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Found 542 results

  1. Carbon82

    [Official] 2021 BMW iX (i20)

    All good except that ugly nose 🙈
  2. Looks like everyone's going GT racing soon BMW NISSAN and now TOYOTA!
  3. Lo and behold! sgCarMart kickstarted its very own SGCARMART REVIEWS on the 3rd of November with the new Mercedes-Benz CLA with Julian from the Editorial Department (some of you may find him familiar from MCF events) and cool kid James from Marketing. We're now on episode 2 with the Skoda Octavia RS 245! We're still new at this so don't forget to show some love! Like, subscribe and leave your comments on our Youtube channel! Let them know what cars you want them to review next. 💟
  4. Is there a perfect middle ground between blistering performance for the track, and for day-to-day use? BMW’s M Division says yes, with the M Performance range. Let’s get this straight: BMW’s M cars are legitimate track stars. Fastidiously engineered for proper racing, and fitted with engines tuned to the heavens of power, it is when these lightning-quick celebrities are zipping and squealing their way around Nürburgring (or Sepang, for those of us here in the Asian tropics) that they truly come alive. But not all who have a penchant for going fast necessarily enjoy the idea of tire-smoking, wheel-spinning driving on a track. Some want more performance - in measured and palatable amounts. To this, BMW’s M division answers the call more than competently with its range of M Performance vehicles. The BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe demonstrates exactly how this delicate balance can be struck, and shows us why this may be the 4 Series that we actually want. Enhanced performance all around: Subtle but potent Automotive journalistic duty binds us to addressing the engine first in any car - performance or not - so that’s where we’ll start. Whereas the BMW 420i and 430i Coupes come with four cylindered 2.0-litre engines, the M440i xDrive Gran Coupe is powered by an incredible 3.0-litre turbocharged straight-six enhanced with a 48V mild hybrid system. Here, it’s tuned (with the expertise of BMW M GmbH itself, naturally) to the might of 374 horses and a peripheral-vision-blurring 500Nm of peak torque, good for 0-100km/h in a blistering 4.7 seconds. Doled out in generous servings, such power bumps are carried unremittingly across the M Performance range - from the M135i hot hatch all the way to the top-of-the-line M850i xDrive Gran Coupe luxe tourer - invigorating them with an entire herd of extra raging horses over their non-M badged siblings. But the driver’s experience isn’t just enhanced by raw power. In an M Performance car, you and your front passenger are also hugged by M Sport seats that hold you firmly yet comfortably in place by providing impeccable lateral and lumbar support. Fitted with meatier M Sport brakes that are standard across the range, the cars also beckon to be pushed a bit harder; you know that they can pull back when you want them to. To round it off, a specially tuned Adaptive M Suspension helps them remain planted and unnerved through twists and turns. Here, our M440i xDrive Gran Coupe even features an 8-speed Steptronic Sport transmission with paddle shifters which, on their own, already evoke a quasi-racecar experience. Hidden deeper within, however, is also a playful Sprint function, activated when you pull the left paddle shifter towards the steering wheel for more than a second. A burst of acceleration arrives as Sport+ mode is awakened, and the chassis and drivetrain leap into their sportiest settings. This may surprise the driver at first, but only grows more and more addictive. Finally, in an era where restrictions are clamping down harder than ever, the sound channelled through the standard M Sport exhaust is refreshingly genuine, and genuinely good. Pushed hard enough, there are even the occasional, nice old pops and bangs when you release your foot from the gas pedal. Power and grip where you need it, how you want it But M Performance cars are also crafted to instil you with the unshakeable confidence to unleash every last horse in the stable without ever fearing that they may suddenly break free from their reins and spin you out. As such, alongside every one of its eager M Performance brethren, this BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe also comes with BMW’s fully variable xDrive system. With the system’s ability to transfer up to 100% of drive torque between the front and rear axles, less power is actually sent by default to the front to make the cars rear biased. This means that drivers never lose the well-honed driving pleasure and dynamism long associated with BMWs - a crucial, indelible mark of the marque. Nonetheless, these are ultimately all-wheel drive cars. Together with the M Sport differential on the rear axle, xDrive’s communicative network of intelligent and hyper-alert electronics constantly observes both the driver’s inputs as well as the road conditions, in turn carefully calibrating how the car drives accordingly. Over uneven or slippery surfaces, for instance, xDrive can recognise where there is either more or less traction, and adjust the power sent to each axle in accordance. But then when it senses the driver getting a bit playful - such as during hard cornering - power sent to the inner wheels can be reduced so that your turns are tighter and sharper. Coupled with larger M light-alloy wheels as standard (they’re 19-inches on this M440i xDrive Gran Coupe), grip is fantastic where you want or need it to be. Whether it’s wet or dry, on gravel or tarmac; or whether you’re simply demanding more from your machine, the involvement of four wheels rather than two in M Performance cars provides an additional layer of confidence and assurance. Speed demon meets daily driver There’s absolutely no denying the might and pedigree of BMW’s laser-focused M cars, whose steady eyes never once stray from the track. The sublime rear-wheel drive M4 Competition Coupe, for example, is powered by a racetrack developed version of the M440i xDrive Gran Coupe’s sweet B58 to top an insane 503bhp. It also gets a weight-reducing carbon roof and carbon fibre inserts in the cabin, while its vented M Compound front and rear brakes will firmly hold their ground when you turn the heat up on them through the bends. It’s clear: For the many budding track stars whose palettes are inclined to the most potent of flavours, the answer is M, period. Yet this is also the point when one may ask himself or herself: “What does my daily driver look like? Do I really want such a track-oriented car?” To this, the answer may well and surely still be “Yes”. It may also be a “Hmm, not really.” This, then, is the missing piece of the puzzle that M Performance cars help to fill. Extra power and performance? Check. Extra traction and control to go along with that? Check as well. And they do it in exactly whichever body-style your lifestyle requires too. The M240i Gran Coupe, for instance, is a suitable pocket rocket for those with growing families. The X3 M40i, on the other hand, stands tall before those with a preference for SUVs. Our M440i Gran Coupe, with its two extra doors and rear bench with three full-sized seats, also presents itself as a luxurious grand tourer that endears itself as much to daily use as it does to overtaking manoeuvres and pedal-flooring. Of course - they’re all bound together ultimately by excellent cabin quality and spades of comfort and practicality. The Adaptive M Suspension mentioned earlier isn’t also geared solely towards performance, but is capable of bringing day and night into simultaneous existence within the same car by enabling different drive modes. As you shift between Comfort, Sports and Sports+ settings, electronically controlled shock absorbers on the car are also adjusted accordingly, allowing you to select the exact driving character that you want. Premium performance fo(u)rtified Make no mistake: M Performance cars present undeniably incredible leaps over their non-M badged siblings not just in terms of sheer power but overall performance. But they also take care to manage and translate these leaps into accessible, everyday fun for the driver. The latter quality, wherein the key difference lies, is crucial. If an M Car is said to dial the drama up to the maximum, an M Performance car could perhaps be said to turn the knob back just slightly to the left. After all, the bridge between, say, a 430i Coupe and a M4 Competition, is a surprisingly long one to traverse. For those hesitant to go the entire distance, the M440i xDrive Gran Coupe stands proudly and competently in between - and with five doors too. Perhaps then, this is how M440i Gran Coupe embodies the fundamentals of the M Performance range: Extra performance served subtly, for those seeking thrills but in just the right amounts. Alongside other members of the club, it offers the driver an alternative that is familiar yet exquisite, exciting yet practical - all at once. And for that, we salute all of them.
  5. Soya

