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Found 446 results

  1. Hi guys, I will be transit in Seoul from US on a return trip to Singapore. I am thinking to have a stopover in Seoul for 2 nights. Its my first visit to Seoul. Any recommendation for hotel (about S$100~S$120 per night)? Any places of interests should go? I will be staying 2 nights only. Prefer not to travel too far from the city. Thanks in advance!
  2. Christan

    Starhub Free viewing

    As the title says, Enjoy the free viewing of over 170 channels^ from Friday, 21 June, 9pm to Monday, 24 June 9am. Free viewing
  3. Ct3833

    Silicone gel to give away

    I bought a tube of silicone gel and realised it is grey in color, I feel a waste and very environmentally unfriendly to throw it away, so if anyone needs this gel ,I am more than happy to pass it on, but you must pick it up from me😀. It cost less than$5, so dont bother if you don't live around hougang area. I can lend you the applicator too if you need one.
  4. SG50 giveaway for senior citizens 1. Take your parent's senior citizen card (those age 60) and go to The Transit Link machine (MRT or bus interchange), 2. place the card n select SG voucher 3. process, then Ok 4. $50 deposited to the card from Govt. Every senior citizen, with senior citizen card will entitled every little bit helps. TGIF bros
  5. Mockngbrd

    Free Renault Zoe

    Song bo? https://driving.ca/renault/auto-news/news/electric-car-subsidies-make-renaults-free-in-germany/amp Only S$112k in SG!
  6. Anyone here bought it? Any review and comments?
  7. Scotland could become the first nation to ensure free universal access to pads and tampons source: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/02/27/europe/scotland-free-period-products-bill-trnd/index.html?utm_term=link&utm_source=twCNN&utm_medium=social&utm_content=2020-03-01T09%3A01%3A02 (CNN)Scotland has moved to become the first nation to make tampons and pads free. The Scottish parliament advanced legislation on Tuesday that would ensure free universal access to tampons, pads and other menstrual products, in a huge stride for the global movement against period poverty. The Period Products (Free Provision) Scotland Bill passed through the first stage with 112 votes in favor and one abstention. No one opposed the bill. "Women and girls are too often left behind in the political process," Monica Lennon, who introduced the bill last year, said during the debate. "This is a chance to put them first and do something that is truly groundbreaking on gender equality." Lennon also acknowledged transgender and non-binary people, adding that the bill was designed to be inclusive of everyone who menstruates. The bill now moves to the second stage, where members of the Scottish parliament can propose amendments before it is given final consideration in stage three. The bill aims to tackle period poverty, stigma around menstruation and the impact that periods have on education. "Menstruation is normal," Lennon said. "Free universal access to tampons, pads and reusable options should be normal too." One in 10 girls in the United Kingdom have been unable to afford period products, according to a 2017 survey from Plan International UK. The survey also found that nearly half of all girls aged 14 to 21 are embarrassed by their periods, while about half had missed an entire day of school because of them. "For some reason, period products are regarded by some as a luxury, a luxury for which women should be charged," Alison Johnstone, a member of parliament, said during debate. "Why is it in 2020 that toilet paper is seen as a necessity but period products aren't?" The Scottish government has made other efforts to tackle period poverty in the last few years. In 2018, the government announced that students in schools, colleges and universities across the countries would be able to access sanitary products for free, through a £5.2 million investment. In 2019, it allocated another £4 million to make period products available for free in libraries and recreational centers.
