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Found 57 results

  1. Skylander

    Another US shooting incident

    Asian gunman held after shooting at California retreat LOS ANGELES: A 72-year-old Asian man was in custody on Wednesday after shooting dead a woman at a Korean Christian retreat in Southern California, authorities told AFP. Riverside County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Herlinda Valenzuela said the gunman's attack on Tuesday had left one woman dead, and another person hospitalised with gunshot wounds. Two other people were hospitalised for "injuries consistent with a struggle" but had not been shot, Valenzuela told AFP. No further information about the victims or the gunman was released. The incident occurred at the Kkottongnae Retreat Camp, run by the Congregation of the Sisters of Jesus, a Christian social service, outside the city of Temecula at around 7:30pm (0230 GMT) Tuesday. Other shootings: 1) A gunman in Alabama shot dead his wife, daughter and two other people before killing himself. 2) Last weekend a man in Washington state shot dead his five children before killing himself after discovering his wife was leaving him. 3) On Saturday three police officers were killed by a 23-year-old man at his home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 4) An unemployed man stormed an immigrant services centre where he had been learning English in Binghamton, New York and went on a rampage, killing 13 people before taking his own life. 5) On March 29, a heavily armed gunman shot dead eight people at a North Carolina nursing home, days after six people were killed in a murder-suicide in an upscale neighborhood in northern California's Silicon Valley. 6) And on March 10, an unemployed man killed his mother, grandmother and eight others on a vicious shooting rampage in Alabama. - AFP/de 7) There were also 2 other shooting incidents in Germany as well. Is it time to ban the possession of personal firearms?
  2. Duo who caused ruckus at Balestier Bak Kut Teh stall charged in court http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/duo-who-caused-ruckus-balestier-bak-kut-teh-stall-charged-court PS to mods: please feel free to place this post in the relevant thread if available, thanks.
  3. A Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800, registration 9V-SKH performing flight SQ-308 from Singapore (Singapore) to London Heathrow,EN (UK), was enroute about 90 minutes into the flight at around 02:30Z, breakfast was just being served, when the aircraft encountered severe clear air turbulence resulting in an altitude deviation of about 100 feet and all loose items becoming airborne. The aircraft continued the flight to London for a safe landing about 13 hours after departure. 7 people received minor injuries during the turbulence encounter. The aircraft was unable to perform the return flight SQ-319 on time and departed for the return as flight SQ-319D the following day about 28 hours after landing. Scenes on board shortly after the encounter (Photo: Alan Cross): http://avherald.com/h?article=462eaf1c&opt=0
  4. Dunno what is wrong wif society....sigh
  5. Friendstar

    Hilarious classroom incident

    Student caught out in class with headphone mistake  - https://sg.yahoo.com/screen/fails-trips-and-falls/student-embarrasses-himself-class-not-213200391.html Any kind soul can help embed? If I'm that poor guy I will quit school
  6. From prev thread thanks to @2bdriver http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2665681-4-elderly-women-fall-off-escalator-at-punggol-mall/?p=5551521 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeOrMecRfL8
  7. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/glaring-problem-threatened-teen-incident-030021383.html SG stress ah stress!!!!!
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSiqfM2GR4E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0V9AOsWQzpc Why never search him before inviting him out of the toilet?
  9. Yesterday deepavali eve, driving out of little India from a small road to main little India road. During that time, extreme right and left lane occupy by many Indian friend. Therefor 5 lane rd became 3 lane road. I was on the right small lane to turn out to main road with silver Honda fit behind me. Have to look right and left to look out at those Indian friend crossing across me plus the main road car. A silver Honda fit horn at me, so I try to inch out bit by bit against those Indian friend. It's very hard to move out to the right 2nd lane as too many Indian friend took up the extreme right lane. Honda horn again, no choice I try my best to move and manage to filter out to the extreme right lane And signal left as I can't move with all the Indian friend taking up the extreme right lane. Even I signal left, no car want to let me filter out. Honda horn again, so I try to drive along the extreme right lane to move further up plus signal left to try my luck to filter out into the next lane. After moving 50M, I stop as group of Indian friend block my way, Honda horn again.As for my left signal, Still no car want to let me filter out, I try to move up even more and By the time I have already moved 100m along the scary extreme right lane. Honda horn again and I am kind of angry and decided to stop moving. Honda horn very long without removing his from horn. I am angry because you cannot stress me into driving me against those Indian friend. If I cannot filter out, why don't you filter out and pass instead of kept on horn at me to move on? That situation really too many car and Indian friend. I don't know why he choose to follow behind me and stress me out. After his long horn, he filter out to my left and gave me a middle finger with angry look plus scolding which I cannot hear with window close. I hand gesture to him that I am unable to filter out. He is about 23plus year old base on his look. Later he drive forward and cut in front of me, placing his car 45 degree angle. He also decided to stop in front of me to revenge. All this have been captured by my front and back cam. No point post it up here as my cam is meant for accident purpose not for fighting who right or wrong. When driving, everyone thinks different, hence road rage will happen. I am writing here hoping he can read it. I wanted to say sorry to him if I did anything wrong or my driving fk-up. I don't like to make enemy on the road. Even he pointed me middle finger at me, I did not point back or scold back. I hope he understand my situation and let's not be enemy even next time if we happen to meet each other on the road. I even willing to make friend with him then enemy.
  10. Jman888