    New 2018 BMW X3

    New model. Apparently. Doesn't it look like the old X3? http://www.bmwblog.com/2017/09/13/2017-frankfurt-auto-show/
  6. Ralliart99

    BMW 320i ED or Volvo S60 T5

    hi all, have narrowed my choices to these 2 cars there are probably other better cars out there but would like to hear regarding these 2 need a second opinion here which one will you choose and why ? many thanks !
  7. The year is 1989, the cold war ended, Hershey’s reduced the size of their chocolate bar, Spandex was all the rage and the idea that a single virus could shut down the entire World in almost an instant was nothing more than a figment of one’s wild imagination. 1989 was also the year a young lady made a prophecy, a prophecy we in 2021 now bear witness to as it comes to fruition. A prophecy that says “It’s true you can’t fight it, live by it. The next generation, it’s electric.” While I doubt Miss Debbie Gibson would have imagined her words coming true in such a fashion, Electric Youth does seem to be the perfect tune to describe the automotive world’s current paradigm shift towards electrification, led no doubt in part by a generation who grew up listening to that very song. As the pioneers in bringing electrified vehicles onto our sunny roads, BMW recently held their Electrified Drive event which saw the arrival of BMW’s technological flagship, the iX, and the updated iX3. Both vehicles we were privy to in addition to a Mini Electric and the one that kickstarted it all, the BMW i3. It’s been 8 years since the i3 was first unveiled to an EV-averse world. Whilst things have definitely changed since then, the original i3 still felt fresh after we did what came naturally, sliding down behind the wheel of BMW’s original EV, now in i3s form. Though the i3s’ infotainment and dash readouts now pale in comparison to the latest high-fidelity screens, the interior is still a lovely place to be in and it still drives remarkably well. Allowing us to not only rekindle our joy behind the wheel of BMW’s first-ever zero-emissions vehicle but also provided us with a reference point to see just how much has progressed since 2013. (Hint: A lot!) By sheer luck or perhaps careful planning, we were handed the keys to the original iX3 mere weeks before taking the reins of this brand new iteration, so do stay tuned for our full impressions! Of course, we also had to drive the iX, being BMW’s latest i-car that carries the mantle as BMW’s technological flagship isn’t going to be easy but as we were soon to find out as we felt the power and energy comin’ up, coming on strong, it’s the marque’s techno showcase for many good (and desirable) reasons. More on that in our upcoming review. If you’d like to have a look at these two brand new electrified Bavarians (and remember when you were young), they are currently on display at Gardens by the Bay’s Christmas Wonderland 2021 until 2nd Jan 2022. Remember, the future only belongs to the future itself. And the future is electric youth.
  8. BMWs typically have a shelf life of seven years but that won’t be the case for the current X5 whose successor is nearing the end of its development. One of the reasons for the speedy arrival of the redesigned X5 is to streamline the production process. The CLAR-based SUVs will all be built at BMW’s plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Another being the current X5 is facing stiff competition from newer rivals like the Audi Q7 and Volvo XC90. The current (third-gen) X5 was introduced for the 2014 model year but its underpinnings are shared with the second-gen X5 on sale since 2007. This fourth-gen model, which we’re currently expecting to arrive in showrooms in mid-2018, as a 2019 model, won’t have anything in common with its predecessors. It will ride on the SUV version of BMW’s modular platform that debuted in the 2016 7-Series and has since appeared in the 2017 5-Series. Referred to internally as a CLAR, short for Cluster Architecture, the platform combines lightweight materials such as aluminum and magnesium—and carbon fiber in the case of the 7-Series—with conventional steel to save weight while increasing rigidity and strength. The SUV version of the CLAR platform made its debut in the 2018 X3. The platform is also pegged for an X7 full-size SUV that BMW has confirmed for launch in 2018. It look like the fully redesigned forth-gen X5 will grow in size compared to the third-generation model currently on sale, which should lead to more interior space.
  9. inlinesix

