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  1. Is it just me, but the front look like borrowed from an Opel SUV... BMW will kick off a new chapter of its electrification strategy in 2025 with the launch of a new platform for electric vehicles. The Neue Klasse (New Class) architecture will underpin at least six new zero-emissions SUVs and today, these spy photos provide an early look at one of those electric models in prototype form. Our spies in Germany sent us a batch of spy shots with what is currently known as the NA5 project, which is expected to arrive in the summer of 2025. The high-riding EV here is believed to be roughly the same size as today’s X3. However, smarter packaging combined with longer overhangs should result in a bigger storage area behind the rear seats, as well as a roomier cabin. In August last year, BMW confirmed the first product to be based on the Neue Klasse platform will be an electric sedan. It will be followed by this SUV here and some sources even claim it will arrive first. We won’t speculate on that topic but we’ll mention production of the electric family hauler is expected to begin in July 2025 in Hungary. “By the end of the decade, the Neue Klasse is expected to account for more than half of our sales,” BMW’s CEO Oliver Zipse said last year.
  2. Quick Fact / Details - Production begins November 2018 - Uses B47 and B58 engines - 330e come with 48V electrical system - Model availabe for new launch (other models possible, but unlikely by end 2019): • 318d, B47, 148hp, manual and automatic, RWD • 320d, B47, 188hp, manual RWD, automatic RWD and xDrive • 330d, B57, 262hp, automatic RWD and xDrive • 320i, B48 168hp 1.6L or 181hp 2.0L depending on the market, automatic RWD and xDrive • 330i, B48, 255hp, automatic RWD and xDrive • M340i, B58, 385hp, automatic RWD (US only) and xDrive • 330e, B48 + electic motor, 248hp, automatic RWD and xDrive (xDrive US only)
  3. https://carsnkopi.wordpress.com/2023/11/02/munich-auto-otaku-2023-back-at-the-welt/ For Bimmerheads in Munich, it really is a no-brainer to pop by the Welt and the museum whenever they're in town, not just because it literally is the centre of all things BMW but also because unlike most places in Munich that open only between the hours of 10-11 am, the Welt opens its doors at a rather early (especially for Germany) 730 am. Which makes it one of the perfect places to start a day in Munchen. The other is, of course, Kaffeerösterei at Viktualienmarkt which coincidentally opens at 730 am as well! Or, you can do what I always do, pop by the coffee stand first for a morning cuppa (and a delicious pastry) and then hop onto the nearby U3 U-Bahn towards Olympiazentrum. While I have been here on a number of occasions already, the sight of the BMW Welt and their iconic 4-Cylinder Building never fails to excite me. Outside, a beautiful M8 was getting prepped to enter the Welt. These are such beautiful Grand Tourers, if only they didn't evolve into such expensive machines! (Relatively speaking of course. Yes, yes, I know it retails for S$180,000 brand new in Germany. Stop reminding me!) At the same time, a trailer pulled up to unload its contents. I guess it has to be something cool when it is being pulled by a Cayenne. Inside, Vision Dee was on display, this is one of two Vision Dee's built, the other car, a white one, was at the time heading towards Singapore! This version is with the sweet colour-shifting E-ink panels. While it does look very similar to the Vision Neue Klasse, there are some notable differences which make the newer Neue Klasse appear much closer to being a production car. A variant we don't get here in Singapore, a 330e plug-in hybrid Touring. And one of the cars I was in Germany for, the iX1. Looking especially good here in blue. Still no news yet on when the iX1 will arrive here. Pity our archaic and backwards-looking regulations when it comes to EV vehicles. Taxing EVs based on their power output is stupidity onto another level and blindly penalising innovation, engineering excellence and technological progress. This M3 was sitting in the cordoned off delivery area which means someone spec'ed their M3 with the entirety of the M Performance Parts catalog. While it might seem like a silly thing to do considering the obscene prices of original add-ons, due to the very strict rules regarding aftermarket parts buying a car with manufacturer options is one of the