  8. Think there have been many cases of people faced with million dollar medical bills. Think it is time to review the need for free healthcare. Would you rather we have high taxes and have free healthcare or have it status quo where healthcare is only for rich in society? http://theindependent.sg/1m-for-hospital-bill-healthcare-or-nightmare/
  9. Another lobang to intro and also take it as helping these uncles to sustain their business and tradition! Information below fr awareness! Help preserve the traditional hawker cart ice cream! FREE ICE CREAM - Collaboration between F&N Creameries and Klook to help preserve the traditional hawker cart ice cream. Download the Klook app if you don't already have it. I personally do becos I useD Klook to book for various tours for my HK trip. Download the Klook app to “book” the ice cream. Here’s the link for Apple users, and here’s the link for Android users. Remember to use the promo code “HELLOUNCLE” upon checkout to get it for free. Also, please present the voucher on the Klook app to redeem it. It looks like this. Apparently this event is to help launch the cashless system for these ice cream uncles. The rest of the info you can find it on mothership website! Dont think I will be copying everything over. https://mothership.sg/2018/04/three-ice-cream-uncles-to-give-out-free-ice-cream-along-orchard-road-from-april-20-22/
  10. NS pre-enlistees to get free SAFRA gym membership in November trial Source: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/ns-pre-enlistees-free-1-year-safra-gym-membership-11966110 SINGAPORE: Future national servicemen will get a free one-year SAFRA EnergyOne (E1) gym membership to prepare for their pre-enlistee Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) and the physical demands of National Service (NS). The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) said on Thursday (Oct 3) it will launch this trial, named the PreEnlistees Exercise Programme for National Service (PREP4NS), with SAFRA in November. "PREP4NS aims to encourage pre-enlistees to use E1 gym facilities and improve their general fitness," MINDEF said in a news release. The membership grants access to all six SAFRA E1 gyms located in Jurong, Mount Faber, Punggol, Tampines, Toa Payoh and Yishun. PREP4NS members can also make use of the facilities and programmes at the E1 gyms, including the full range of fitness equipment, free group fitness classes, swimming pools as well as Jacuzzi and steam rooms. Eligible pre-enlistees must register for PREP4NS to receive the complimentary gym membership. More details on registration will be provided on the SAFRA website from November, MINDEF said. To be eligible, MINDEF said pre-enlistees must have registered for full-time NS but are yet to enlist, and have been assessed to be medically fit for NS. Those who have been given a temporary PES status will be eligible for PREP4NS once they are assessed to be medically fit for NS. For SAFRA term members, a one-year, all-day access E1 gym membership costs S$963.00. The pre-enlistee IPPT determines the duration of the basic training a recruit goes through in either the Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Police Force or Singapore Civil Defence Force. For instance, recruits can get an eight-week reduction in their full-time NS duration by achieving 61 points or more from the three pre-enlistee IPPT stations.
  11. Hamburger