    2020 BMW iX3 (G08)

    http://www.bmwblog.com/2018/04/24/world-premiere-bmw-ix3-the-beginning-of-a-new-era/ WORLD PREMIERE: BMW iX3 — The Beginning of a New Era
  10. From a young age, we were taught to avoid "monkey see monkey do" actions by our parents, caretaker, or guardian in the hopes that we do not perform any actions without thinking about consequences. Unfortunately for these two drivers, it seems like they did not pay attention when they were young. Watch this video to find out why: What Happened? A cyclist, Transcab taxi and BMW X1 were stationary at a traffic junction, waiting for the red light to turn green. After observing how the junction was clear from traffic, the impatient cyclist moved off and beat the red light. Seeing how the cyclist proceeded, the taxi driver blindly followed suit, also beating the red light in the process. And amazingly, the BMW X1 did the same thing! The cam car can be seen 'high-beaming' the taxi to alert the taxi driver while it was moving off. But it was to no avail. The Consequence I guess it's a matter of time before the taxi and BMW X1 driver receives their 12 demerit points and $500 fine each. Thank you for contributing to building our nation! As for the cyclist, it's near impossible to identify him due to the absence of any form of identity. And judging by that, I am quite sure he'll get away scot-free. Netizens' Comments LMAO. EXACTLY. Oh wells. 🤷‍♂️ Both drivers bak chew tak stamp!! ========= Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  11. As drivers, I am sure we have met our fair share of annoying drivers on the road who switches between lanes either without due care or simply because of their indecisiveness. Here's a perfect example of an annoying driver that falls in both of these categories: Where And Who Were Involved? The accident happened along Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, just across Townsville Primary School. In total, two cars (a BMW X5 and a Hyundai Avante) and one motorcycle were involved in the accident. What Happened? Initially, the Hyundai Avante was travelling on the left-turn only lane. It then changed to the next lane, to be positioned right in front of the cam car. Wanting to filter left towards Bishan Road, the Hyundai driver decided to change back to the left-turn only lane after several cars passed by it. For unknown reasons, the Hyundai driver took his own sweet time to complete his lane change, and this was where tragedy struck. The BMW X5 who was travelling at a relatively fast speed, could not stop in time, causing it to smash into the side of the Hyundai Avante. Following this, a motorcycle travelling directly behind the BMW X5 also could not react in time, causing it to smash headfirst into the rear of the BMW SUV, literally. Looking at the image above, can I say that all the lane switching involved was entirely uncalled for? Regardless of which lane the Hyundai was in, he could eventually turn left if he had the patience. Kudos To The Biker Bro Despite receiving the brunt of the impact from rear-ending the BMW, the motorcyclist made an effort to check on the other parties involved in the chain collision. Good on him for that! Who's At Fault? This accident will undoubtedly pose a challenging case for the insurance companies involved to determine the party/parties at fault. Reading the comments, the public had mixed opinions on the party at fault, which included: (a) The Hyundai was at fault; (b) The BMW was at fault; (c) Both the Hyundai and BMW were at fault; and (d) All parties involved were at fault. What do you think? All matters aside, regardless of who is at fault, I wish all the parties involved a speedy recovery! Netizens' Comments This stereotyping is somehow relatable. Let this be a lesson learned. What a troll! ========= Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  12. Carbon82

