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Found 146 results

  1. Went to Hokkaido recently and would like to share some photos here. Famous for its flower flied and winter sports during winter, August is end of the summer season I think. Weather wise still cooling average around 22 C with morning and evening dropping to below 18C. This trip I rented a 8 seater and total distance covered is approx 1400 Km. While the speed limit for city is 50 km/hr and highway 80 km/hr, to maintain at 80 km/hr on highway is not so easy. Took Scoot from Singapore and transit at Taiwan (1 hour transit time) Good break but just enough time to get on the plane. Landed in Sapporo early morning. This is a short of their air port. nowhere near Changi T1 but there are buses you can catch to town. I booked Unizo Inn next to Sapporo Grand Hotel. Checked in and walk to collect my car which I booked with Budget car rental. It is within walking distance. Photos of a street shot in Sapporo and their underground train station (MRT). Beside flower and snow, Japan is also about food. 1st stop is their famous Furano Cheese factory. But, it is more like a cafe and their cakes.
  2. It has been a long time since I posted in MCF. The forum interface seems to have improved! On the topic of travel, we went to the UK in December, and flew back just as Omicron was exploding there. Travelling during COVID times was certainly a very different experience. Let me start by posting a link to a video I made on the differences in the 2 SQ 317 flights I took in 2021 vs 2015. https://youtu.be/O8Oi1hj15pE I don't know how to put the video up here as a thumbnail, hence just a link. Sorry about that.
  3. Picnic06-Biante15

    Taiwan: Holiday in Taipei & Tainan

    Going to Taiwan next week for free & easy. Identified 2 cities to go, Taipei and Tainan. Other cities visit next year. Apart from the norm (night markets, temples, sceneries, 101 & shopping) anything exciting in Taipei or Tainan not mention in tour companies itineraries. Thanks.
  4. BabyBlade

