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  1. Lai Lai...1st pagers....continue here: PRevious thread link: https://www.mycarforum.com/forums/topic/2721547-singapore-reckless-drivers-xiii/
  2. 🤣Police chase. Most probably in Johor or Malaysia. Happy ending!🤣 Police chasing motorcycle in Malaysia, happy ending, 3oct2022.mp4
  3. Singapore Reckless Drivers Part XI - General Car Discussion - MyCarForum https://www.mycarforum.com/forums/topic/2720393-singapore-reckless-drivers-part-xi/#comments Continue here!
  4. https://mothership.sg/2022/08/bus-captain-sleep-crash-jailed-yishun/ I find it kind of harsh to jail someone who's a shift worker for falling asleep on the road. While he is 100% to blame, I'm not sure I agree with a jail sentence for a mistake. Albeit it was pure luck, no one died or got badly hurt. A 9 hour minimum break. They have to drop the bus off at depot usually? Then take the shuttle back to mrt/pick up point. Then take public transport back to their own home. I mean unless they own scooters, the transit time alone is how long. Then waking up at 330 am to be in time to reach work by 530 am. That's if u work like a robot and do nothing else, a person still had family commitments etc. For us, we have no reason to fall asleep cos we can always plan our journeys or stop whenever we want to. Recently the airplane Ethiopian airlines case also. But at least that had two pilots. But come down to it, its a lapse caused by whatever situation. Whether a cockroach fell into your face, or u dropped hot coffee onto your crotch...
  5. https://mothership.sg/2020/03/chicken-car-run-over/ Driver almost run over a family of chicks.... Luckily every one of the chicks manage to survive, imagine how brutal it will be if one of it died.. The driver also has an expired road tax and is still driving the vehicle!!
  6. Continue PArt X here: PRev thread: Singapore Reckless Drivers Part IX - Page 410 - General Car Discussion - MyCarForum https://www.mycarforum.com/forums/topic/2719051-singapore-reckless-drivers-part-ix/?page=410&tab=comments#comment-7078917
  7. Received this through WhatsApp. Currently on CTE. CTE towards SLE Cairnhill closed. VID-20210723-WA0015.mp4
  8. Our paper generals battle rethink 3:1 tactic... 😅
  9. Just learned about its existence. Quite interesting. You can see feedback from other users, etc. If more people use it, then the real-time traffic update will be more accurate.
  10. Did not see a thread on this so I start one. We have threads on reckless drivers, people not giving way to ambulances and all that. One thing I notice is that it tend to be negative. So why not start a thread with videos on instances where we see drivers being helpful? My video attachment is too large so I only add screenshots. Basically, what happened was that I saw a motorcyclist drop his bike or something and a helpful driver ran out of his car to help the motorcyclist. Will be nice if we can see more videos on helpful drivers rather than just reckless drive rs.
  11. I did a search, yep! No similar thread, and I also searched on which car brands had this issue and you will be surprised! https://www.google.com.sg/search?q=why+bmw+drivers+don%27t+use+indicators&oq=why+bmw+drivers&aqs=chrome.2.0j69i57j0l4.4465j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Of the 20 top brands I looked, BMW outnumbers the rest by far? So are there a unique breed, which gravitate to them? Psychologically speaking, there are such syndromes, eg back in the 80-90s, there was a "Honda Driver Syndrome", and insurance companies used to load these drivers since they were more likely to take risks and such.. So here goes, are there reasons for this style of driving? Oh and some pics to accompany the story.. (caveat, all in jest bros, will still have kopi with my BMW friends )
  12. New rules set to be laid down next month stipulate that private-hire vehicle drivers must be Singapore citizens who are at least 30 years old. This comes amidst discussions between the National Taxi Association and National Private Hire Vehicles Associations. One of the key concerns prompting the proposed rule is the problem of youths taking to driving private-hire vehicles full-time. As of February 2019, there are 41,000 registered PHV drivers, of which 40 percent of them are under 40 years old. Over 6500 of them are below 30 years old. However, the data does not include non-registered PHV drivers who operate “hitch” services. Hitch drivers are allowed to only make 2 ride-sharing trips a day, however many are known to take on more rides across different ride-sharing operators. The NTA and NPHV are also in discussion about issues such as contracts between transport operators and drivers, drivers’ insurance and the issue of whether PHV can do roadside pick-ups. The result of these talks will be announced next month. Article from redwiretimes. No official news. Looks dubious. But been trending around some dealer websites also. If really true how many will be affected?