few ways an owner can drive a hopped-up vehicle legally without hassle from the Popo. [/img] After discussing homologation with TUV with Nikolas at Bavarian Econs, I can confirm that driving a modified vehicle in Germany is a formidable challenge. There's a meticulous process for testing and obtaining type approval for every modification, and there's no room for leniency in these regions. If the police suspect any modifications on your vehicle, there's a high likelihood that you will be pulled over. Just how rigorous are the regulations concerning aftermarket parts? Let's consider wheels as an example. In Germany, there's no universal wheel that fits all vehicles. Each wheel must undergo testing and approval for each specific make and model. In other words, a wheel that has been tested and approved for a 3-Series M340i might not legally be installed on a 320i unless it has been subjected to testing on the 320i. Supposedly explaining why the selection of aftermarket wheels in Germany is relatively limited. Of course, you can take the initiative to have a wheel tested and approved, but this requires a solid understanding of the paperwork involved and a significant financial commitment. To avoid all this hassle, it's much simpler to order performance-enhancing components directly from the manufacturer, which is where M Performance Parts come into play. This also clarifies why prominent German tuning companies construct entire vehicles from the ground up, sparing customers the trouble of dealing with TUV. At this point, the car that was sitting in the Porsche pulled trailer was finally unloaded and brought to its display area, and it was truly something special. This is ROWE racing's M4 GT3, fresh off winning the gruelling 24-hours of SPA. Don't believe me? Here's the trophy. What a sight. Looking resplendent with its bug splatters and battle scars on display. This is how a race car should look. After I got my fill of ROWE goodness, it was time to head over to the museum.
  4. Officially launched on 27 May 2020 in Germany. Click here to access the latest posts on the official information and photos.
  5. Look very sleek and just like a mini 7 series, minus the controversial monster size grille.. The car's shark-like front nose appears to be sitting lower compared to the current model to lend the 5 Series an angrier look without the odd split headlights of the next 7 Series, X7 facelift, and X8 / XM. A subtle spoiler integrated into the trunk lid can be seen as well, while the dashboard appears to be fully camouflaged. It's likely a sign the cabin will be completely revamped, possibly by adopting the dual-screen setup with a 12.3-inch driver's display and a 14.9-inch infotainment as seen in the iX and i4 electric models running on iDrive 8.
  6. There seems to be a common occurrence between such drivers… Can’t quite put my finger on it… What happened? A BMW 2 Series (220i Coupe SR HID M Sport if you care) ran a red light at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8. This is in itself, nothing special. More evidence to Singaporeans being bad drivers perhaps. But this time, there’s also the driver’s wife and child in the passenger seat. Small enough to warrant needing a child seat, if the Facebook post is to be believed. Next level irresponsibility right here. Getting into an accident is one thing, but imagine also dragging your child and spouse into whatever mess you created from being so kanchiong. Only to be first at the next traffic light too?? It baffles me what motivates people to drive like this. Online chatter Netizens noticed a similarity in this incident with other drivers… Others were concerned and wanted to bring this to the attention of Traffic Police. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  7. As requested by @Volvobrick Started even before I got the GLC Coupe. Was already looking at the Tesla for that first bite in EV, BUT a few things were not in order: 1. Infra, 2. Nascent stage and tech on all fronts, 3. Limited models to compare 2 years later, after much shopping and research, with the infra much improved, I went for it. These were the contendors: 1. Tesla Would have settled for it save for it being commonplace like the Rolla and not having a dedicated showroom (now have) put me off. Also, the feel and overall façade of the T3 was a put off. Literally an iPad on wheels 2. Ionic 5 This was also on the radar but there were limited units on the road and somehow, the design and cues just did not fit in. I could see how it had an appealing design, but was quickly taken off the list. Then, I went upmarket and here were the contendors: 3. Taycan Loved it at first sight, test and what was given. It had that oomph and all and was close to making the cut, but then my senses got to me…to pay $600/$700 plus k for that……into the bin. 4. EQC 400 Sure getter for me. Loved the design cues, overall feel, and with the GLC, it had the same feel as I was used to. Almost plonked for a used on, with 14k on the odo, but someone beat me to it. Fate, I guess......... 