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Found 154 results

  1. The optional wheels for the Mac Pro cost almost S$600 source: https://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/tech-news-optional-wheels-mac-pro-cost-almost-s600 he standard Apple Mac Pro has a stainless steel frame with feet. If you want extra mobility, the price tag is S$560! That's S$140 per wheel for the Mac Pro! Apple states that the configuration with wheels is ideal for consumers who need to move the Mac Pro quickly and easily without having to lift it. It also makes the Mac Pro an inch taller than the frame with feet. There is no official explanation on why the wheels are so expensive, but we reckon there is some advanced engineering or design element that commands this price tag! Just an idea of how much can $600 do on wheels. I can buy Michelin Pilot Sport 4 for my whole car. I can rent a Merc E200 for a weekend. I can get a replica TE37 rims for $620. Will you get wheels for your mac pro? 🤔
  2. Hi, i notice now a lot of new mid size sedan is equipped with bigger rims. All looks at least 17inch. Example, the older K3, cerato 2018, And i see the New Avante 2019 also no more 15 inch rim. Those Mazda 3 also looks to have bigger rim and tyres.... Or was i wrong?
  3. ER-3682

    BBS....RI-A Rims.

    Hi Gurus,is 18" BBS RI-A Forged Rims good.?It is Made in Japan instead of Germany...
  4. I came across a brand of rims called 'Forged'. Very literal. Not sure if the rims are actually cast or forged. Very curious about this brand as I cannot find anything about it online. Is there anyone who knows any info on this brand of rims?
  5. Almost missed this!! Went to Bugis Junction for dinner recently and saw this but because I was rushing I didnt get to eat here. Going to eat here soon will take pics!! Some details first!! Information from Smart Local. The beef cube from Swag Grill Bar looks delicious. World Cup screening also available at Bugis Junction and Bugis+. Market On Wheels Address: 200 Victoria Street, Singapore188021 (open area near the fountain) Opening Hours: 11AM-9PM daily Date: 15 June 2018 - 14 July 2018 http://thesmartlocal.com/read/market-on-wheels-2018
  6. Hi, I have a slight situation.. I just change my tires.. 215/50/17. Stock was at 205/55/16.. I know I Should go for 215/45/17 but due to comfort.. I just bit the bullet.. Now suffering hitting the fender when I go over uneven road or bumps.. However It's only right side.. left is totally fine.. Front is less than 1 finger. Rear is around 2 finger.. Using a sport spring and stock suspension.. What Should I do? changing Tyre is out of the question.. Should I change back to stock spring or upgrade to adjustable?
  7. Hi all, I am looking for a new or almost like new condition, original 19-inch rims (with original tyres) for the 2016 Mazda CX-5. If anyone is keen to sell them or has come across them at any rim and tyre shops in Singapore, pls let me know. Thank you. Wishing all here a happy New Year's Eve and a peaceful 2016
  8. blueyou

    18" rims to recommend

    appreciate if anyone could recommend 18" rims around 8-9kg/pc, pricing wise around $400/rim. thanks!
  9. Jemjem

    Lenso Rims

    Anyone know where Lenso rims can be found in SG?
  10. Binxuan

    Wheels for washing buckets

    hi all does anyone know where to get something like bucket dolly ... preferably those for 2 buckets. getting old and dragging a bucket around can cause backaches.. thanks a lot! attached an image from the internet for reference
  11. mack88

    Recommend 19inch XL Tyres

    Hi I recently bought a 3 series that is on 265/30/19 and 235/35/19 wheels. Both tyres are XL. The current tyres are CSC5 but would like to know if there are other brands in this profile there that I can consider. Wanted to get Goodyear F1 A2 but they don't seem to come in XL.
  12. Dscheng

    Rays Wheels?

    Hi all, Is the above rim the real rays rim? The rim side engraved Rays monoblock forged and made in Japan.
  13. SonaxSingapore

    All about Tyre Care

    http://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/product-reviews/27621-review-sonax-full-effect-wheel-cleaner.html http://www.sonax.com/Care-Tips/Wheel-Rims Highly effective acid-free special cleaner for all types of steel and light alloy wheels. Easily removes even the most stubborn dirt, such as burnt-on brake dust, oil and rubber residue and other road dirt.
  14. I can't believe to see this 3 wheelers causing so much dangers and damages http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hcq_3gkeIMI
  15. I am shocked to see such extreme wheels camber extented to it's maximum and funniest part was the owner won few trophy Wondering how the steering feels while the car on the move, I believe turning would be very hard to hold on to the steer turning angle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgIrDyUEBjY
  16. Guys, i am looking for a Height Adjustable standing table with wheels Something like this http://www.geekdesk.com/geekdesk-v3-frame-only http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0mCxlmO3T7g
  17. Nero159

    MAK Wheels

    Anyone knows where to get MAK alloy wheels in S'pore? I'm particularily interested in MAK Veleno model. Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers!
  18. Mockngbrd

