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  1. So, I had a set of tyre rims that I bought used - and I decided to send them to a certain tyre workshop that is very, very popular with PHV drivers. What was supposed to be a very simple tyre change job turned out to be a great disappointment. I did not inspect the tyres in much detail after the job was done. until I got home. Since my rims had been repaired and repainted before I sent in the rims for the tyre job, the surface was flawless, and any form of poor worksmanship were immediately apparent to see, starting with this: Now these scuff marks - make as you will how they surfaced onto the rims, but I didn't really bother so much about it, until I saw the next 4 images: 4 gouges into the rim, all at the same spot. Now before you bash me - note that I do understand that empty tyre rims need to be balanced on the machine after mounting a fresh set of tyres. And I had passed the empty rims to the tyre shop with the center caps in a SEPARATE bag - just like my 1st picture. But what I did not expect was that the 4 gouges where the paint layers came off - were all IN THE SAME SPOT. I mean, how does that happen? When the mech working on the tyre sees the 1st mark being made on the rims with the fresh coat of paint, you'd think he would be a bit more careful with the 2nd rim... But no! The 2nd rim - same gouge being made! And the 3rd rim! BAM! ONE MORE FOR YOU SIR! And the 4th rim! POW! HAHA THERE YOU GO! NOW ALL FOUR RIMS BEAR THE SAME MARK FROM ME, THE ALMIGHTY TYRE MECHANIC! And then, when I inspected the tyres that I had gotten, I was dumbstruck when I saw the below: 4 tyres, each from a different week of the year, and the oldest being 04/23 vs the newest 41/23? Again, how the hell does this sort of thing happen? Does every customer come in and buy only 1 single piece of tyre? Or is it that the tyre mech DGAF when he took the tyres out from the warehouse? Again, I can understand if it's 2+2 or 3+1, or 4 tyres just barely a week apart of each other... but this is really a first for me. Also, mind you, I did not go for their "flagship product", so don't tell me "you paid peanuts, so you must get monkeys". I had instead opted for something more "branded" (anyway, my photos already give a hint of what brand the tyres are). ---------- Conclusion: Am I asking for too much from this tyre workshop? Or any tyre workshop for that matter? Any comments and opinions are welcome. Thanks for reading my post and hearing out my experience.
  2. Hi to all. My jb mech told me my 3 tyres showing wavy threads on balance machine, 4th tyre not as round. I went to original tyre shop for assessment, they mentioned all tyres ok but might be due to rims' shape from wear & tear. I never knock/scrape my rims before. Does a almost 5yr 15" stock rim warp or changes shape slightly over time?
  3. Anyone tried buying USA rims via Amazon and shipping via 3rd party shipping agent like ezbuy? From my calulations it seems like I can save more than $2000 even with declared GST.
  4. Yeah it's me again. Let's see who has the largest and nicest rims!
  5. I just change my rims to 225/17/50 profile for my 17" OZ Leggera HLT 8J, is this the correct size? I wanted 215 width but Auto Kinetic says 225 is "Fuller" look. Don't quite understand. Any expert advice please? Thanks!
  6. Source: https://www.gearpatrol.com/cars/a38402676/formula-1-18-inch-wheels/ Pirelli is one of the biggest names in tires. Pirelli tires feature prominently in our best all-terrain and best-winter tire buying guides; Pirelli makes the stock treads for everything from the Pagani Huayra supercar to the Rivian R1T pickup. Sure, Pirelli doesn't produce the world's premier restaurant guide or sponsor the pre-eminent non-rigid airship, butut even if you know nothing about tires, you may have heard the name Pirelli because of one factor: their sponsorship of Formula 1. Whoever wins the F1 title in 2022 will do so on Pirelli tires, and sport a Pirelli hat on the podium. And it's Pirelli that will spearhead one of the sport's biggest historical changes for the 2022 season. Formula 1 is abandoning its 13-inch wheels — the standard for decades — for 18-inch ones. Moving to bigger wheels is not a change that teams, in particular, were itching to make. The lower profile tires force designers to rethink not just suspensions but almost every other part of the car. But there are some compelling reasons Pirelli and F1 have decided to go that route. The new wheels are important for branding F1 and Pirelli sell the sport as the pinnacle of automotive performance. But for that to work, that performance has to resonate with the broader automotive world. Pirelli got involved with F1 to