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  1. Lo and behold! sgCarMart kickstarted its very own SGCARMART REVIEWS on the 3rd of November with the new Mercedes-Benz CLA with Julian from the Editorial Department (some of you may find him familiar from MCF events) and cool kid James from Marketing. We're now on episode 2 with the Skoda Octavia RS 245! We're still new at this so don't forget to show some love! Like, subscribe and leave your comments on our Youtube channel! Let them know what cars you want them to review next. 💟
  2. No, it is not driven by someone with little driving experience but... still a ID10T nevertheless. I can feel the pain of the car, and many car lovers out there, 'cos this is not a normal Mini JCW, but one with limited run of 3000 units (and this unit was gone too fast, literally). Even I am not a motoring expert, I know that drifting on soft / uneven ground is simply asking for trouble. There are just 3,000 units of the Mini John Cooper Works GP coming to the road, and judging by this video, you can already scratch one of those of that total. A video from the YouTuber Pog shows the excitement of him taking delivery of the limited-run hot hatch and eventually the despair of wrecking the vehicle. The Mini comes to Pog's house in a giant crate, which makes for an impressive unboxing. It also arrives with a bag that has a mini statue of Pog inside. Due to the lockdown from the COVID-19 pandemic, Pog can't take the JCW GP onto the road, so he decides to start doing laps of his yard. He doesn't have too much land, but there's enough space to create a little circuit around his house. Pog completes multiple laps, and there's some great cinematography in this video. Tragedy eventually strikes, though. After so many circuits there's a divet at the entrance of one of the homemade corners. Hitting it upsets the balance of the car, and the hatchback does a complete roll before ending back on the wheels. Pog doesn't suffer any injuries. The JCW GP is in rough shape, though. The worst damage is where the roof meets the windshield because it is crushed inward. While Pog is physically unharmed, he's going through mental anguish. He covered just 14 miles (23 kilometers) before rolling the limited-edition hot hatch. The JCW GP uses a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with 302 horsepower (225 kilowatts) and 332 pound-feet (450 Newton-meters) of torque. It can get to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in 5.1 seconds and a top speed of 165 mph (265 kph).
  3. Finally a major change in design language for the new Mini. This new Mini Electric look quite refreshing and modernized imo. The images were taken at a facility in China and posted to Chinese social media. In the photos, the undisguised Mini is accompanied by several other camouflaged models parked nearby. It has no visible tailpipe and a limited amount of air intake on the front end, which suggests that this is an electric model. The pictured model is badged with Mini’s “S” badging, designating that this is a higher-performance model. The other camouflaged Minis nearby all have the typical hood scoop of Mini’s S models, but the uncamouflaged version does not. These scoops are used for air intake, but electric cars need less air intake than ICE cars do, so the scoop is somewhat superfluous for an EV. The current Mini Cooper SE electric does have a hood scoop, however. The biggest exterior change is the rear taillights, which change in shape and pattern compared to previous models. They’re also connected by a horizontal black stripe across the whole rear of the vehicle. Current Mini models have patterns reminiscent of the Union Jack, the British flag, imprinted in their taillights. In the photos, it looks like a similar pattern might still be there but is obscured by vertical black lines covering it and by the triangular shape of the taillights. On the interior, the dashboard is a significant departure from current Minis. This new Mini has a flat, bare dash, no driver display, and a floating circular center screen as the main focal point of the car’s infotainment system. The dash has significantly fewer buttons, knobs, and switches than current models, though there are physical controls on the steering wheel and a few (stereotypically-Mini) switches underneath the screen. This lack of physical controls suggests that the circular screen will be a touchscreen. The small screen in front of the driver is a heads-up display, which is likely carried over from the current Minis.