    Guide dog incident at McDonald

    do you think Miss Chiu is jumping into conclusion about McDonald's service? i dun blame her as she cannot see and expect the whole world has come to the awareness and accept the guide dog.
  11. Before reading detail I thought terrorist attacking at the Shangri-La Dialoge. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/man-shot-dead-after/1883220.html SINGAPORE: One person was shot dead and another two detained after an incident in the vicinity of the Shangri-La hotel early Sunday (May 31) morning, police said. In a statement, the Singapore Police Force said that a "trio was earlier stopped at a Police vehicular checkpoint set up along Ardmore Park. When asked to open the car boot for checks, the driver suddenly accelerated the vehicle towards Anderson Road."Despite Police warnings to stop, the driver continued to crash through Police barricades, endangering the lives of the officers."Police opened fire at the vehicle to stop further danger. The vehicle subsequently stopped at the junction of Orange Grove Road and Anderson Road."Substances believed to be drugs were found on one of the persons arrested, the statement added. Orange Grove Road, Anderson Road and Ardmore Park are temporarily closed to facilitate police operations. The police say they are "in control of the situation", and have advised that members of public stay away from the area.
  12. As a NS recruit, I did not know much about the Kota Tinggi details but later as a staff officer I had the opportunity to meet these personnel from 2SIR during the usual Friday Tombolo Night. At that time when Singapore was a part of Malaysia our two SIRs were renamed as 1MIR and 2MIR. 2SIR was operationally responsible for the Singapore and southern Johore area. 2MIR (2SIR) was raised in 1962 and billeted at Holland Road Camp. According to my superior who was then a young 2LTA in 2 SIR, Dalgit Singh was already a platoon commander, together with LTA Mejar Singh. 2SIR's CO was a Colonel Campbell, a British seconded from the British Army. It was the crack Indonesian paratroopers from the "KKI", an elite Guards unit from Jakarta which was sent on this mission. The Malaysian police post at Kota Tinggi were alerted of the parachute-landing and the nearest infantry garrison to Kota Tinggi was 2 SIR in Singapore. 1SIR at that time was deployed to the Sabah border with Indonesia. One platoon of 2SIR was sent inside the jungles of Kota Tingi. For those who have ventured into Kota Tinggi (which I did as a child and as a teenager), it has a waterfall as the key attraction. The killing zone was north of the waterfall. 2SIR made no contact with the Indonesians for about a week. However, unknowingly the Indonesians were tailing one of the SIR sections. Not finding them for a week, that section grew tired and went for a bath at one of the nearby Kota Tinggi streams. Everybody left their weapons at the riverbank with no personnel on sentry-duty. For those trained in the SAF doctrine, you are not supposed to do this and at all times, your rifle must be with you. The Indonesians pounded on our boys but one injured personnel managed to sneak away and ran for his life into Kota Tinggi Town. All this time, there was "radio silence" because this was a mission. It was only after the injured personnel emerged from the jungle that the incident became known. When the dead were recovered, their bodies were infested with maggots and were very gruesome Reinforcements were rushed up from Singapore. On that mission were names like James Teo (who was the 5SIR CO for BERSATU PADU in 1971), Jimmy Yap (CO Officer Cadet School), Mahinder Singh (Dy Director SAFTI) and Dalgit Singh (CO 3SIR). They were