    2nd Generation 2018 BMW X4

    Very GLCish... @Vratenza & @adrianli, the GLC Coupe or this look better? Honest opinion needed.
  13. According to LTA, the number of new Teslas in Singapore increased from 8 to 487 from July to Q3, 2021. Regardless, the number of Teslas in Singapore remains small and unreported in user-submitted video platforms...until TODAY! Warning: The video contains wheel spins, turbo spooling, engine revving, and exhaust burbling Excited? Watch the video here: The Cars Involved What Happened? The "race" took place at Orchard Road, where the BMW 535i (cam car) attempted to chase down a Tesla Model 3 Performance. Upon the traffic light turning green, you could hear the wheel spin of the BMW 535i as all 300 BHP was sent to the car's rear wheels. Meanwhile, the Tesla Model 3 Performance was almost silent, apart from the noise coming from its tyres. Tesla's instantaneous torque coupled with its All-Wheel Drive and 473 BHP allowed it to gap the BMW 535i within seconds. I would say that the Tesla smoked the BMW 535i, but...there isn't any exhaust system on a Tesla. How to smoke when there isn't any smoke? You could hear the BMW driver laughing to himself in defeat and telling his passenger that his BMW was no match for the Tesla. BMW driver Could Not Swallow His Pride Moments later, both cars met at another traffic light, where they raced again. Sad to say, it was just a copy-paste of the previous race. At this point in time, you just feel so bad for the BMW 535i driver. Netizens' Comments Probably the only thing the BMW can win the Tesla in. That's some audacity right there. Funny sia. ======== Receive a $10 PayNow transfer for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️ https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  14. Hi all MCF bros and sis, I'm a Korean PDR( Paintless Dent Removal) smith. I am able to fix your valuable car dent & windscreen professionally by Korea technology. (All of my equipment tools are made in Korea and USA) My job is to fix the car dent and windscreen, without damaging the ORIGINAL car paint & windscreen sealant. Save the money & time at the same time. If your car has doording, hood, boot, fender, roof, & plastic bumper dent, i can repair it up to 99% perfect. Same goes to windscreen stone chip repair too. (if there is simple scratch or paint take off, i can do manage) I can install car black box with hidden wire without using extended socket, your car will look neat. You may send me a picture of your dent to 94520995. I will give you an estimated quotation of the repair cost and professional advice https://youtu.be/cBldoxChJ1U https://youtu.be/ATIgSUchGaY [media] https://youtu.be/FAs5BxDc2fA[/media]
  15. Amidst the confident strides BMW has taken with its SUVs, the 3 Series and 7 Series demonstrate why the German marque produces arguably the best luxury sedans. BMW’s current era is marked by diversification. Its Series cars now fill out every number from 1 to 8, while its Sports Activity Vehicles and Sports Activity Coupes do the same from X1 to X7 (and we’re not even at its electric BMW i range yet). Still, look a bit further back and it becomes clear that no Bavarian hallmark has persisted as resiliently and convincingly as the luxury sedan. The 3 Series and 7 Series have defined and bookended this segment for decades – definitive examples of what a compact executive and full-sized luxury sedan should be respectively. While standing confidently on their own as class-leaders, they are also unified in embodying BMW’s unimpeachable quality and dynamism, regardless of the number or size. Styling you can recognise – anywhere, anytime Presence is of immense gravity in any luxury sedan. In an automotive world keen to push out the most eye-catching designs, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of fresh and exciting faces. Not everyone can claim to bring something new to the table while still paying homage to their machines of yesteryear. Pick a 3 Series or 7 Series from any generation, and even if you cover their hallowed blue and white badges, chances are you’d still be able to recognise them instantly. In current form, the siblings are as handsome as ever. The details you’d expect are all there – those double-kidney grilles, flanked on both sides by twin headlights. The C-pillars on both cars also incorporate BMW’s signature Hofmeister kink. Nonetheless, these are inherited jewels, constantly reworked and transformed to reflect the times. The 3 Series now sports LED headlights with extended contents as standard, while the 7 Series receives BMW’s cutting-edge Laserlight technology across its entire range in Singapore. This pioneering system doesn’t simply boast ten times the brightness and double the range of traditional LED headlamps, but also interacts with a number of on-board