  4. Source: https://www.motor1.com/news/678756/new-mini-cooper-audio-visual-technology/ Mini has already unveiled almost everything about the next-generation Cooper but the full debut isn’t coming until later this year. Today, the British manufacturer shares more details and photos of the hatchback’s cabin where new gimmicks will be implemented on both the audio and visual aspects of the technology. Mini seems to be especially proud of the circular OLED display that sits in the middle of the dashboard and has a diameter of 9.44 inches (240 millimeters). It says this is the industry’s first display of this size to feature OLED technology and more importantly, it will make its debut on the next-generation Mini models using the Mini Operating System 9. This is the latest version of BMW Group’s infotainment software based on an Android Open Source Project (AOSP) software stack. The new round display is also home to Mini’s new cloud-based navigation system, which provides charging-optimized route planning for the electric versions of the new Mini Cooper. Three-dimensional maps and an AI view are some of the new features the navigation system receives. The screen also provides access to the so-called Mini Experience Modes – Core, Green, and Go-Kart, each of which has its own specific interface design and additional light and sound effects. “Hey Mini” activates the company’s new intelligent voice assistant called Spike. It provides quick and easy control through voice commands of functions such as navigation, telephony, radio, and temperature. Optional 5G connectivity ensures the new interface can be quickly updated through over-the-air updates, which should happen several times a year. Last but not least, the high-speed connectivity provides access to the Mini Connected Store where different applications can be downloaded, including AirConsole games, video streaming apps, Spotify, and others. Speaking of the new Mini’s audio capability, the automaker promises “unmistakable sound” for the all-electric models. This includes new driving sounds in the cabin, a different sound from the outside, different jingles for the different Experience Modes, and 30 new sound signals with information and warning functions. “We are taking a massive leap into the digital world with the new Mini family and, in so doing, underscoring the charismatic heritage of the brand. The iconic central display in the new Mini family is round and will be filled with round content for the first time. I am convinced that the digital power of the new models will delight Mini customers around the world,” says Stefanie Wurst, head of the Mini brand. As a reminder, the new electric Mini will be available as the entry-level Cooper E with a front-mounted 181-horsepower electric motor and a 40.7-kilowatt-hour battery for an estimated 186-mile range in Europe's WLTP test cycle. Above it, the Cooper SE has a slightly more powerful 215-hp electric motor and a larger 54.2-kWh battery pack.
  5. The ice cream saga sibeh power leh... BMW Mini Ice Cream Is Only For Foreigners, Stock Price Plummeted: The Loss Is Equivalent To 460 Million Ice Creams! At the Shanghai Auto Show, netizens broke the news that the staff at the BMW Mini booth refused to distribute ice cream to Chinese visitors, claiming that it was gone, but then not only gave ice cream to foreigners, but two girls also thoughtfully taught foreigners how to eat it. This kind of differential treatment caused dissatisfaction on the Internet. BMW officials later apologized, but did not quell the anger. This incident was not only fermented in China, but was even reported abroad. As a result, BMW shares fell 3%.The market value has evaporated by 2.16 billion euros, or about 16.3 billion yuan,It can be said that a box of ice cream caused a murder, and the loss was great. Many people have no idea about this loss, so it’s easy to understand if you switch to the Luneurs ice cream presented by BMW. The price of this store is not cheap, and a box costs 30 to 40 yuan.Some netizens calculated that the market value lost by BMW is enough to buy 460 million Luneurs ice cream, not to mention giving away a circle at the auto show, it is enough for BMW to invite 1/3 of the people in the country to eat ice cream. The store also issued a statement before, denying that the staff belonged to their family. “The Luneurs brand did not participate in any on-site operations of BMW’s Mini brand activities during the Shanghai Auto Show. We are only a supplier of ice cream products. The two people who appeared in the video The staff and their specific services are not our responsibility and have nothing to do with this brand.”
