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  1. Ford is calling the 2019 Focus their most “accomplished and technically-competent Focus ever”, with the car boasting a new human-centric design philosophy meant to unite exterior styling with class-leading aerodynamics and a more spacious and well-built interior. “We wanted our all-new Focus to be a product customers fall in love with, and stay in love with,” said Ford Europe design director, Amko Leenarts. “Inside and out, our new design philosophy is about creating memorable moments of interaction that build and maintain the relationship between human being and machine.” By extending the
  2. The Spanish cousin of the VW Golf is set to adopt a version of the dashboard first seen on the Cupra Formentor concept, featuring a tablet-like touchscreen display on top of the central air vents and a raised center console. The infotainment system will be all-new and will support over-the-air updates. The test car was fitted with an automatic transmission and featured a stubby gear selector between the seats, reminding us of the lever Porsche is using on the new 911. VW Group’s digital instrument cluster will also be present, at least on the more well-equipped models of the range. T
  3. Honda's a genius in churning out state-of-the-art small cars. Here's why. The 2014 Honda Jazz is 4cm shorter but it offers 138 liters more cabin-space volume and nearly 13cm of extra rear legroom - compared to the predecessor. Here's how Honda engineers eked out extra room in a shorter car. For starters, Jazz's wheelbase has been stretched further apart by 3cm allowing its rear seat bench to move back outwardly by 7.6cm. Next, engineers made the centrally-mounted fuel tank located beneath the front seats thinner liberating more space for passengers but retains the same liter-v
  4. The Opel Corsa is one of the German manufacturer’s best selling models, and now there’s an all-new sixth-generation model out, based around the same platform as the 2019 Peugeot 208. The two cars are mechanically very similar, but what they propose are two distinct visual packages - the 2020 Opel Corsa is the more sober and restrained of the two, so it’s probably pretty attractive to you if you prefer to be more low-key and not stand out as much as you would in, say, the flashier Peugeot 208. Aside from it sharing its underpinnings with other PSA products, the new Corsa also being offered
  5. This week, we test drove ‘Hot Hatch’ from Hyundai. We had so much fun with 2019 Hyundai Veloster N. Is N good enough against Honda Civic Type-R and Golf GTi? If you haven’t you have to learn how to drive manual, because it is so much fun! With 2.0L turbo and 6 speed short throw shifter, it was a blast, let's meet the Veloster N. https://youtu.be/UU0W2FO2ISw 2019 Hyundai Veloster N -2.0T: 275hp (6,000rpm) / 260lb.ft. (1,450~4,700rpm) (Redline: 6,750rpm) -6 short throw shifter BGM Ever Felt pt2. - Otis McDonald Ex-Boxer - Riod Competition: Honda Civic Type-R, Golf GTi
  6. Audi‘s next generation S3 model will also be available in Sedan form, featuring the same updated design and improved tech as its hatchback sibling. We can see loads of sporty-looking bits underneath this prototype’s camouflage, such as the chunky front and rear spoilers, large dual-spoke wheels and most of all, the quad exhaust pipe setup which points to this being anything but slow in a straight line. The new S3 Sedan will boast the same hexagonal grille and updated headlights as the rest of the fourth-gen Audi A3s. Still, the front bumper will feature bigger intakes, the profile will hav
  7. According to Cars Guide, Hyundai is actively developing an all-wheel drive version of the i30 N hot hatch. As confirmed by Hyundai Australia public relations manager Guido Schenken, the brand had already planned for an all-wheel drive version of the hot hatch once the car was given the green light for production. Adding on, the head of Hyundai N Albert Biermann, has previously said that all-wheel drive was likely to prove to be a future focus for the manufacturer. That said, it is not clear when an all-wheel drive Hyundai i30 N model would go on sale nor d
  8. Somehow, NIssan March is the default choice of mine for compact hatch (except the current K13 model, which look kind of ugly). I have high hope for this coming soon soon model. Does it not look like a mini Qashqai from far?
  9. http://www.carscoops.com/2014/07/all-new-2015-mazda2-demio-hatch-photos.html?m=1
  10. I am looking at getting a second hand Vios or Jazz. Anyone keen to sell to me or if you know of anyone who need to sell please PM me. Thanks!
  11. Is this a good family hatch back? Any reviews on this model?
  12. Honda's family hatch has been one of our nation's favourites. Now it seems that the time is ripe for it to transcend into the next generation. So how will the evolution fare? The third generation of the Fit will come in a total of four variants - the 13G, 15X, hybrid, and RS. The 13G is fitted with a 1.3-litre DOHC i-VTEC, mated to either a five-speed manual or CVT (with optional paddle shifters). On paper, Honda claims that the 1.3G is capable of returning 26km/L, with part credits to its new CVT gearbox. The 15X comes with a 1.5-litre under the hood, with a
  13. It is an expected move from Volkswagen - a more potent, all-wheel drive variant to top the Golf range. But now it has got almost 300bhp from the redeveloped 2.0-litre lump taken off its GTI stablemate. Is this VW's hottest hot hatch yet? 2.0-litre. Four cylinders. 296bhp. 380Nm. 5.3 seconds. These are the figures from the latest Golf R. In comparison, the Mk7 GTI has 220bhp and 350Nm of torque. That is almost 80 more horses in a similarly-sized hatchback. While the weight of the new R is not disclosed yet, we expect the Haldex four-wheel drive system to put a toll on the R
  14. Putting aside COE, which one you will choose? Photos grep from sgcarmart review front: back: interior: i30 cost 20k more but more features - 7 airbags compared to 2 only - rain sense wiper - cruise control - sun roof - driver electric seat - integrated reverse camera
  15. An old episod of TopGear seems to say the previous Tpye R 3dr is better than the current one.... i have only driven the previous one breifly, no chance on the current one yet. Any bros know anything about which generation of hot civic hatchback, or even the 4dr is the prefer one?
  16. Hi All, WTS SUPER LUX LED Tail light set for i30 Hatch. Anyone interest pls email me [email protected] Tks
  17. gorgeous hatch to launch in Europe. not sure if coming to Singapore yet. Chevrolet has revealed the first photographs of a new hatchback version of the Cruze. It will be unveiled at the Paris motor show at the end of this month, and the five-door car will join the existing four-door saloon in Chevrolet showrooms in the middle of next year. Although the two models look similar, the hatchback stands out from the saloon with its coupe-like roofline. The range of engines and trims will mirror that of the saloon, although the new hatchback will be launched with Euro V-complia
  18. Hi, considering of getting another car. A hatch back. Can you guys give me your opinions and suggestions?
  19. Hi, considering of getting another car. A hatch back. Can you guys give me your opinions and suggestions?
  20. Hi folks, Please pardon my ignorance.. I'm changing my car next year and have narrowed down my choices to Golf GTI or Civic type R (hatch).... (thinking of getting a 2nd hand 2007 model) Prior to that, I would need some advices which I hope some of you kind brothers or sisters might be able to enlighten me... 1) Maintenance and depreciation cost of GTI vs CTR -> I'm guessing CTR would be a better choice?? 2) Fuel consumption -> Any one knows how to do an assessment? I'm in the impression that GTI is better in terms of FC.. but would CTR lag far behind?? Any drive
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