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Found 207 results

  1. Sometimes i really wonder what makes some of these house owners think that they own the road outside their houses too. So often you see people put their trashbins along the kerb just to prevent others from parking outside their houses. I mean, the road is common property, and if there is no double yellow lines or whatsoever, it is LEGAL to park. Even if there is dbl yellow line, i can still park if i want as i am taking the risks in getting a summon. Yesterday, i parked outside this house along carpmael road (off joochiat).. there is no marking on the road, so its legal. The kerb between the 2 houses is actually long enough to accomodate my car length. I even got out the car after i parked to ensure i am not obstructing any of the unit's entrance... When i return to my car.. someone actually leaned the trashbin AGAINST (not just near) my driver's door. It is just sickening to the core. I was tempted to ring the bell of the house but even if they did, they will deny the deed. And yes, there is a chance its really not them, but the mischieve of some boliao people. I had seen before, a house owner after moving away his vehicle from the spot outside his house, will actually place the bin in the same spot then drive off...what i did then was to remove the bin and park there. For house owners that are in the forum here, do you use bins to chop the road outside your house too? And do you have the possessive mindset of the road outside your houses too? seen too many examples at these estates.
  2. Hi, need to check with you guys, where is the better place for chinese food along the NSH? don't like the food stall in R& R. 1) yong peng: lots of coach stop over there, how is the food there? take the south exit or north exit? 2) Ayer keroh or Ayer hitam, can not remeber, was told there is a restaurant in the overhead bridge. any other recommendations? Thanks
  3. Latioboy

    Accident along CTE?

    Guys.. Was walking home from AMK ave 10 using the bridge that overlooks CTE going towards AMK ave 1 slip road and TOWN.. Saw this massive jam.. Couldnt believe my eyes... Usually when i walk home ard 3 to 4 plus, road is always clear... So took some pics... Think its an accident.. Did any MCF-ers drive past? One lane blocked
  4. Anybody out there knows the driver of a white EVO that likes to speed down Changi coast road? This morning (Sun) was the second time I saw him, so probably something he/she does often, I guess. Speeding at least 150-170km/h. Saw same thing 2 weeks back. Doesn't he/she realize that there are lots of cyclists on a Sunday? Please lah, can go speed in the afternoon, or at night, but not Sunday morning lah....
  5. Got my tyres from Edmund this morning. The moment I arrived, the 3 staff all jumped out of their seats and attended to me seriously quick (not to extort money from me lah) and checked which tyres I want, size, etc and their recommendations (only upon me asking; NO cross selling or pushy sales talk). After I have confirmed the tyres I wanted they got down to work really fast! Led me to the lounge and got to work; you can see them working on it while relaxing in the air con lounge. Seriously efficient workers. Really like an F1 pitstop LOL. Then Edmund came; chatted for a while. And no extra charges on credit card payments! No pushy sales talk, cross selling etc. Then the best part. Free rotation, free nitrogen for lifetime of tires. I hope you guys will not go there and jam up the place LOL. edit: should be along whitley road.... but it's the stevens road exit along PIE straight after Catholic JC; next to the pet hospital.
  6. IN a second accident to be reported along the Pan-Island Expressway in a day, a car burst into flames on the highway on Monday evening. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said it received a call about the incident at 7.15pm. Officers arrived to find a sedan car on fire along the PIE in the direction of Tuas, after the Eng Neo exit. It is not known how the car burst into flames. No one was hurt and the flames were extinguished immediately, the SCDF spokesman said. Earlier in the afternoon, two men sustained minor injuries in an accident involving a van, a mini-bus and at least two other vehicles, also along the PIE. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/car-bursts-flames-along-pie-causing-traffic-jam-20131014
  7. Nine people were injured in a five-vehicle pile-up along the Seletar Expressway (SLE), in one of three accidents on the road on Saturday. Among those injured was a three-year-old girl suspected of having spinal injuries. The accident, which happened around 11.45am, involved three cars, a taxi and a truck. It took place near the Mandai exit on the SLE, heading towards Woodlands. The injured were sent to the National University Hospital and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. Some of them had head lacerations and abrasions, and swelling in the chest. The accident also closed off several lanes, causing a major slowdown in traffic. Another accident took place around 1pm at the junction of Clementi Road and Dover Road. Two cars were seen being towed a few hours later. A Channel NewsAsia viewer, Shahida Banu, also sent in pictures of another accident at the junction of Toh Guan Road and Boon Lay Way. It happened around 2pm and involved a car and a lorry which flipped over. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said a man in his 20s was sent to hospital with lower back pains and arm abrasions. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/nine-injured-in-5-vehicle/837608.html
  8. A black Mazda, travelling along Tanglin Road from Margaret Drive, was crushed by a tree on Saturday afternoon. Twitter user Kim Vernon, who sent The Straits Times a photo of the incident, said it was a "lucky escape" for a couple who were in the car. The police were also spotted at the scene assisting the couple by 12.35pm. The Singapore Land Authority receives about 70 reports of trees falling a year, mainly on forested state land. Over the past 10 years, four people have died and 62 injured by falling trees and branches. There were 122 cases of trees being uprooted from January to April this year. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/tree-along-tanglin-road-falls-crushing-car-occupants-unhurt-20131012
  9. Colourblind