5. EQE 400 Went down a couple of times to have a look, but unit was not homologated as yet, and no test units avail, and then when the price was revealed, too hefty a tag for me. This would be my go to in future Then, the GLC got grumpy and I had the tyre blowout🤑..bitch…that was a sign. Car was already listed for sale, and had a few offers, but then this particular dealer (deals with EV only) sent me a msg. I did not reply, but 2 weeks later, I did reply and then voila: 6. i4 EV40 There was a unit avail for me to take, but was beaten to it. Not disheartened, I waited and then just after the blowout, dealer called me that he had the Portimac Blue unit and was to come in later. COE went up (105k) and I thought, there goes the price. Lo and behold, price maintained. Did a visit, and he allowed a test, and I placed my deposit on the spot. Car only has 1.4k on odo. Used for mgt to test, I was told Collected the car after my Iceland trip, and there was a poignant note to this, as when I was in Iceland, I truly saw the effects of global warming. Right before my eyes, I saw a breakoff of an iceberg from the Glacier and to me, Global warming is real… so that kinda edged me on. May be a mall part, but still a part, although some may say EV is another MotherEarthFUGGER ahhahaha So to end it all, those going on this journey, these would be your considerations on the EV choice: 1. Price – this is clear. Has to fit the pocket. Savings downstream are massive, but capital costs upfront. Look at BYD, they are promising 2. Charging – study the charging infra around your area. My area has no shortage of charging at all and suits my lifestyle 3. Range anxiety: This WILL be an issue, but will be gone after a week or so. Car can go to low 20% and still have range of 100km. Same as ICE 4. Savings: Somewhat negated by road tax BUT still save abt $3k/annually as monthly charging is around $150 vs Petrol previously $500...ccb PAP That’s all I have to say for now, but as and when I do have any inputs, I will add on. Others, please feel free to chime in. For charging and sites lobang, go here:
  8. Lo and behold! sgCarMart kickstarted its very own SGCARMART REVIEWS on the 3rd of November with the new Mercedes-Benz CLA with Julian from the Editorial Department (some of you may find him familiar from MCF events) and cool kid James from Marketing. We're now on episode 2 with the Skoda Octavia RS 245! We're still new at this so don't forget to show some love! Like, subscribe and leave your comments on our Youtube channel! Let them know what cars you want them to review next. 💟
  9. bpphua

    2021 BMW 116i

    Hi, I am considering getting a brand new BMW 116i. Few things to consider before confirming the order: Fuel Consumption - what's the advice on a realistic mileage on a full tank? Any other comments (pro and con) for this car?
  10. One day 2 road rage video upload on SG Road vigilante for incident 13 Oct 2023! Champion guy think need to go Anger Management Course 😂😂😂
  11. The bigger grill does help to enhance the look of this SAC - Sports Active Coupe (coined by BMW), which now look closer to the larger X4 esthetically. X2 M35i xDrive The 2024 X2 measures 4,554 mm in length, with a width of 1,844 mm and a height of 1, 590 mm. The X2’s wheelbase of 2,692 mm and track of 1,582 mm is identical to that of the X1. However, when it comes to mass, the SAC is a smidge porkier than its crossover SUV sibling, weighing in at 1,725 kg for the xDrive28i and 1,742 kg for the X2 M35i, which is 40.8 kg more than the X1 xDrive28i. In the US, this brand new model get a 2.0L sump, churning out 241hp / 400Nm / 6.2sec (xDrive28i) and 312hp / 400Nm / 5.2sec (M35i xDrive). When it hit our shore, I am sure the 122hp / 230Nm / 10.5sec sDrive16i will be one of the option, if not the only one available...
