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Found 4 results

  1. ToniTrex

    Car Closest to Formula 1

    Hey guys ! Just curious and wanting to know cars that have a similar technology to what Formula 1 car has. The closest could ever get to a formula 1 car and why. Could be looks, technology, speed, all of the above? you name it. Personally my top 2 picks are the LaFerrari as it is as close as it could get to a F1 car for its technology, and Lexus LFA for its Screaming V10 sound.
  2. This is my first post since becoming a member. A current badge whore by social valuation. Spurred by perceptions of car buyers and enthusiasts. Car Banters: Badge Loverz- Audi A1, A3; BMW 1-2 series, Merc A class Conti Lover- Volkswagen Luxury lovers - roll royce, bentley, messerati Speed Lover- skoda, honda Space Lovers - tivoli, toyota wish, estima Handling whore - Subaru AWD, BMW RWD Money Lover - renewed COE cars Ganchong reliability Lovers - Any Toyota, lorry also can. SUV lovers - Almost 50% of new car market Car Care Banters Detailing Loverz - meiguars and coating addicts Street Car Loverz - Rims, stickers and spoilers addicts Audiophile - 4 digit priced speakers minimum Racer - Engine mod specialist and manual car addicts All these thoughts are triggered when my bro in law told me his car due for change this year and asked me for recommendations which car good n cheap? I dont have that answer, how much is cheap? Annual Salary price? Half annual salary? 3 years salary? Good what? Handling? Soundproof? Speed? Space? So the main question is for car buyers in singapore, what determine our decision? Mind Just sharing of your journey towards your decision for your current ride? I drove toyota altis till scrap then wish for 2 years then now audi A3. While staying in UK bought golf then passat. Basically volkswagen toyota user as it is a common folks car.
  3. Just wondering what makes a real petrolhead .. Recently, I had a small dent on the top of my 2-month-old car due to MSCP rails. I think I fret over it longer than the gashes/cuts/scars I suffered to my face from sports.