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Found 98 results

  1. Went to Hokkaido recently and would like to share some photos here. Famous for its flower flied and winter sports during winter, August is end of the summer season I think. Weather wise still cooling average around 22 C with morning and evening dropping to below 18C. This trip I rented a 8 seater and total distance covered is approx 1400 Km. While the speed limit for city is 50 km/hr and highway 80 km/hr, to maintain at 80 km/hr on highway is not so easy. Took Scoot from Singapore and transit at Taiwan (1 hour transit time) Good break but just enough time to get on the plane. Landed in Sapporo early morning. This is a short of their air port. nowhere near Changi T1 but there are buses you can catch to town. I booked Unizo Inn next to Sapporo Grand Hotel. Checked in and walk to collect my car which I booked with Budget car rental. It is within walking distance. Photos of a street shot in Sapporo and their underground train station (MRT). Beside flower and snow, Japan is also about food. 1st stop is their famous Furano Cheese factory. But, it is more like a cafe and their cakes.
  2. https://www.publicguardian.gov.sg/opg/Pages/The-LPA-Submit-the-completed-LPA-form.aspx?ParentTag=The+LPA Those that are pangtang, can ignore, but like insurance, its good that you can appoint someone who can take charge of the situation or rather you think can take care of the best interest.
  3. VteckiCk

    Home Fix closing down!

    Hardware chain Home-Fix is closing all its retail stores in Singapore https://www.asiaone.com/singapore/hardware-chain-home-fix-closing-all-its-retail-stores-singapore?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1576062358 Another one bites the dust Right after Sasa Have been patronising MR DIY at JB instead Now SG there's MR DIY too so it's the inevitable
  4. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/health/self-disinfecting-coating-that-lasts-for-3-months-applied-to-all-hdb-lift-buttons?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=STFB&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1585822526 SINGAPORE - Residents in Housing Board flats who have been using their keys or other objects to prod lift buttons during the coronavirus outbreak can now set their minds at ease, as a self-disinfecting coating that lasts for three months has been applied to buttons in all HDB lifts as well as lift lobbies in Singapore. The coating, called sdst, kills bacteria, viruses and fungi upon contact and remains in place even with repeated scrubbing and cleaning, as chemical bonding agents help it to adhere tightly to surfaces at a molecular level. It is sprayed on surfaces in liquid form like regular disinfectants, and is safe on human skin. Teams from Singapore's 16 town councils applied the coating in lifts over the past two weeks following a donation of 650 litres of sdst by the Changi Airport Group's (CAG) philanthropic arm Changi Foundation. This amount was found to be sufficient to coat all 1.5 million lift buttons in Singapore's 26,000 HDB lifts. Dr Teo Ho Pin, coordinating chairman of the 15 People's Action Party town councils, noted on Thursday (April 2) that a large proportion of Singapore's population - around 3.2 million - lives in HDB flats, and that lift buttons are one of the most frequently touched components in housing estates. Asked if there are plans to roll out the coating to other public areas, Dr Teo said: "We know that residents have been very concerned and we are focusing on high-risk surfaces such as lift buttons for a start. So let's see how effective this solution is." Now that the coating is in place, he added, residents should avoid continuing to press lift buttons with hard objects like keys, as this could scrape the coating off. Sdst is manufactured in the United States and has been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency. CAG has been using the coating for frequently touched surfaces in Changi Airport such as lift buttons, touch screens and trolley handles since February. "One of the challenges that our cleaning partners and staff face is that you can step up training and increase the frequency (of cleaning), but there's always an exposure time between cleaning when someone can come in and contaminate the surface," said CAG airport operations management managing director Jayson Goh. "So the good thing about this coating is that it creates a protective shield over the surface, and this was something that we wanted to extend nationwide with the help of the town councils."
  5. Any bro here have any self drive experience in Jeju during winter season before? wonder if the road condition is harsh during Christmas period. Planning a trip there this Dec. Have not drive on icy road before
  6. hello, i have just bought air ticket to BKK for a 2 week stay. intend to rent a car, drive up to khao kho, khao yai, probably phitsanulok too, to have a look at their magnificent wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat & Wat Ratchaburana if time permits. departure on 21 Dec, staying at khao kho and khao yai till 30 Dec, 9 days of car rental. Then head back to celebrate the new year in BKK till 4th of Jan, we have always travel to bkk hence pretty familiar with it. It's the initial area that having issues. Has anyone been to these places, best if you could share the experience and guides.
  7. hi all , need some advise here on steering wheel issue. like all other cars I've driven, the steering wheel will move itself back to center position either after making a turn or when I released my hands from steering wheel. I notice the steering wheel stays in the "turned" position , does not self center when I test drive(30-40km/h) a 2007 stream today. Have not tried making U-turn though. Mechanic told me there is nothing wrong because stream uses electronic power steering unlike hydraulics type. Maybe its really due to EPS but I still find it very weird to handle car like this. Any stream owners have the same issue?
  8. Hi all, This thread is to recommend some of the undiscovered places in Korea for those who love a little adventure to self-drive or go on a driving holiday to explore Korea. To start off, we would like to share more about what you need when preparing your driving holiday in Korea. The PASSPORT to driving in Korea: International Driving Permit Korea Driving Tips Stay tune to this thread as we bring you more information to inspire your driving holiday in Korea! Brought to you by: Korea Tourism Organization
  9. Yaoxing