sell its tires, and the sport has increased its profile, particularly in the eastern part of the world. The new 18-inch wheels look far more like the performance tires they sell than the dated 13-inch wheels with chunky tires and a potbellied sidewall. Not looking dated is also important for Formula 1. For Mario Isola, Pirelli Motorsport's head of F1 and car racing, shifting to 18-inch wheels is also part of a comprehensive effort to update the sport's image. "Why the change? I believe it’s part of the process that Liberty Media started a few years ago to give an image to Formula 1 – a more modern image," Isola said. The new wheels help Pirelli develop road tires Pirelli argues that F1 is not just a banding gambit, it's vital to their testing and development for their road tires. Knowledge learned at the extreme limits in Formula 1 trickles down into their consumer product, and moving to 18 inches — far closer in shape to the tire they would sell for a Ferrari — makes that testing even more valuable. "Racing at this level pushes innovation," Pirelli's R&D head Piero Misani said. "And what we can experiment in the world of racing is immediately transferred." Formula 1 helps Pirelli in a few key areas. One is developing tires for electric cars. EVs are heavier than combustion cars, F1 cars are not — but the extreme downforce they generate can replicate the increased load heavy EVs put on tires. "The downforces coming from Formula 1 are by far the highest you could have in any car competition," Misani said. "What in Formula 1 is downforce is, in the electric vehicle extra weight. High load capacity. But the mechanism is the same." F1 is particularly important for testing materials when constructing a tire. The most advanced polymers and grip-enhancing resins often get their start in F1 before ending up in road cars. Pirelli also learns a great deal for its tires when it comes to rain performance. One of the reasons F1 cars can go racing in the wet (most of the time) is they displace an incredible amount of water with a limited tread profile. F1 has also dramatically enhanced Pirelli's development process, as the sport uses some of the world's most advanced virtualization technology. Virtual tire development that started in racing is now critical to Pirelli development with OEM manufacturers. And it leads to better tires. "With virtualization you have a clear understanding of the change you made and the effect you get," Misani said. "You become faster, cheaper — but also cleverer." The new wheels may make F1 racing better...potentially Pirelli believes its new 2022 tires will address many of the drivers' complaints about the current tires — inconsistency and overheating. This should create an environment to help the drivers — not the tires — be the center of attention. "Tires next year will be more consistent," Isola said. "We tried to design a new family of compounds with a different concept, with less overheating, with a wider working range. The potential risk is that we have the majority of the races on one stop because of the characteristics of the tire." But Isola says that less tire-strategy-dominating races would not necessarily be a bad thing. "This doesn’t mean that races will be boring or worse because of that," Isola said. "If we have action on track and drivers that are pushing and they overtake each other, that is good for the show. So this is exactly what we want to see. It is not that two-stop or one-stop is making the race better or worse." One note of caution Isola offers is that the new 18-inch wheels have not been tested on the 2022 cars yet — because those cars don't yet exist. Much of the testing was performed on retrofitted 2019 cars. So we won't know the true characteristics until they officially get on track.
  7. Hi Guys, got a question and need advice here. lets say car is FWD/RWD, rotate tyre at 10k. does it make sense to rotate next at 30k? since at 10k, lets say front tyre wear 20% and rear 10%, so after rotating and mileage at 20k, should be front and rear balanced, right? i know driving style play a part during the 10-20k, just saying generally.
  8. Hi all toyota wish owners, I just bought a '10 wish n would like to seek some assistance. 1) are there any dedicated forums for wish? 2) my stock wish comes with a 15"rims. Wondering what's the difference in fc if I change to a 17" rims? Is it advisable or I shld keep it stock? 3) are there any mods to enhance the asthetics of the car? Thks
  9. DIY Curbed Wheel Fix - Was It Worth It?
  10. Hi all. Need some opinion here. Rims are 18 x 8.5 for front and 18 x 9.5 for rear. Which would you choose? Option 1 225/40/18 255/35/18 Option 2 235/40/18 255/35/18 Option 3 245/35/18 255/35/18