  12. Source: https://www.motor1.com/news/690731/2024-bmw-x2-us-debut/ BMW has been actively teasing the second generation X2 in the last few weeks and the time has finally come for the full and official debut. The 2024 X2 arrives at US dealers in March next year with a fresh new styling, two available powertrains, and a family of new technologies onboard. The crossover’s global public debut is scheduled for the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo, which starts on October 26. As mentioned in the headline of this article, the roofline of the X2 flows seamlessly into the rear, creating a slim, coupe-like silhouette, something which we already knew from the model’s spy photos. The upright front end, flared wheel arches, and powerful rear exude an air of confidence and presence, making the crossover look more mature than its predecessor. The model-specific headlights, a fresh take on the rear lights, and the optional illuminated BMW kidney grille all set the X2 apart from its X1 sibling. The new X2 is also the first compact BMW to be offered with optional 21-inch wheels. The X2's body panels feature clean surfaces with a minimal number of dynamic lines, and the door handles are integrated flush with the body. The slender side window area sports a tweaked interpretation of the Hofmeister kink, contributing to the X2's more elegant profile. Shallow roof rails in black high gloss are available as an option. In terms of dimensions, the X2 has grown by 7.6 inches in length to 179.8 inches, while its wheelbase is 0.9 inches longer than the outgoing model. Step inside the cabin and you’ll quickly realize it is roomier than on the old X2. For example, kneeroom in the rear seats has been expanded by an inch, while the cargo area can swallow up to 25.3 cubic feet of cargo with all five seats in use. Fold down the second row of seats and a maximum of 51.7 cu ft of storage becomes available. In the interior, BMW has put a focus on touch and voice control through the BMW Curved Display and BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, powered by the new BMW iDrive 9, which was first launched on the 2024 BMW X1 M35i xDrive in June this year. The curved center display consists of a 10.25-inch information display and a 10.7-inch infotainment display, merging seamlessly behind a curved glass surface. The QuickSelect tool enables quick activation of selected functions without delving into submenus, and a tap on the home icon brings users back to the home screen. Last but not least, among the new interior features is a cabin-facing camera that can take photos and record videos. In the engine department, the X2 goes on sale in the United States with two available powertrains. The base option is a 2.0-liter four-pot in the X2 xDrive28i, delivering 241 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. This engine allows the crossover to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 6.2 seconds. Upgrade to the X2 M35i xDrive and you’ll get a more potent 2.0-liter unit, producing 312 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque, propelling the vehicle from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.2 seconds. The M35i's engine features a stronger crankshaft, an optimized oil supply for the pistons, and other enhancements for improved performance. An M-specific exhaust system adds a distinctive growl to the driving experience. As a side note, the X2 M35i xDrive has just 296 hp in Europe due to emissions regulations. Both X2 models are equipped exclusively with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. This latest-generation transmission offers electric actuation, a wider gear ratio spread, and improved internal efficiency. The transmission automatically shifts into Park when the engine is turned off, and an electric parking brake is automatically applied when parked on a slope. Furthermore, the gearbox incorporates a mechanical limited-slip differential to maximize traction and handling stability. Global production of the new BMW X2 will take place at the company's Regensburg plant.