  13. I was heading home today from changi airport all the way to jurong using ECP / AYE.... encounter alot of road hoggers .... 80% are taxi-drivers. hardly can see a taxi driver who will give way but there are nice taxi drivers who will give way ..... i guess most of the taxi drivers's mindset are "what important is my bussiness and time ahead, what happen behind is none of my bussiness." their tradmark speech when encounter accident... if you hit their taxi " i want $xxx.xx amount of money otherwise , i will report you to your insurance .... my claim amount will be very high cos i can claim lose of income , lose of use of vehicle to go geylang ,and all kind of crap.." if they hit on your vehicle " please dont report to my insurance and if possible dont repair lar, no damage mah.... i got 1 wife not working , 5 kids and 2 mistress at geylang to feed"
  14. Formula One drivers will be awarded a point for the doing the fastest lap in each race, starting from the season-opening race in Melbourne on 17th of March. Similar to Formula E, the point will only be awarded if the driver with the fastest lap actually finishes the race in the top 10. According to Autonews, the ruling has been approved by the Sporting Working Group and the Strategy Group. However, it still needs to be passed by an e-vote of the Formula 1 Commission. This is not actually a new rule as a similar rule was in place during the first 10 years of Formula 1 in the 1950s.
  15. https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/despite-looming-deadline-34000-private-hire-car-drivers-yet-obtain-vocational-licence Possible further downward pressure on COE?
  16. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/4-drivers-convicted-of-providing-illegal-chauffeured-services-using Huat ah!!! SINGAPORE - Four drivers have been fined for providing illegal chauffeured services using unlicensed vehicles, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said in a statement on Wednesday (Feb 13). The drivers have each been convicted of using a vehicle as an unlicensed public service vehicle, and driving a vehicle without valid insurance. They were each fined a total of $1,400 and disqualifed from driving all classes of vehicles for 12 months. LTA said that three of the four vehicles used were forfeited in 2018, while the decision over the fourth vehicle is still pending. All four vehicles were foreign-registered vehicles. In all four cases, investigations revealed that the drivers had ferried passengers from Singapore to Johor Bahru for an agreed fare without a Public Service Vehicle Licence (PSVL). In 2018, LTA caught 13 drivers using unlicensed foreign-registered vehicles to provide chauffeured services. Enforcement operations were conducted at visitor hot spots such as Changi Airport, HarbourFront Centre and East Coast Seafood Centre, LTA said. Deterrence operations were also conducted at these locations through the uniformed presence of LTA enforcement officers. LTA urged members of the public against engaging chauffeured services provided by persons using unlicensed vehicles, as these vehicles might not be sufficiently insured against third-party liabilities. Passengers may not be entitled to insurance recourse if they are involved in a traffic accident while travelling in such vehicles, the authority added. LTA group director of traffic and road operations Chandrasekar Palanisamy said: "Our enforcement officers have cracked down on these unlicensed public service vehicles to protect our commuters and our drivers." "We work closely with various agencies to obtain the information and investigate these incidents," he added. "LTA views these infringements seriously, and we are committed to taking severe action against offenders." Under the Road Traffic Act, all vehicles, including foreign-registered ones, are not allowed to provide taxi or chauffeured services in Singapore without a valid PSVL. Any person caught using a vehicle that is not issued with a valid PSVL to provide taxi or chauffeured services shall be prosecuted, LTA said. Those convicted face a fine of up to $3,000, or a jail term not exceeding six months, or both. The vehicle used may also be forfeited.
  17. I was at a service outlet ( not to be mentioned ) and while leisurely sipping my coffee, the mechanic walks to a man beside me and told him he should perform engine flush because his mileage is time for him to do engine flushing. So the man asked for the price of engine flushing and then verbally agree to let the mechanic proceed with the additional work done. Before I can finish my coffee, the mechanic walks back to the man again. He then mentioned that the spark plug not so good. He suggest change all since doing engine flushing. The man ask for the price again. The man realise it is a bit expensive so he is a little rejecting the offer. The mechanic immediately assure the man not to worry as he will ask the shop boss for discount. Came back shortly and say the management agree to give discount on the spark plugs for $xx amount. Hearing that there is discounted price, the man agrees again. OK I don't wish to stereotype people out here, but the car is just beside you, you should stand up, demand to see the condition of the spark plug, judge for yourself if it is rightful to change. However all this while, that man's butt was stuck to the seat. He never took a blink of an eye to look at his car, nor ask for more detail opinion. He readily accepts. Engine flushing, whether it is legit or snake oil, you should also judge. But looking at the man's reaction from the proposal, he seems to be nullified of his knowledge of cars, even basic servicing. He would listen to what the mechanics says. His only concern is price. That is no way you should even offer your car to a service outlet or workshop to take your hard earned money. Sometimes ignorant is bliss. But when comes to ignorance of basic car care, it is blitz.