technologies to automatically adapt to what’s ahead, providing unprecedented levels of visibility and safety. As such, the car can detect obstacles and pedestrians up ahead and then illuminate them, while also knowing to dim its headlights in the face of oncoming traffic. Deliciously striking too are the familiar L-shaped taillights, first introduced in the late-eighties, which persist in full, updated glory. Featuring a three-dimensional, pop-up style, these add a further touch of elegance on both cars. For the first time ever on a BMW, a full-width light strip that remains lit throughout the day (à la daytime running lights) even crowns the rear of the 7 Series, accentuating its grandeur. A car fit for the 21st century Having the latest tech on board is de rigueur on any luxury sedan. This is an assignment BMW has always understood. Back in the nineties, the E38 7 Series was one of the first cars ever to offer satellite navigation. Three generations later, BMW’s flagship saloon continues to innovate and deliver groundbreaking functionality by offering an intelligent Remote Control Parking feature. With its ability to move in or out of forwards-facing lots without a driver at the wheel, the occasional yet inevitable parking headache is easily eliminated. As part of BMW’s current generation, both the 3 Series and 7 Series come with the Operating System 7.0, which includes the immensely useful Intelligent Personal Assistant, a voice-activated personal butler for the car. It won’t take long before you start wondering how life was previously like without it. Need to find a petrol station quickly? “Hey BMW”. Calling your kids on the way home? “Hey BMW”. In the 7 Series, you can even channel your inner music conductor with gesture controls; twirl your finger to adjust the volume or swipe your hand to dismiss notifications (other gestures can also be configured). The 3 Series and 7 Series also excel in embracing the digital era in elegant and measured portions. Fit for the 21st century, both cars come with BMW’s Live Cockpit Professional. In addition to a fully digital 12.3-inch instrument cluster, a responsive 10.25-inch touchscreen supporting wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity takes centre stage. All the information you need, from your location, weather and phone notifications to news updates, is displayed in rich and crisp colour; in a tile layout that can be customised depending on what you want to see. Still, there is value in familiarity. Tactility is refreshingly present. Air-conditioning is adjusted via dedicated controls, and the iDrive rotary knob is as delightfully intuitive as always, especially when on the move. Above all, the tech is enjoyable because the very basics of a luxury cabin are first pinned down. Climbing into these cars, it is immediately apparent how well put together everything is with soft-touch materials everywhere to be found. These are all the more present in the 7 Series, with its Nappa-leather quilted seats. Despite being BMW’s compact executive sedan, the 3 Series offers more than sufficient rear legroom and headroom, making it is as much a car for passengers as it is for drivers. On the other hand, the 7 Series stays true to its form by fully embracing its limo credentials and proportions, with a cavernous and cossetting rear cabin fitted with extra creature comforts such as electrically reclinable rear seats and window blinds which can be raised at the touch of a button. BMW’s core: Sheer driving pleasure True to the marque’s decades-spanning slogan, dynamism and athleticism are sacred qualities that BMW’s luxury sedans have always embodied faithfully. More than ever, the 3 Series is eager and spirited, regardless of which engine you go for. The steering is properly weighted, accurate and sharp. At the same time, the car feels balanced and planted, thanks to its carefully calibrated 50:50 weight distribution. Now into its seventh generation, the 3 Series remains the compact executive sedan to beat when it comes to driving dynamics. Step into the 7 Series after driving the 3 Series and the same driver-centric cockpit greets you. Don’t be fooled by the lux-limo’s size though. This thing takes off when you put your foot down, but does so in such an unruffled manner that it takes you a good few seconds to realise your speedometer has started displaying three digits. As a full-sized luxury sedan, the 7 Series also comes with its own party trick: Adaptive two-axle, automatically self-levelling air suspension is standard across the range. In “Adaptive” mode, the car wafts along calmly by default, with the individually controlled air supply to each wheel deftly balancing the ride out over undulations. Upon sensing that you’re pushing it for performance, however, the car will adjust its suspension without extra