  13. Introducing the future of BMW: The Vision Neue Klasse. (No, it looked nothing like the Polestar 2 in real life) Introducing the future of BMW: The Vision Neue Klasse. "Neue Klasse," or "New Class," is a name synonymous with propellerheads the world over. Most of us know it as the series of historic BMW sedans and coupes that would eventually go on to spawn the iconic 2002. However, only the true BMW nerds (us included) know just how important the Neue Klasse cars were in saving BMW from the brink of bankruptcy and a hostile takeover by Daimler-Benz, who aimed to convert this little Bavarian factory into a manufacturer and supplier of car bodies for Mercedes-Benz. While BMW did build some stylish cars during the post-war era, they either lagged behind the times, such as the 502 sedan, or were simply prohibitively expensive to produce, like the 507 Roadster. The only cars that managed to keep the company afloat at the time were the Isetta and 700 Coupe. Facing financial ruin, Bayerische Motoren Werke was in dire straits, and things were about to take a turn for the worse. Enter Daimler-Benz. On the 9th of December in 1959, Daimler-Benz was on the verge of acquiring BMW, as the majority of the BMW board appeared ready to approve the takeover. However, in a last-minute twist, a handful of disgruntled shareholders, including Herbert Quandt, successfully adjourned the meeting. Interestingly, Quandt, who had initially supported the Daimler-Benz takeover, had concerns about the potential disruption it might cause in BMW's factories. Against the advice of BMW's bankers, he chose to increase his stake in the company and struck an agreement with the state of Bavaria, ultimately setting the stage for BMW's future success, including the development of the Neue Klasse, the iconic 2002, and the brand's rise to prominence. In short, the Neue Klasse platform and series of cars laid the foundation for the BMW we know and love today. With my little history lesson over, I think it is sufficient to say that the name 'Neue Klasse' is extremely important to BMW, perhaps, even sacred. So, for them to bring it back is significant on many levels. It's significant enough that it currently stands as the most expensive project they have ever embarked upon. As the next milestone in their Neue Klasse project, which commenced with the iVision Circular and continued with the iVision Dee, the Vision Neue Klasse offers us a very close glimpse into the design language and future technology of their next generation of vehicles. Stylistically departing from every other BMW currently on the market, the Vision Neue Klasse embodies characteristically BMW lines that are clean, sharp, and elegant. With its wide stance and streamlined surfaces, the Neue Klasse also seamlessly incorporates time-tested BMW design signatures, including the forward-angled shark-nose, kidney grilles, double headlight signatures, and the iconic Hofmeister kink. That extra graphical element of the side windows? It features an E-ink display that provides visual cues for various functionalities, such as proximity to the vehicle or door opening. "The design of the Neue Klasse is typically BMW and so progressive it looks like we skipped a model generation," says BMW's head of design, Adrian van Hooydonk. Having seen the car in the metal, we think he might be understating things a bit. Having laid eyes on the Vision Neue Klasse in person, I felt it exuded strong E30 vibes, accompanied by touches of the (love it to bits) 2002, E23, and Bertone's Garmisch concept from the 1970s. One can't help but wonder if this project was what prompted the resurrection of the Garmisch in 2019. (And, off the record, does anyone else catch honts of a Nissan Bluebird/Datsun 510?). Beneath this futuristic and almost monolithic design lies BMW's most advanced drivetrain yet – a fully electric system equipped with BMW's sixth-generation Drive technology. This promises a 25 per cent faster charging rate and a 30 per cent increase in range and efficiency. These improvements are achieved through major advancements in newly-developed battery cells, boasting a 20 per cent higher energy density compared to today's prismatic cells. To put it into perspective, consider the current BMW i4 eDrive40, which utilizes prismatic cells to offer a driving range of up to 590km. With a 30 per cent increase, that range would potentially increase to 767km, and a 25 per cent boost in charging speed could reduce the 10 to 80% charging time from 32 to 24 minutes. It's important to note that these figures are largely simplistic estimates, and with EV technology continually advancing, we'll have to wait for official figures to provide a more accurate picture. In the Vision Neue Klasse, the innovations go beyond power and drivetrains. Within the elegantly appointed yet minimalist cabin featuring seats and materials we feel are reminiscent of custom low-riders, you'll discover the most substantial evolution in how we interact with a BMW since the introduction of the Drive. BMW calls it Panoramic Vision. If the new Mini's circular display and revised UI represent a step up from the current cars, then this is a full-on leap. It utilizes a full-color, high-resolution heads-up display that spans the entire width of the widescreen. This provides both the driver and front passenger with the ability to interact with the displayed information, allowing them to use gesture control to move content between the angled, parallelogram-outlined central screen and the Panoramic Vision Display. Additionally, relocating most of the digital readouts to a heads-up projection unit offers the added benefit of freeing up the cabin's design, creating a cleaner and lighter atmosphere inside. While we absolutely adore it, we're somewhat sceptical that the stunning yellow interior and low-rider seats will make it into production in their current form. However, we've been informed that the technology elements are receiving strong emphasis. Circularity is as expected, a significant focal point when it comes to the Vision Neue Klasse. Production takes place at BMW's new cutting-edge, fossil fuel-free plant in Debrecen, and there's a concerted effort to incorporate a more extensive range of raw and secondary materials with reduced CO2 emissions. The Vision Neue Klasse is the future of BMW, and it's a vision of sheer beauty, please make a Coupe. * I hope you all like it as much as I did (as a current 2002 and ex-E30 owner).
