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Found 22 results

  1. I did a search, yep! No similar thread, and I also searched on which car brands had this issue and you will be surprised! https://www.google.com.sg/search?q=why+bmw+drivers+don%27t+use+indicators&oq=why+bmw+drivers&aqs=chrome.2.0j69i57j0l4.4465j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Of the 20 top brands I looked, BMW outnumbers the rest by far? So are there a unique breed, which gravitate to them? Psychologically speaking, there are such syndromes, eg back in the 80-90s, there was a "Honda Driver Syndrome", and insurance companies used to load these drivers since they were more likely to take risks and such.. So here goes, are there reasons for this style of driving? Oh and some pics to accompany the story.. (caveat, all in jest bros, will still have kopi with my BMW friends )
  2. I find taiwanese car products to be inferior or a knock off of something established. My friend has a 4 Piston D1 Spec brake caliper. He recently got ripped off the the local dealer of D1 Spec products when he had to change his brake pads. 300 bucks for supposedly good quality D1 Spec pads. That's just nonsense. I decided to get him to remove the brake pads and get it measured. I searched the internet high and low for pads that would meet those measurements. Turns out that you can use brake pads meant for Brembo Calipers. You can easily get original brembo pads for that application for less than 100 sgd if you order it online. Heck you can even get dixcel pads for around 170 sgd if you prefer that brand. Don't believe that you cannot use anything other than D1 Spec Brake pads in a D1 Spec Brake Caliper. Most of these taiwanese brake companies copy the design from other established brake companies. If you own a D1 Spec BBK, please note that you have options when it comes to what brake pads. You just need to measure your existing brake pads and use the internet to search. The dealer of D1 spec BBK will definitely say you cannot use anything other than their pad so that they can hold you ransom. But f**k them!
  3. focus on the woman eating in the foreground !! forward to 2:46 for the action !
  4. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/risk-heavy-metal-poisoning-eating-shellfish-straits-malacca-11424556?cid=FBcna Risk of heavy metal poisoning from eating shellfish from Straits of Malacca: Malaysia scientists Scientists have warned against consuming too much shellfish from the Straits of Malacca after high concentrations of heavy metals were detected in the waters during a scientific voyage. (Photo: Bernama) KUALA LUMPUR: Seafood lovers living on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia are being warned to reduce their shellfish consumption due to risk of heavy metal poisoning. Associate professor Ong Meng Chuan, a senior lecturer of marine biology at the Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) School of Marine Environmental Sciences, said a team of 25 scientists and researchers detected high concentrations of heavy metals in the Straits of Malacca during a scientific voyage on Mar 13-22. These metals include arsenic, cadmium, plumbum (lead) and mercury. He said the findings revealed that the waters off Johor, Port Klang and Pulau Pinang are at a higher risk of heavy metal contamination. “This situation indirectly leads to the contamination of a food source because it is in the nature of shellfish to stay put and not migrate in search of food," he said. “Obviously, if the water is contaminated with heavy metals, it will be passed up the food chain." The marine expedition, which used UMT’s research vessel RV Discovery, was carried out in conjunction with the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace 2019 exhibition and sailed from Kuala Terengganu to Tanjung Lembung in Langkawi. The team collected samples from more than 45 stations along two shipping routes: the Straits of Malacca and the South China Sea. Ong said many people do not realise the long-term health consequences of eating contaminated food from the sea. “Heavy metal