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  1. Hi all, as above question........ say i got $50k cash, which FD account has highest interest? pls dun tell me about whatever investment scheme or whatnot.... not interested in investments for this sum of $$.
  2. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg..._and_other.html Another 50 yrs came by today.
  3. My aunty and mum wants to start a home based cake cum cookie business. I want some recommendation of a cheap and good web hosting. 1) a few pages showing the cookies and cakes. 2) a proper registered web address that will 'forever' belong to me cum a e-mail address. 3) a ordering page using visa or pay pal, etc. Anyone who got lobang pls pm me. Hope to get it ready for the 2011 Chinese new year goodies sales.
  4. Hi MCFers, I am driving a Civic and was wondering where you guys do your servicing. I have been to Kah motors religiously but think I can probably save quite a fair bit outside, does anyone have any recommendations? BTW my servicing is 40K, car is about 1 yr 2mths. Thanks in advance!!
  5. hi just checking if you know does second hand car dealers accept credit card for payments ?
  6. I have been trying various polishes, waxes, polymer, etc that give that 'wet' look. But I have yet see one that give a deep 'wet' look. The shine are either deep, but not that shiny or very shiny look 'superficial'. Btw, is there one that gives a truely 'wet' look? Over the years. I've tried autoglym SRP, EGS, extra deep shine, soft 99 auth series, zaino series, hi-glaze 88, NXT, etc. It will be nice to hear about your own experiences on those listed and those which are not in the list. I'm particularly interested in Klasse and #21 vs any of those listed.
  7. currently looking to replace my old 1.. shortlisted the above 3. no idea about fridges... but somehow im leaning towards lg. yup.. in terms of reliability and functions... which is better?
  8. Get some advice from bros here. My relative recently suffering from short term memory loss. But not severe. Eg. Go for an event yesterday. Today if you ask him, will say that he never go. But if you describe to him the event and ask him whether did he go, he will then remember that he went. He is the one who realise that he has this problem. And wants to go see doctor voluntarily. This kind of situation should see what doctor? Age is about 55.
  9. Anyone know which TCM is best in treating insomnia?
  10. Anyone here uses steam iron, the type which doesn't need ironing board? How effective is it? Can it replace those type which needs ironing board? I don't need straight iron lines on my clothes, just need to remove wrinkles.
  11. Today I went back to this hawker stall in Whampoa market which I ate since I was a child more than 20 years back. It really brought back memories and it still taste as nice. I just wanted to share the stall and am wondering if anyone else know about similar stalls that has been selling for a long long time and still taste as good. The stall I am talking about is the Curry Rice Stall in whampoa Market. I think they only sell for breakfast only... the braised pork there is REALLY good. Quite easy to see as there is always a queue. No newspaper cuttings though. IT still taste the same since my parents brought back for me 20 years back.... It is REALLY HARD to find the same stall selling the SAME food for 20 years. And still taste the same. Almost all my favourite childhood stalls have closed down or moved.... The only other one I know still at the same place is a Malay food stall in a Coffee shop in TPY.
  12. I would like to ask the bro/sis here. Given a a choice. Would you prefer to work in a job you have more interest in it, knowledge but the boss is more micro manage and demanding OR a job with less interest, less knowledge in it but a reasonable and not so demanding boss. Assuming both job pay and benefit is the same. Which one u will choose and why?