    Vaccinated Travel Lane to Europe

    Last month I watched Steven's video Travelling during a pandemic and didn't think much of it. Firstly, because he's from the media so kinda duty-bound to travel. Secondly, no other "famous people" utilising the VTL. Thirdly, no one around me talking about it either so it's not relatable at all. I watched his video in envy though. Fast-forward a month later, Shane Pow, who was recently released from prison after having served his jail time for drink driving and signed on with Lee Nan Xing's talent management agency, is going to Germany as well for work! https://www.asiaone.com/entertainment/shane-pow-going-germany-pornsak-livestream-and-sell-things-vtl-mdada An influencer whom I follow has also just booked her trip via SIA to Europe for February 2022! And today, I got to know that two of my colleagues will be going on a trip to Paris next month for a short holiday! @Ragingbull And another will be going on a press trip to Europe as well. Just checked SIA and the cost is about 1K to Europe. Not sure how to book the VTL flights though. I don't think I'll be traveling anytime soon, at least not this year but I'm excited that the travel bug is back and gaining traction. It's only a matter of time before the rest of us overcome our post-pandemic travel anxiety and start seeing the world again. One major concern of mine other than COVID-19 is of course racism in Europe. Btw, this thread is for everyone who intends to move on from this pandemic. So the kpkb ones, don't la. There are other threads for you to scold the government ok? 💕 I miss the MCFers travel threads! @Ragingbull you know what to do!
  5. Every Singaporean aged 18 and above in 2020 is set to receive S$100 worth of SingapoRediscovers vouchers, which can be used on staycations, attraction tickets and tours. The vouchers can be used between December this year and the end of June next year. The SingapoRediscovers vouchers for tourist attractions, tours and hotel bookings will be given out via SingPass. Every Singaporean aged 18 and above in 2020 is set to receive S$100 worth of SingapoRediscovers vouchers, which can be used on staycations, attraction tickets and tours. The vouchers can be used between December this year and the end of June next year. A S$10 subsidy will also be provided for children and youth tickets for attractions and tours, said the STB. Each adult may purchase up to six children or youth tickets at subsidised prices during the duration of the scheme. Announcing the details on Wednesday (Sep 16), Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing said the move will help the local tourism industry, which has been battered by the COVID-19. “This is not a social assistance scheme. This is an economic scheme to help our tourist attractions to preserve their capabilities that have been built up over the years, while they consolidate capacity in the interim,” Mr Chan told reporters at the Jurong Bird Park. The vouchers will be provided in denominations of S$10 via SingPass, and may be used to purchase tickets for attractions and tours, and accommodation bookings at licensed hotels, said the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in a separate fact sheet on Wednesday. More details on the redemption mechanism will be announced in November. STB will be calling a tender to appoint the platform providers for the redemption of the vouchers, said chief executive Keith Tan. Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat announced in August that the Government would give out S$320 million worth of vouchers to encourage Singaporeans to support local tourism businesses. The scheme will complement the ongoing SingapoRediscovers campaign launched in July, said the STB. More than 200 deals and bundled packages have been launched “to encourage locals to explore different precincts and aspects of life of Singapore”, the STB said. The vouchers will provide more encouragement for Singaporeans to do so, it added. All licensed hotels, tourist attractions and tours that have been approved by the STB to operate or reopen can benefit from this scheme. "We're working out the economic impact now, but certainly we do expect a return, not necessarily to the Government but obviously to the merchants. From the response we've seen so far, even from the initial SingapoRediscovers campaign, the merchants have responded very positively," said Mr Tan. "There is clearly a sense that they are responding, and the reason why they're responding is that they must see there is commercial return of interest and return of benefits to them," Mr Tan added. Mr Chan said he expects merchants to benefit from a "multiplier effect". “We’ll expect a certain multiplier effect because when people come here, they will also spend on other things ... So for example, they can use this to pay off the tickets or defer the cost of the tickets for coming in. But when they come in, they will spend on some of the F&B and other services that the attractions, hotels or the tours provide," said Mr Chan. “We think that there will be a catalytic effect. As to the exact extent of the catalytic effect, it will be hard to predict at this point in time, but we hope that is at least a few times what we have provided for in the Budget,” he added. Responding to questions on why the vouchers may not be used for F&B and retail purchases, Mr Chan said: "It's a balance between which sector we want to target, and also the simplicity in the administration so that people who (have) the vouchers can actually use it in a most convenient way. That's how we have designed the system." Thanking tourist attractions for “putting in an effort” to put safe management measures in place amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Mr Chan said: “The other thing that they have done very well over the last few months or so was to help us work out the arrangement to have safe cohorting for the live performances.” From Sep 18, attractions that have received approval to resume operations can apply to the STB to increase their operating capacity from 25 per cent to 50 per cent, subject to approval from the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Attractions can also apply to increase the capacity of their number of outdoor shows to five zones, with 50 people in one zone, subject to safe management measures. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/singaporediscovers-tourism-vouchers-chan-chun-sing-covid-19-13115702 in before haters gonna hate n negative comments as highlighted its an economic scheme meant to help the tourism sector with many livelihoods at stakes do our part or jus dont use the vouchers lor why need to kpkb so much so many negative comments on fb from ppl who dont get the whole point behind the tourism vouchers there r many ppl struggling out there n wud prefer more social assistance schemes to tide them thru n so may not understand these vouchers are targeted to help those in the tourism biz to secure their jobs n prevent the tourism n sector industry from collapsing with our borders closed to tourism now n in the near future even locals spending may not be of much help but can help jiu help? for those who still have jobs n wanna bring ur kids out. bt maybe shd have given to those under 18 toooo la
  6. Thaiyotakamli

    Virtual Travel to China

    Guangzhou the canton Wuhan, the origin Shanghai bund Beijing, the capital Shenzhen, the Silicon valley of china Suzhou, land of beauty and capitaland🤪 Xiamen, nominated one of most clean city in china Changsha, best night food city Guiyang, capital of poorest province in china
  7. steveluv