  6. A nice update which retain the shape we are all familiar with, yet the design cues is catching up with the electric era. While the overall shape is immediately recognizable as a Mini, there are notable changes to the next-gen version. New oval headlights are larger with dual horizontal elements inside. They sit atop a front fascia that is smoother overall, lacking corner vents but brandishing a slightly larger grille surround with squared corners. At the back, the new taillights a departure from the current design. They are much smaller overall, switching from a rectangle to a triangle shape with the Union Jack still displayed when lights and brakes are activated. The lights are connected by a prominent strip of black trim across the rear hatch, and below, a new rear fascia incorporates vertically oriented reflectors in scallops on the edges. This is an electric model, so you won't find exhaust outlets. At this point, it's worth noting that electric and internal-combustion next-gen Minis will co-exist, and they will carry some unique styling cues to set them apart. Among other things, expect to see fender emblems for combustion-powered models, and of course, the grille will have openings for air to enter. Combustion engines will incorporate a 48-volt mild hybrid system for added efficiency. As for the Mini seen here, reports say there will be two EVs offered with different battery packs. The starting point will be a 40-kWh pack, with the up-spec SE model wielding a 54-kWh pack. That should give the new Cooper a range of around 240 miles under WLTP testing, which tends to be generous. Buyers will have a choice between 181 or 215 horsepower.
  7. Charming looks, go-kart handling, and a cabin that delivers on usability mean the MINI One should be your ideal companion for the road Finding a life partner is no easy feat. It is only natural to look for someone who's sensible because household expenses can quickly spiral out of control with inflation rates the way they are today. But on the flip side, a fair amount of zaniness is also warranted, for added flavour during those holidays and weekends out. And of course, the fact that he/she is pleasing on the eyes is always a welcome bonus. Finding your ideal car is not much different. Low running costs, high driving enjoyment, and a sheet of appealing metal on the exterior form the start of a motorist's long list of requirements. Thankfully, searching for your ideal car need not be difficult, because there's always the MINI One 3-Door and MINI One 5-Door. To love and cherish It really doesn't take much to fall in love with this MINI. Not when it looks like this. With its unique round head lights and that boxy hatchback silhouette, this MINI One is still an instantly recognisable successor to Alec Issigonis' 1959 original. And especially so if you opt for the charming MINI One 3-Door, finished in Zesty Yellow like the example in the photos. But sit in and drive either MINI One and you'll find that it's a car whose charms are more than skin-deep: There are also mighty capable underpinnings here that mean you'll continue to cherish every drive for years to come. Consider for example, the fact that its 1.5-litre TwinPower Turbo engine is paired with a slick and quick-shifting seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and puts a total of 101bhp and 190Nm of torque to the road. This means you'll get plenty of power to pull all that sheet metal off the lights, and keeping up with traffic will be a breeze. To have and to hold And you'll also easily be able to rein all this power in with the MINI One, perfect for those days when you're craving a little more adventure. With both the MINI One 3-Door and 5-Door offering compact exterior dimensions and that fabled, go-kart-like handling, you're sure to find driving pleasure aplenty whether you are café hopping down the hilly sections of Gillman Barracks, or navigating the narrow streets of Singapore's historical districts. But despite its fun-loving disposition, the MINI One can still deliver sensible drives as well. This makes it perfect for all those days where you'd rather relax and just have a comfortable, uneventful drive back home from work. Aiding affairs here is the 8.8-inch infotainment display, complete with in-built navigation and the MINI Driving Assistant, always ready to warn you of any congestion or hazards on the road ahead. There are also comfortable seats to luxuriate on while you make your way home. And you can opt to have these with the Chester Malt Brown seat upholstery as seen on this MINI One 5-Door, which pair perfectly with the MINI One's gorgeous interior lights and fine detailing to make for one sophisticated cabin. Furthermore, if you have children to ferry about, this MINI One 5-Door will not only allow easy access to the rear seats, but also comes with 278 litres of boot space, so you'll be able to grab along the entire week's groceries without any trouble. For all the days And if you opt to take things easy, the MINI One can play the part of a fuel sipping saver as well, helping you keep those household expenses in check. To start, both the MINI One 3-Door and MINI One 5-Door fall within the A2 banding of the VES scheme, netting you a $15,000 rebate. There's also of course, a handy complimentary five-year MINI Servicing, three-year Warranty, and an attractive overtrade offer to get you closer to owning your dream MINI One. And once you're on the road, both the MINI One 3-Door and MINI One 5-Door will also offer a fuel economy of 19.2km/L, critical these days, where petrol prices are so high. Do you? Are you still looking for that right mix of fun-loving cheekiness and everyday sensibility in your next vehicle? This MINI One could be the one you have always been looking for.
