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Found 31 results

  1. This article is taken from Autocar UK and reproduced here: https://www.autocar.co.uk/opinion/new-cars/opinion-ride-comfort-new-handling Opinion: ride comfort is the new handling Car makers should prioritise ride refinement in their latest models more, and reducing wheel sizes is key to that by Lawrence Allan 9 April 2019 I, like everyone else who writes for this esteemed publication, can still fully appreciate and enjoy driving a car with a well-sorted chassis in 2019. Even accepting the ever-growing traffic levels and ever-increasing war on speeding, sharp handling can still be appreciated. Living in leafy Berkshire, I don’t have to drive far to find a quiet, entertaining piece of road where I can stretch the legs of whatever I’m in, while most of Britain’s B-roads can still expose flaws in an overly soft set-up. But - and this is perhaps where I distance myself from some colleagues - the quality of a car’s ride is of greater significance to me. Even on the aforementioned B-roads. My patience has been tested by a number of cars recently. One in particular stands out: the new Renault Mégane RS 300 Trophy. For the 10% (or less) time behind the wheel where I could actually enjoy its super-tight body control and prodigious grip, the other 90% of time was spent being jostled around like a wallet in a washing machine. As road tester Simon Davis noted in our UK drive of the Trophy, the stiffness and crashiness of its ride (it gets the Cup chassis as standard and no adaptive dampers) borders on absurdity. It picks up bumps you never knew existed on your favourite roads, and you spend more time looking out for the next pothole to swerve around than you do pinpointing the next apex. In fact, on my commute down the recently resurfaced M3, the constant up-and-down bobbling motion left me feeling a bit sick. And such issues aren't exclusive to performance models. Far from it. I’ve recently taken delivery of a DS 7 Crossback as my long-term test car. This is a model that's marketed as very much a comfort-focused SUV, yet it has been specced with 20in wheels, like the car pictured below. Stylish it may be, and the ride is a long way from being as uncomfortable as the Trophy’s, but the reduced tyre sidewall makes low to mid-speed surface disturbances more apparent than they should be, given the brief. Mid-corner potholes also throw the car off your chosen line significantly. I’m expecting to encounter more trim rattles as a result, too. These experiences are echoed across almost every SUV I’ve driven in the past couple of years. The bulky side profile forces designers to spec ever-larger wheels to fill the arches, adding to suspension settings that are often already stiffer than those of a normal hatchback or saloon in order to mask the higher centre of gravity. It has an effect on every segment, though: the ride of my old Kia Ceed long-termer was a great deal more settled on 16in wheels than 18-inchers. This wasn't an issue 20 years ago. The E39-generation BMW 5 Series, known for its excellent dynamics at the time, featured 15in or 16in wheels in many specs; 18in wheels were only reserved for large 4x4s, supercars or the most sporting variants, unless you fitted them yourself. Now you can get them on a boggo Volkswagen Polo from the factory. Unlike, say, fiddly infotainment or even a lacklustre powertrain, a poor ride isn't something that annoys you a few times on every journey. On lumpy British Tarmac, it's all-consuming for every mile covered; I simply can't ignore it or tune it out. It can make or break a car, in my view. It’s a well-worn subject, I’m aware, and we can’t lay all of the blame with manufacturers when it’s what buyers supposedly want. But why must moving up to a higher spec almost always mean larger-diameter wheels, adding road noise, reducing ride comfort, adding expense to tyre replacement and, in many cases, reducing fuel economy? This is a plea to buyers, then. By all means spec those lovely, easily kerbed alloys with liquorice-thin rubbed draped around them. The trade-off might be worth it, in your eyes. But try the specs with smaller wheels, too. It could transform the car.
  2. This is my first post since becoming a member. A current badge whore by social valuation. Spurred by perceptions of car buyers and enthusiasts. Car Banters: Badge Loverz- Audi A1, A3; BMW 1-2 series, Merc A class Conti Lover- Volkswagen Luxury lovers - roll royce, bentley, messerati Speed Lover- skoda, honda Space Lovers - tivoli, toyota wish, estima Handling whore - Subaru AWD, BMW RWD Money Lover - renewed COE cars Ganchong reliability Lovers - Any Toyota, lorry also can. SUV lovers - Almost 50% of new car market Car Care Banters Detailing Loverz - meiguars and coating addicts Street Car Loverz - Rims, stickers and spoilers addicts Audiophile - 4 digit priced speakers minimum Racer - Engine mod specialist and manual car addicts All these thoughts are triggered when my bro in law told me his car due for change this year and asked me for recommendations which car good n cheap? I dont have that answer, how much is cheap? Annual Salary price? Half annual salary? 3 years salary? Good what? Handling? Soundproof? Speed? Space? So the main question is for car buyers in singapore, what determine our decision? Mind Just sharing of your journey towards your decision for your current ride? I drove toyota altis till scrap then wish for 2 years then now audi A3. While staying in UK bought golf then passat. Basically volkswagen toyota user as it is a common folks car.
  3. Just took over a used Lancer GLX sport (Auto) (2007) version. Mileage is around 65K. Any thing i should take note of ? Like change timing belt ? and what are the thing in the engine i need to take note of ? BTW, what the difference between GLX sport and GLX ?
  4. Zert88