    Short trip to Korea

    Last minute decision to spend Christmas in Seoul and Busan so came in on 22nd. My first visit to Korea. Merry Christmas everyone in a Jazz bar in downtown Seoul
  8. MyCarForum member 'therock' shared with us this week his latest adventure all the way from the U.S.A's Pacific West Coast! With plenty of B-roads to savour, amazing sights to take in and jolly good food to boot, what more could you ask from a driving holiday? Here's what I think is the best part of the thread: The drive was done in the popular Toyota C-HR, what a madman! In his own words, therock "wanted to try a car which (he) might consider buying and (he) wanted an SUV so it came down to the RAV4 or the C-HR depending what was available." Thankfully, the U.S-spec C-HR comes as a 2.0-litre which we imagine must be way better for chewing through those long distances than the local 1.2-litre spec car. Talking about chewing... the thread has plenty of glorious food porn as well. Cause you know, AMERICA! Looks like therock is still uploading more pictures of his epic drive, so do go down and check out the rest of the thread here! All pictures are shared here courtesy of MyCarForum member therock. ----------------------------------------------- Check out the rest of the thread by therock here! And if the post has inspired you to embark on your own drive don't forget to leave a like or a comment! -----------------------------------------------
  9. Hi all. This is a question I've been asked by a couple of you who are concerned about your upcoming holiday trip - whether you should postpone your trip or not. I'm aware there's another thread regarding flight cancellations but I'll start this one here to share more about my FIRST Bali trip and in particular UBUD! This will include itineraries and tour operators! But I'll update slowly as I've just returned to work and have emails and work to clear. We'll talk about the Changi Airport situation first. - I had a 5am flight. Took a Grab to the airport with my friend. Driver wore a mask, but was coughing! He was really friendly to help with our luggage though. Wished him well when we alighted. - Inside Terminal 1 (flight was Jetstar), about 50% (my estimation could be wrong) of the people wearing masks, this is comparatively higher to the heartlands where it's about 30%-40% wearing masks? - Auto-dispense Sanitizers (sensor type) readily available at the auto check-in counters. Everything was normal except we exceeded our 15kg sole check in luggage by 5kg (it was 20kg). Spent the next 30 mins trying to unpack and repack to 15kg. What a bummer. - Immigration, thermal scans. Few people sitting behind the thermal scanners/monitors watching you as you make your way towards immigration. For me, it was also my first time using the iris and facial ID for immigration clearance on my new passport. Times like these, it's also much more hygienic than thumbprint scan. After we cleared immigration, it was pretty much normal. Normal in the sense you can feel the seriousness in the air (virus scare) but at the same time, everything is normal but you take extra precautions. You see more people masking up, you see people using hand sanitizers proactively etc. 4am shops closed, nothing much to do. For me personally, I masked up just before boarding the plane. Flight to Bali was about 70% filled. You see empty seats here and there. Air crew didn't wear masks. Tough job. Huge respect to them! On the plane I refrained from touching anything onboard the plane other than the seat belts and the window shades when it got too sunny. I would sanitize my hands after each time. Used to like to go through the inflight magazines as well to kill time, didn't do it this time. What surprised me was the number of Caucasians wearing masks. In Singapore, you see lots of ang mohs tourists not masking up but in the airport, a good percentage of them actually masked up. It may or may not be effective against the virus but I guess we're just doing it for peace of mind, even if it's just a false sense of security. Whatever floats your boat you get what I mean? We're also handed a declaration form regarding the COVID-19. This is required by the Indonesian immigration. Basically to state if you've been to China for the past 14 days. Landing in Bali Never expected the Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport to be this big and modern! Again, thermal scans just before immigration, and also you have to hand in the COVID-19 declaration form, and in return you're given a COVID-19 paper. I see it as declaring us as COVID-19 free? Lol. The way I see it, the checks being done felt the same as Changi Airport. I don't see Singapore as being more stringent or anything like that. Heard immigration officers asking another Singaporean if she's been to China. Apparently she was there for a holiday in December but left in January 22nd or something like that. He asked her things like why were you there, etc. Think he cleared her in the end. So yeah that's about the experience at Changi, onboard the plane and Bali airport. Medications I bought for the trip I have sinus every morning and also I catch a cold quite easily on a flight. Didn't wanna be mistaken for having COVID-19 symptoms so I bought medications. - Afrin Nasal Spray ( I use at least 2 hours before the flight) - Zyrtec-R (Take 2 hours before flight) - Panadol Sinus Max - Panadol Cough & Cold - Berocca - VapoDrops (Just in case my sinus acts up mid flight) - Panadols - Kool Fever Cooling Gel Sheets for adults - Mozzie coils - Insect repellent - Mozzie patch - Ru Yi You (my middle name is lao sai queen) So I went on this trip fully aware Bali could already have infections. We all know Zero is impossible. But at the same time, already booked so it's a bit wasted if cancel right? Besides you can catch the virus in Singapore too. It's just a number game and to do with probability. You can only try to practice good hygiene as much as possible and as much as we can remember. Gonna continue with the Bali itinerary later. Back to work! TOTAL MASKS USED FOR THIS ENTIRE 5 DAYS TRIP - 2! (One for plane to Bali, one for plane ride back to SG)
  10. Rollagt

