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Found 500 results

  1. peacenowar

    All BMW owner thread

    Hi everyone, I'm starting a thread for all BMW owner. So we can share everything inside here. I'm currently driving G30, cheers and have a great weekend!
  2. Come upon this video from YS Khong. He is trying to restore a 27 years BMW 318is Coupe. Car had been idle for 6 years. This is the part 1 of the video. Interesting to see the whole restoration process. I will update the video if he post the latest one.
  3. Lo and behold! sgCarMart kickstarted its very own SGCARMART REVIEWS on the 3rd of November with the new Mercedes-Benz CLA with Julian from the Editorial Department (some of you may find him familiar from MCF events) and cool kid James from Marketing. We're now on episode 2 with the Skoda Octavia RS 245! We're still new at this so don't forget to show some love! Like, subscribe and leave your comments on our Youtube channel! Let them know what cars you want them to review next. 💟
  4. Hi all MCF bros and sis, I'm a Korean PDR( Paintless Dent Removal) smith. I am able to fix your valuable car dent & windscreen professionally by Korea technology. (All of my equipment tools are made in Korea and USA) My job is to fix the car dent and windscreen, without damaging the ORIGINAL car paint & windscreen sealant. Save the money & time at the same time. If your car has doording, hood, boot, fender, roof, & plastic bumper dent, i can repair it up to 99% perfect. Same goes to windscreen stone chip repair too. (if there is simple scratch or paint take off, i can do manage) I can install car black box with hidden wire without using extended socket, your car will look neat. You may send me a picture of your dent to 94520995. I will give you an estimated quotation of the repair cost and professional advice https://youtu.be/cBldoxChJ1U https://youtu.be/ATIgSUchGaY [media] https://youtu.be/FAs5BxDc2fA[/media]
  5. zhehao

    2015 BMW X1 sDrive20i

    Hi all, Was looking around to find a thread for the new BMW X1 but couldn't find one. Any bros driving or have drove the new X1 before care to share? Old Car COE almost up, looking at Passat, 3series, C-Class and X1. 3 series and C Class rear space maybe a bit small so considering X1 which seems like a very nice car!
  6. Hey guys, i'm contemplating whether to renew one of my company's BMW 523i F10 Highline. Below are some of the mods/upgrade i'm intending to do if i eventually get the car. Assuming the car is in 100% stock condition, i'd like some advice on the dos & don't from fellow tiong chia hia dis. 19" M sports Rims (What is the best tyre profile?) Shock Absorbers/Suspensions LCI Headlights ( The squarish headlights instead of the stock round ones.) Keyless Entry + Electronic Push Button (Not sure whether it comes with it?) M Sports Steering Wheel Chip tuning (Increase Torque/Bhp. Understand from some friends need to change Air Intake or something like that.) Quad Exhaust (LTA Friendly?) Interior change to Maroon (Any Idea where can find for this 10 Year Old Bimmer) Brembo Brake Kit (No idea what is 4 pot or 6 pot and which is sufficient) Key FOB (Any idea if can use the latest gen G Series Keys to Sync on an F10 Key?) Upgrade on display I'm also intending to do my own servicing + changing of filters. Need some advice on the type of EO and Filters for better performance.
  7. We had the pleasure to offer Triple Carbon Clean to the owners of a BMW 335 and a Mercedes E Class coupe. See the before and after photos. Restores Power & Fuel Efficiency Improves Throttle Response. Message us for an appointment at 8123-0543.
  8. hi all. I'm looking to buy a COE car. my budget is $40 to $45. I don't mind getting a car with a few years COE left and then renew it for another 5 or 10 years depending on the durability of the car etc. I was hoping to get advice as to which car I should purchase and what should I be wary of. If you were me, which of these 5 cars would you consider buying. If you have a preference out of these 5 cars I've listed below, please also state what changes I need to do to the car and the rough pricing for them at the workshop. If you feel that there is another COE car either Audi, BMW or Lexus on sgcarmart that I should look at instead, please provide the link. I am open to suggestions. Thank you all. 1) Audi A4 2.0A TFSI (COE till 10/2024) https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=914799 2) Audi A3 Sedan 1.4A TFSI Ambiente https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=933358 3) Lexus IS250 https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=940232&DL=1000 4) BMW 3 Series 320i (COE till 12/2023) https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=936256&DL=2349 5) BMW 5 Series 523i XL (COE till 10/2022) @$29,999 https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=942128&DL=3804 @RogerNg_185295 @Victor68 @MarkHotchner @Qaz20 @bearbearbear @No_worries @Hamburger @Blueray @Samlimlp @Rickster @CloudWan @Passion @M3ngl4ng @inlinesix @Bjory @Fatfatpanda @littlecar @kobayashiGT
  9. Saw this while window shopping for my kids. Inexpensive and seems good for the price. @Theoldjaffa
  10. NO IT IS NOT ABOUT THE GRILLES... So I drive an older model BMW, the old NBT evo era. Very dinosaur compared to the Audi virtual dash generation which already a few years old. Pics of the new 1/3 etc interior look much better leh. Kaypoh, went down to PML, near the entrance are the cheaper 1/2 series. Sat inside, like much nicer than my little car. But wait... Whaddafug, they changed the 8 individual memory buttons into ONE SINGLE piece. When press the whole long strip moves, feel so cheapo. TMD must be base model cost savings, surely the 3 not like dis. Go to the 3, walan eh, still 1 piece, even the drive mode select is now 1 single piece trying to look like 3 instead of individual or rocker style button. Press liao feel so cheapo. TMD, leave the peasant section go 2nd floor for the higher bracket models surely better hor. Go 2nd floor, ignore the M135 walk straight to 8 series. Whaddafug, its the exact same piece from the 1 series. And the cubby hole cover, is really taobao plastic quality. This penny pinching cost saving culture is really spoiling the whole 'premium car' experience.
  11. inlinesix