    Festive wheels of kindness

    Here's some good news instead of the usual crap http://mypaper.sg/top-stories/festive-wheels-kindness-20140205 ^ THIS is good upbringing. Not some stupid girl who show half-ball in TNP. A FAMILY of four's random act of kindness to a pair of elderly strangers this Chinese New Year season has gone viral online. On Saturday, advertising executive Pann Lim and his family were travelling on the hilly roads of Opera Estate when they saw two elderly people stuck on the pavement. Mr Koh Yam Kun, 78, was having problems pushing his friend, Madam Tan Beng Poh, 72, who was seated in a wheelchair. Mr Koh and Madam Tan were on one of their regular walks, but this was the first time they were venturing through Opera Estate. Mr Lim's wife, Claire, who was driving, immediately stopped the car and Mr Lim went out to help the elderly man. But the wheelchair was in bad shape and the tyres gave way soon after. Mr Lim called a taxi to send the friends back to their home in Chai Chee. The next day, Mr Lim's two children - Renn, 10, and Aira, seven - decided to pool their red-packet money to buy the elderly pair a new wheelchair. They delivered it to the friends' one-room flat. The wheelchair cost approximately $350, wiping out most of what Renn and Aira had collected. While at the pair's block, Mr Lim's family also distributed red packets to other residents, including a family with five children living in a single-room flat. Mrs Lim wrote a post about the incident on the family's Facebook page on Monday. By press time, more than 5,400 people liked the post, which garnered nearly 700 shares and 300 comments praising the family's deed. Mr Lim, an award-winning advertising veteran, said it was a natural instinct for his family to help the pair. "When we saw them on the road... we did not even discuss what to do. It just felt right to stop the car and help them," he said, adding that his family has plans to visit the pair again in the near future to see how they are doing. Mr Koh and Madam Tan live together in the flat, but are just friends. "We are brother and sister in Christ," said Mr Koh in Mandarin, when MyPaper interviewed him. They had met in church a few years ago when Mr Koh, a divorcee, found out that Madam Tan, who is single, was wheelchair-bound and requires someone to take care of her. Mr Koh used to live with his son-in-law but has since moved in with Madam Tan to tend to her illnesses. She suffers from high blood pressure, a weak heart and diabetes. They survive on government handouts and a small allowance provided by Mr Koh's children. Madam Tan has no children. Mr Koh added that he is "immensely grateful to Mr Lim and family" and that he is "touched that so many people are willing to help the needy". dtang@sph.com.sg
  19. Anyone got lobang to align wheels and balancing tyre in JB? Good n cheap . laser alignment. pls hlp.
  20. Go watch Video Link: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xty1w4_bb...ms#.UYh_FEpgGyO
  21. Davidklt

    Two Spoke Wheels

    What are your thoughts on two spoke wheels? Today, I actually saw them first time on Singapore roads. Incidentally, I think they are horrid looking. I guess everyone's got their own taste. And I thought the three spoke wheels so popular in the 90s were pushing it a bit too far. Still like the classic look of five spokes.
  22. Xiaogary

    17 inch wheels on Aveo

    Hi guys, I have just installed 17 inch wheels on my aveo. I was wondering if I change to lowering springs, how much lower will it get for front and rear? I also wish to make my front wheels more A shape meaning to let the base protrude outwards for better stability. The rear is already A shape. But front seems rather parrellel. Is there anyway to make it A shape? I have friends telling me to change some camber or chamber kit (duno whats that). Is that possible? Or should I add some spacer? Does starAuto do this?
  23. Calvinus

    Changing Wheels (and Rims!)

    I am dying to get my hands on a new set of Volks rims for my car but can practically only do so when my wheels are due for a change (thats where I sneak in the extra upgrade). Unfortunately based on what I have been seeing, it does not seem that tires wear out fast enough for me to get my wheels changed any time soon (my relatives can drive their car for 10 years without changing tires!). I am therefore not sure when is it an appropriate time to change wheels. Also, how does upgrading my rims affect my drive. Assuming I upgrade from stock alloy 17in rims to a VOLKs 18in aluminium rims, will it result in obvious savings in fuel consumption? will the increase in size give me problems such as requiring to make many adjustments to my suspension etc? Finally, where is a good place I can buy original VOLKs rims?
  24. FaezClutchless

    Understanding the wheel PCD and offset

    [extract] When I first bought my car, the wheels on it was in a terrible state. It was full of kerb rash and dents. I decided to get a new set of wheels and did some internet research on what type of wheels that I would like to get. During that time, I came across several terms that were alien to me. Things like pitch circle diameter (PCD) and offset were new to me and I simply did not understand them. I asked several people about it and got several explanations about them and it just made me more confused. Eventually, I found out the real meaning of these terms in a magazine and I wish to share them with everyone here who might have the same problems as I did before. Let
  25. FaezClutchless

    Checking your tyres for wear

    [extract] I recently experienced some unevenness (car pulling to the right side) feeling while driving my car one day and after parking my car, I checked my tyres. All four tyres looked fine to me and knowing that I am no tyre expert, I took my car to a workshop the next day. According to the workshop