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Found 297 results

  1. Jgoh

    New SEAT Toledo!

    New SEAT Toledo Text & photos courtesy SEAT S.A. edited 07-22-2004 [/size]A new saloon concept Only two months after its introduction as a prototype at the Madrid Motor Show, the new Toledo is already a reality. With it, SEAT redefines the classical saloon concept to offer more versatility, functionality, and unprecedented spaciousness for an automobile of this class. The third Toledo generation retains the essence of its predecessors, combining the notchback concept of the current model (launched in 1998) with the rear hatch of the first Toledo (1991). All moreover without giving up one of the most appealing features for Toledo users: a large volume boot. The new Toledo will be introduced next September at the International Automobile Salon in Paris. And it will be launched on the market before the end of the year. Due to its size, features and versatility, the second model of the
  2. Aukang

    Seat Ateca

    Since Seat has a new AD here and some of us had been waiting till neck long long for Skoda to have an AD here... For the Kodiaq, would anyone buy the Seat Ateca if it was sold here? If yes, what reasonable price would you buy it at? Here is a review from Top Gear UK... https://www.topgear.com/car-reviews/ateca/first-drive Disclaimer : I don't work for the local Seat AD...
  3. Dear all, Recently I had poured an almost full cup of sugary drink into one of my leather chair. Because the leather was perforated and had mini holes, most of the drink went inside to the car seat foam under the leather. I cleaned what I could with the leather and went for some chemical cleaning. But how to treat the foam inside? What other methods are there besides steam cleaning? Thanks
  4. Hi guys, Am thinking of getting an active sub to put under the car seat. Did a search in the forum and results are topics that were some time back, so thought I ask again to see if there are new developments :) I'm not an audiophile so I don't need high end one, but same time don't want to get very cheap brandless/china ones that might not last. Just looking for one roughly that is value for money for its performance. My Scirocco is due to arrive soon, so since I don't have the car yet I don't have the under seat space measurements but would like to shortlist some options first. I have read some discussion on Pioneer TS-WX11A. Also saw 3 models from Steelmate SW826, SW826V & SW833V2. Any thoughts?
  5. Carbon82