    Korean drama free site

    need bros and sis lobang here. Nowadays many site are becoming unresponsive and do not offer free watching. Please share link or lobang to watch one. Kum sia hamita...
  12. therock

    Giving Away A Box of VCDs

    Doing the Marie Kondo thing... I'm giving away a box full of action movies and comedy shows. At least 40 movies but you gotta take the lot. After Friday, the garang guni man gets it... enough to keep you occupied for weeks.... pm me to collect Cheers
  13. public announcement service From September 6-15, 2019, Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, and Employment Pass holders will be able to enter park for free. The period falls on the September school holidays. Tickets are usually S$25.50 for adults and S$17 for children. Out of the 15 exhibits, however, five will be gated. Visitors can pay S$2 to visit each individual exhibit. All three shows will require a fee of S$4 per area. Coupons in sets of S$10 can be purchased on site. A bit confused with the pricing thou....... free entry, why not just make it fully free?
  14. In Japanese, "Kansha" means "thank you" and this expression of gratitude is a value that Subaru holds strongly to. For all Subaru customers attending the event: Up to 90% discount on selected accessories. Subaru Maintenance Package (One free extra servicing session with every package purchased) 20% discount on Subaru merchandise Motor Image Singapore would like to take this chance to invite the public, as they offer exclusive deals on selected Subaru models, accessories, parts, aftersales services and even lifestyle merchandise products that will only be available during the two-day festival. There will be service clinics with participating sponsors such as Motul and Autoglym. What is Subaru EyeSight Driver Assist Technology? How Does it Work? Subaru’s EyeSight technology works as a “second set of eyes” on the road ahead. Designed as a preventive safety system, EyeSight can warn you when there’s a potentially dangerous situation ahead and can even apply the brakes if you don’t respond fast enough. Powered by dual colour cameras placed strategically at the top of your Subaru’s windshield, this safety system helps add some peace of mind behind the wheel. Watch these video and find out more about Subaru EyeSight Technology! In collaboration with Motul, Motor Image's exclusive engine oil supplier, there will also be car care clinics organised by Motul on how to choose the right engine oil for your car, as well as some car care maintenance tips. Plus all attendees will also get to enjoy other special and exclusive offers from Motul. [Join Subaru Kansha Day] So, what should I be looking out for if I am attending Subaru EyeSight Test Drive Event? 1) Intending to get a car? Come and test drive the Subaru Forester with the latest EyeSight technology and obstacle test drive! It’s now bigger and better with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, Boxer Engine, Subaru Global Platformand EyeSight for safer and more stable drives. Do give it a try! It is an excellent time to check out all the latest car technologies. It will show you why Subaru has performed strongly with its safety features compared to some of its competitors in the market. To sign up for their test drive, visit this link and you can get an exclusive Subaru goodie bag worth more than $100! Enjoy these exclusive deals! Get FREE five years Servicing 10% insurance savings on Subaru EyeSight models Sure Win lucky spin #besttimetobuycar [Join Subaru Kansha Day] 2) I am already driving, so what now? Subaru has partnered with various sponsors to show appreciation toward all your unwavering support! All attendees for the festival can participate in Motul tech talks on engine oil and maintenance tips. Autoglym car polishing & cleaning workshops will also be conducted! It's good to know what is going on with your car right? [Join Subaru Kansha Day] 3) It is a family-friendly event! Subaru has made it family-friendly. So you can bring your partner and kids along to the event. They have bread tasting from Asanoya Boulangerie, free head and shoulder massage, freshly brewed coffee and even kid-friendly activities like mini palm challenge to keep the kids occupied while you can check out what Subaru has to offer! 20% off on Subaru merchandise. Bread tasting from Asanoya Boulangerie Free Freshly Brewed Coffee Free Head & Shoulder Massage [Join Subaru Kansha Day]
  15. Ysc3

    Walk for free data !

    Want free local data? Singtel and AIA partner up for you to walk for it Need more motivation to get healthy? How about scoring up to 3GB of free data just by walking? Singtel has partnered AIA to launch a new wellness platform called StepUp. It’s part of the telco’s My Singtel app and is available to postpaid Combo, XO and SIM-only customers. Customers will earn points based on the number of steps they take daily. The more steps, the more cumulative points will be awarded. The maximum number of points per day is 100 for 10,000 steps. A customer who achieves a daily goal of 10,000 steps a day for a month will get 3,000 points, which is equivalent to 3GB of local data. Someone who gets between 5,000 and 7,000 steps daily for a month will earn 1,800 points, which can be used to redeem 1GB of free data worth 1,000 points. Yuen Kuan Moon, CEO, Consumer Singapore, Singtel said: “We want to encourage healthy lifestyles and wellness, and with StepUp, customers will be rewarded for their efforts to keep fit. We are always trying to find ways to offer customers products, services and perks to complement their digital lifestyles. Our partnership with AIA marks a shared commitment to champion the importance of staying active for life.” The platform will also offer lifestyle rewards from AIA and other partners, on top of wellness, fitness and nutrition content. To start their journey to health (and other rewards), customers only need to log into their My Singtel app, activate StepUp and sync their steps from their smartphones. They can then keep track of how many steps they have taken. To celebrate the launch, customers who clock 10,000 steps a day at least once from now until Aug 31 will stand a chance to win an Apple Watch Series 4 or Samsung Galaxy Watch. In addition, from Aug 1, Singtel customers can also take on the AIA Vitality Challenge on StepUp to claim movie tickets, gourmet coffee and ride-hailing vouchers. They can also look forward to more reward options in the coming months, such as a free Diet & Sports DNA kit by GeneLife and other items from Puma and SingSaver. Singtel’s strategic partnership with AIA is the first of its kind between the two companies. Patrick Teow, CEO of AIA Singapore said: “Through leveraging Singapore’s digital advantage, our common shared value is to make a real difference in people’s lives, particularly when Singaporeans are spending more time on their digital devices such as their mobile phones and living sedentary lives. With StepUp, individuals and families can now take charge of their own health and integrate more active lifestyle habits into their daily lives.”
  16. Atrecord