    Star Cruise vs Royal Carribean

    Hello folks, I intend to bring wifey and 2yr old kiddo for a cruise around Oct. Can recommendation and comments which cruise is more child friendly ? esp on the food for kids Thanks hor..
  11. Discoburg

    YouTrip Mobile wallet

    Anyone used the above mentioned on trips? Better then using the bank's credit card?
  12. Hi all, This thread is to recommend some of the undiscovered places in Korea for those who love a little adventure to self-drive or go on a driving holiday to explore Korea. To start off, we would like to share more about what you need when preparing your driving holiday in Korea. The PASSPORT to driving in Korea: International Driving Permit Korea Driving Tips Stay tune to this thread as we bring you more information to inspire your driving holiday in Korea! Brought to you by: Korea Tourism Organization
  13. source: https://mustsharenews.com/grab-japan-middle-east/ S’pore Grab App Lets You Book Rides In Japan & The Middle East So Your Holiday Will Be A Breeze Book Rides In Japan & The Middle East Using Your Current Grab App From 19 Nov Planned an exotic trip this end-of-year holidays but worried about how to get around an unfamiliar country? Well if you’re visiting Japan or a country in the Middle East, Grab has got you covered. The company announced yesterday (18 Nov) that starting today (19 Nov), users in Singapore and the Philippines can book and pay for rides in Japan and the Middle East. Book & pay for rides in Japan & the Middle East This new privilege covers 5 cities in Japan and 94 cities across 13 countries in the Middle East. You can see the full list in the table below: Good thing is, the list includes major cities like Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan, as well as Dubai, Istanbul and Mecca in the Middle East. Those intending to visit these popular destinations anytime soon will have peace of mind knowing that it’ll be easier to get around from one point to another. How to book a Grab ride overseas Of course, it isn’t as easy as simply booking and paying like you’re in Singapore. You’ll need to prepare for your trip well in advance by ensuring that you have set up and verified your GrabPay Wallet. Make sure there’re enough credits inside! Grab has partnered with JapanTaxi in Japan and Careem in the Middle East to provide the seamless service. You can still access everything via the Grab app, and book and pay for a ride via these 4 steps: Tap on “Transport” to confirm your location upon arrival in Japan or the Middle East Enter your pick-up and drop-off points Choose your ride (rates will be in SGD) Tap “Book Now” Pretty neat isn’t it? Now you won’t have to install other countries’ taxi apps or hail a cab by the side of the road anymore. Yay for technology.
  14. my gf is going to treat me to hongkong for holiday next week. just wanna find out other than the early morning ice tea with dim sum and the late night clubbing at lan kuai fang, what else is fun there? worth seeing?
  15. "In autumn, it's easier to pay attention to the little things." - Emily Bronte Autumn is my favourite season. I mean, who doesn't appreciate watching the tree and plant leaves turning into multi-coloured works of art before lastly falling away? There are many reasons why I enjoy fall and why I believe this is the best season to travel to Ishikawa. For those who have been following us closely, we recently partnered with Follow Me Japan for another exciting MCF HangOut last July. And for those who missed the event, I am here to share with you what I have learned. Ishikawa is very accessible. Japan is a country where one visit is not enough to satisfy you. I have backpacked and travelled from Tokyo to Okayama and I must say, I will go back again and again. And Ishikawa is highly recommended if you do not like to stay put in one city only. If your travel plans already include Tokyo, Osaka or Nagoya, you should spare yourself some time and head over to Ishikawa! What is the best way to explore Ishikawa? Taking a Shinkansen (Bullet Train) from Tokyo Station will only take you 2hrs 30mins, and driving from Nagoya will only take you 3 hrs 30 min. And definitely, I will highly recommend driving as it will be more cost-saving and there are tons of scenic roads that you will chance upon in Ishikawa. Follow Me Japan has a long-standing relationship with Toyota Rent-a-Car in Japan, and now you can easily rent a car in Japan at a great price using this link! The user interface is something you are familiar with, and the best part is it is in English! So no more guessing game for the time being. FMJ car hakusan white road by Jack Lee, on Flickr And Follow Me Japan is giving away a Free IDP with any car rental of 2 days or more. Check out this page to find out more! Where should I stay? That will depend on your budget. If you have a higher SES, then definitely you do not want to cheap out when you are travelling. However, Ishikawa is suitable for everyone and anyone! So here is my list of recommendations. From onsen to Zen, I am sure there is one right one for you! 1) MATSUNOMIDORI Better known as Kagaya