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  1. My hdl also went up from 40s to 60 plus after years of consistent exercise. But I am sure a controlled diet which usually comes hand in hand with exercise helps too.
  2. I buy the brand sanitarium rolled oats from ntuc. Just soak it overnight in milk in the fridge. Next morning soft enough to eat. No need to cook. Can add fruits to it if you like. Up to you. If you like it hot, then can make the savory kind with minced meat, chopped vege, ikan bilis etc with some chicken stock (the real kind, not from stock cubes). Many variations.
  3. my friend's LDL came down by at least 10% after rolled oats consumption. she takes it almost every day. but she likes oats so it is something sustainable.
  4. good job!!! you saved another dog (and an elderly dog too) off the streets.
  5. in the wild, they would be eating smaller prey like rabbits, squirrels etc. it will be a combination of lean meat, fat, internal organs. only difference is that this hawker added chicken rice which is basically chicken oil and rice. So it's quite alright diet unless there is significant amount of garlic and onions in it. and salt like you had mentioned. anyway, feral dogs eat for survival. one meal given is one less meal to scavenge. so overall, got eat is better nothing to eat. at if you see the size of the teats, she is prob still nursing some young pups, so that's why it may be taking the bag of food back to where she has hidden them from prying eyes.
  6. Breakfast was on rolled oats soaked overnight in milk for 3x a week (replaces my wholemeal bread) for 6 months before taking my blood test. LDL came down by 7%. Not sure if there is any direct relationship. You can try. No harm also. Even without LDL dropping, at least you are increasing your soluble fiber intake.
  7. The original rui kee at the end of purvis Street was damn good. Tender chicken cooked just pink. But too bad they have closed. The atmosphere in the super old mosiac tiled shop house can't be matched.
  8. Kxbc

    A dogs life... better to be dog?

    most times, owners are less intelligent than their dogs.
  9. First, the front seat passenger may not have a licence and know how to steer a car. 2. It happened in a split second, not many people have superpower reaction and calm of the mind to safely steer the car. 3. In the passenger seat, one will need to reach across and likely get pulled back by the tightened seat belt to even grab the steering wheel. Too many variables. Really an unfortunate misadventure.
  10. my maternal grandmother died from cancer. my mother and 1 of her sibling too. maybe there is a higher risk for their descendants.
  11. Kxbc

    Sharing of Good Lobang Sale

    sometimes the plastic parts of the iron will start to disintegrate, or iron does not glide as well (more effort to iron and spend more electricity) or i scared most is due to repetitive movements, parts of the wire covering inside will be eroded and cause short circuit. as irons are relatively cheap (I usually buy those below $100), replacement even when not spoilt is still easy on the pocket.
  12. what is easier to treat? cerebral embolism — a blood vessel in his brain was blocked by a clot, or a brain hemorrhage - blood vessel burst in the brain?
  13. skipped my run last evening as well due to the haze. i think can skip for the rest of this week too. sky does not seem will clear up. substitute run with a 30 min 6km rowing session. not as xiong as a run but it's all dependent how much power i want to put into each stroke.
  14. Kxbc

    Sharing of Good Lobang Sale

    Philips irons not bad. i have had 3 to 4 units all these years. actually they did not break down. it's just that after 5 to 6 years, just want to have it changed in case of short circuit.
  15. not a runner so i am the one on the right. even if i add up all my shoes (work, leisure, sports, slippers), prob only less than 10 pairs.