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Found 19 results

  1. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg..._and_other.html Another 50 yrs came by today.
  2. With the relaxing of safe distancing measures kicking in on 19 Aug, 50% of WFH employees are allowed to return to the office. If you are one of those who are still under the WFH arrangement, you would have woken up to a nice cool morning, which is perfect for sleeping in working from home. If you had to go back to the office, well, it sucks to be you. Especially if you live in the East. Why? What started as heavy rain in the wee hours of the morning gradually turned into a flash flood for Singaporeans living in the East. If you missed what happened, watch these
  3. At https://insideevs.com/news/437552/video-tesla-model-3-boating-swimming-deep-water/amp/
  4. Kyrios

    JEM: Flooding?

    This place damn chui...think tenants all want to move out liao.. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/jem-shops-soaked-by/1169552.html
  5. sounds logical to me. any opinions? If posted before, then just leave it. Flood
  6. heavy rain for whole night. dont know got flood or nt?
  7. SYF77

    Driving through floods

    picture source:Yahoo! News It certainly felt like Christmas over the past few days with the continual downpour. The 3-day outlook by the National Environment Agency indicates that rain can be expected until Thursday, which is Chinese New Year day itself. Flooding has occurred in areas such as Tampines Ave 12, TPE and Ang Mo Kio Ave 5. It would be disastrous to have your vehicle damaged by floods during this period and below are some tips to observe and points to take note of. Happy motoring and have a pleasant holiday season!
  8. it seems our public servants and engineers did resolve the flooding issues pronto, as no major flooding reported in Dec. We shouldn't just kpkb but give praise when due. Thumbs up to them.
  9. Junction of Bishan St 21 and Jln Pemimpin is flooded @ 5:30pm. Both lanes on Pemimpin side. Several cars mati when I drove past in opposite direction (RI side). Too frequent liao, these "once every 50 years" time travel episodes.
  10. It has been none stop heavy rain for more than 45mins already at my office area. Will there be flooding again? Cannot go out for lunch
  11. Maybe some of you have experienced it before. Nevertheless I'm sharing this story. I was queueing at a fruit juice stall waiting for my turn. A FT (indian) with his boy just stood in front of the cashier while a couple of us were lining up against the stall waiting. Initially his boy was pointing and saying " I want this, I want that". Okay I thought he's looking at the favour only and will soon join the queue. As a minute went by, I realised he wasn't, he is constantly turning his eyes towards me (I happened to be the next person on queue). I quite sure he's trying to play punk
  12. 911fan

    Ferrari Submarine

    If you've kept up with the papers recently, you would've probably read about the flash floods that've occurred in the Bukit Timah prime district area. Flood waters reached knee-level and some cars were even fully submerged beneath the murky waters. It's hardly surprising but nevertheless traumatic to hear some exotic cars falling victim to the flood. A barely month-old Ferrari F430 was reported to have been completely submerged in the Tessarina condominium carpark. This comes only weeks after watching a video of a Bugatti Veyron plunging into a lake somewhere in the States. It
  13. Hi ALL, My friend driving a 1 year old Honda Fit told me about his recent flooding problems at the driver seat floor board, and ask for my advice. After a heavy downpour, the driver seat floor board will be flooded with water. Anyone has this problem before? What could be the problem? Thanks.
  14. Was informed that heavy rain couple with extreme high tide (today) this afternoon would cause flooding in some low lying areas. So members, beware and take care of your ride. Cheers............
  15. I'll be driving to Genting tomorrow. But these 2 days, the weather is terrible, and the malaysian government has put out flood alert which include JB. My planned route will be from woodland customer to tebrau highway than to N-S highway. Will there be any flooding along this route? Advices much appreciated.
  16. will be driving there on a road trip with 3 frens on Sat gosh, saw the news.......saw alot of flooded villages booked the makohta hotel already anyone knows if my trip will be affected by the flood ? still planning to go jonker walk, portugese settlement etc..
  17. From traffic report, Woodlands Ave 12 flooding, depth over ex-pipe is it? I have to go there for some business, so bad
  18. Hi fellow forumers, I can't believe this could happen. Yes, my driver side floor is flooded. Sounds incredible? I managed to use a cloth and soak out half a pail of water. This is the latest in a series of problems for my Tuscani which has left me disappointed and sad. Went to Komoco at 4+ yesteday, apparently guy said that the aircon tube leading out could be spoilt or evaporator could be spoilt, but bottom line is that it is a 1 day job. Now whenever I turn right, I hear this swishing sound...like water overflow... then my carpet/flooring is soaked with water. I ask
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