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Found 151 results

  1. Come across this advertisement in my Facebook , for those who wish to earn while driving , this maybe be a great opportunity.
  2. https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/australianz/father-and-son-in-australia-drown-saving-tourist-near-popular-spot-the-twelve Father and son in Australia drown saving tourist near popular spot Twelve Apostles MELBOURNE (AFP) - A father and son life-saving team drowned while trying to save a tourist swept out to sea near one of Australia's most famous sights off the south coast, officials said on Monday (April 22). Mr Ross Powell, 71, and his son Andrew, 32, died on Sunday after their life-saving boat overturned in the surf during the rescue of a 30-year-old man near the Twelve Apostles, a series of massive limestone stacks situated off the Victoria state coast. The tourist, whose nationality and name have not been released, had been wading at the mouth of a river when he got into trouble. He was winched from the water alongside a third lifesaver from the boat, who was seriously injured, by a rescue helicopter and taken to hospital, Victoria Police said. The bodies of the Powells were found in the water shortly after. The tragedy has rocked the small tourist town of Port Campbell where the two men came from, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison leading the tributes. "Surf lifesavers are selfless & brave. We thank them all for their service & extend our deepest sympathies to Ross & Andrew's family & friends," Mr Morrison tweeted on Monday. Surf Lifesaving Victoria president Paul James hailed the pair as heroes, and said the conditions had been rough and "not the place to be swimming". "It's just terrible, it's heartbreaking," he told reporters in an emotional press conference of the death of the dairy farmers and experienced volunteer lifesavers. "I understand the boat was operating in a 2m swell, so a very high swell, and we know that it is very treacherous down there... These brave people, these heroes, have gone out to try and help." Ms Amber Griffiths, the partner of Andrew and who local media reported was pregnant with their second child, wrote about her heartbreak on Facebook. "Today we lost two of the most beautiful people to ever exist - always putting others first," she wrote. "The love of my life, light of my life, father of my baby girl. My heart is broken. I miss you Andrew Powell."
  3. Does anyone know the procedures involve to transfer car ownership while car is still under hire purchase? Thanks.
  4. Last night (1st May), I was turning out of Giant @ Tampines. Upon reaching Tampines Ave 10 towards TPE, I saw a TP bike whizzed pass me. Although I was on the phone, I was using my trusty bluetooth earpiece. The TP took a look at me and proceed on front. Then I saw the TP turning on his 'berry', stopping a Latio Sports. I think the driver wasn't so fortunate. He was also using his handphone but without an ear-piece. A gentle reminder to all. Talk all you want (M1's commercial) but please, use a ear-piece.
  5. The Straits Times was granted exclusive access to document an awake surgery, where doctors removed a brain tumour from patient Oh Zhi Long while he was still conscious. Mr Oh Zhi Long, 32, discovered by accident that he had a brain tumour. Less than a week later, he lay awake in the operating theatre as surgeons removed a cancerous growth from his brain. Mr Oh and the National Neuroscience Institute gave The Straits Times exclusive access to the operation. Science editor Chang Ai-Lien, deputy picture editor Wang Hui Fen and multimedia journalist Basil Edward Teo documented this remarkable surgery and tracked his year-long journey to recovery. https://www.facebook.com/STVideoPage/videos/559162254468581/ If you have about 8 minutes to share, I think this is worth watching. Never knew awake surgery was possible. Kudos to these doctors!
  6. Greenland has melted 97% ..... climate change is real, and we're into some serious environmental sh-t. Satellites See Unprecedented Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Melt Extent of surface melt over Greenland
  7. The unfortunate demise of Jayalalithaa on 5 December 2016, fondly known as 'Amma', 'Puratchi Thalaivi' and the 'People's CM', has put the whole of Tamil Nadu into a state of mourning. For an actress-turned-politician to come as far and to earn the respect and love of the people in a territory marked by patriarchy, her story has been remarkable. http://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/2016/dec/06/15-chief-ministers-passed-away-while-in-office-heres-the-list-1546354--1.html While to me , its just another sad passing, I am just taken aback by the flying suspension to india and the SAFETY aspect and travel advisory during that period. Just an aspect that I never knew that when a minster passed on, there can be so much anxiety created in the country.
  8. given the wet wet weather we have been having, i too have had a few close shaves but me wife and myself have been having this little argument...wonder if anyone here can shed some light on the matter are we suppose to switch on the hazard lights when driving in heavy rainfall? i personnaly think it is quite dangerous cos then no way to indicate drivers turning indication...(but then again maybe these drivers don't even use turn signals sigh... ) my wife says it is taught in driving schools? what is the reason for this then (if true)?
  9. As a father reading this, I'm heart broken and my blood is boiling at the same time. You don't realize how f**ked up some people can be until you read news like this.
  10. Yep, China again. source: http://www.china.org.cn/china/2013-10/11/content_30264340.htm
  11. Hi experts, Pls advise me. Im driving a manual 06 jazz, renew coe. When my car @gear 3 especially, low rpm, between 2 to 2.5, It jerks and shake. Once it hit, 2.5,its normal. Petrol : shell 95 = very bad jerk almost every time Shell 98 = not so bad. Jerk not so hard. Shell Vpower = much lesser, light jerk. All filter changed. Engine mounting also change ( based on recommandation ) workshop advise change 8 sparkplug. I feel if is spark plug, what petrol also should jerk. Please advise me
  12. I advise those singaporean who pump petrol in JB to be alert, don't leave your family in the car is very dangerous, as the robber will rob your car together with your family member as they don't have a chance to escape. For me the robber use a knite and asked for money only. No want will help u as it is their culture as they worried they might be kill. They rob me in board day light when the petrol station is quite crowed. So be cautious .
  13. Yewheng

