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Found 5 results

  1. hello, i have just bought air ticket to BKK for a 2 week stay. intend to rent a car, drive up to khao kho, khao yai, probably phitsanulok too, to have a look at their magnificent wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat & Wat Ratchaburana if time permits. departure on 21 Dec, staying at khao kho and khao yai till 30 Dec, 9 days of car rental. Then head back to celebrate the new year in BKK till 4th of Jan, we have always travel to bkk hence pretty familiar with it. It's the initial area that having issues. Has anyone been to these places, best if you could share the experience and guides.
  2. Hi all, This thread is to recommend some of the undiscovered places in Korea for those who love a little adventure to self-drive or go on a driving holiday to explore Korea. To start off, we would like to share more about what you need when preparing your driving holiday in Korea. The PASSPORT to driving in Korea: International Driving Permit Korea Driving Tips Stay tune to this thread as we bring you more information to inspire your driving holiday in Korea! Brought to you by: Korea Tourism Organization
  3. Bluepica

    Israel: safe to drive?

    Anyone done a road trip in Israel before? Is it safe to self drive?
  4. NURBURGRING / GERMANY You have seen the videos on the net, watched it in various car channel segments, read about it in magazines and spent countless hours playing Gran Turismo. Taurus Industries now brings you one step closer to this legendary track live !!…. To put YOU in the driver’s seat! Get ready for the drive of your life and experience real adrenaline action by participating in our Nanopulser World Series Challenge #Series 1 and give yourself a chance to win a fully sponsored track clinic at NURBURGRING, GERMANY! Prove yourself worthy and join the ranks of drivers who have conquered the ring, Day or Night. Ultimate bragging rights for those who have made it, Rain or Shine. Qualifying and participation details for this mega series can be found through the link below. Only 6 spots available for 2017 season draw (Closing end June). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkedAMkKj2Q Website Link www.nwsc.asia [NWSC is a 5 year series campaign which aims to promote sustainable technologies through interactive motorsports]
  5. Billcoke

    Self drive in Japan

    Planning to do a self drive in Japan. Any bro here have experience with rental cars? I did some research, one of the recommended car rental is Times cars. http://www.timescar-rental.com/. Are there any other recommended car rental companies with help desk staffs that speak English. Secondly, understand the Garmin GPS doesn't have maps for Japan, so need to use the GPS provided by the rental car. And they use map codes or phone numbers to locate your destinations. Will be my first time using map codes, care to share your experience? I checked the map code here http://www.mapion.co.jp/, one of the draw back of using map codes is it doesn't give the exact location. Your destination could be off by 50-100m from the actual destination. Hence i'm a little worry here.