    BMW 8 Series 2nd Generation

  12. Carbon82

    [Official] 2021 BMW iX (i20)

    All good except that ugly nose 🙈
  13. Not here to sell. I am using worx hydroshot. Those who wish to know more can ask questions .I personally find it one of the best equipment from worx
  14. Saw this.... Front wheel drive.... oh man... but at least it does look like one of the sportiest MPVs around... http://paultan.org/2013/12/16/bmw-2-series-active-tourer-completely-undisguised/ Will you buy?
  15. Sexy is the word. @mercury1 @vratenza this one for your consideration? Munich. BMW consistently continues to pursue the brand’s current model offensive whilst developing an innovative vehicle concept for the premium compact segment. During the annual results press conference, BMW AG CEO Harald Krüger will announce the presentation of the first BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe. With the sporty and elegant four-door coupe, the premium automobile manufacturer is adding to its range in the compact segment a particularly designoriented model for modern, urban target groups. The concept of a four-door coupe, already successful in higher vehicle classes, will in future combine a dynamic charisma and an expressive design with a high degree of everyday suitability also in the premium compact segment. The first BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe will make its word debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2019, with the worldwide market launch beginning in the spring of 2020. The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe sets new accents in individuality, aesthetics and emotion in the premium compact segment. It combines an emotive design with sportiness and the latest innovations in operation and connectivity technology. Therefore, the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe offers the ideal prerequisites to attract new target groups to hallmark BMW driving pleasure. BMW already offers a unique range of compact models for various different requirements and target groups that is unmatched within the competitive environment. The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe will once again create fresh impulses in this class. It builds on the latest BMW front-wheel drive architecture and shares a multitude of technological developments with the new BMW 1 Series, which will also be presented during the course of 2019. The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe has been conceived as a global offering that constitutes an attractive enrichment, especially for markets in which car buyers show a strong affinity for notchbacks. As an exclusive alternative to the classic saloon, the four-door coupe addresses all target groups that prefer a sophisticated design and a self-assured look in the compact segment as well. Some video & spy shots to quench your thirst.
  16. BMWFESTSG GOES ISLANDWIDE THIS YEAR! For the first time, BMW will be taking over the entire sunny island! Get to test drive your desired BMW right from your doorstep and enjoy exclusive deals. BMWFestSG is an annual festival that showcases BMW's latest models and technology here in Singapore. Visitors will get to learn more about their favourite BMW cars, the features and technology that make them great, as well as the brand's latest initiatives. If you are in the market for a brand new BMW car, you can even snag a great deal for one! This year's BMWFestSG goes islandwide, offering not just amazing deals, but also maximum convenience with test drives right at your doorstep, with a wide range of BMW and BMW M models for you to choose from! Visit the BMW Digital Showroom The BMW Digital Showroom revolutionises your car viewing experience, offering the utmost convenience. Even if you aren't able to make a trip down to experience the excellent BMW cars in the flesh just yet, you can still get up close with the cars