    2019 Seat Tarraco

    The future design direction of new SEAT models has been unveiled tonight as the wraps have come off the all-new SEAT Tarraco. The large SUV - named after the Mediterranean city of Tarragona, a historic cultural centre with a spirit that is young and adventurous - completes the Barcelona-based manufacturer's SUV range. The latest vehicle designed and developed at the facilities of SEAT in Martorell (Barcelona) and produced in Wolfsburg (Germany), marks the third instalment in the company's SUV product offensive and shows a glimpse of the future design language of new SEAT models. Tarraco is the new flagship model of the brand and will bring the company new customers, boost brand image and have an important effect on profits, as this is a model with high contribution margins. SEAT Tarraco sits at the top of SEAT's SUV family, as the bigger brother to both the Ateca and Arona, and mixes state-of-the-art technology, dynamic and agile handling, practicality and functionality with elegant, progressive design. The Tarraco combines the many advantages of its larger dimensions to offer a vehicle that can take on all elements of modern life. The new SUV blends the key attributes of every vehicle in the SEAT range - design and functionality, sportiness and comfort, accessibility and quality, technology and emotion -but in a form that suits a wider variety of lifestyles. The new SEAT Tarraco is designed for drivers who need the usefulness of a five or seven-seater and the practicality of a higher driving position, but are conscious of a vehicle's aesthetics and appreciate the Tarraco's balance between self-confidence and elegance. That balance is maintained across both available trim levels, SE and Xcellence. As the SUV market continues to expand, the SEAT Tarraco will play a key role for SEAT when it is introduced at the very beginning of 2019, strengthening the brand and aiding further growth at a time when the company's sales are rising steadily already. Between January and August, SEAT delivered 383,900 vehicles worldwide, an increase of 21.9% over the same period in 2017. "SEAT is experiencing its biggest product offensive in recent times. The introduction of the SEAT Tarraco, our very first large SUV, forms part of our €3.3 billion investment between 2015 and 2019 in the company's future and the range of vehicles we offer," said President of SEAT, Luca de Meo, "It completes our family of SUVs, to suit every customer's need". Engineering excellence The SEAT Tarraco has been engineered for drivers looking for excitement and functionality in a single vehicle. People who need the practicality of up to seven seats and the space to transport family and friends, but appreciate a vehicle that reacts to the driver's inputs and offers dynamic performance. The key to its nuanced approach to practicality and dynamic behaviour is the latest technology from Volkswagen Group and the MQB-A long wheelbase architecture that underpins the large SUV. The vehicle's Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) setup gives the perfect balance between a sporty feeling when you are behind the wheel, and a more comfortable ride when you need to cover longer distances, on different types of roads. The driver can select which setting they prefer, but the system can also adapt automatically, modifying the ride depending on the road surface and driving style. The smoothness of the ride quality is matched by the performance, efficiency and reliability of the powertrain options. All engines benefit from direct-injection, turbocharging and start-stop technology and offer power outputs of between 150PS and 190PS. Two petrol variants will be available: a four-cylinder 1.5 litre TSI unit that produces 150PS and is linked to a six-speed manual transmission powering the front wheels, and a 2.0 litre, 190PS offering mated to a seven-speed DSG gearbox and 4Drive total traction system. There are two diesel options, both 2.0 litre TDIs, with power outputs of 150PS and 190PS respectively. The 150PS variant can be connected to either a front-wheel drive, six-speed manual or seven-speed DSG with 4Drive system. The higher powered version is solely available in 4Drive/seven-speed DSG gearbox. Later, the SEAT Tarraco will also benefit from alternative powertrain technologies. "The SEAT Tarraco is a masterpiece of functionality and flexibility, as it offers the space and flexibility customers expect from a large SUV. It is the sportiest vehicle in the segment from a design point of view and also thanks to the dynamic chassis control, which allows you to tune it to meet your driving needs,"said SEAT Executive Vice-President for Research and Development, Dr. Matthias Rabe. The new SEAT Tarraco has all the driving assistance systems needed to make driving more comfortable and secure, even in more demanding driving environments. Well known systems such as Lane Assist and Front Assist including bicycle and pedestrian detection are standard in Europe, while systems such as Blind Spot Detection, Traffic Sign Recognition, Traffic Jam Assist, ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), Light Assist and Emergency Assist are available as options. Taking safety to the next level for SEAT, the Tarraco SUV also includes Emergency Call, Pre-crash Assist and Rollover Detection, meaning no matter what the situation, the vehicle is designed to meet the most demanding safety standards in order to make the large SUV the benchmark model in the segment. Designed for life Bigger dimensions inspired the design team to find a greater balance between aesthetic integrity and purposeful proportions. And even though the SEAT Tarraco SUV is 4,735mm long and 1,658mm tall, creating a huge interior space and an imposing exterior, the overall design implies a lightness and agility as well as a robustness and perception of space. The front design gives a hint to SEAT's new design language, with a more prominent grille, giving greater presence and character, and while the sharp Full LED headlights retain the company's triangular signature they are set further into the body, giving a more focused appearance. Lighting technology forms an important aspect of the SEAT Tarraco. The SUV uses 100% LED technology for both the exterior and interior as standard on both the Xcellence and Style trims, giving designers greater creative freedom and the customer cleaner, crisper lighting. "I believe the new Tarraco gives a first strong impression when you see it for the first time because of its excellent proportions and elegant, yet sporty design. It delivers a feeling of proudness thanks to its assertive front end, a front end that gives you a hint to what future SEAT's will look like," said Alejandro Mesonero, Director of Design at SEAT, "And as we do in every vehicle we develop, we put a huge amount of our love and passion into the Tarraco's detailing, following our philosophy: If it looks right, it is right." At the rear, where functionality is of immense importance, the emphasis is on a low loading area, but with a lighting concept to express the width and practicality of the SUV. The LED lighting also allows for dynamic rear indicators. The SEAT Tarraco will be available with eight different colours : Dark Camouflage, Oryx White, Reflex Silver, Atlantic Blue, Indium Grey, Titanium Beige, Deep Black and Urano Grey. Inside, designers have worked hard to create an interior that cocoons the occupants, using a horizontal line that spans the dashboard but also emphasises the width of the Tarraco, increasing the feeling of space in the cabin while at the same time inspiring confidence, safety and a level of quality normally found in the premium sector. And as our world becomes increasingly digitised the Tarraco's interior benefits from SEAT's 10.25" Digital Cockpit, streamlining the delivery of important information to the driver, and an 8" large, floating HMI screen where occupants can access SEAT's suite of connectivity options. Finally, when it comes to infotainment systems, The Tarraco will be the first SEAT to feature gesture control functions (when equipped with 8" Navigation Plus).
  6. Fishycat