Bettei Matsunomidori, this peninsula faces the Sea of Japan on both the east and west side. There are plenty of scenic spots where you can take in the traditional culture and superb views stretching back to the olden times. A hot spring with 1200 years long of history. A wounded white heron at this underwater hot spring is said to have recovered its injuries and regained its strength. The whole inn has the impression of a museum with an arrangement of local, traditional handicrafts that convey Japanese refinement. This inn promises a time of comfort and relaxation that gives mature couples an authentic Japan experience. The idea of this ryokan is an all-inclusive scheme. You can enjoy Junmai Daiginjo, Japanese premium sake during dinner time. It is a quaint onsen ryokan that brings the best of Nanao to your doorstep. So if you would like to have a "staycation" and still want the best of Ishikawa, this is it. And pro-tips for you, you can request to have your room to face Nanao Bay. So you can wake up with a majestic sea-view. 2) TADAYA Since its inception in 1855, Tadaya has been run by the same family for five generations. Unlike the other ryokan that occupies large, modern-style houses in the area, Tadaya features a classic one-story hiraya design that extends towards Nanao Bay and sits on a tiny mountain known for its beautiful sunsets. And when you stay in Tadaya, the best part will be the meals. You can have it served inside your dining room within your room and a selection of cuisine can be chosen from fresh seafood to Noto beef. All the delicacies that you can ask for in Ishikawa! And if you are adventurous, you can book Rikyu (a type of room category), and you can fish from your room! 3) The Share Hotels Kumu Opened in August 2017 after renovating an old office building of 44 years in the centre of Kanazawa city. KUMU is a community-based hotel aiming for a "cultural salon" where acclaimed creators active in Kanazawa gather and connect the traditional culture of Kanazawa to the future. You can enjoy the space that makes you feel Zen's aesthetic such as "imperfections and simplicity". As a place where tourists and local people gather, KUMU has shared spaces where events and workshops are held. 4) Hotel Nikko Kanazawa The reason why this might be a popular choice when visiting Kanazawa is it provides an ideal mix of value, comfort and convenience. It offers a romantic setting with an array of amenities designed for travellers like you. And what’s more about this hotel is that there is a TOYOTA Rent a Car in Kanazawa Station East Exit inside the building. Now you can just pick up a car whenever you want and start driving! If you have already rented a car with Follow Me Japan and are looking out for accommodation, here's a promotion for you! Book your hotel through this link, and you will receive a $20 shopping voucher per night for every room booked! And it is valid for up to four nights! If you travel with a family of six, assuming 2 per room, and stay four nights in Ishikawa, you will receive a whopping $240 of rebates! Don’t forget to book the hotels using the same name as the car rental to be entitled to the promotion. What to do in Ishikawa in 2 days? So if you are already convinced to go to Ishikawa and are asking, what can I do there? I shall not bore you with my recommendation as each to his own. But. Every Singaporean is Kiasu. And when you rent a car in Ishikawa and pick up from certain outlets, the tourism board of Ishikawa will provide everyone with "present coupons"! All you need to do is to travel to the respective coupon venue and collect the gift inside — no need to pay. If you were to ask, everything inside is up for grabs! And I have spoken to a local, the stuff they give are worth JPY15,000 in total. Unleash the Ash Ketchum inside you. "Gonna catch them all!" Ten must-do things in and around Ishikawa 1) Drive along Hakusan Shirakawago White Road 2) Eat Noto Beef 3) Try at least one Ruby Roman 4) Try Malga Gelato, the gelato which is better than the Italian ones 5) Buy some Wajima lacquerware 6) Visit Kakusenki Gorge 7) Visit Omicho Market and savour a bowl of Kaisen don 8)Taste the gold leave ice cream 9) Take a photo of Tojinbo Cliffs 10) Walk down the memory lanes of Takayama And lastly, Ishikawa is a beautiful place where it has long scenic roads, beautiful views of mount Hakusan and the Sea of Japan. I wish I am there while I am sharing this with you. Maybe the next Autumn I will be there cruising along the Chirihama Nagisa Driveway.
  16. public announcement service From September 6-15, 2019, Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, and Employment Pass holders will be able to enter park for free. The period falls on the September school holidays. Tickets are usually S$25.50 for adults and S$17 for children. Out of the 15 exhibits, however, five will be gated. Visitors can pay S$2 to visit each individual exhibit. All three shows will require a fee of S$4 per area. Coupons in sets of S$10 can be purchased on site. A bit confused with the pricing thou....... free entry, why not just make it fully free?
  17. Shorty