    Stop texting while walking

    http://www.elitereaders.com/chinese-girl-got-stuck-in-a-storm-drain-while-texting-and-walking/ See la, the danger of texting while walking. Never see what's ahead and leg stuck in the drain cover gap.
  14. Dear all, Would like to seek your advice on renewing my insurance for my vehicle. I was involved in a rear collision along Adam Road on 6 Mar 2015. Black Mitsubishi Lancer rear-ended me at about 80kmh. More details on that accident here: Front Cam: http://youtu.be/WlwiJBCN4aw Back Cam: http://youtu.be/I_EmiGzmBAA Vehicle is under a year old and I am insured under AIG. Have 0% NCD as this is my first vehicle. I decided to claim my own insurance and get Borneo Motors to file the claims for me and speed the procedure up. I am aware of the options of claiming under 3rd Party etc. But I am not interested in Crocodile workshops as I know their practice of inflating claims. More importantly, my vehicle is still under warranty and BM has stopped bringing the vehicle in (don't wish to void my warranty just for some accident). My insurance is up for renewal in end May, and I'm sure the case will still be pending then. While it's clear the case is 100% in my favour, I believe there will be insurance loading on me, while the case is pending. I accept that as it's the norm. So, my question. Once the case is settled and ruled 100% in my favour, what can I do to revise the rate of my insurance? Or do I renew my insurance for a shorter duration (is that even possible), accepting that that's the way the companies work? Happy to also hear that I don't have much choice but to pay more for the duration of insurance coverage, until I am cleared of any responsibility. Truth be told, I thought I was lucky to walk away unscathed after looking at the videos. Any advice appreciated. :)
  15. Picnic06-Biante15