    Dangerous truck driver along CTE

    Happened to saw this truck driver door his door to spit while on the move along CTE this morning.......really crazy stunt.
  10. Anybody spotted this reckless driver cutting in and out of lanes along TPE, appreciate if you could private message me. Incident happened just a while ago at about 2315hrs, CTE exit to TPE. The white swift was seen exiting to Sengkang East Road. Pic showing CTE tunnel exit to TPE.
  11. To the driver of the Black Land Rover Defender driving along Cavanagh Road from Orchard Road towards Bukit Timah Road today around 3.15pm. You think you are very garang? An Estimate driving and obeying the speed limit and you got to overtake it by driving across the double white line onto the opposite lane. Because of the bend ahead you can never see oncoming traffic,and yet you chose this. Had the Estima accelerate you can never go back in time. Lucky for you you barely got back in time to avoid oncoming traffic. I may forgive you if you had turn right on Bukit Timah Road because you maybe rushing to KK Hospital but you turned left. What's the hurry? Cavanagh Road is a short road, how much time can you save? You are even more lucky I don't have a dvr in my car. Maybe the Estima has.
  12. Massive jam on PIE near Paya Lebar abt 9 plus this evening I was on the opposite direction. There were 2 ambulances and saw a car hit the divider Anyone here caught in the jam.
  13. New_Atlantis

    White bicycle along coastal road.

    Recently while driving on coastal road, i have noticed a white bicycle chained to a tree, with little flowers and plants sticking out. I just found out that it is a memorial to the cyclist that were killed along that road. http://ghostbikes.org/ oh the irony, i just saw a new accident sign, looking for witness located 10 meters from this white bike. The funny thing is, even with this somber reminder i still see riders cyclist riding two across and worst sometimes 3 across. they still think they are on their grandfathers road. i wonder if a more direct approach is needed to drill some road manners into these cyclist. examples of banners 1) ABC undertakers! 50% discount for all cyclist on this road. 2) Singapore liver foundation, a big thank you to all the cyclist for you weekly donations. 3) MBS, feeling lucky?? why not come to our casino! we have better odds!
  14. saw this on youtube, Was Driving home exiting Lornie Road from PIE, saw a taxi driver being attack by 2 person. There's an old lady screaming at the side of the road too... don't know what happen. Sorry for the bad quality of the video.
  15. Just wanted to share with others I hope we can come app with an app to remind users and drivers like the summon aunts Nowadays he can sit down as the equipment is more high tech He is more invisible so just be careful
  16. Happening right now. Jam. Please avoid. Dont know what happen but saw a merc landing in between the road divider. Along the way 2taxi hitted, a a bus also got involved. Anyone knows?
  17. Pls be careful not to enter buslane along Upper Changi Road towards Expo direction. The location is between Bedok Road and Simei Ave. I just saw 3 fixed cameras pointing at the bus lane. It is definately NOT those J-eyes Look like perm fixture mounted at the underneth of the OverHead Pedestrian Bridge. Not know it is already operational. but many cars were in the buslane at 6 pm.
  18. I was involved in a traffic accident today at about 8.25am along Pasir Ris Central. My car was stationary behind a white volkswagen scirocco, SJZ 6094J, while waiting to make a U turn to Pasir Ris Sports Complex. A sliver Toyota Wish, from the opposite direction, mounted the center divider, knocked down the U turn sign and hit my rear right door. I need the driver of the white scirocco to be my witness. I appeal to the scirocco driver or anyone who knows the scirocco driver to pm me if u see this post. Would greatly appreciate if members of volkswagen or scirocco club can help to repost this appeal at the respective forums. Thanks and have a happy long wkend.
  19. My friends were in the car behind when the bus in front gave off a loud bang, don't know what caused it, luckily they were ok, but not sure about the bus passengers
  20. A car overturn along PIE towards Tuas near Chantek flyover this early morning (26 Feb 2013).
  21. Yrvsport

    Massive Accident Along KJE Today

    Super jam Friday morning..Any latest update..
  22. I think around 10-11pm.. Saw a mattress on lane 2. One car went over it, almost like going over a hump. Saw the car jumping up and down. PIE towards Changi after Lornie road to be exact..
  23. SHD9510U Chevy taxi allegedly beat red light. No collision fortunately, as most road users sort of anticipated it (maybe because its a taxi on call?).
  24. Hey peeps just to warn you guys about the U-turn at Lornie Road towards AMK/Bishan/Toa Payoh/Upper Thomson. Yesterday I almost got into an accident and I'm sure there were a few others who shared the same sentiments. At around 6.30pm, I was happily travelling at 80-90 km/h on lane 2 along this route and suddenly a lorry emerged from the U-turn. The manner in which he did the U-turn was slow and it took up 3 lanes altogether! And all these happened for at least 5 seconds. The Merc on lane 1 which was travelling around the same speed had to come to virtually a stop as well as a few others, including me. I could smell the rubber being burnt and I'm very sure some vehicles applied emergency brakes to avoid collision with this lorry. To the lorry driver, please don't be so inconsiderate. Do not think that by getting a Bangladesh to stick out his hand out of your lorry we must all stop for you. To the rest, please be warned along the stretch of Lornie Road near this U-turn.
  25. Car overturns along Thomson Road, driver and passenger escape unhurt By Imelda Saad, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 04 January 2010 1956 hrs The car was travelling north along Thomson Road when it overturned. - TODAY photo SINGAPORE: A car turned turtle along Thomson Road at about 3.25pm on Monday, but no one was injured. Police said the vehicle was travelling along Thomson Road towards Upper Thomson Road. It is unclear how the car had overturned. Despite the damage to the vehicle, both the 21-year-old driver and his passenger escaped unhurt. I saw the attached photo in CNA, cant make out the model but can see its OPC plate. ^^