    Club Med Experience

    Hi guys, i hope this has not been discussed yet cos i searched n find no result for club med. planning to bring my parents n 2 kids to club med bintan for dec holidays. anyone been there b4? or any other club med in asia? how is the experience like? i understand that a lot are included in the package. does it include all the meals? n is it true that food is available round the clock? my plan is to let my kids participate in all the kids' activities while we adults jus laze ard, massage n mayb do some of the less tiring activities. pls also advise what are the additional expenses that i can expect.
  18. Breakfast Sunrise the tiny spot beside the sun is Mt Fuji Landed at Chitose https://youtu.be/U1Bxyx0P-pA
  19. Going to Beijing for 7 days holiday in June. what's the best way to get from Airport to City? Any recommendation for reasonable priced hotel ? Any shopping / food hunt ? Do we need Visa to travel to China? Thanks
  20. Hi Guys, Am going to Osaka, Japan for a short trip(1week). Planned to take train to tokyo from Osaka as well. Might stop over at Hakone on the way to Tokyo if time permit us. All feedback and advise are welcome.... Thanks in advance
  21. Has anyone heard of or used before this service https://www.airbnb.com.sg/? Basically when you travel to a foreign country for a vacation, instead of securing your accommodation from the usual source such as hotels, motels or hostels, airbnb.com.sg brings together hosts from the country who are willing to rent out their room for you to live in. In layman terms, they play host to you, the guests. This isn't anything new (for me it is) and I am trying to find accommodations for my vacation next year and am wondering if anyone has any experience to share (both good and bad). What do you guys think of this idea or would you rather stay in a standard hotel? I will only be traveling with a fellow girlfriend hence I kinda liked the idea that airbnb.com.sg offers. Some of the prices available there are rather attractive, beautiful rooms, near popular tourist spots etc. Pros: Might be cheaper than hotels Able to live with the local hosts and learn more about their culture Some hosts could be really amazing people Some of the apartments/rooms are really beautiful Cons: Nothing scarier than a bad host Took some screenshots using Gold Coast as an example. Can't see the words but what it says is basically house rules etc.
  22. Shorty

