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  1. Quantum

    2015 Forester 2.0

    Hello Richard What is the 3 types tyre price at 225/55/R18? Thanks
  2. Quantum

    Road trip around Europe

    of course it is better than Civic 1.8NA and Toyota 1.8NA
  3. Quantum

    Road trip around Europe

    looks like I have to rent at least 2.0T or 3.0NA, but I am prefer to SUV, initially intent to rent RAV4, Tucson, Ford etc, cheap and specious, don't tell me have to be X3/5, XC60/90, LR, GLA, etc, I'm not affordable, consider Jeep 3.0NA, but FC horrible Mini NA or TC ?
  4. Quantum

    Road trip around Europe

    Civic 1.5T, Harriar 2.0T and Tuscon 1.6T may be ok on their expressway, others ...
  5. Quantum

    Road trip around Europe

    Hello Forumers, I plan to road travel to Euro in coming school holiday, landing Italy self-driving to France and Germany, then return car to Italy, I heard there is not speed limit in Germany, all cars travelling about 200km/h on their expressway, does it mean I have to rent a high class cars such as BMW, Mercedes etc, normal Japanese/Korean car cannot follow the cruising speed,
  6. Quantum

    10th Generation Honda Civic (2016)

    talk about road tax, the most significant factor should be engine horsepower instead of engine capacity, nowadays as the TC and SC widely applied in engines, even small engine can output much high power than before.
  7. Quantum

    2016 Hyundai Elantra / Avante

    exactly, Elantra 1.6T can be B&B family car in most of time, only occasionally chiong for fun while necessary such as challenge by Civic 1.5T, BZR, A3/A4, Jetta...etc
  8. Quantum

    2016 Hyundai Elantra / Avante

    wah good leh, got 6 speed manual, 204bhp/265Nm, wins Civic1.5T hands down, please import, it's my next car top list
  9. Quantum

    Trump to meet with CEOs from Ford, GM, and FCA

    good lah, in future US car price should shoot to sky high, Singapore is not alone liao
  10. you are absolutely correct, the root is car lite society, for those who regards driving as life should object car lite not COE pegging mileage
  11. Do you believe those rich men can bear backside itch before their car COE expiry don't change car?
  12. Read today's Straits Times, some experts suggested "COE expiry should be pegged to mileage clocked by a car instead of years", it's absolutely brilliant suggestion, see how government to implement it, For Singapore car-lite society, the car numbers has to be decreased, and cars also must be used less, however as the high price and limited period COE system, many car owners even used their cars in whatever and no sense, otherwise it's not worthwhile for the 10 years COE, as nowadays technology, a car only be used 10 years regardless its mileage and scraped it's seriously resource waste, this suggestion sure promote Singapore really comes into car-lite society
  13. never felt any relieve of traffic congestion lah, instead become deteriorated
  14. I though UK one is Hatchback not sedan, right? if possible, import from China 1.5T manual, it's sedan and pricewise sure much lower
  15. Quantum

    Singapore Motor Show 2017

    it mislead audiences especial those newbies that only Subaru can play this difficult skill, it's very impressed advertising effectiveness BMW, Honda...