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  1. Any idea on the price range, charging times, usage time, place to get them? Thanks in advance.
  2. So we have reached the time where most of us need to stay indoors.. Many of us have access to streaming facilities, so what are you watching or listening to? Do you have a Covid playlist? If you're in UK, these two are quite apt. The UK landscape of empty streets is quite eerie.. 28 days later? 28 weeks later is quite apt for UK.. For USA: I am Legend Omega man: And those related to virus spread: The CLOSEST to the truth Contagion: Outbreak: Amazing how they can generate a plasma vaccine sample in an hour...
  3. Where are the best places for people watching. Sometimes in this hectic environment, we just want some peace and quiet time to just do nothing but maybe sip a coffee or beer and look at the world pass Need not be some fancy restaurants or cafes
  4. Guys, Is there an app to website to watch hollywood movies on iphone? I know for HKtVB we can use vchannel to stream. How about Hollywood movies? Thks.
  5. you're been watched, better change the default password
  6. 2:45am At the same time can see if smog worsens when it nears dawn
  7. dance? Yeah was watching the children's channel when see the hi 5 gals dance....
  8. Man...our violators, our enforcers and our system pales in comparision.
  9. Dong Su Hua damn jude Take a break from tense moments
  10. Anyone stopped watching tv for election updates ?
  11. Alot of [gorgeous] And Katy Perry's singing now!
  12. (LTA please play catch-up...Bolihland JPJ Bravo!!) Saturday September 26, 2009
  13. http://health.asiaone.com/Health/News/Stor...109-246350.html For those who suffer from PE, there is hope. For those who don't, you have an excuse to watch when kenna caught possessing video medias or watching from it...HAHAHAHA
  14. Who is watching F1 live later?
  15. As above. I caught some of the games on TV and noted the following: Diving The boys were in top physical shape as is normal for most atheletes esp divers since they need to be pretty streamlined to reduce splash when they hit the water. H/w, with the exception of the Chinese and M'sian, the girl divers were all pretty out of shape physically. They still can dive but would not a slimmer profile help their scores? I do remember the top female divers like Fu Ming Xia and Guo Jin Jin were pretty streamlined. 3000m Girls Track Winning time was 9:10+ min for 3km. My goodness! In my prime at 19 yo, I can only max out a 10m for a 2.4m. If I add in another 600m, my timing would have been 12 minutes minimum. Now no need to say lah. Those girls are damn fast. Who here can now or did run 3km sub 10 min before? Gymnastics As usual, solid.
  16. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/polls/index...&ranid=3785 F A I L
  17. Here is an easy guide for those who want to watch the World Cup on the Internet. 1) Go to few websites that act as the Yellow Pages for live soccer. 1a) http://www.myp2p.eu (http://www.myp2p.eu/competition.php?competitionid&part=sports&discipline=worldcup2010) 1b) http://www.mivo.tv/ (If your antenna can't get SCTV, u can stream it from here, quality good) 1c) http://veetle.com/ (my favourite) 1d) http://worldcup.beep.com/friendly_matches.htm 1e) http://www.freefootball.org/upcoming.php?id=a 1f) http://livefooty.doctor-serv.com/ 2) If you using P2P software to stream, the best p2p is Sopcast (http://www.sopcast.com/). Other that you can try include TvU (http://www.tvunetworks.com/) or TVants (http://tvants.en.softonic.com/) 3) If u streaming from your laptop, you might consider connecting the laptop using the HDMI cable to your TV. Enjoy hah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Hi guys, Please share other than Kuantan, anywhere else closest to Singapore that I can drive for turtle watching? Hopefully can do a trip this National day to watch it. Must be real cool!
  19. If 99% of the time watching SD TV thru Starhub Digital or DVD, which one would you choose? Main concern is blurry or grainy pics evident from LCD TVs.
  20. Any ideas??? Shall we all go over malaysia during the world cup fever?? Maybe this time we can bring astro satelite dishes in....
  21. As per the topic. Is there anyone else following the Supermodel Me competition thats on www.supermodelme.tv? Fo those who are watching, who do you like best?
  22. I was attracted by the title of the story, and thought it saves a baby from fire or helped police cracked a case. But no. It's about this dog save its own kind which is dead, in the middle of a busy highway. after viewing the story, I plucked up the courage to view the video. And indeed, felt proud yet pain for both the dogs, especially the one which is trying very hard to save the dead. So, I thought of sharing with fellow MCFers. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singapor...nt.jsp?id=58793 (with video attached) Ever seen a hero dog in action? A dog is not only man's best friend but is its fellow dogs' best friend as well, as Stomper Brad Tan found out in this video clip sent to him via email. In the video of an incident which occurred in a Latin American country, a dog trying to cross a highway is hit by a vehicle. It lies injured on the road as cars zoom past it. Incredibly, no car hit the dog. Moments later, the hero dog arrives at the scene. It runs to the road, with cars zooming past it, to the aid of its fellow dog. It uses its front paws to drag the injured dog to the side of the road. Some workers spot the inspiring scene and come to the rescue of the dog. That dog is truly a hero, says Brad.
  23. Hi to all, I bought a PSPS in Dec 06. I tried to install a software (PSPtube) to watch youtube, it didnt work. I tried to follow the instructions step by step given in the link , it didnt work either. Do I really have to run homebrew to get PSPtube to work properly? I dont intend to use homebrew at all and have no clues how it works. Anyone who managed to watch youtube on PSP successful, could you share how I would be able to watch youtube without installing homebrew or are there other solutions/ software that I could install to watch youtube? Flash seems to be working, but when I click on the video, nothing comes out. I hope someone out there could help me out on this. Tommy
  24. Dear all, I have watched "Sex and the City" serial ... now the movie. Wondering whether is it worth watching or not. Please feedback.
  25. Quality not as good as cable but cant complain when itz free ya.
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