    Mitsubishi Colt handling

    Hi, I have test drive a Colt today and found that handling is abit strange. Is it normal that the steering doesn't roll back immediately after making a turn? It doesn't even align back with the slightest turn. Any Colt owners out there care to comment on this?
  5. Same car (Golf GTI), same tyre model (Goodyear Eagle F1A3), same tyre width (225/45R17, 225/40R18, 225/35R19) Dry Handling: 19" Wet Handling: 17" Comfort: 17" Quietest: 18"
  6. Best Local engineered/ designed Big Brake Kit by reputable award winning Garage - Dynamics Mechanic. Quality Made in Taiwan. Founder of Force is a designer - Force brakes are made not in terms of performance only, BUT styling. FORCE big brake kits is currently the Top selling local braking system in Singapore, with more than 30sets sold locally and oversea. It's HOT and as compared to renowned brands, the pricing is much more reasonable and you will save 50%-200%. Ask yourself this question - Why pay more for the same performance? and why pay more for something not as stylish as Force BBK ? Highly recommended by Sgcarmart : - Click here to read Car Advice Reviews BMW 1series Turbo on Force Ice Frost Blue Big6 BMW 1series Turbo on Force Ice Frost Blue Big6 for 400% increase in braking power Powerful rides - Alfa Romeo / Turbo Veloster on Force BBK Force bbks are professionally installed by Certified Experienced Mechanic Dynamics Mechanic - The Brake Specialist in town - With all the world renowned Brake Pads brands in the workshop. We got all the Major Brands Big Brake Kit brake pads refill Mercedes V6 on Force BBKs Powerful ride on Force BBKs - Ride of Fazrul Nawaz (lionXII) Tailored Made rear Big Brake Kit with Handbrakes retaining Kit Alfa Romeo 159 for front and rear Force BBK Colors and Styling - Over 200 combinations of colors with designer assistance for your choice At Dynamics Mechanic Garage - The Only Boutique Garage in Singapore At the Show Case in DM National Hero LionXII Fazrul Nawaz Endorsed and Choose Force for his Safety and Handling Turbo Charged WRX on Lime green Force BBK (mid6 Pots) Turbo Charged WRX on Lime green Force BBK (mid6 Pots) BMW 325I on Force BBK Big6pots - Sultan Gold color Have it Plain black? Beauty too Fierce Black with red logo on Honda Civic We hold the BEST local brand Brakes in SINGAPORE. Get Forced today! Award winning Drift Machine S13 on Force BBK - Front and Rear For more informations :- Look for Force Founder - DM Albert 9850 4444 Check us out at : www.facebook.com/forcebbk
  7. Now I am convinced how Good handling of C180 at > 100km/h in the Rain ! Demonstrated by this Reckless or Impatient Driver of this Grey C180, who cut in front of me without any signal - My Rant loh !
  8. Most people here know that driving to Boleh land is a hazard sometimes. Those HW robberies are our main obstacle. And if I really got no important errands in there, I would not want to step a inch into that place. Seeking opinions, advise from people in here. Some might say, "not happy don't go in lah" or similar phrase.....but I emphasize, not happy also must go in at least once a week running errands. For the month of Feb and March, I had been blocked by these thugs 3 times and was thinking, any ways to stop all this craps. So these are the questions...................... - When I maintained not exceeding 110km/hr and was still blocked and accused me that I over speed. I refused to pay "kopi Lwee" , twice I received the "real" summon and once they "let" me go. Any ways if I were to report to their Authorities with video and photos evidence that "they" wanted "kopi lwee" ? - Why I refused to hand them Kopi Lwee is that if Suay Suay they sue me for bribing them, worse right? - What brothers here will do if you really not in any faults, and they accuse you of this and that? How you handle this type of situations? Thanks and hope to see some tips of handling this incident!! ---------------- Marcus -----------------
  9. Mercedes drivers Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg have praised the team's new F1 W03's handling in comparison to its predecessor. Both drivers were in the hunt for pole position in Australia on Saturday, with Rosberg leading the way in Q2 before making a mistake on his hotlap in Q3. That left him seventh on the grid, while Schumacher will start fourth. "Since day one in this car, it was very obvious that it is much more to my liking [than the 2011 car]," said Schumacher. "If you look at the steering movements you have to do to get into the corners, they are probably half of what I had to do last year. "It's definitely much more a racing car, that I can just feel and drive and do what I want to do [with it]. That was clear since the beginning of the winter tests, and all weekend here." Rosberg added that the 2012 machine had the feel of a frontrunning car. "You can definitely feel that this car is faster or more competitive," he said. "Even though it's difficult to compare to other cars and things like that, it's just more together. You can attack more. It feels faster, definitely. "We are moving forward, much closer to the front. That's great news. It's so important that we progress towards the front, and we're doing that. And I also feel there is more to come." Schumacher added some caution, pointing out that Mercedes had come from a long way adrift with its 2011 car. "We look particularly good because we looked not so good last year," he said. "So in that respect, we moved up a big step, and this is what we are all very happy with - to have a stable base, a car without any particular problems that we can from here on focus forward on the development. "But don't forget Australia is not always a straightforward hint for the season. It's a bit particular, so although we are happy, we want to see reality in the future at different tracks and see what it all means." http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/98139
  10. Minikong