  8. Source: https://www.motor1.com/news/600560/mini-concept-airman-electric-suv-debut-in-new-design-language/ The Mini Concept Aceman is an electric crossover that displays how the brand imagines its future models. A production version of this EV is coming later to fill the space between the Cooper and Countryman in the lineup. Mini offers no mechanical details about the Aceman. Instead, the company is keeping the focus on the vehicle's design and technology. The vehicle is the unique color Icy Sunglow Green, which has a blue tinge in these images. The roof is metallic British Racing Green. The Aceman is the first expression of Mini's new Charismatic Simplicity design language. The goal of this new look is to combine minimalism and sustainability. At the most basic level, this crossover has a classic, two-box shape. The wheels are at the extreme corners to minimize the length of the front and rear overhangs. To put the Aceman's size into perspective, the electric crossover is 159.4 inches (4.05 meters) long and 78.35 inches (1.99 meters) wide. For comparison, the current Mini Countryman is 169.7 inches (4.31 meters) long and 78.8 inches (2 meters) wide factoring in its side mirrors. In front, the Aceman has an evolution of Mini's current look. Since this is an EV, there's no need for a big grille for cooling the engine. Instead, the upper area has LED illumination that can show a Union Jack design. A green accent outlines this area. Whereas existing Mini models have round headlights, the Aceman has a more angular appearance here. Running lights surround the lamps, and there are LEDs on the inside. Chunky body cladding surrounds the wheel wells and the lower portion of the body. A bronze-colored, Union-Jack-shaped roof rack mounts to the top of the vehicle. The Aceman rides on 20-inch wheels. The five spokes bend inward, creating a captivating visual effect. At the back, a black spoiler hangs over the rear window. There's a smoothly styled hatchback, and the taillights have a Union Jack appearance like the lamps in front. The bright, yet minimalist look extends into the cabin. Taking a note from the original Mini, the circular display on the center of the dashboard handles the instruments. In a nod to modernity, it also functions as the infotainment screen. A row of switches underneath the monitor includes the parking brake toggle, gear selector, select the drive mode, and adjust the audio volume. To extend the information display beyond the screen, projectors can put control system content on the dashboard, like showing a map. Alternatively, this can be an aesthetic element by putting an image of clouds or letters there. The Aceman has no leather in its cabin. The surfaces use a knitted, recycled textile, and the steering wheel has green velour covering. When someone walks up to the Aceman, the exterior lights track them and the vehicle plays a sound depending on the person's distance from the car. The headlight even winks. When someone opens the door, light projects onto the ground. The Aceman concept will make its public debut at the Gamescom video game convention in Cologne, Germany, that will start on August 23.
  9. Vratenza


    Searched the whole forum and it seem like no one started a thread on this topic. https://bimmercode.app/ This is the app that when paired to a compatible bluetooth OBII reader, can customize your BMW, Mini, Toyota Supra, Rolls Royce that you would not have been able to change from the car's infotainment system itself. Let's share experience our experience here and what you have changed for your car. For a start, I am using this OBII reader: https://www.amazon.sg/Veepeak-OBDCheck-BLE-Bluetooth-Diagnostic/dp/B076XVQMVS/ref=asc_df_B076XVQMVS/?tag=googleshoppin-22&linkCode=df0&hvadid=405536326971&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=7523507302547664886&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=2702&hvtargid=pla-804549142681&psc=1 Let me start off with a list of changes I have done for my mini. - Auto start-stop default off - car handle LED light turn on when car in reverse - left rear view mirror tilt angle adjusted to 60% when car is reversing - turn signal from blink from 3 to 5 times - car start mode set to memory function (instead of the factory default mid mode) - turn on blinking brake light when stopping hard. Different from the flashing hazard light when emergency braking. - comfort entry and exit duration to press the remote/door lock button to activate all window/sunroof/folding mirror auto close or auto open.