    Cameras for Travel

    hi guys, what do u guys prefer to bring on ur travels for photography? do u just make do with ur smartphones or digicams? im contemplating whether to get a compact digicam for my holidays. of cos it will also b used on other occasions. but also thinking if my phonecam will b good enough. wats ur opinions?
  23. will be goin japan coming oct for 7days, totally no idea how abt the country. will b touching down at Tokyo Haneda airport, in my mind oni 3 place to go, Tokyo, Osaka & Kyoto... my aim is is not for shopping, i more sua ku, so like to see some scenery... I duno wat to expect when in japan. 1 thing i like to try is their shinkansen bullet train. any expert can giv some tips & advise whr to go, eat, sleep, see, enjoy etc... thanks
  24. DIY holiday to China recently, with the family. Broadly, this was what we did: Day 0 - Depart Singapore to Hangzhou (Scoot Airlines), Arr. Hangzhou 2135hrs Day 1 - Hangzhou, got a driver, tour the city, including West Lake and Ling Yin Temple Day 2 - Depart from Hangzhou to Wu Zhen (water town), and then transfer to Shanghai Courtyard Marriot near Disneyland Day 3 - Shanghai Disneyland! (One full day) Day 4 - Transfer to Shanghai Marriott City Center, Walk to the Bund Day 5 - Private day tour to SuZhou Day 6 - Shanghai Free & Easy Day 7 - Home sweet Home - Shanghai to Singapore on Singapore Airlines Allow me to share in this thread my holiday. We would fly from Singapore to Hangzhou, and we were trying out ScootBiz in Scoot Airlines for the first time. Scoot is a wholly own subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, and it is their low-cost arm. When Scoot was first launched, we flew with them to Sydney! That was way back in 2012. Since then, we have flown on Scoot a few times (including Hong Kong), but this is our first time in ScootBiz. ScootBiz is Scoot Business Class? What is ScootBiz? Well, it is NOT the typical Business Class of a full service airline. It is more akin to Premium Economy. What attracted us were the seats - full learther with at least 38" of legroom, 22" of width and 6" of recline, with adjustable headrests and legrests. You also get complimentary meal and drink, but that was less important. Scoot flies from Terminal 2. Check-Lines moved quickly. You had to do self-service check in first, before dropping off your bags. That's the new trend, self-service. I didn't see any special check-in line for ScootBiz passengers, so we joined the same queue. SATS Premier Lounge Terminal 2 After clearing immigration, we headed to the SATS Premier Lounge to chill out for a while and get some food. Note that ScootBiz does not provide lounge access with the normal ticket. We used our Priority Pass cards to gain entry. Here is the entrance of the SATS Premier Lounge, which was opposite the SilverKris lounge at T2. Video of Lounge Experience A video of our lounge experience. This lounge was voted Asia-Pac lounge of the year, for Priority Pass. For a Priority Pass lounge, it is decent. In fact, a good number of airlines use this contract lounge for their Business Class passengers too. Here are YouTube video links so lounge reviews of SATS Premier Lounge in Terminal 1and SATS Premier Lounge in Terminal 3. Below is the video of SATS Premier Terminal 2. The Lounge in Terminal 2 won the Asia Pacific Lounge of the Year Awards 2017 for Priority Pass. Our credit cards provided us with Priority Pass access to Lounges, which is very nice. We could bring the entire family in, using my card and my wife's card. FLIGHT EXPERIENCE SCOOTBIZ - FlyScoot Singapore to Hangzhou Flight Number TR 188 Dep: 1635hrs, Arr: 21:35 Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport No time zone changes We had wanted to visit Hangzhou and Shanghai. So it was great that Scoot has a direct flight. Scoot currently operates the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft. This was our plane at the gate, its nickname was 'Bo Jio'. The 7:30 minute video below details our experience on board ScootBiz, showing you the seats and the meals. Enjoy! Food wise, ScootBiz ticket comes with food and drink. For the food package, you have to order in advance (online, when you book). I didn't realise that there were different types of meals. The most 'value-for-money' would be the Premium Meal selection, sample below. This meal comes with 2 deluxe sides