prompting to cling more tightly to the road. This consistent sense of stability doesn’t simply enable the 7 Series to handle like a much smaller car, but also glide between comfort-oriented and sportier driving modes quickly and effortlessly. Speaking of driving modes, “Comfort” and “Sport” aren’t fancy, superfluous settings on the 3 Series and 7 Series. In Comfort mode, these are dependable and welcoming companions, offering a cushy respite in heavy traffic or after a long day at work. While the 3 Series is already a refined being, the 7 Series, with its laminated glass windows and acoustic insulation, is especially masterful in drowning out road and tire noise. But select “Sport” and the steering instantly becomes heavier; the growls from the engines a bit throatier as both cars signal that they’re more ready than before to take on the bends and corners with aplomb. Served by a buttery 8-Speed Steptronic transmission, power delivery is also urgent while smooth, ensuring that you’re never left waiting for them to find the right gear. The luxury sedan: Guardian of BMW’s galaxy For more than four decades, the 3 Series and 7 Series have been tireless in bookending the luxury sedan segment, competently covering the bases they’re supposed to and then some. The former, as a benchmark-setting compact executive sedan, offers best in class driving dynamics, but doesn’t skimp on comfort, refinement, or space for its passengers. The latter more than aces the luxury limo test yet doesn’t forget its irrevocable identity as an ultimate driving machine with its impressive litheness. To top it all off, leading tech and an inimitable design language continue to deliver a look and feel that is unmistakeably BMW. First as pioneers, and now as cornerstones, the 3 Series and 7 Series continue to spearhead and guard BMW’s ever-growing galaxy.
  16. hi all. I'm looking to buy a COE car. my budget is $40 to $45. I don't mind getting a car with a few years COE left and then renew it for another 5 or 10 years depending on the durability of the car etc. I was hoping to get advice as to which car I should purchase and what should I be wary of. If you were me, which of these 5 cars would you consider buying. If you have a preference out of these 5 cars I've listed below, please also state what changes I need to do to the car and the rough pricing for them at the workshop. If you feel that there is another COE car either Audi, BMW or Lexus on sgcarmart that I should look at instead, please provide the link. I am open to suggestions. Thank you all. 1) Audi A4 2.0A TFSI (COE till 10/2024) https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=914799 2) Audi A3 Sedan 1.4A TFSI Ambiente https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=933358 3) Lexus IS250 https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=940232&DL=1000 4) BMW 3 Series 320i (COE till 12/2023) https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=936256&DL=2349 5) BMW 5 Series 523i XL (COE till 10/2022) @$29,999 https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=942128&DL=3804 @RogerNg_185295 @Victor68 @MarkHotchner @Qaz20 @bearbearbear @No_worries @Hamburger @Blueray @Samlimlp @Rickster @CloudWan @Passion @M3ngl4ng @inlinesix @Bjory @Fatfatpanda @littlecar @kobayashiGT
  17. There is finally video footage of the recent accident outside the Parliament House. For those who are unfamiliar with the accident, a Honda Vezel ran the red light and ended up getting T-boned by a BMW. This resulted in the Honda flipping on its side and getting wedged onto the road bollards, which shocked the female passenger in the camcar who witnessed the accident. More than a dozen individuals, including the camcar driver, got out of their vehicles to help. They were seen attempting to lift the Honda to an upright position in an attempt to rescue the victims. The severity of the accident led to the deployment of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). It was reported that 5 individuals were transported to the Singapore General Hospital. According to the Straits Times, the 5 individuals comprised of 2 male drivers aged 51 and 59, and 3 passengers aged between 28 and 61. They were all conscious during the transport to the hospital. Netizens' reactions We wish all of the victims a speedy recovery! ------- Witnessed an accident? See something interesting on the roads? Submit your image/video/news via MyCarForum's WhatsApp. We'll pay you $10 per post!
  18. I've been wanting to get these out for a while but had to hold back due to international embargos which were lifted this morning. A Violaceous Gem: Driving the BMW G42 M240i xDrive Coupe https://garage36.wordpress.com/2021/11/17/a-violaceous-gem-driving-the-bmw-g42-m240i-xdrive-coupe/
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  20. enzoalec92