    SEAT Arona

    New small sized SUV SEAT Arona https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAM2kUtdnmg
  7. So_nice

    Seat modifications

    Not sure if this is the right section.. My car (sedan) does not come with knockdown rear seats..may I know if it is possible to mod it to be knockdown ones? Or is it possible to mod another car's rear seat to fit my current one? Also, I'm looking to install a pair of recaros from another model..where would you guys recommend to fabricate the railings and roughly wat are the cost and down time required? Lastly I'm looking to freshen up the interior with new leather..any recommendation? Even those furniture workshops whom are experience in wrapping leather are welcome.. Thanks in advance and a great new year ahead! Huat ah
  8. Lester

    Car seat covers

    Hi there Anyone knows anywhere I can get nice looking and afforadable seat covers for high back bucket seats? Any fabric or faux leather will do. Ideally need for 2 front, 2nd row of bench seat and last row of 2 individual seats. But 2 for front and and row of bench seats of priority. Here are some pics. Thanks. Regards Lester
  9. We can all agree on one thing; it is important to have seat comfort in your car! Just think about it this way: when you drive, you're spending all the time in your car seat, so that car seat has to be comfortable and suitable for you. However, when choosing a car seat, there are several choices you can make. Leather or fabric car seats are the most popular choices. Anyhow, the real question here is ' ' Are car seats in leather better than fabric '? ' And, we're here to discuss all of this. So, let's no longer waste time and get straight to business. Let's see the leather and fabric car seats ' advantages and disadvantages. I prefer fabric seats myself as it is not as hot as leather. But the thing about fabric is that it gets dusty very quickly. So usually I will standby a magic clean duster to dust away from the dust.
  10. I am considering the new SEAT Ibiza, 1.5 EcoTSI DSG Stype Plus (A). It comes with 1-litre 3 cylinder engine, and generates 114 bhp. I have not yet test driven it, but I do like the interior design. The 8-inch infotainment comes with Apple Carplay & Android Auto. There is enough room in the back for 2 adults. The fit and finish while not luxurious is way better than my current 2013 Suzuki Swift Sport. The car review (on most car websites( are generally positive), and I do prefer small/medium hatchbacks. Good seating position and good visibility, coupled with good safety features. I have some concerns/doubts about SEAT's after-sales service. Some of the threads in other forums mentioned that the service engineers are not professional and not well trained. Do you have any experience with their after-sales service and reliability? I am also concern about SEAT's reliability - it comes with only 3-year warranty. Thank you in advance, Naresh.
  11. AndyHo

    Car seat upholstery

    Was quoted 1.8k to redo car seat upholstery. Full grained leather. What is full grained leather? Is it good?
  12. Hi guys, my pet dog accidentally peed in the rear seat (my fault for not walking her earlier). I used tissue to soak the urine from the seat (leather seat) and clean it. The next day when I came to the car, there was a strong smell. Can’t really pinpoint where the smell is coming from but it’s at the rear seat. Realised that some parts of the seat were made of fabric (those sections for the seat belt buckle and child seat Anchor Point). Suspect the urine might have gone through these fabric parts and soaked and lying at the underneath of the seat hence giving out the smell. Tried the following: 1) vacuuming the area 2) fabreeze 3) baking soda on the seat overnight 4) charcoal deodarizer with fragrance gel The first 3 did not help much. The deodorizer help in masking the smell (since it has fragrance) but I’m still able to smell the pungent smell now and then. I have tried spraying fabreeze on the suspected areas lots of times. But it doesn’t help much. When open the car door, I can still smell abit of the pungent smell. Is it possible that the urine might have seeped through the leather seat and hence the smell is coming from inside the leather? If that’s the case, any advice on how to remove the smell from the leather seat? Thanks in advance. Anyway the car is only 4 months old
  13. Wrxblue