  18. I'm just wondering which taxi company do you think have the most amount of bad taxi drivers. In my opinion its comfort/city cab, they are the ones weaving through traffic, stop suddenly without signalling. I think even in most accidents involving taxis, the comfort/city cab are most likely to be involved. Anyone with other opinions?
  19. Mazda cx5 drivers come in here please! Share your experiences about your cx5 and let's talk about it
  20. From the 154th media .... SINGAPORE - A parking officer skipped her patrols, claiming that she had to take care of her ailing grandmother - and tried to hoodwink her bosses by issuing summonses to motorists who had not broken any rules. To make them believe she was fulfilling her daily work quota, Noorasimah Jasman entered the registration numbers of vehicles without season parking tickets into an electronic record system, despite not knowing if they were even parked in the area she was meant to be patrolling. In what The Straits Times understands is the first case of its kind, she issued summonses totalling slightly over $1,000 to more than 30 motorists - before being rumbled by one of her victims. The 33-year-old was sentenced on Monday (Oct 15) to four weeks' jail after pleading guilty to 18 offences under the Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act. Thirty-six other charges for similar offences were considered during sentencing. Noorasimah committed the offences in June and July last year while working in the Choa Chu Kang area for Ramky Cleantech Services, which offers enforcement services involving carpark gantries and parking spaces. It managed several Housing and Development Board-owned parking spaces. At the beginning of her shifts, she would meet her team leader to collect a handheld scanner and a daily patrol accountability form. Noorasimah was supposed to record on the form the number of vehicles checked and the number of summonses issued for each carpark she patrolled. She was required to check at least 60 vehicles per carpark in order to meet her daily work quota. However, Deputy Public Prosecutor Alfie Lim said that there was no quota on the number of summonses issued. She had to return the scanner and form after her shifts, the court heard. DPP Lim said that during her earlier patrols, Noorasimah managed to keep records of the registration numbers of vehicles that did not have season parking tickets. She keyed them into the Integrated Car Parks System (ICPS) - a parking offence management system maintained by the HDB, which Ramky officers had access to. DPP Lim told District Judge Kessler Soh: "The accused claimed that her grandmother, whom she takes care of, was in ill health around May 2017. Because she needed to care for her, the accused did not patrol the carparks assigned to her. "She... did not know if the vehicles had even been parked there, let alone if they had been parked in violation of parking rules. She thus caused the vehicle owner to be issued with summons in respect of parking offences which they had not committed." In June last year, a motorist received letters from the HDB over purported parking offences even though no one had driven her vehicle. She alerted the police and Noorasimah was caught. In all, 16 vehicle owners paid fines totalling $304 due to Noorasimah's scam. The HDB has since cancelled the remaining false summonses and refunded the fines. Noorasimah has lost her job. Defence counsel, Mr Chu Hua Yi, told the court that his client was deeply remorseful. She is out on bail of $10,000 and was ordered to surrender at the State Courts on Oct 31 to begin serving her sentence.
  21. Source: Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/transport/story/singapores-worst-driving-habit-drivers-who-dont-signal-20140609
  22. Just now was filtering out left from outram road into chin swee, right lane is into CTE tunnel, then there are cars turning right the other way from outram into the tunnel or chin swee. This particular idiot, driving a nissan latio, if i am not wrong, was still at the right turn box outer lane, i estimated about 2-3 cars length away, so i just filtered out into chin swee. Soon, he caught up behind and then blasted the horn at me for nobody business. Common lah, about 3 cars length away, really eyes got problem. I think hes just not happy someone is faster than him. So i just slowed down to see what he will do. Just as i predicted, he drove beside me, then slowed down and blasted his horns again. I simply cant be bother to look at him and just carried on driving into the carpark at jln kukoh. Never follow me in leh, if he followed, then i really have a lot of time to play with him, the police HQ is just nearby, will ask him to follow me there if he want to play.
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