    No touchscreens for some BMWs

    https://jalopnik.com/your-new-bmw-might-not-have-a-touchscreen-1848005622 <Your New BMW Might Not Have A Touchscreen Infotainment isn't going away, but using 'the screen' as a touchscreen in some new BMWs is. BMW is shipping new cars with its infotainment system, like normal, except several models won’t have touchscreen functionality, according to reports. Instead, you’ll have to use BMW’s iDrive control in the center console. The horror! I joke, but Autoblog got confirmation from BMW on the following: Autoblog also says that customers will get a $500 credit instead of the functionality, which really may be a blessing in disguise for everyone involved, given that touchscreens in cars are generally bad and useless, or at least I have never encountered one that wasn’t, if it can be controlled any other way. And I do mean the touchscreen functionality, specifically, given that the screens in modern cars are often sort of far away and small and the touchscreen experience isn’t how you might imagine it. Which is to say that it isn’t at all like using an iPad. It is like using an iPad but 100 times clunkier, even if it looks cool momentarily while the salesperson fiddles around with it at the dealer. Also, it puts smudges on the screen of your fancy new BMW, and BMW’s iDrive controller is what you will use while driving, anyway. What has actually happened here is that the chip shortage has forced BMW to marginally improve its cars, even if BMW would not agree. You also know that it’s good because it is the opposite direction in which Mercedes is headed. Long live iDrive, I say.>
  21. Saw this.... Front wheel drive.... oh man... but at least it does look like one of the sportiest MPVs around... http://paultan.org/2013/12/16/bmw-2-series-active-tourer-completely-undisguised/ Will you buy?
  22. Another odd design luxurious sedan in the making? At a quick glance, it shout Peugeot, to me. The next-generation BMW 7 Series has been caught once more, hinting at a completely redesigned exterior concealed under many layers of camouflage. Those simple headlights are likely provisional as they seem to have a basic look, but the original 8 Series-esque placement and shape is likely the final one. Tiny rivets on many parts of the body indicate the 7 Series prototype has more than just one layer of disguise, so it's best not to jump to any conclusions about the car's exterior appearance. As for the interior, the first thing you will notice are those side-by-side screens akin to the setup you'll find in the iX SUV and i4 Gran Coupe. In those two fully electric vehicles, the instrument cluster measures 12.3 inches and is accompanied by a larger 14.9-inch touchscreen infotainment running on iDrive 8. Much like in the EVs, the screens are housed within a massive piece of curved glass slightly tilted towards the driver. It’s going to be a long wait before the next 7 Series will hit the streets as production reportedly won't start until July next year.