    Need Advice on Self Storage

    My room is overcrowded and I'm moving to a new workplace soon. Looking for some storage space roughly the size of 1.5m x 2.5m area to store some of my stuff on a long term basis (at least two years). Does anyone have any experience to share? Currently on my list of consideration (not in order of merit) are: Lock and Store http://www.lockandstore.com.sg/ (Chai Chee, Tanjong Pagar) Big Orange http://www.bigorange.com.sg/ (Hougang, Bukit Batok, Woodlands) StorHub http://www.storhub.com.sg/ (Kallang, Toa Payoh, Changi South) Store-It http://www.store-it.com.sg/ (Pasir Panjang) ExtraSpace http://www.extraspace.com.sg/ (Boon Keng, IMM, West Coast, Eunos Link) SingPost S3http://www.singpost.com.sg/S3/index.html (Ayer Rajah) Out of my list: The Space Seller http://www.storages.com.sg/ (Dhoby Ghaut, Penjuru) -> Due to location.
  10. anyone trained in either or both? wanna hear ur feedback. nowadays alot of siao lang, better to learn some skills to fight in case i kena some idiots in malaysia or above. or any AMDK in Singapore. lol
  11. Hi guys, Need some advice on whether it's worthwhile to self import 5 series (G30) or X3 (G01) from UK to Singapore... I am looking at it purely from the perspective of cost savings. I have business there, so I am familiar with the import process (not cars though), the savings seemed to be quite significant, although there's no local warranty / maintenance included: 520i G30: S$150k-160k (vs S$240k+ locally) X3 G01: S$170k-180k (vs S$210k+ locally) Hopefully someone with experience can shed some light on this? My primary concern is the repair / maintenance costs of BMW, which seem to be the highest among continental cars, with the lowest reliability.
  12. Z_Dash