    Car handling

    yoz all, just to check, beside wheel alightment, handling, typre pump, and steering wheel alightment. what other can u do to do the wheel alightment. i had done all of the alightment, i had mentioned, but i still feel my car handling is like lighter on the right hand side
  11. My fren recently took a SQ flight to London Heathrow. He checked in his suitcase at T3, and hand-carried his guitar (in a solf guitar 'bag'). Just before boarding the plane, the xiao mei mei in kebaya told him to turn back and 'surrender' his guitar+bag to the boarding counter so that it can be placed somewhere else on the plane instead of following my fren to the cabin. My fren has travelled between UK / SIN many times before, hand-carrying his guitar, so he told the xiao mei mei so and asked her to let him bring the GTR into the cabin. But the XMM rejected his request. My fren LL and reluctantly handed over the guitar but made it clear to XMM+ground crew that it's a fragile item and they must take care of it, and the ground crew stuck a few 'FRAGILE' stickers on the GTR bag and took it away from my fren. .......15 hours later at Heathrow baggage claim convery belt, my fren picked up the GTR bag but found the guitar in two pieces!!! As the flight's arrival at Heathrow was delayed, and my fren needed to rush to catch the coach to bring him to another town, he rushed off with the broken GTR to catch the coach which was about to leave the airport. My take: Before the flight took off from TS, the ground crew recognised+acknowledged that the GTR bag needed the "FRAGILE" stickers for obvious reason. Somewhere between T3 and Heathrow Airport (London) the GTR was damaged. SIA should take responsibility for the damage. Whether SIA goes after T3 cargo handling team or Heathrow cargo handling team is a matter between these three parties, my fren should be compensated by SIA as the unfortunate incident happened on a SQ flight. However, SIA will put up a defence: there's no proof that the GTR was damaged between TS and Heathrow, it could have been damaged after it left the conveyor belt at Heathrow!! It's my fren's words against SIA/TS/Heathrow's..... (too bad he didnt report the damage at Heathrow before leaving the baggage claim area) Conclusion: No case What do you think??
  12. Blackwind