and a drink. But there was no Nasi Lemak here. I selected Nasi Lemak and that was packaged with a lower value meal (no ice-cream). So, hot tip, if you want a full meal with Ice-Cream, pick from the Premium Selections! Waiting for Luggage - Scoot Crew luggage came out first Landing into Hangzhou was smooth and we got to the gates quickly. The immigration clearance was fast. What took some time was the baggage. See the video below, for pretty much the entire aircraft passengers waiting at the luggage carousel. Funny thing - the cabin crew luggage came out first! After we collected our bags, the Customs officials made all passengers put every bag through an X-ray machine, i.e. 100% check. That caused a line to form, but the overall process was orderly and didn't take too long. The video also shows snippets of the taxi ride, and the room service we had. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Hangzhou City Center, and we ordered room service for supper, as we were tired and hungry. Room Service - All the Food in the Photo for 177RMB plus 3 drinks (including beer) That concludes Day 0 - flight to Hangzhou. Day 1 - Hangzhou Today, we would hire a driver to bring us around to see the sights of Hangzhou. But before that, let me show you the narrow beds in our hotel room. Our room came with two twin beds, but when we booked on the Holiday Inn IHG website, it room clearly stated two double beds. Oh well. For the fun of it, I got two "models" to show you the breadth of the twin bed, for laughs! Breakfast The day started with a good breakfast at the Holiday Inn Buffet. Our room rate came with breakfast for two adults. The buffet supervisor allowed my two kids to eat for free. Video below shows the good food we had. Breakfast area wasn't too crowded, which was nice. Journey to West Lake (Xi Hu) Our driver picked us up from the lobby, as per the arranged time. Our ride was in a very comfortable MPV. There were many skyscrapers in Hangzhou. It looked to be a developed city. There was construction outside our hotel - driver told us that they were building new metro/underground lines. Driver's 7 Year Old Kid Studies All Day Glad that we could speak some Mandarin, and that allowed us to have interesting conversations with our driver. We did not book a guide, only driver. But as you can see and hear from the video below, our driver was more than happy to tell us about China, and his family and other interesting nuggets of life in China! West Lake, Hangzhou First stop, the famous West Lake 西湖! West Lake (Chinese: 西湖; pinyin: Xī Hú) is a freshwater lake in Hangzhou, China. There are numerous temples, pagodas, gardens, and artificial islands within the lake. Map of the West Lake in Hangzhou, China Leifeng Pagoda West Lake has influenced poets and painters throughout Chinese history for its natural beauty and historic relics, and it has also been among the most important sources of inspiration for Chinese garden designers. It was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011, described as having "influenced garden design in the rest of China as well as Japan and Korea over the centuries"and reflecting "an idealized fusion between humans and nature". (Source wiki) Below is the video of our very calm boat ride. Again, glad that we could understand some Mandarin. The boatman was most enthusiastic in telling us about Chinese culture and history. Made for some good story-telling. The scenic boat (or human powered sampan) ride took 40 minutes and cost 150 RMB. The boat can take a max of 6 pax, but I think 4 is ideal. Any more may be a bit of a squeeze. A picture of another boat going past. See that the boat is very low and we are very close to the water. You could play with the water, if you wished. Don't fall in! (Not sure if there were life jackets, maybe under the seat). After an calming boat ride, we took a walk around the waterfront. Even though we only paid for a driver, his service was excellent. He took pains to bring us around the waterfront. He brought us to see some squirrels, and then a slow walk back to the vehicle. I noticed all the electric buses and carts. Saving the environment! Even the Police Car was an electric one. Looks like the Chinese authorities were very serious in ensuring clean and fresh air around their famous Lake. Next stop was Ling Yin temple. Will continue in the next post.