    Places to self wash your car

    I understand open carpark cannot do car washing and will get fined for $100 if caught. Only place i know that can wash is multi-storey carpark washing bay given its drainage is seperated. For people staying at places without multi-storey carparks like Potong Pasir.......they gotta travel far to find MSCP washing bay or where else can they wash?
  13. Man who stabbed BMW driver to death in viral road rage incident ruled to have acted in self-defense. A man who stabbed a BMW driver to death in a viral road rage incident last week in the Jiangsu city of Kunshan has been ruled to have acted in justifiable self-defense, a decision that has been the cause of celebration across the Chinese internet. The incident occurred at an intersection on Monday night at around 9:37 pm. Surveillance camera footage shows a BMW attempting to swerve into a bike-only lane ahead of a red light, bumping up against one cyclist who refuses to give way. Quickly, two passengers, one man and one woman, exit the car and approach the cyclist. The woman helps the cyclist, a 41-year-old man named Yu Haiming, move his electric bike to the sidewalk. After talking for a time, the two head back to the BMW. However, it’s then that the driver, a 36-year-old man named Liu Hailong, storms out of the vehicle and heads straight for Yu. Though the male passenger tries to hold him back, Liu continues to try to attack Yu. Eventually, Liu returns to his car and reemerges with a machete. This time, the passenger does not try to get in the way as Liu rushes at Yu and takes a number of swipes. Yu holds his ground long enough for the machete to get knocked out of Liu’s hand, falling on the road. The two men both scramble to pick up the weapon, however, it is Yu that gets to it first. With the machete in hand, Yu is able to throw Liu to the ground and stab once at his stomach. Liu then gets up and tries to run back to his car. Yu chases him, slashing at his opponent at least another four times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn9_KCPfQPs https://shanghai.ist/2018/09/03/man-who-stabbed-bmw-driver-to-death-in-viral-road-rage-incident-ruled-to-have-acted-in-self-defense/ I say justified because it was unprovoked. Who goes around carrying a machete in the car too?
  14. Aaronlkl

    Childcare leave for self employed

    Did a search but find nothing relevant. Can anyone advise if self employed personal is entitled to childcare leave?
  15. Lala81

    Jordan Peterson

    Jordan b Peterson He's a psychologist but now is more like a philosopher. his hard hitting/hard truths approach to understanding yourself and how to approach your life. His clips are all over YouTube. 12 rules of life. https://www.google.com.sg/search?q=jordan+peterson+12+rules+for+life&oq=Jordan+petrdon&aqs=chrome.2.69i57j0l3.9968j0j4&client=ms-android-samsung-gs-rev1&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#imgrc=A478NY-mdGAFfM: In particular, they may really benefit someone younger who's seeking to find their way in life. There's no way to characterise him. Listen to him. The book is heavier going than listening to his lectures or podcasts with Joe rogan It's not Anthony Robbins or what not. This guy is one of a kind.
  16. Hi guys, my car is silver color. I was lazy and didn't wash for a few months. Now some areas can see dirt streaks caused by rain, and they don't come off when washing. I tried clay bar also cannot. Should I buy polishing product and try to polish myself by hand to remove the streaks or do I need to send to professionals who can use the machine?
  17. Discoburg

    Self induced stress at work

    Being in the sales line and new to the company since Jan 2017, i constantly give myself the pressure to bring in more new accounts. Maybe its due to me being let go by my previous company. Had a tough time looking for job in June 2016 till Aug 2017. Found a job in an Italian company (same trade) but they expect results in eastern malaysia within the 3-4 months i was with them. Luckily my current company, used to be my customer, asked me to join them. Had some result within the first year of joining them but now seems not so smooth. Sigh, guess not everyday is smooth sailing.
  18. Tungsan

    Self Driving Car

    Anyone dare to let the car take control of itself. I will if it is KIT from the Knight Rider. Uber self-driving car kills Arizona pedestrian http://www.businesstimes.com.sg/transport/uber-self-driving-car-kills-arizona-pedestrian
  19. Recently theres a guy who complain a certain airline for not supportive enough to let hia family to sit together on a flight back to sg. And he blame the airline for making him queue and thus got his poor kid's fever to worsen. He seems to like to blame and blame... Anyway just wondering is this a norm of our new generations or perhaps its just me who thinks this guy is full of self entitlement and is just about me and me and me ah
  20. Hi guys. Have read a number of posts that talk about bad experiences with PI's and how we have no choice if we want to get certain makes of cars. What about importing on our own ? Anyone here knows what is needed to self-import a car ? Here are the basic rules I found out. Maybe more experienced bros can give more details... 1. Car cannot be more than 3 years old from exporting country. 2. Car must come from a country with equal or stricter emmision rules than SG. Questions: 1. How to pay those ARF/PARF taxes? 2. How to find a shipper ? (Hello DHL.. I got a car, you charge by size or weight, ahh ?) 3. How much is shipping insurance ? Interesting right ? Maybe if someone can try it out and post his experience, bros here be their own PI. Can save anywhere from 10K to 20-30K for luxury brands... Good enuf to cover the lack of local warrenty ???
  21. Billcoke