    Seat Leon Cupra R

  14. SGCMmadman

    Kid booster seat

    wif the current enforcement to catch child in car without booster seat, anyone know where to buy 1 at good price coz sumtimes bring my nephew out, wats the age limit required to hv booster seat? happy 2012
  15. What are some of the better brands in the market? And where to buy? Rgds
  16. AndyHo

    Clean car seat belt

    Which detailer provides service to clean seat selts? My beige seat selts were dirty and stained. Quotation given to replace 7 seat belts was $780... too expensive for me...
  17. Weezersg


  18. Ronnieseah

    Vellfire seat modification

    hi anyone know where can i covert the middle row from bench seat to 2 pilot seat?
  19. Anyone keen in this Seat Ibiza 1.4 Cupra Bocanegra? Looks nice and fierce from the front. Really 1 and only one driving it here. http://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/newcars_...p?CarCode=11058
  20. Hi guys, I wish to change my ride passenger seat from manual to electric powered seats. Any recommendations?
  21. Iygnaug

    Any SEAT cars owner?

    I remember spotting this SEAT coupe in Yishun 6++ 10 years ago. The owner changed from a red SEAT coupe to a yellow SEAT coupe. I am just wondering what happened to the brand? I remembered it looked quite impressive, if my memory doesn't fail me. anyone knows of SEAT? i only know it's slightly related to fiat.
  22. Hi all, i need a good recommendation for a baby car seat. My baby is now 4 months old and weighs about 6.5kg. What do you suggest? I see a lot of cradle like kind of seats, are they better? http://babymeadows.com.sg/maxi-cosi-1/2008...eflection-.html as compared to this http://www.littlewhiz.com/pd-maxi-cosi-dor...le-car-seat.cfm ? please share your experiences! Thank you!
  23. Catch the Award Winning SEAT SUV Range from Spain Featuring the New SEAT Arona and SEAT Ateca, both models combines the best of cutting-edge German Technology from the Volkswagen Group and Class Leading 5-Star Euro NCAP Safety Standards for your safety and protection. MCF has partnered with SEAT Singapore to organise an event exclusively for you. Join us at this event to experience the 2 cars up-close in person, enjoy an awesome time with fun games and prizes to be won. You might even walk away with our exciting lucky draw prizes! 24 Aug 2018, 6PM, 3 Ubi Rd 4 S(408608) Participant will receive Door Gift that is worth up to $19.90! SEAT is the only company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets cars in Spain. A member of the Volkswagen Group, the multinational has its headquarters in Martorell (Barcelona) and is present in over 80 countries. 2017 is a stand-out year in the history of SEAT with over 468,400 vehicle delivered to customers. The company has had five consecutive years of consistent growth and obtains its best sales result since 2001. SEAT is actively engaged with Motorsports with its sponsorship for the Ducati MotoGP Team, the engagement of MotoGP champion Andrea Dovizioso and Jorge Lorenzo as it brand’s ambassador as well as sponsoring the World Superbike Championship with the Leon Cupra as the official safety car. Save the date! Here's what we have for you! 630pm – Registration 700pm – Opening Speech by Seat Singapore 715pm – Editorial Talk – Seat Ateca & Arona 745pm – Dinner & Test Drive 945pm – Lucky Draw (Exciting Lucky Draw Prizes to be won!) 1000pm –End of Event Registration Closed
  24. Found that conti such as VW, Citroen and Peugeot uses dials instead of lever in japanese car to adjust seat recline angle. Why do they use that when lever is so much more convenient and faster to adjust?
  25. Don’t forget abt the maid oso hor http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/driver-sentenced-to-one-week-s-jail-for-accident-which-led-to-10547298