  14. Guys as per topic, My relative has a huge problem. He has a neighbour upstairs married to a viet wife and his mother with 2 kids just moved in. Every single day at night the kids fight and drag chairs and throw toys and shout and husband and wife fighting and quarrelling. No kidding. Every SINGLE day. My relative went up to tell them many times but each time they say ok ok ok but not apologetic. There was once the husband beat the wife up until jia lat jia lat police came a few times. in the evening is kids causing noise. In the night is the husband quarrelling with wife... The final last time my relative went up to tell them to quiet down, they ask him to move out if he is not happy I think they are also irritated by my relative's non stop visits. Is there any way I can advise them or any help they can approach? They have been living there for the past 15yrs till the new neighbours moved in past 6 mths. Buay tahan liao... please don't ask me to give illegal advise because if I could I wouldn't be here asking for help. Police tried before. don't want to go MP useless. HELP!
  15. Sexy is the word. @mercury1 @vratenza this one for your consideration? Munich. BMW consistently continues to pursue the brand’s current model offensive whilst developing an innovative vehicle concept for the premium compact segment. During the annual results press conference, BMW AG CEO Harald Krüger will announce the presentation of the first BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe. With the sporty and elegant four-door coupe, the premium automobile manufacturer is adding to its range in the compact segment a particularly designoriented model for modern, urban target groups. The concept of a four-door coupe, already successful in higher vehicle classes, will in future combine a dynamic charisma and an expressive design with a high degree of everyday suitability also in the premium compact segment. The first BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe will make its word debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2019, with the worldwide market launch beginning in the spring of 2020. The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe sets new accents in individuality, aesthetics and emotion in the premium compact segment. It combines an emotive design with sportiness and the latest innovations in operation and connectivity technology. Therefore, the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe offers the ideal prerequisites to attract new target groups to hallmark BMW driving pleasure. BMW already offers a unique range of compact models for various different requirements and target groups that is unmatched within the competitive environment. The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe will once again create fresh impulses in this class. It builds on the latest BMW front-wheel drive architecture and shares a multitude of technological developments with the new BMW 1 Series, which will also be presented during the course of 2019. The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe has been conceived as a global offering that constitutes an attractive enrichment, especially for markets in which car buyers show a strong affinity for notchbacks. As an exclusive alternative to the classic saloon, the four-door coupe addresses all target groups that prefer a sophisticated design and a self-assured look in the compact segment as well. Some video & spy shots to quench your thirst.
  16. Whoa, dunno what to say. LoL, plastic parts for the win. JD power quality 2022. Problems per 100 cars. The lesser the better. See 2:08min. Who is on top of this list? Not Toyota. Who is at the bottom? See for yourself. Haha... In Chinese, scared ppl dunno how bad.
  17. Hi everyone, I'm starting a thread for all BMW owner. So we can share everything inside here. I'm currently driving G30, cheers and have a great weekend!