bioaccumulation takes a long time to be detected. The build-up from eating arsenic- or mercury-contaminated food can lead to various disorders,” he said. He said the Straits of Malacca is more polluted compared to the South China Sea because it is shallow and narrow, and experiencing growth in industrial activities in the port and estuary area. He added that river currents in estuarine waters were weaker, allowing heavy metals to easily sink and accumulate on the floor of the estuary. Ong said the government and relevant powers should ensure strict enforcement of the law to tackle heavy metal pollution in earnest. “Perhaps a heavier penalty or tougher sentence is needed … because we don’t want another Sungei Kim Kim incident, which affected the health of over 2,000 people,” he said. Source: Bernama/ga(rw)[/size] Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/risk-heavy-metal-poisoning-eating-shellfish-straits-malacca-11424556[/size] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXxgcNJg-F0
  5. Previous thread http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2706528-singapore-reckless-driver-part-v/page-421 New Thread here. Let's move on positively here with constructive discussions. The previous thread was too big
  6. I am trying this, I think it works... every night walking home along the corridor, the lizards running around and jumping down to escape....some hide at the edges of the gate waiting to slip in when I open the door. So i print 2 big lizards with a color printer and stick it at my gate.... so far didn't see any lizard around for the past 2 weeks..... but at first it does scares my sister now these two lizards picture are my 門神
  7. Source: Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/transport/story/singapores-worst-driving-habit-drivers-who-dont-signal-20140609
  8. This thread is for sharing of car model not available in Singapore. It is not necessary that the car must be something exotic, very rare or for that matter, cost you an arm and leg (well, every car here cost us an arm and leg already...) I still remembered in the early 90s (during the pre-internet era), when I made my first overseas trip to Europe, I was like a mountain tortoise, staring at every car model on the street, and spending half of my photo films shooting nothing but just "rare" cars that I have never seen in Singapore, hahaha OK, let me start the ball rolling, and these few are high on my list (and many more to come)... BMW X1 LWB. I am a sucker for LWB model, as the additional leg room in the rear make the car feel a class high than standard wheelbase model. BMW 5 Series LWB. Who will need a 7 Series if we can have this model... 3rd Generation Honda Accord (JDM). I am also a fan of pop up headlight... Honda Odyssey (USDM). This make it a very good competitor to the Alphard and like... Kia Grand Carnival. Another great looking full size MPV... 2018 Buick Enclave Avenir. A direct competitor to the highly acclaimed Mazda CX9...
  9. Decode the Secret Slang and Lingo that Singapore Dentists use to talk about their Jobs, Patients, and Each Other! Very Entertaining! http://accdenteach.blogspot.sg/2017/05/secret-dental-slang-in-sg-that-dentists.html My personal fave is pumpkin positive lol.
  10. Just complaining looking at the list of things to buy for CNY. reunion dinner good food... to spruce up the homes, new clothes, new shoes, and of course to spruce up my car for the CNY. sian.... think this year i am skipping buying new clothes liao... already a bit sian of all the xmas gifts to buy fro colleagues and friends. didnt even get any good xmas exchange gifts. all silly stuff that i won't have bought on my own
  11. http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/05/my-secret-shame/476415/ What do you think the situation is for Singaporeans?
  12. We bought this for $9.50 from NTUC - Tesco brand 2L ice-cream that was made in UK. Turned out to be horrible. Not sure what happened to it. Just to share with you. My helper said that it looked and tasted like expired cheese! but it certainly wasn't expired.
  13. Picnic06-Biante15