    Free ONS from furniture store?

    This one the buyer no stress, but seller should stress...
  17. Hi, anyone tried this service ? Wonder if there is any gimmick.
  18. Is parking free at MSCP @ Red Star (Chin Swee) on SUnday? thanks
  19. Chinese Language education centre Xin Zhong Wen (新中文) has teamed up with McDonald’s to launch a new initiative to encourage practical learning of Chinese for children. The initiative, named Project 开心点(Kāi Xīn Diǎn, be happier in English), will offer free Happy Meals to kids under 12 who place their orders in Mandarin. The promotion will be available from Feb. 16 to Feb. 17, at four McDonald’s outlets — NEX, JEM, Great World City, United Square. 1000 Happy Meals will be given out, per day, at each outlet. No catch. Read more: https://mothership.sg/2019/02/free-happy-meal-mandarin-chinese-xin-zhong-wen-mcdonalds/
  20. Vinceng

    Free COE for Baby Born Next Year

    Now that I caught your attention.....Give a FREE COE for every baby born, and I will waste no time to work OT tonight, and produce 2 babies next year Gift for Singaporean babies born next year to celebrate Golden Jubilee http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/coming-soon-gift-singaporean-babies-born-next-year-celebrate-golden-ju Every Singaporean child born next year will receive a special Jubilee Baby Gift to mark the 50th anniversary of the country's independence. The gift will be "a uniquely-Singaporean keepsake filled with practical yet symbolic items for our Golden Jubilee babies", said Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Grace Fu, who oversees population issues, on Tuesday. Its exact contents will be up to Singaporeans to suggest. People with ideas are asked to send them to the National Population and Talent Division over the next seven weeks, until May 15. A five-member panel led by Families for Life council member Anita Fam will advise on the suitability of the suggestions. A list of the top ideas will be drawn up for people to vote and those with the most votes will be included in the gift set.
  21. Picnic06-Biante15