  18. This time from the outside. https://wordpress.com/post/carsnkopi.wordpress.com/2193 Since I was in Munich for BMW Group’s Preview event, it made total sense to pop by the Welt to check out what might be lurking around their compound and while I was rather saddened to not see the beautiful Z4 Touring, something I was really hoping for, consolation prize was being one of the first few people from my side of the earth to lay eyes on their brand new 5 (and i5). Unfortunately, on the day of my visit, the Welt was closed off for another event but this lone 5 was parked up outside, albeit in a cordoned-off area. No badging on the rear but with the rear roundel surrounded by chrome instead of blue, it’s not an i5 but a “normal” 5 with the M-Sport exterior. This car REALLY needs the M-Sport aesthetics because I saw one without and the bold styling really didn’t work in base-spec trim. Since I was in the neighbourhood, I decided to pop into the museum. When I came out, a couple of other cars had lined up next to the brand-new 5er for an interesting size comparison. I did of course return to the Welt the next day (since it opens super early in the morning) just to see what I might find before my flight back. And if you were wondering how a base-model 5 might look like (or not). I’m not feeling it either. Soon after, someone parked up an i5 outside fully decked out with M-Performance parts. I think another forummer caught this car inside the Welt, this must have been just before they shifted it in. Personally, I think the M-Sport car earlier gives the best balance in terms of aesthetics. Still looks buggy from some high-speed autobahn runs. And here are some detailed shots of the M-Performance items, So, what do you think? :help:
  19. BMW M Cars Are Done With DCTs, and Soon, Manuals Too The humble torque-converter automatic has, in the end, bested all comers. BY LEWIN DAY|PUBLISHED JUN 14, 2023 7:00 PM EDT https://www.thedrive.com/news/bmw-m-cars-are-done-with-dcts-and-soon-manuals-too?utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR1FNJBnxQSR9LAXCHofQ-aZMIlriJm-A14YQivKiPezopTM3xoGIeRT2XU The dual-clutch transmission was once hot property. It was slicker and faster to shift than a manual transmission without the doddery old reputation of a slushbox auto. Times have changed, though, and BMW has abandoned the DCT, with the three-pedal manual soon to follow. As reported by Top Gear, BMW is going all-in on automatics in the final years before full electrification. The new BMW M2 is likely to be the last manual M car, with its classic six-speed transmission. The alternative choice is an eight-speed automatic. As for the dual-clutch, it's not even part of the conversation. "The double clutch, from BMW M's point of view these days, it's gone," Dirk Hacker said to Top Gear. The Head of Development at BMW M added that "It's now manual or automatic, and automatic electrified for the future.” Above: The dual-clutch gearbox was once seen as the way of the future. BMW The prime reason the dual-clutch was dropped was due to practical concerns. The decision first centered around the M5, where BMW engineers opted for a traditional auto for comfort reasons. The dual-clutch was seen as less desirable due to its comparatively poor handling of low-speed stop-start operations, especially when parking. With that said, Hacker also notes that the modern BMW autos outperform the dual-clutche boxes, too. "In the M4 CSL it's faster shifting, and on the other side, we also use this automatic in the new M4 GTR race car," says Hacker. Fans of taking a shift-your-own adventure ought to purchase a suitable BMW sooner rather than later. Dual clutches are already dead in the BMW line-up. And, when the current crop of manuals leave the market, there won't be more coming down the line. Hacker notes that while EVs with manual gearboxes could potentially be a thing, it's not something BMW will pursue. There's no need to cry just yet; the M2 is still a brilliant three-pedal performance car that you can buy today. There are also hints the world may even see a manual Z4 down the line. However, if you're longing for a new dual-clutch for those blink-and-you'll-miss-it shifts? You're sadly already out of luck. More's the pity.