    Don't Answer Phone Call While Doing Robbery

    Answering phone call is above all ...... yahoo news : Teller Laughs at Cleaver Wielding Man This tough teller isn't fazed by a bank robber. Matter of fact, she's so calm that she laughs in the guy's face when he shows her his weapon. watch the video : http://sg.news.yahoo.com/video/teller-laughs-cleaver-wielding-man-182256148.html Maybe he forgot his purpose in the bank...
  14. Back to Singapore for 2 days. Took my children to take the MRT. To my surprised and horror, I can't buy stored value concession tickets for them because only Singapore students can buy or children under 7 + under 0.9m can buy. If I want to buy, have to go to transit link ticket office (which not all stations has) with their passports to apply. Then I went to those ticket machines to buy single trip. Another BIG shock next. There is NO children ticket to buy. All standard fare. WTF is that? I have NEVER travelled to a place where there is NO concession ticket for children. Why is Singapore transport like that? So until now, I haven't got my children the tickets because the ticket office when I passed by was not opened. Only open after 12pm and then close sometime midday and open a few hours next. Just ranting... Not a major issue but don't think it's fair for tourists. And my children are Singaporeans.... End up I take taxi better since they are charged adult fares.
  15. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152349091553898&set=vb.531238897&type=2&theater "Hi guys, This video show a Singapore traffic police camping on a overhead bridge catching speeding like a peeping tom. The driver in the video jammed brake due to the front vehicle jammed brake suddenly. A motorcyclist was thrown over the car together with his bike n had a hard land on the ground becos the car behind the motorcyclist crushed on the motorcyclist n threw him n his bike over the car in front of him. Can imagine how harsh is the collision. The poor motorcyclist was seriously injured. Can Singapore traffic police stop doing all the surprise speed trap to prevent such accident to happen again. This is not the first time such incident happened. At least put a speed trap warning sign to warn all motorist to prevent all these deadly stupid mistake. Please share this video to all your friends with your comment. I really feel sorry for the innocent motorcyclist. Thank you." 1. Sudden jam brake by the car with the video recorder 2. Someone might be following a little too closely And this is why it's actually safer to lanesplit than to follow behind a car.
  16. SINGAPORE - Food and beverage outlets at Changi Airport's Terminal 3 (T3) had to halt sales of drinks and soup on Thursday due to issues with the tap water. F&B operators found light brown water flowing out of their taps at about 3pm, and it only started to run clear after 5pm, Lianhe Zaobao reported. But most did not resume sale of drinks and soup even then. The issue had still not been fully resolved by 11pm on Thursday, Zaobao said. This is believed to be the first time there has been an issue with the water supply at the terminal. The airport advised operators and visitors not to drink the water, use it to prepare food, or for cleaning. Changi Airport Group (CAG) distributed bottled water to affected food outlets, employees and airport visitors. F&B operators also turned on their taps so that the brownish water could flow out, as instructed by the authorities. One cafe had put up a sign which read "No Tea, Coffee". Staff at the cafe said they were serving only toast, but the airport had provided bottled water for patrons. There were also signs in T3's toilets reminding visitors not to drink the tap water. Cleaners told visitors to drink the bottled water provided by the airport, which were placed by the sinks. National water agency PUB received a request from CAG at about 7pm on Thursday to provide a temporary water supply, and to check T3's water quality. PUB sent a water wagon to the terminal, and is assisting CAG with water quality tests. Meanwhile, the quality of incoming water supply from the PUB mains was found to be satisfactory. A spokesman from CAG said they will confirm if the water is potable after clear water supply is resumed. - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/brownish-tap-water-changi-airport-terminal-3-fb-outlets-#xtor=CS1-10
  17. Stepspro

    Don't buy apple for the moment

    FDA Investigates Listeria monocytogenes Illnesses Linked to Caramel Apples http://www.fda.gov/Food/RecallsOutbreaksEmergencies/Outbreaks/ucm427573.htm Granny Smith, Gala apples recalled due to Listeria monocytogenes http://abc7.com/food/granny-smith-gala-apples-recalled-due-to-listeria-monocytogenes/482955/ The FDA, CDC and state and local officials are investigating an outbreak of listeriosis linked to commercially-produced, prepackaged whole caramel apples. According to the CDC, as of January 9, 2015, 32 people infected with the outbreak strains of Listeria monocytogenes have been reported from 11 states. The CDC reports that 31 ill people have been hospitalized. Listeriosis has contributed to three deaths. Ten illnesses were pregnancy-related, with one illness resulting in a fetal loss. The CDC reports that 25 of the 28 ill people interviewed reported eating commercially-produced, prepackaged whole caramel apples. To date, caramel apple brands named in interviews include Happy Apple, Carnival and Merb’s Candies. However, the investigation is ongoing and other brands may be identified. ///so some of you thinking don't buy iPhone?
  18. http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/man-fined-7k-and-banned-five-years-causing-fatal-accident-20141201
  19. Wahahaha........ http://www.mycarforum.com/blog/12/entry-3619-here-is-why-we-should-not-double-park/
  20. drivinghazard

    Don't txt and Drive

    How many of u guilty of this?