    Don't Answer Phone Call While Doing Robbery

    Answering phone call is above all ...... yahoo news : Teller Laughs at Cleaver Wielding Man This tough teller isn't fazed by a bank robber. Matter of fact, she's so calm that she laughs in the guy's face when he shows her his weapon. watch the video : http://sg.news.yahoo.com/video/teller-laughs-cleaver-wielding-man-182256148.html Maybe he forgot his purpose in the bank...
  16. Campaign banners in Braddell Road (above) are put up to discourage actions such as this - a motorist using his phone while driving in Unity Street yesterday. More than 400 banners promoting responsible use of mobile phones while driving have been put up along more than 10 roads across Singapore. The number of motorists booked for using their mobile phones while driving has risen sharply. In just nine months this year, the Traffic Police issued 2,755 summonses for the offence, compared to 1,893 summons over the same period last year. There was a 61.5 per cent spike in summonses issued from July to September, from the 1,705 issued up to June."Using a mobile phone while driving affects a driver's ability to control his vehicle and to react to potential hazards on the roads. It makes the driver more vulnerable to accidents, posing a danger to himself and even other road users," a Traffic Police spokesman told the local paper. Under the Road Traffic Act, first time phone-and-drive offenders can be fined up to $1,000, or jailed for up to six months, or both, while repeat offenders will be charged with up to double the penalty. Additionally all offenders will receive 12 demerit points while their mobile phones will be seized by the Traffic Police for investigations. However, it is not an offence to use the mobile phone when the vehicle is stationary. To tackle the problem, Samsung has launched a road safety campaign from mid-October - supported by the Traffic Police. More than 400 banners have been put up along more than 10 roads in Singapore to promote responsible use of mobile phones while driving. Samsung's 'The road comes first' campaign aims to drive home key messages, like - 'Drive. Don't text' and 'Drive. Don't call'. Additionally, Samsung has launched a Facebook application, where it requests motorists to pledge not to use their mobile phones while driving. The firm is also planning to introduce an application called 'Eyes on the Road' to aid motorists turn off their mobile phones when they are behind the wheel. "This 'always-on' mentality can mean that people use their smartphones at inappropriate times, such as when driving. As the mobile industry leader, Samsung is taking the responsibility to encourage drivers to put aside their phones while driving, and focus on the roads," said Ms Irene Samsung Asia's Vice President of marketing. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/more-motorists-caught-using-mobile-phones-while-driving-20131103
  17. Quite funny... http://www.boredpanda.com/part-time-job-superheroes-flying-mouse-365/
  18. you're been watched, better change the default password
  19. Elephant 'cries' while being rescued after 50 years of abuse in India An elephant that was kept in chains for 50 years and abused by a drug addict who used the animal beg in India has been freed. Raju had been beaten and starved since being poached from the wild as a baby and resorted to eating paper and plastic to fill his stomach. The chains and spikes wrapped around his legs had left him with chronic wounds and arthritis and he was in almost constant pain. But now he is walking free for the first time after a daring rescue by conservationists with a court order by the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department to take the elephant from his abusive owner. The charity took Raju in the middle of the night on Thursday, supported by police and state officials. The elephant’s mahout and previous owner tried to stop him being taken by adding more chains and having people block the roads for the rescue lorry. Experts worked for hours to gain the elephant’s trust with fruit and encouragement until they could get him into the van that would take him to a sanctuary. When Raju was being rescued, volunteers said they saw tears rolling down his face. Pooja Binepal, from Wildlife SOS UK, said: “The team were astounded to see tears roll down his face during the rescue. It was so incredibly emotional for all of us. “We knew in our hearts he realised he was being freed. “Elephants are not only majestic, but they are highly intelligent animals, who have been proven to have feelings of grief, so we can only imagine what torture half a century has been like for him.” Kartick Satyanarayan, the charity’s co-founder, said the mahout tried to make the elephant charge by shouting commands. He added: “We stood our ground and refused to back down – and as we did so, tears began to roll down Raju's face. “Some no doubt were due to the pain being inflicted by the chains, but he also seemed to sense that change was coming. “It was as if he felt hope for the first time in a very long time.” Read more http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/elephant-cries-while-being-rescued-after-50-years-of-abuse-in-india-9589665.html
  20. Foxfire

    Can you SMS while driving?

    Think you can do SMS while doing 90, try the following game. SMS Game
  21. http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/woman-robbed-knifepoint-while-parking-geylang-bahru-20131203 A man robbed a woman at knifepoint in her car on Sunday afternoon in Geylang Bahru, in a crime rarely seen in Singapore. The victim, a woman in her 30s, was parking her vehicle near a food centre packed with diners when the robber opened the car door and slipped into the front passenger seat, according to Chinese evening newspaper Shin Min Daily News. After taking her valuables and cash, he forced her to drive to another open-air carpark where he bound her hands with tape before making his getaway. The victim lost about $600 worth of cash and valuables, including an iPhone 5, added the paper. And I thought it was Johor Bahru.
  22. New_Atlantis

    Singing while having an orgasm!