  20. Compared to the current X1, the grill seems to be wider by not as tall?
  21. Hi all MCF bros and sis, I'm a Korean PDR( Paintless Dent Removal) smith. I am able to fix your valuable car dent & windscreen professionally by Korea technology. (All of my equipment tools are made in Korea and USA) My job is to fix the car dent and windscreen, without damaging the ORIGINAL car paint & windscreen sealant. Save the money & time at the same time. If your car has doording, hood, boot, fender, roof, & plastic bumper dent, i can repair it up to 99% perfect. Same goes to windscreen stone chip repair too. (if there is simple scratch or paint take off, i can do manage) I can install car black box with hidden wire without using extended socket, your car will look neat. You may send me a picture of your dent to 94520995. I will give you an estimated quotation of the repair cost and professional advice https://youtu.be/cBldoxChJ1U https://youtu.be/ATIgSUchGaY [media] https://youtu.be/FAs5BxDc2fA[/media]
  22. TL,DR - BMW driver tries to be a cheapskate and has skill issue, ends up needing to pay more than just parking fees Guys… I’m running out of things to say for situations like these. Especially when certain vehicles are involved. What happened? A BMW 318 driver in Boon Lay Place decided to skip paying parking fees and that it’d be a good idea to pay for insurance claims instead. This is shown from how close they were tailgating the camcar. I have not driven in a while, but I am very sure that’s not a “safe distance”. I was promptly proven right because the BMW driver did not stop in time when the camcar stopped to enter the road. This led to an audible knock against the camcar’s rear bumper. The owner of the camcar got out in order to confront the BMW driver, though the audio of their conversation was too soft to hear in the video. According to the Facebook post, the BMW driver claimed that the camcar driver was busy using his HP and other “lame rubbish”, forcing the BMW driver to reverse. In the original Facebook post, the camcar was quoted as saying “Tailgate also no standard bang people rear.” I like how this implies the camcar also tailgates others but is much better at it than the BMW driver. Online chatter You already know the first thing people are going to make fun of. The next thing people made fun of is how the driver could afford such a car but not the parking fees, especially since now he will have to pay more in the end than just a few dollars. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  23. Guys, I know the jam at checkpoints are long, but waiting a few hours is probably better than waiting a few months in jail. What happened? On 6th May 2023, a BMW 1200gs rider at Tuas checkpoint decided that the queue was too long and tried to cut it. However, he was unfortunate in his choice of victim, who was apparently a Malaysian rider who refused to let him have his way. This resulted in a fight where the Malaysian man was being held back by a couple other riders in an attempt to stop the fight, as other vehicles behind them were also blaring their horns. The footage is pretty short and only shows the fight as it is happening, not what led to it. We also don’t know if either party is going to face charges for fighting (though really, it should only be the BMW rider if this is true). Take this story with a grain of salt. Ironically, if the rider just waited like everyone else he probably would have left earlier as opposed to starting a fight and dealing with the consequences after. Online chatter You already know what people are going to make fun of in this one. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  24. Hot on the heels of the rather erm, provocative XM, BMW Asia has now brought along its smaller, though no less anticipate stablemate, the M2 to our local shores and we were lucky enough to be privy to an early media preview. While the new car is slightly larger all around (except for height where 7mm is shaved off) from its predecessor, an almost 50hp bump in power (from the M2 Competition) means the new car is even quicker than the car it replaces, though only by .1 of a second for both gearbox options. Yes, gearbox options, because thanks to the heros of homologation at BMW Asia, you can spec your brand new M2 with a third pedal and 6 do-it-yourself forward gears should you feel the 8-speed automatic isn't quite "macho" enough. And macho might be the words that come to mind when chancing upon the M2. While it might not be as pretty as the previous M2, which let's face it, is one of the best looking BMWs out there even today, the new car does have its own distinct visual flavour. Personally, I think the front end is too fussy and overdesigned. Where aesthetics are concerned for this generation, the less well-endowed M240i in Thundernight Metallic takes the cake. You know the drill. BMW's S58B30. 3-litres, Twin Turbos, 6-cylinders all lined up to punch out a heady 460 horses and 500Nm of torques. A healthy dollop more punch than the considerably more expensive Porsche 718 Cayman GTS. Which then brings us to the price. Whilst never intended to be anywhere near "cheap", the new car represents a considerable increase from its M2 Competition predecessor and an even bigger leap from the original M2 launched back in 2016. At S$380,000 (without COE), the new M2 is a rather expensive proposition, but nowadays, what isn't?
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