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Found 193 results

  1. miken92

    Passion for racing

    Hello everyone . Is anyone here passionate about racing
  2. 5 weeks' jail, 3-year driving ban for 2 men involved in illegal race in Lim Chu Kang Source: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/illegal-race-in-lim-chu-kang-lands-two-men-5-weeks-jail-and-a-ban-from Goh Tze Ming (left) and Khairulanwar Ismail were given five weeks' jail and a $1,500 fine each for racing illegally.ST PHOTOS: WONG KWAI CHOW SINGAPORE - They sped down Lim Chu Kang Road in similar cars and clocked almost equal breakneck speeds in their illegal race. On Tuesday (Sept 10), Goh Tze Ming, 37, and Khairulanwar Ismail, 26, were given the same sentence - five weeks' jail and a $1,500 fine each. They will also be disqualified from driving all classes of vehicles for three years after their release. The men, who were both driving a Volkswagen GTI, had denied that they were involved in the illegal race, which took place on Dec 9, 2016. The pair also similarly claimed trial against the charge of illegal racing, an offence under the Road Traffic Act. During the hearing, Goh said that he had been rushing to go to the toilet, while Khairulanwar claimed that he was speeding because he wanted to check his engine check-light. Deputy Public Prosecutor Senthilkumaran Sabapathy rubbished the claims, calling them "illogical, unsubstantiated and unbelievable". He added: "It is simply implausible and fanciful that (they) happened to be speeding, at almost twice the speed limit and right next to each other, at a place where a race was ongoing at the material time." The court heard that the two men were arrested by Traffic Police (TP) officers during a sting operation led by Inspector Pardeep Dass, who had received intelligence that there was going to be an illegal race in the area. Together with two other TP officers, Insp Pardeep arrived at the scene in an unmarked car. The officers saw people standing around 40 vehicles parked along Lim Chu Kang Road towards Neo Tiew Road. At 1.07am, the cars driven by Goh and Khairulanwar were seen making a U-turn towards Jalan Bahar before coming to a stop side by side for about 10 seconds. Insp Pardeep then saw both cars speeding off at the same time. The TP officers were activated to pursue them. Goh was caught driving at 132kmh, while Khairulanwar had clocked 136kmh - nearly twice the speed limit of 70kmh. Both men will also start their sentences on the same date - Sept 19.
  3. Fu11thr0tt1e

    Truck Drag Racing

  4. And now this https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/errant-singapore-motorists-barred-leaving-malaysia-10998904?cid=fbcna Pattern more than badminton KUALA LUMPUR: Motorists from Singapore with outstanding summonses should be barred from leaving Malaysia until they settle the amount owed, said Malaysian senator Rabiyah Ali in parliament on Wednesday (Dec 5). Rabiyah said the proposal is aimed at curbing Singaporean drivers who use the country’s highways as a testing ground for their vehicles’ speed. “The problem pertaining to the illegal racing and reckless driving by luxury car drivers and high-powered motorcycles from Singapore has been a tough challenge for us to solve.
  5. Duckduck

    I miss WRC

    sad to see it lose venues & sponsorships... maybe itll be back in future...
  6. Altis72

    API Racing BBK

    Does anyone know if we have to use API Racing brake pads for API Racing BBK or can we use aftermarket brake pads. Thanks.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU9Eoh71z60 The last challenge in 2015 before Pasir Gudang track is closed for upgrade. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF5sKaJn0gc Attack of the Audi /. rear view camera is more fun to watch
  8. NURBURGRING / GERMANY You have seen the videos on the net, watched it in various car channel segments, read about it in magazines and spent countless hours playing Gran Turismo. Taurus Industries now brings you one step closer to this legendary track live !!…. To put YOU in the driver’s seat! Get ready for the drive of your life and experience real adrenaline action by participating in our Nanopulser World Series Challenge #Series 1 and give yourself a chance to win a fully sponsored track clinic at NURBURGRING, GERMANY! Prove yourself worthy and join the ranks of drivers who have conquered the ring, Day or Night. Ultimate bragging rights for those who have made it, Rain or Shine. Qualifying and participation details for this mega series can be found through the link below. Only 6 spots available for 2017 season draw (Closing end June). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkedAMkKj2Q Website Link www.nwsc.asia [NWSC is a 5 year series campaign which aims to promote sustainable technologies through interactive motorsports]
  9. amossoma66

    Motor Sports - Go Kart Racing

    I made a video today and I think you guys will enjoy this ! It's for petrol heads ..hehe ! The race ! https://youtu.be/ooXfEj3fo1k The pit / paddock area https://youtu.be/7kmsAEaExQE
  10. Nightsky

    KPE Tunnel racing!