    West Coast Park No More Free Parking

    Just read today New Paper and it read : West Coast Park: No more free parking next year. Visitors to West Coast Park will soon be paying a price for the inconsideration of others, in the form of parking charges. From early next year, they will no lomger be able to park their car for free there. This is a result of some motorists abusing the free parking lots there. Citing difficulties in differentiating genuine park visitors from non-park users, the National Parks Board (NParks) has decided to act. At times, park there to enjoy a break at Macdonald's but it seem like have to place a coupon leow .....
  22. This kind of parent... really?!?! https://mothership.sg/2018/12/swimming-mother-single/ There are instances where you really got to wonder to what extent someone owes you something. The answer is of course, nothing really, but it’s nice if they help out. Here is the antithesis to that statement. A Singapore-based Facebook user going by the name Matchy Matchy uploaded a lengthy screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– It’s a bit small so we’ve written the transcript of the exchange for you later in the article. Matchy’s post has been shared over 3,000 times. The entire exchange was originally uploaded on Reddit by Reddit user u/pretent_its_witty, who claims to be a swimming instructor from Southern India. The original post on the subreddit, Choosing Beggars, has garnered 100,000 upvotes. The conversation captured in the WhatsApp screenshot posted took place purportedly between a swimming instructor (not a professional one mind you, just someone who does it for free on days that she is swimming as well) and an aunty, who as you will see later, claims to be a single mother, and seems strangely insistent that her son gets to swim “today”. Now take note, this person was apparently volunteering to teach kids swimming for free. Here’s the transcript Auntie (A): Hello, you are the lady who teaches swimming right? I got your number from Sangeetha, can you teach my son also? Swimming instructor (SI): yes sure A: she said she offered to pay but it’s free. Is that true? I can’t pay. I am single mom. (time 10.41am) A: Hello? (10.57am) Please reply (11.05am) ?? (11.20am) Hello? Ter? (11.20am) SI: Hey. Yes they are free. I am in office. I won’t be able to respond right away. A: Wow. That’s rude. I want to know what time today should I bring my son to the pool. SI: I am sorry but today I already informed everyone that I wanted to swim alone today. I will message you the next time I am teaching Probably after 3 days. I usually teach the kids from 3-5 pm. A: Can you come at 1 today and teach him? 1-3 is more warm than 3-5, I know you have flexible timing (12.01) A: Can you reply faster? (12.05) SI: I can’t teach at 1 because of work. It is already past 12. And today, I really feel stressed and I need to blow off some steam. I don’t want to teach today I already told everyone that. From next time, I will inform you also. A: That’s not fair. I already told him that he can go swimming today . Give me one good reason to tell him. Else he is gonna cry. SI: 1. I am not teaching today. 2. AI already cancelled. I can’t un-cancel with everyone this late. A: That’s even better. You can teach him alone. Those brats got free classes for a month. You need to make up for that with my son. SI: What? I can’t teach just for your son. A: Why not? He has anxiety issues. You have to teach him alone. SI: I am not a certified trainer. I don’t want to be responsible for the safety of a kid with anxiety in a pool with depth twice his size. I think you should get someone else. A: When I say anxiety, I’ll don’t mean like that. He just doesn’t like other kids. Just teach him exclusively for one month. After that, you can put him with everyone. They got more classes than him. It is not fair. So you start teaching him from tomorrow at 1. It is better to be out of the pool by 3 That way no one gets sick. Also, he doesn’t have a goggle. Bring him a extra pair tomorrow or let him use yours until I buy one. SI: I can’t swim daily. If I go swimming today. It will be at least 2 days before I swim again. And I am not gonna teach anyone exclusively. A: Wow You are such a selfish b*tch. He is just a kid. Don’t you have any heart. I am a single mom. And I already told him. So… Tomorrow at 1? I can see that you have seen my messages. I will throw him in the pool tomorrow at 1. If something happens to him, you are responsible. Whatever, you are probably a lousy teacher. You are such a nasty horrible person. My son doesn’t this. I don’t know what I did to deserve this. Why is everyone so selfish and unhelpful these days. You have flexible timings, you work less hours than me, You earn more than me Those bi*ches are rich enough they can afford to get a swimming instructor but no. They want only free stuff that my son needs. You are so privileged that you don’t need money you f*king refuse money that people are ready to pay. They are ready to give money and you don’t need money. Do you know how much I need that money? I am a single mom, you should get the money from them and give it to me. You are privileged. You should give it to me. I need it more than you. If you won’t teach my son alone you should at least give money to me. Reply me, I can see that you read the message bi*ch
  23. http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=scotty.../28/jLlM0K0Tr8o After watching his videos it answers most of my maintenance questions.
  24. Hi Everyone I am using Shell so have no use for the SPC coupons. It is a booklet consisting of 6 X $3 off every $50 petrol purchase for each month of June, July and August 2016 Only valid at SPC Punggol and SPC Sengkang If anyone is interested, please PM me. First come first serve. Only 1 booklet sorry. Self collect from my carpark (Punggol area). cheers
  25. Sorry if this has been asked before and answered - but I did a search and could not find... Can anyone help to share info about cheap or free whole day parking near Singapore Expo - I need to attend a 2 day seminar, and need to drive and park near there. Thanks in advance.