from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere, at anytime as long as you can access the internet. You will be able to explore and learn about the BMW cars, from exclusive deals and prices to every little detail and specifications of the BMW you desire. There are even virtual renditions of the BMW Showroom (Performance Motors) and BMW M Showroom (Performance Munich Autos) for you to tour and enter the world of sheer driving pleasure - virtually! And now, with BMWFestSG, you can enjoy up to $32,000 savings on your desired BMW, which includes free five years servicing and warranty.* Or you can simply opt for BMW Flow option where you can lease one with just $10,000 downpayment*, which comes with complimentary three-month lease now!* Visit the BMW Digital Showroom here Exclusive Dark Editions available for a more athletic ride Yes! Apart from the awesome deals, there are two limited edition cars available during this year's BMWFestSG. Take your pick between the BMW 218i Gran Coupé Dark Edition and the BMW 318i Dark Edition, and cruise around in a unique BMW! If you are looking for a sporty compact sedan, look no further than the BMW 218i Gran Coupé Dark Edition! While there are lots of amazing things to talk about (such as its good looks), what's really special on the Dark Edition cars are the exclusive add-ons. It comes with BMW M high-gloss rear spoiler, Shadow Line front grille, M Performance chrome black tailpipe trim, matt black alloy rims, high-gloss black mirror caps and fixed hub caps. The abundance of add-ons truly sets it apart from the usual 2 Series Gran Coupé! Those looking for an executive sedan should definitely take a close look at the BMW 318i Dark Edition. Like the other Dark Editions, this highly-sophisticated sedan has been enhanced with exclusive bits as well. You'll get the BMW Iconic Glow front ornamental grille, M performance carbon fibre mirror caps as well as BMW LED Door projectors to bring this cool ride all the way to subzero! Discover an island of sheer driving pleasure - right from your doorstep Nope, you didn't read it wrongly, this year's BMWFestSG will take place over the entire island! To discover the innovations and driving dynamics of the whole range of BMW models, you'll just have to book a BMW Test Drive that commences right at your doorstep*!No matter which corner of Singapore you reside at, your desired BMW model can be brought to you for a test drive on your favourite stretches of roads. Unsure of the perfect test drive route to take? Fret not, BMW also have some recommended routes for the different areas. BMW's exciting recommended test routes includes the: North Wilds - a scenic jaunt through Punggol islands and Yishun where you'll get to enjoy the perfect blend of straights and bends to discover dynamic driving at its peak. South Plateau - cruise along the East-West highway in style, taking in the sights of notable local landmarks such as the Marina Pier, Kent Ridge Park and Sentosa. Eastern Seaboard - take on the roads of Bedok and charge down the East Coast Parkway for a grandstand finish. West World - go for a relaxing drive along the winding roads flanked by wide open fields of Jalan Bahar and Sungei Kadut, and discover comfort and performance that's made for you. No matter which route you take, you'll get to experience the unique innovations found on each BMW model. These include (depending on the model) the Driving Experience Control Switch that allows you to switch between drive modes on the fly, changing the character of the car, BMW iDrive functions featuring the latest and most advanced BMW operating System 7.0, BMW ConnectedDrive Services that keeps you up to date with real time traffic information on the move, BMW Driving Assistant, BMW Parking Assistant and more. Looking to get your very own BMW? Want to test drive one? Visit the BMW Digital Showroom today to find out more.
  17. Carbon82

