in Singapore its really pointless financially and environmentally. And you can spend a portion of the $500 on something nice for the family every month. Not dictating how you should live your life. Like Throttle said you have your reasons and we respect that.
  11. Porker

    Recommended place to get good Sofa?

    My sofa cost less than 3k brudder. And it's fabric! I only go for style and looks. Confirm less than your budget
  12. Porker

    Recommended place to get good Sofa?

    D. Try B&B Italia. You can get them from Space.
  13. How are you brudder? It was Turbo, Radx, Me and You at Munich
  14. Porker

    Exercising and losing weight

    I take it you meant frontcrawl. Competition events are named freestyle so competitors can use whatever strokes (back, breast, front crawl or fly). People use frontcrawl for freestyle events simply because it's the fastest. So frontcrawl ISN'T freestyle. I saw your other thread. I wish you speedy recovery ahead.