  11. Heya bros, anyone got any idea where can find Konig Rims in SG?
  12. BBS wheels reportedly files for bankruptcy in Germany source: https://uk.motor1.com/news/434607/bbs-wheels-bankruptcy-germany/ The wheel manufacturer should stick to business-as-usual for now. 2020 has been a difficult year for most companies, and that’s putting it lightly. 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, and the financial fallout from coronavirus will most definitely take some companies down for the count. In the automotive realm, one of these companies could be BBS, which is reportedly facing bankruptcy. This would be the third time the German-based custom wheel manufacturer has been in hock. In 2007 the company went through bankruptcy and was ultimately purchased by a Belgium company. Another bankruptcy occurred a few years later, and as of 2015, a South Korean company called Nice Corp was the majority stakeholder. Autoevolution reports the current financial crisis for BBS is the result of an “unexpected disappearance of promised payments,” according to a statement allegedly from BBS. Exactly what that means is unclear. A report from Motor Illustrated offers a bit more insight. The bankruptcy filing is apparently in Germany only, with diminished demand and halted production due to COVID-19 being the reasons. The move is similar to a Chapter 11 filing in the United States, which means BBS shouldn’t simply disappear. Rather, it’s a reorganizing that, in theory, will allow the company to continue operation. As such, the report says BBS will continue normal operations for now. How this will affect BBS in the US is unclear at this point. The manufacturer has a deal with NASCAR to supply single-lug wheels for the next-generation cars in the series. Yes, that means no more twenty-lug ballets with pit crew teams during four-tyre pit stops. It also means the days of black 15-inch steelies on the cars are over, as BBS offerings are said to be 18-inch aluminium wheels. It’s doubtful that deal alone will pull BBS out of the financial fire, but having a bit more publicity with America’s premier motorsport certainly shouldn’t hurt.
  13. Anyone has any idea where i can go to anodise my rims? Spray painting just doesnt cut it for me. Thanks in advance!
  14. Went for servicing today and workshop guys told me they can't balance one of my rear wheel, probably faulty (warp). Didn't know our sg roads is so smooth till I can warp it from normal driving Can't rotate the wheel to the front since they say alignment will be off. Anyone know if theres a good and reliable place to check if the rims is really warped and probably repair it? Can't tell if theres any warping with my naked eyes. Went to a couple of shops like stamford and they can't do anything about it. If need to replace, I need to find a shop thats willing to import just 1 rim sigh. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hello all, Just to seek some opinions and advise from MCF members and experience professional. I've just committed to an AD for a new car, and here comes my dilemma... The car comes with a 18' matte/silver colored rims and I do not like the color. I've always been fan of shinny chrome rims as it is easy to clean and wash daily. Is it advisable to purchase a new set of chrome rims (same size 18') and use back the tyres, or it is better to keep the OEM rims and have them chromed so that the performance is not wrongly compromised by the newly purchased chrome rims? If the latter is true, then where in SG can get this service for chroming the rims? TIA
  16. Where can I have a coat of lacquer applied on my rims, which has lost its shine? Contact and name of workshop (which does rims scratch removal as well) is much appreciated. * I do not wish to spray paint the entire rims. Just a coat of lacquer to bring out the shine will do.
  17. Hi Friends ! Thinking of getting OZ HyperGT HLT to replace my current stock rims (MERC W205) https://www.ozracing.com/alloy-wheels/oz-racing/i-tech/hypergt-hlt Will like to hear your comments or thought on it ... 1) some people commented that OZ wheels (Hyper GT) may not be able to support the weight of W205 (Curb weight 1,635 kg) for discussion, 4 Adults - 85kg each, with 2 travel luggage (40KG) - total 2015kg (exclude tyres) how / where can i find the max weight that OZ GT can support? roughly how much buffer should I give? 2) also some say OZ wheels hit pot holes sure GG, is there any truth to it? or just urban legends? many thanks!
  18. Hi there, I’m getting my ride next weekend. Currently it is fitted with 18’. Any fellow mini buddies out there fitted with 19’? Can you share your views? Is the ride really very much Firmer?
  19. Am looking at 17 or 18 inch rims Comparing OZ hyper GT HLT vs Enkei PF07 vs Rays Gram Lights 57 CR would appreciate any input on any of these rims what should I be looking at? Thanks in advance...
  20. hey guys, i'm planning to change the rims of my ride probably at the start of next year. currently the rims are quite heavy. requires a fair amount of strength to lift. my question is, are lighter rims good for fc etc or are there other factors to consider? driving a forte here.
  21. Looking to get a set of rims after seeing the Fuel consumption increase of 20 inch vs 18 inch so.. going with stock size 18 inch basic specs 114.3 x 5 pcd 7-9J width Looking at the above brands Mahom 18 inch (new) @ Hock Seng Wah Tyres Priced at $690 for set of 4 inclusive install & balance (from carousell) SSW 18 inch (used) @ carousell Price $400 / set no labour incl. Vossen : can't find any on carousell that is 114.3 x5 18 inch any opinions from mcf is appreciated.. open to offers too can email to [email protected]
  22. Anyone knows when to get second hand sports rims? Thought of getting a set. Mine is 175 70R13. Is this type of rim easily available? How much should I be paying for it?
  23. A friend just purchased a brand new Sienta from PI. Have requested PI to upgrade the rims from original 14" to 16" and topped up $500 bucks. PI just came back saying Sienta can't go for 16" due as car will have insufficient power to move. Any bros/sis here driving a Sienta can comment? Thanks!
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