    Container handling specialist

    Container handling specialist at PSA.... what is the job scope like, how much are they paid, is the job easy to do? anyone knows?
  13. Hey guys, do you have any suggestions on improving the handling of a city vtec 2007? am looking at the cheapest and most effective way to improve the handling of the car. find it a little too wobbly at times. it would be great if you could give your suggestions and estimated costs of implementing it. thanks!
  14. i understand that BC coilovers are selling for $1200. Would it be the best value for money upgrade in terms of handling? am quite tired of the lousy handling of my city as compared to my old gen2.
  15. Visit My Website Me definately going,Any Proton bros going?
  16. Ahtong

    Handling Telemarketers at work

    Do you guys encounter telemarketers at work? They usually have foreign sounding accents and will say things like their company is looking for business partners and want to work with your company (even though they have no idea what your company does). After that, they want your email, address, name, designation and so on. Nowadays I just say no thanks and most are nice enough to end the call. A few years back, I ever kena a very rude one who asked angrily why I don't want to make money. Any of you them before? Sometimes I really wonder how they get the company's contact number. Do they just go down the list on yellow pages? Or maybe when I attend events / seminars, the organizers take my info and sell it to these pests?
  17. Calvin53

    Bad handling.. complain..

    Just went to P** H*** to change my rim. i can say that their price is cheaper. but the way the workers handle our cars. i understand they are busy, but that doesnt mean they can anyhow hand our car.. after changing the rims i inspected my car, scratches on 1 of the rim and scratches on my rear bumper. the worst, while i watch they changing rim for a integra, 1 of the worker jack too fast and knock on the door. a huge visible dent, poor integra/owner. i rather go to some reputated shop and pay more while they handle with care.. to the shop.
  18. Check out this video. www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBhiB_qH1KY .
  19. Otsego

    Sunny Handling

    Some Question from noobester Car: 1.6M Sunny EX (STOCK) 1. If i drive around 60+ and i fully turn left/right, will the car steer hard or will it flip upsidedown? 2. If i drive around 50+ and i pullup handbrake HARD and turn steering wheel left/right hard, will it steer left/right with screeching sound or will it flip over? ps: not want to do any stunts but want to learn more about my ride. I find the sunny bodyroll too power liao, turn a bit all my stuffs anyhow roll... Thanks!
  20. Slacker001

    Handling of continental cars

    Out of curiosity, what is it about continental cars that give them the better road holding manners over cars from other countries? It's not just about the weight is it, since a smaller family hatchback like a Focus or an Astra feels so much more secure at speed than lets say, a Camry?
  21. Hi, I've recently encountered a general degradation in handling. 1. General feeling of sogginess when changing directions, changing lanes. 2. Soggy feeling at cornering, car tends to roll more and understeer more at the end of the corner. 3. Ride tends to be more bouncy. 4. Steering pulls in more than 1 direction (subjective, can be ignored perhaps) 5. High speed braking, steering vibrates at high frequency. I just hope its not a problem at the chassis level. Anyone with similar experiences or some pointers? Thanks!
  22. Quantum

    What is 'HANDLING'?

    Always heard people talk about 'handling', e.g sunny has better handling than altis, Conti car has better handling than Japanese car etc, seems the 'handling' is a factor to evaluate a car performance, but how to define the term of 'handling'
  23. http://www.mycarforum.com/forum/General_C1...ANOT_P1593742-2 Ref to post #39 ... Apparently It Can, as claimed!!!
  24. maybe an old topic here but i cant quite find it. anyway, although bigger wheels have more rubber contact, but then the weight also increases and we all know extra weight hurts handling too. apart from the getting lighter rims alternative, do bigger wheels really improve handling? from my own experience, bigger wheels def improves road feel...but turn in is slower and i really cant feel the car handling is better, may be due to the add on weight. any opinions?
  25. i see a performance section but nothing on car handling... perhaps that might be a good idea?