    Self drive in Japan

    Planning to do a self drive in Japan. Any bro here have experience with rental cars? I did some research, one of the recommended car rental is Times cars. http://www.timescar-rental.com/. Are there any other recommended car rental companies with help desk staffs that speak English. Secondly, understand the Garmin GPS doesn't have maps for Japan, so need to use the GPS provided by the rental car. And they use map codes or phone numbers to locate your destinations. Will be my first time using map codes, care to share your experience? I checked the map code here http://www.mapion.co.jp/, one of the draw back of using map codes is it doesn't give the exact location. Your destination could be off by 50-100m from the actual destination. Hence i'm a little worry here.
  22. Hi all, Just a general query that if one intend to renew coe, we cannot use self bid right through the open budding system. We need use the 3 bids average px determined by LTA? Thanks
  23. It's been more than half a century since some of the first concept cars boasting self-driving features were presented to the world and they're still not on the roads. But many auto executives say the industry is on the cusp of welcoming vehicles that make the idea of keeping both hands on the wheel an anachronism. General Motors showed off "dream cars" in the late 1950s like the Firebird II and Cadillac Cyclone with features automakers are now starting to roll out in new models as the technology, based on sensors, lasers, radar systems, GPS, cameras and microchips -- improves and becomes less costly. While most industry officials don't envision a fully self-driving, or autonomous, vehicle before 2025, features such as adaptive cruise control or traffic jam assist that automatically slow or apply the brakes for a car in certain situations are already being introduced. And much like anti-lock brakes became the norm after initial resistance, these new technologies will prepare drivers for a future where they are needed less. "The whole concept of a car being able to drive itself is pretty profound," said Larry Burns, GM's former research and development chief and an adviser for Google's self-driving car project. "This is the most transformational play to hit the auto industry in 125 years." The progress has been in the making for decades as GM's Firebird II, introduced in 1956, included a system to work with an electrical wire embedded in the highway to guide the car. Three years later, the rocket-like Cyclone boasted an autopilot system that steered the car and radar in front nose cones that warned of a collision and automatically applied the brakes. However, the pace of invention has quickened, with such automakers as GM, Ford Motor Co, Toyota Motor Corp and Volkswagen AG developing technologies to help drivers avoid accidents. Some even envision a future where today's cars are more amusement. "In the same way we all used to travel on horses and now horses are entertainment, you could imagine automobiles driven by people becoming more entertainment," said Chris Urmson, the Google program's technical head. In a world where Nevada and Florida have already passed laws allowing the licensing of self-driving cars, the rush is on to make the job easier for drivers. For many, the ultimate goal is to take the steering wheel totally out of consumers' hands and eliminate accidents altogether. "Once we have a car that will never crash, why don't we let it drive?" said Nady Boules, GM's director of autonomous technology development. However, Boules and executives like him will have to win over a public that includes those who love to drive or simply wouldn't trust their lives to a robot. Others, like long-haul truckers, could resist the technology for fear of job losses. Blue screen of hell "My mental model of trust in technology is a Windows blue screen of death. That's how much faith I have in PCs and computer systems," said Bryan Reimer, a research scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology's AgeLab. Reimer, whose group studies human behavior in relation to transportation safety and has worked with BMW, Ford and Toyota, said people are terrible overseers of highly autonomous systems and a car that helps drivers rather than replaces them would be a better model. J.D. Power and Associates found 37 percent of U.S. consumers it surveyed in March were interested in autonomous driving technology, but only 20 percent definitely or probably would buy it at an estimated price of $3,000. Consulting firm Accenture said last year that almost half of U.S. and British consumers it polled would be comfortable in a self-driving car. Even if the industry eventually wins the hearts and minds of most consumers, it also must establish the infrastructure that supports self-driving cars, including not only the technology but the necessary legal and liability frameworks -- things that may