    2020 G30 BMW 5 Series LCI

    Officially launched on 27 May 2020 in Germany. Click here to access the latest posts on the official information and photos.
  18. i have been waiting for this car to arrive if the front grille looks like this sibei sianz liao kia grille looks better ...
  19. Hi, assuming I have a car to trade in, is it usually better value to buy a management BMW car or a new one?
  20. We thought things like this only happens in the movies but as it turns out, there are people doing this in real life as well! As seen on a Facebook post by SG Road Vigilante, the owner of this red 7-seater BMW 216D Grand Tourer wrote in to the page claiming that another BMW 2 Series in a similar shade of red has been using their number plate, chalking up fines they were not responsible for. However, this red 2 Series is a 5-seater variant that is called the Active Tourer and it looks largely similar as you can see from the screenshots taken from BMW Singapore's website. Reproduced below is an extract from the rightful owner of the plate SGX821M that was in SGRV's post. Hi, I was notified that you posted a video back in July on a speeding car with my license plate #SGX821M. I would like to highlight that THAT is not my car. Someone is impersonating us using our license plate. I drive a 7 seater BMW 2 series while the car in the video was a 5 seater 2 series. We were issued fines that we are not responsible for. AND my husband literally drove past the idiot this morning bearing our license plate while we were dropping our kids off to school. We couldn’t give chase because we were on opposite sides of the road. I have lodged a police report and have notified the LTA. We are awaiting investigations. If you happen to see the car, please help update the police on its whereabouts. Check out the video of the imposter who was also featured on SGRV before.
  21. inlinesix

    BMW IX3

    http://www.bmwblog.com/2018/04/24/world-premiere-bmw-ix3-the-beginning-of-a-new-era/ WORLD PREMIERE: BMW iX3 — The Beginning of a New Era
  22. This concept was shown early part of last month, and there is only 1 reason I did not post it till date: Its ugly nose job, which I hope it is an one off design effort, BUT... BMW Concept 4: Chris Bangle Come Back, All Is Forgiven BMW has previewed the design of the forthcoming M3 and M4 with the launch of the BMW Concept 4 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It shows that the new 4-Series will be a radical departure from its predecessor and have a face dominated by a kidney grille so big it could swallow two children. If only Chris Bangle (who, at the time, got his fair share of flak) was still designing Bimmers… The German car manufacturer’s press release appropriately starts out by discussing that grille. According to BMW, “the vertically oriented grille fits seamlessly into both the proportions of the front end and BMW’s illustrious past” and it evokes classics such as the 328 and 3.0 CSi. “The kidney grille has always been a signature feature of BMW cars,” added head of BMW Design Domagoj Dukec. “The BMW Concept 4 presents a confident and classy take on this iconic feature. At the same time, the BMW Concept 4 offers a look ahead to the expressive face of the 4 Series range.” Looking past the vertical kidney grille are slim and aggressive laser headlights as well as huge air intakes to gulp down air. The Concept 4 also features particularly expressive sides and slim, two-section mirrors that are partly finished in polished aluminium, as well as 21-inch wheels with a five-spoke pattern. As controversial as the design of the front may be, we suspect people will be more accommodating for the rear fascia. The most noteworthy feature out back are the flowing LED taillights, an angular bumper with a gloss black diffuser and large, rectangular-shaped chrome tailpipes.
  23. ccsgl1900

    All New BMW 1 Series

    Read the newspaper this morning, saw this advertisement on BMW 1 Series. The list price is $133800. I am not sure with the performance of the BMW 1 series and it specifications. Is there anymore discount and over trade off from the list price. Need more information before going for a test drive. Thanks.
  24. Quick Fact / Details - Production begins November 2018 - Uses B47 and B58 engines - 330e come with 48V electrical system - Model availabe for new launch (other models possible, but unlikely by end 2019): • 318d, B47, 148hp, manual and automatic, RWD • 320d, B47, 188hp, manual RWD, automatic RWD and xDrive • 330d, B57, 262hp, automatic RWD and xDrive • 320i, B48 168hp 1.6L or 181hp 2.0L depending on the market, automatic RWD and xDrive • 330i, B48, 255hp, automatic RWD and xDrive • M340i, B58, 385hp, automatic RWD (US only) and xDrive • 330e, B48 + electic motor, 248hp, automatic RWD and xDrive (xDrive US only)
  25. Soya

    New 2018 BMW X3

    New model. Apparently. Doesn't it look like the old X3? http://www.bmwblog.com/2017/09/13/2017-frankfurt-auto-show/