  13. Got quite confuse on their term ..., some got windscreen excess some dont have ... some say 3rd party injuries not covered some say yes.. . Price also alot difference some 700 some 1200... and is base on same profile.. Hope people here in MCF can enlighten American Home Assurance Company - Commercial Vehicle Insurance American Home Assurance Company - AIG AutoPlus Insurance American Home Assurance Company - AIG AutoPlan Insurance Asia Insurance Company Limited (Singapore) - Motor Insurance Aviva - online - Quoted $789 AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd - SmartDrive Asia Direct - online -Quoted $700 China Insurance Co (Singapore) Ltd - Car Insurance for Honda Car Owner First Capital Insurance Ltd - Motor Insurance India International Insurance Pte Ltd. - Motor Insurance Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd - Motor Insurance Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd - MotorMAX Insurance Nanyang Insurance Company Ltd - Private Motor Car Nippon Fire & Marine Insurance Co Ltd - Nippon Motor Protection NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative Ltd - Motor Insurance - quoted $1200 Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance (S) Ltd - Car Shield Sompo Japan Insurance Company (Asia) Pte Ltd - Motor Insurance Tenet Insurance Company Ltd - Private Car Insurance United Overseas Insurance Ltd - Motor Vehicle Insurance Zurich Insurance (S) Pte Ltd - Motor Insurance
  14. Nowadays, more and more new car model have replaced the hand brake with the foot pedal brake. Any one knows what is the main reason for the change? Maybe cost savings perhaps as I don't see this as an improvement. With the hand brake visible next to us, we sometimes still forget to release it before moving off. Wonder if the hand brake now changed to foot pedal brake, will this kind of mistake be more frequent? Any bro or sis using foot padel brake can share their experience?
  15. I'm from the old school, IMHO I will not buy a car which are use as Taxi. Tis is my opinion, juz like to hear from bros n sis.
  16. Hi all, I've not been to these 2 places. Just wondering which is a better choice for an island getaway for family with young children. Likely to stopover at Putrajaya prior going towards either one of them. Want to catch the smelly tofu at Cheras . In term of parking, which is more convenient at the jetty? since can't get the car into the island. Welcome feedback and suggestions. Thank you very much. Regards,
  17. Need a bit of advice, please. Had a bit of AUD$ in a bank (which shall remain nameless for now) and am absolutely fed up with their (lack of) service. Would like to transfer that out into a new foreign currency fixed deposit with another bank while I wait for the AUD to (hopefully) pick up in strength vs the SGD. I'm looking for a tenure of 6 months (min) to 12 months (max). Which bank(s) would you recommend based on: 1) best interest rate for AUD FCFD? 2) least hassle in starting up an acct? 3) least overheads (fees) in starting up an acct? I intend to put the $$ in via a demand draft, but I can also do a wire transfer (some fees involved with the latter). The amount is not a lot but it should be more than enough to meet the "minimum" criteria for most FCFD (over $10k AUD). I'm just looking for a good place to park this small amount for a short time. I've only explored DBS in detail right now - they're giving just over 4% for a 6 month tenure, with 0.125% fees (min $10, max $120) to start the A/C. Maybank seems to be giving better rates on their website (4.75% for AUD with 12 month tenure), but I haven't called them up. Could those with experience with other banks please advise? Thanks in advance.
  18. Planning to get a 2nd Mazda 2. But dunno which dealer to go for or avoid? Anyone can advice
  19. Which China car has the best or worst sound insulation? So far i tested Geely CK, I think the sound insulation inside is very bad, above 80km/h the sound is so loud it drown the radio. If u hav a china car pls share the sound insulation feedback?
  20. Hi guys, any to recommend? Am using my shampoo for it currently, not very good. Heard rainx will cause streaks. Is it true?? Which brand do u guys use?
  21. Hi bros, Who goes to Hawk Tayar in JB for servicing? What do you all usually do? Thinking of getting alignment and MTF change done. Notice there are several HTs around. They are like the AutoServe in Shell right? Any recommended one? Please provide directions too.... Cheers!
  22. As mentioned in the title, which bank is better for property loan? A little new to buying new property, please share your views. Thanks
  23. Hi bros, CNY is round the corner, I do not really like the 'Mei Zheng Xiang' or the 'Xiang Wei' Bak Kwa, neither do I want to queue up for 林志源, may I know any one knows of any lesser known but nice Bak Kwa? Thanks in advance!
  24. SIA? Silk Air? Air Asia? Boleh Airlines? Firefly? EVA Air? Thai? Dunno what airline
  25. Any bro recently travelled to Australia? which website you used for applying ETA visa? why the fees are different USD$39 vs AUD$20, and some of the websites looks quite fake. https://www.migrationexpert.com.au/travel_v...CFVEU6wodLUYAFQ https://www.eta.immi.gov.au/ETA/etas.jsp http://www.singapore.embassy.gov.au/sing/eta_visa.html
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