  10. Hi asking for my dad. For the Non-S Cooper, how is the maintenance like? Fuel consumption, insurance and regular servicing cost (AD versus outside workshops) ? If getting used, anything to look out for? Thanks!
  11. cute! if its very cheap might be fun to drive around in... untitled.bmp
  12. For this video review we have the MINI One Clubman! Don't know how the MINI range works? Jon starts off the review with a run through of what the different MINIs offer. The MINI Clubman of course, gives you a larger boot to place your luggage. However, its depth does leave much to be desired if you're looking for something practical... We found the MINI One Clubman still delivers a plush and luxurious interior, despite being the base model. Jon finds that the infotainment screen could be larger though, do you agree? Join us in the video review to see just how this MINI Clubman drives! Should you opt for a MINI One? See what Jon thinks...
  13. https://www.sgcarmart.com/news/article.php?AID=23641 First MINI Electric car.. Actually a electrified Cooper S but I think its called a Cooper SE (E for electric), priced at $163,888... 181bhp, 270Nm of torque but maxes out at 150km/hr Standard MINI good looks, the bright yellow on white visual cues outside and interior electrified me...
  14. This week we test the MINI John Cooper Works Countryman! Join Jon as he goes with us through the storied history of this car, along with its many distinctive design features. Does getting the Countryman mean you actually get a more practical car despite it being a MINI? We get to watch Jon work that boot! But let's not forget, this is a JCW, so just how does it handle the roads? Watch the full video to see Jon grapple with the car's turbo lag!
  15. MINI Cooper Countryman ALL4 MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4 MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 MINI John Cooper Works Countryman
  16. The number of electric cars are growing on our roads, and in the statistics, it shows. In 2009, there was just a single registered fully electric passenger car on our roads, according to the Land Transport Authority. 10 years later, that number increased to 1,120. This year, MINI is putting out a new all electric model on our roads – the MINI Electric. But it doesn’t spell out the end of internal combustion engined MINIs. It is all about giving MINI buyers the power of choice, with a new electric powertrain that might suit your needs. But is going fully electric really a thing of the future, or is it something that one can adopt today? I’ve chosen the MINI Electric to ponder on the possibility of all-electric motoring. Fitting range I looked back on some of my concerns, with the first being range. I cover an average of about 20-30km a day. And my routine drive doesn’t include expressways. I spend a lot of time in start-stop traffic in the city. The MINI Electric’s range is some 200km. With a fast 50kW charger, the MINI can in fact charge to 80% in just 35 minutes. Think about it. Unless you’re charging a completely flat battery, you probably can top up the remaining charge for far less time. Plus, with constant traffic lights in my way, I could be topping up a kilometre or two of my range just from regenerative braking. I could in fact go for close to a week without needing to charge if I wanted to. With the availability of charging stations now and in the future, charging will get even more convenient. Easy chargin’ Still, charging up an electric vehicle still is a concern. As I don’t live in a landed property, and charging station access will be an issue. With more and more charging stations propping up, it will only get easier to drive something like the MINI Electric around in the future. Plus, this year’s Budget has announced that by 2030, there will be 28,000 charging points in Singapore! Until then, I can charge it at work or at home. For example, there’s a fast CCS2 SP Group charger a stone’s throw away from the sgCarMart office. The fast SP Group DC charger costs just $14 to fully charge the MINI. And back home, there’s a public charger, which offers AC Type 2 charging. The MINI Electric can take both AC and fast DC charging options. And if that isn’t enough, there are charging stations in malls. They’re reserved lots, which means even when the malls are full, you’re almost guaranteed a parking space. Some malls like Our Tampines Hub even offers free charging! But my favourite part is the MINI Electric’s pre-conditioning feature. You can program the car to turn the air-conditioning on after a set amount of time, meaning you’ll be back in a comfortably cool car by the time you’re done charging. In fact, with these free or cheap charging options available, it