    Anyone seen this video? [dizzy] Credits to youtube video poster
  11. Dear All, I've noticed that the 2 companys stated in the title have the same address and have similar offers in their respective websites and fb pages. Any bros have any idea if they are indeed the same company? And if so, why 2 different names? Searched Still Racing in this forum and there are some negative comments about their pricing. So they have changed name just to divert attention?
  12. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/2-men-to-be-charged-for/2088590.html i wonder if is GTR http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/man-arrested-for-driving-sports-car-at-146kmh-in-seletar-link
  13. Obey_my_dog

    Grassroots Autotest 16 August 2015

    16 August 2015 Grassroots autotest at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal Carpark C
  14. I bet you all do not know that Axio is also used in Super GT racing! I didn't know that till I was looking up on Super GT in wiki and saw this. Wow! I have say..... Still waiting for someone to convert his Axio into this!
  15. I would like to say hi to everyone in this forum and here is a piece of my Subaru impreza for track racing version which I had used it to race for the time attack at the local international circuit before for sure to be honest with you there.The car comes with the yellow shade light weight sport rims and carbon fiber double layers wing there.Please check it out on the scans below and let me know what you think there.Thank you
  16. zhehao

    OZ Racing Formula HLT 5H

    Hi guys, Found this rim on OZ Racing's website. They looks quite good in my opinion! Anyone got this rim can share your opinion or know where and how much i can get these in singapore? http://www.ozracing.com/car_wheels_var/OZ%20Racing/25182/I%20-%20TECH/FORMULA%20HLT%205H/563462.aspx
  17. hi all, went through the latest issue of hot stuff just... (wah girls this issue power sia...) ... and i saw Motec's ad says OWS NA racing @ $48... usual $96... WTF??? but there was a star next to the $48... anybody knows wats the terms and con?.... the last i saw the OWS NA racing at Motec a month ago, it was $130 or $128... or smthing... hmmmmm..... any bro can shed some light pls.... i tried calling them yesterday couldnt get through... and now they are close right?... many thanks..
  18. Singapore is racing to become the most expensive city in the world. Everything must be no 1, i think brain damage. We only have 4 million population (singaporean only) but why we have 500 billion in reserve. Every citizen work like mad, then skin u like a cat. iF population going to 6.9 million , i think as a singaporean we better migrate.
  19. Ihave10cats

    Michelin PSC2 in racing

    Hi has any racer here experience Michelin PSC2 in the racing track before? I heard that it has improved a lot from pilot sport cup. Though its pricey but I think it really serve the purpose on track. How do you feel about it?
  20. Street racing is obviously illegal and incredibly dangerous, but that has never stopped people from doing it. While we don't hear nearly as much about the scourge of Japanese tuner cars as when The Fast and the Furious first hit theaters over a decade ago, illegal street racing is still bubbling under the surface all over the island nation. An excellent new documentary short from Bowls Films takes a look at the Kanjozoku from Osaka, Japan; a group that claims to be partially responsible for the tuning style known as JDM. The group gets their name from their preferred route known as the Kanjo. It's a 4.77-mile long loop of connected highways running right through the city of Osaka. You might expect a hardcore group of illegal Japanese racers to show up with highly tuned Nissan GT-R and Toyota Supra coupes, but the Kanjozoku evidently eschew all of the others in favor of one particular car that they love: the Honda Civic. According to the video, that vehicle of choice came in part from the city's location. Osaka was relatively near the one-make Civic races held at Japan's legendary Suzuka racetrack. The hatchbacks thus became the default weapons for the Kanjozoku's street battles. The guys interviewed for the documentary go so far as to claim that their scene created the whole concept of JDM tuning. The whole video is a really interesting portrait of an illegal racing scene crafted out of friendly competition. Scroll down for a brief look at the Kanjozoku of Osaka – it's worth it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELJW-Bsrnmk
  21. This is probably the most creative way to piss your racing opponent off if you do happen to find yourself neck and neck with your rival in a straight line. For those who are well-versed in the internet lingo, 'Trolling' would best describe what the driver on the left did to this guy with the camera. But then again, in a one-make race with a not-exactly-fast Mazda MX-5, you need to be a bit more innovative to win races. Watch and find out what was done. http://dai.ly/x24qrzg_10643559-836982839653703-46859749-n_auto
  22. just curious.. is there such a package in MY? ive heard of friends driving their own car up to Sepang for racing but are there companies in SG or MY that offers rental car that can be raced on MY tracks? theres Pegasus Racing Asia in SG for Formulae Renault cars but I couldnt find any for GT cars. if there is, please kindly share with me! gam xia!
  23. Can someone recommend me a reliable workshop that sells and installs AP racing rotor? thanks.
  24. LifePro_Tips

    Taroda Racing Engineering

    In 2002, Taroda Racing was founded by Dexter Low with a vision to make the Radio Control Racing Scene a hobby that many people could enjoy. We carry brands like Tamiya, Kyosho and HPI. These brands are reliable and with high accuracy of control. We believe in carrying full range of spare parts for the type of radio control (RC) cars that we have. Our customers can modified their RC cars to better performance and speed of up 100 km/hour. Throughout the years, we have held many racing events. These races include buffets for our members, lucky draws and trophies to winners. Taroda also organized both touring and drifting races at Taroda Track, East Coast Park. These events brought a lot of very young members, adults and father and sons to play together. Taroda is proud to announce that our sponsored drivers have done very well in the Tamiya Asia Cups. Our drivers holds the Championship for Super Stock touring for two subsequent years 2009 and 2010. These members have taken radio control hobby to a new height. In the coming years, Taroda will endeavours to make RC a hobby that many could have funs and create bonding among friends and family members. Taroda Racing Engineering 1 Pasir Ris Close #03-107 E!Hub@Downtown East Singapore 519599