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  1. I think it will drop.
  2. Roh96

    <Bloomberg News Leak> SPH Retrenchment Coming

    Wow..staff get retrenched bcos company not making enough profit. I think is better to work for non profit organisation.
  3. Roh96

    Mercs: property news & updates

    Come on, i thot you can sense who i am referring. I am not referring to those who post articles.
  4. Roh96

    Mercs: property news & updates

    Maybe just me, i find property thread in this forum is getting lower class with some just contributing rubbish and noise only. Perhaps thats why fewer ppl now. Sigh.
  5. Roh96

    Kia Stonic

    So 1 to 2 hrs of jam is enough to fry the clutch? The fear of overheating and having to watch the temp guage is no fun.
  6. I always have this uneasy feeling whenever I am waiting at traffic light underneath a flyover. I will often glance up at the huge beams and wild thoughts like what if... Now after watching the clip..i know the answer...flattened like a piece of paper. RIP to the victims.
  7. Roh96

    Do you earn S$7,500 gross a month

    Audi is the new Toyota..haha.
  8. Roh96

    Do you earn S$7,500 gross a month

    Wah... I thot my version already jin chiam...your version luggi chiam. Haha.. But sounds about right lah..from 25 to 55.
  9. Roh96

    Do you earn S$7,500 gross a month

    I think you have not completed the full picture... by age 45...risk of being retrenched due to high pay by age 55...hard to find another high pay job to sustain high lifestyle... resort to driving PHV
  10. Actually why does LTA need 3 days for COE bidding? All we need is 30 mins.
  11. Err...where is the popular pic showing someone telling we have a govt we deserve so kao peh sami...
  12. Roh96

    Difficult PSLE 2019 Math Question!

    What we see in the report are 3 cited questions. We do not know the remaining 14 of 17 questions and their level of difficulty. If the front questions already exhausted their brain cells, the last question will seem like a final KO punch. Flat out.
  13. Roh96

    2019 All new Mazda 3

    I see more Jap cars moving to higher price segment. New model Altis is coming soon and i suspect the pricing is going to be 100k to 110k range. So it seems that Civic 1.6 and Subaru Impreza maybe the cheapest among the Jap.
  14. Roh96

    Singaporeans lose jobs to FTs

    Massage and adjustment to make it looks not bad..only 0.1 percent higher that last quarter.
  15. Roh96

    Greater Southern Waterfront discussion

    Already coming to 20 yrs and Punggol land is still not fully used up. The GSW is double the size of Punggol. Seriously, there is really no hurry to jump in. Govt can slowly milk the GSW land for 30-40 years.