takes years to put in place. Bill Windsor, associate vice president of consumer safety at insurer Nationwide Mutual, pointed out the airline industry has had an autopilot feature for years, but people still man the cockpit. The same will be true for cars. "It's going to be a long time before we're going to feel comfortable turning over all the day-to-day decisions in driving to a computer," he said. Costs must come down as well. For instance, the laser-based Light Detection and Ranging system used by Google costs $70,000 according to a study released this month by consulting firm KPMG and the Center for Automotive Research (CAR). For that reason, the rollout over the next decade of more semi-autonomous features that assist drivers or take control of cars in only some cases is the path the industry is taking with the idea of preparing consumers for a future with fully driverless cars. "The socialization of autonomous driving is actually the difficult part. The invention of the vehicle is the easy part," said John Hanson, Toyota's national manager for environmental, safety and quality issues. The Japanese automaker has two autonomous car programs, one in Japan and the other in Ann Arbor, Michigan. "George Jetson" days not close Even some automakers developing semi-autonomous features for their cars don't believe consumers will accept a future without human drivers. "The days of George Jetson getting in the vehicle, saying 'to the office' and then reading a newspaper, we don't envision for an awful long time," said Tom Baloga, BMW's US vice president of engineering. "We will always be the ultimate driving machine," he said, adding that there will be times when bored drivers stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic will turn over control of their cars. BMW has worked on autonomous technology for more than a decade. Others developing autonomous technologies include: Honda , Hyundai, Mercedes, Nissan and Volvo, as well as suppliers, technology firms and universities. Chip giant Intel Corp created a $100 million fund in February to invest in future auto technology. "The industry appears to be on the cusp of revolutionary change ... engendered by the advent of autonomous or 'self-driving' vehicles. And the timing may be sooner than you think," KPMG and CAR said in their study. GM, for instance, believes semi-autonomous cars will be available by mid-decade with more sophisticated self-driving systems by the end of the decade. Cadillac is testing a feature dubbed "Super Cruise" that is capable of fully automatic steering, braking and lane centering in certain highway driving that could be ready for production by mid-decade. Meanwhile Bill Ford, the chairman of rival Ford Motor, sees semi-autonomous driving technology by 2025 like driver-initiated autopilot systems, as well as, the ability to reserve parking spots ahead of your destination in a linked network, with fully autonomous cars following after that. "There's a lot of moving parts to all of this, but it's almost limitless in terms of what we can do," he said in June at an event in California's Silicon Valley. Ford's 2013 Fusion mid-sized car includes a lane-keeping aid system, an active park assist function, adaptive cruise control and collision warning. Self-driving cars: "Not in our lifetime" Google launched its autonomous car program in 2010, viewing the problem as one of computer science. It has tested its modified Toyota Prius and Lexus RX 450h cars over more than 300,000 miles and is talking with almost every automaker about its technology. Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said the company has not figured out how it would bring its technology to market, but licensing it is an option. "Self-driving cars should in our lifetime become the predominant way," he told Reuters in July. Last year, one of Google's self-driving cars was involved in a minor accident, but supporting the idea that robots would be better drivers it occurred when the car was under human control. The self-driving mode has yet to be in a fender bender. Bob Casey, the curator of transportation at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, regarded the self-guiding driving system of GM's Firebird II concept car of more than 50 years ago "almost as a parlor trick," but he said the technology now brings such cars closer to reality. The question is whether the auto industry is ready for that. "Part of the fundamental attraction of automobiles has been the actual driving of them," he said. "If you do away with that, then it really becomes an appliance ... a toaster, a washing machine." Source: http://www.jpost.com/Features/InThespotlig....aspx?id=281681
  24. Hi Guys, juz wanna check how to owners with PPS Glass/Ceramic coating do their regular washing.. What products to use.. What sort of accessories to get the job done? Cheers
  25. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29663741