    Something for the TIKO bros. Skip to 0.30 for the action.
  23. Found this video on the internet... amazing feat indeed.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MQm5BnhTBEQ
  24. this auntie next to me damn solid ... handphone on steering wheel watching show. light turn green ... she use 2 thumbs to hold the phone in place on the steering wheel ... and continue driving and watching ... (my passenger was watching her all the way driving and looking up and down .. even when she turn steering wheel, the show turn together sia ...) unfortunately, my car cam only caught a glimpse or 2 of her driving + watching show. she has truly harnessed the power of multi tasking to the next level. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2MGCfWDtjs
  25. Periods are the worst time of the month for females. We feel like we’re dying, we hate everyone and everything, work isn’t optional and all we want to do is crawl into our beds and never come out. Our guy friends, boyfriends and dads can’t feel our pain, but all of the women in our lives can relate. We love to bitch about our periods, regardless of the fact that we’ve been dealing with them every month since we were 13(ish). It doesn’t matter; girls love to complain and love to have people who will listen. Bitching about your period basically ensures a great audience. We have a love/hate relationships with our periods because it’s an excuse to eat whatever we want and to be a huge bitch, to sum it all up. No? Just me? No way. More of that later. What are the most common phrases women say to one another during this terrible time? Check it out below. 1. “Am I dying?” Seriously, it is not normal to bleed this much and not die. 2. “I’m so bloated.” UGH! Why am I so fat today? This is the worst feeling ever. Looks like I’ll be sticking to leggings for the next three to five days. 3. “At least I’m not pregnant!” This is probably the ONLY upside to getting your period, literally. 4. “Sorry I’m being a total bitch right now, but I’m on my period.” Get-out-of-jail-free card? Thank you very much, uterus. 5. “Can you really not get pregnant while having sex on your period?” Is this true? Is this a myth? Or is it just wishful thinking? FYI: Yes, you can totally get pregnant while on your period. 6. “Anyone have a tampon?” Somebody needs to wingardium leviosa a tampon to me right now because there is nothing worse than sitting at work realizing you forgot to bring backup. 7. “It’s my last day, will he know?” At that point, no one gives a sh*t. Both parties involved will be too busy to even figure out what’s going on, anyway. Well, hopefully for your sake. 8. “Do people still use pads?” #TBT: Pads! Hahaha, these are literally adult diapers. Can you actually believe people used these things willingly? Sh*t is disgusting. 9. “Seriously?! Another comforter bites the dust?” Every girl has had to experience something along these lines. There’s nothing worse than drifting off to sleep only to realize the crimson monster has made its way through your sheets. 10. “Is TSS real?” I’ve had this in for like seven hours. Is that too long? 11. “I don’t even want kids!!” I’m well aware of the fact I will never have kids. Can I just remove my uterus, already? 12. “I can eat whatever I want. I deserve it.” The best part (like there is one) of being on our periods is that fact that we can rationalize any and every morsel of food that passes through our lips. 13. “I need chocolate!” This is self-explanatory. 14. “I don’t have to go to the gym, right?” Who the hell wants to do jumping jacks on their period? Not me, that’s for sure. 15. “This underwear cost me $26!” You have your date-night underwear, your daytime underwear and then the reject pile that’s reserved for your period week. We may have been dealing with this sh*t for years, but for some reason, we never learn our lesson. 16. “Midol is a lie.” The 15 minutes of relief (if that) that this medication provides is totally not worth the money. You’re much better off smoking a joint, trust me. 17. “I’m allowed to be a bitch.” I can be a huge bitch and no one can say a damn thing because it’s my hormones speaking! #Winning 18. “I hate everyone.” All women are more irritable on their periods, and with good reason. This time of the month is painful and uncomfortable, putting us on edge for every conversation we’re going to engage in. 19. “Why does the government not pay for tampons?” Clinics give away condoms but not tampons? How does this make any sense? Insurance should totally pay for tampons. A whole box is like $16. Ain’t nobody got money for that. 20. “I just want to curl up in a ball and die.” I. Need. My. Bed. Right. Now. 21. “Why do I have to go into work today?” Women should totally get a day off during that time of the month. I mean you all have that one day that is significantly worse than the rest. Cue the heating pad. 22. “Ugh, I should’ve just skipped it this month.” For the lucky girls who are on birth control, they have the option to skip their period, altogether, each month. But for the rest of us, unfortunately, this is just not an option. 23. I WISH I WAS A GUY! If you have not uttered these words, you haven’t really experienced a period. Men don’t know how good they have it. Source: http://elitedaily.com/women/23-things-that-every-girl-has-said-while-on-her-period/