makes a lot of sense to drive something like the MINI Electric today. Fun to drive Some might think the introduction of all electric vehicles will spell the end of fun cars. But with the MINI Electric, that isn’t the case. One of the perks of driving an all-electric car is its instantaneous torque. And with the MINI, you get to zip around traffic with ease with its pint-sized proportions. While instant torque can be fun, having a car that responds well to driver inputs brings about an enthusiastic experience behind the wheel. There’s good news. That go-kart feeling that everyone raves about is ever present in the MINI Electric. In fact, it’s even more fun. Because having the battery packs down low allows for a lower centre of gravity. In fact, its centre of gravity is at least 30mm lower than the MINI Cooper S 3-Door. With a low weight of just over 1.3 tonnes, coupled with its 184hp and 270Nm of instant torque, the MINI Electric is the perfect recipe for a fun-to-drive city car. Clean 'n' green The best part of all this is that you’re having a fun car with no tailpipe emissions. And there’s no noise pollution, too. While electricity production is not free from emissions, it is still far less than an ICE-powered car. What about manufacturing emissions? Well, MINI also didn’t have to create a completely new manufacturing line for the Electric. The same tooling and processes used to manufacture the Cooper 3-Door is still largely used, with the Electric’s battery situated where the fuel tank would in a petrol-driven variant. While the MINI Electric is a green option now, it’ll continue to be a greener option in the future, as the government adopts more incentives and tax breaks on Additional Registration Fees starting next year. Still the quirky, lovable MINI We love MINIs for their proportions, good looks and character behind the wheel. Very few cars can evoke the same emotions a MINI can. With the MINI Electric, that’s all still intact. To everyone, it is still most recognisable as a MINI. The only difference is that this one is quieter, and you charge it up with electricity, instead of filling it up with fuel. With its good looks stirring emotions, with a sustainable powertrain, the MINI Electric is a reasonable all-electric car definitely I can see myself driving and living with every day.
  17. https://wordpress.com/post/garage36.wordpress.com/15726
  18. https://garage36.wordpress.com/2019/08/24/the-fun-the-curious-visiting-the-2019-international-mini-meet-in-bristol/
  19. Hi there, I’m getting my ride next weekend. Currently it is fitted with 18’. Any fellow mini buddies out there fitted with 19’? Can you share your views? Is the ride really very much Firmer?
  20. Chris Harris goes classic mini racing in his latest series of Chris Harris Drives video. If you love racing, you probably would want to have a go in the car too. With 60 old school Minis gathered in Goodwood for the celebration of the model’s 60th anniversary, Harris got to remind himself how fun it was to drive the Minis as racing cars. These specially prepped cars had 125bhp and could rev over 8,000rpm. While the power output doesn't sound like much, it only weighs 620kg and with the help of a limited-slip differential and many modern components, the Minis can average an impressive 150km/h around the track.
  21. Dear all, Thinking of getting a JCW, the 3 door version. Is there anything that I should watch out for? Is the extra power worth the premium? I heard that the post 2014 versions are more reliable, is that correct? Thanks for answering this noob’s questions. :) Cheers
  22. MINI's range-topping John Cooper Works GP has been spotted at the Nurburgring near production form. It is rumored to get 300bhp. The limited edition hot hatch will be the company's fastest and most powerful model till date, thanks to a turbocharged 2.0-litre four cylinder engine. As reported by Carscoops, production will be limited to just 3000 units. Likely to be the swansong for the current model generation, the car looks like it will feature a pretty wild body kit with plenty of aero. Other than the very aggressive fender flares and rear roof spoiler, it looks like the JCW GP will also get a new front bumper with a different grill and exhaust tips that are larger than standard. Elsewhere, the car might have also lost its rear seats to reduce weight while getting bigger brakes, stickier tyres and a retuned suspension. The car is expected to be revealed before the year ends.
  23. What's your fave? Blues Brothers? Steve McQueen? The Classic "Pork Pie"
  24. Dice

    Mini countryman

    any kind soul knows when mini SG will launch the countryman model?
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