  13. Got into a minor incident. Was happily going to work after clearing massive jam on expressway. On my way to office, this orange fit which I assume was lost, started playing the crawl and stop game with me after I honked him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2A64pIHT7H4&feature=youtu.be First 45s of video show there was no incident before that. As per title. He crawled. I honked. He stopped. He crawled at 1st gear. I honked. He stopped. I overtook. As I was overtaking him, I could hear his engine roar trying to block me. After the circle, he caught up and started high beaming me repeatedly. I guess the first honk hurt his pride. The overtaking when he went WOT torn apart his sanity. Aiyo, why nowadays people like that har? One honk only and suddenly like the world collapsed. I have been honked don't know how many times in my life when slowing down to look for a place. Sometimes unknowingly, a car will be behind. Just wave sorry sign and signal to left and let the car behind over take lah. I am sure we would have been on stomp for road rage incident if I had stopped to reason with him.
  14. What has happened to our society? 'If he loses hearing, I'll just pay compensation' FURIOUS that a three-year-old boy hit his two-year-old son, a father allegedly slapped the older child. But the slap was so hard that the boy had to be taken to hospital yesterday as his right cheek had swelled up. The man, believed to be in his 30s, was arrested by police after members of the public called the authorities and stopped him from escaping. The two boys were believed to have been playing near a market in Toa Payoh Lorong 7 yesterday morning. They did not know each other, Lianhe Wanbao reported. At one point, the older child hit the other boy, incurring the wrath of the latter's father. After slapping the three-year-old, the man scolded him loudly, saying that he had not been brought up well by his family, eyewitnesses said. The commotion attracted a crowd and some people told the man off, saying that adults should not hit young children. Some bystanders said that the man was behaving arrogantly and pointed out that his actions could cause the boy to lose his hearing. But the man replied: "If he loses his hearing, I'll just pay compensation." The boys' families argued for about an hour after the incident. The three-year-old's grandfather, a 68-year-old retiree, said that he was shocked by the incident. Yesterday was a rare occasion when the older boy had accompanied the family's maid to the market. "It was very chaotic when the incident happened. When my grandson was hit, he was scared silly and couldn't even cry. The man who hit him later wanted to hit me, too," he said. Retiree Shen De Rong, 71, who was at the scene, said that no matter what happened between the two kids, parents should not use force on them. "How can a grown person do something like that to a small child? It was really barbaric," he said. Another bystander, Cai, 60, said many members of the public did not approve of the man's actions. "He could have tried to mediate or given a scolding, but he should never physically cause hurt," said Mr Cai. The man tried to leave the scene after hitting the three-year-old, but bystanders stopped him until the police arrived. He ended up sitting at a bench opposite a coffee shop. After the police arrived, they questioned the man. The police said they received a call at 9.56am requesting assistance in Toa Payoh Lorong 7 yesterday. A case of alleged assault was reported at the scene and a man was later arrested for being a public nuisance. Investigations are ongoing. The mother of the three-year-old boy declined to be interviewed when she was at the hospital, but she was reportedly angered by the incident. myp@sph.com.sg
  15. Stressful this place http://youtu.be/tUbewBI_V24
  16. NEA investigating sewer pumping incident in Yishun NEA seems to be very busy lately, from the ceiling cleaning to trade fair to haze and now gutter oil. Another article also appeared in 154th today, polis also looked bad, culprits run away. If no wrong done, wonder why they run away. Illegal immigrant? No work permit? or really guilty of pumping the sewage oil out?
  17. Are we at this stage yet where this kind of public-spirited would prevail? http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...tform_gap_.html my comments: 1. Few will help as of now, the rest taking photos 2. Some will complain aiyah, train delayed 3. Those who may help, would be the bangladeshi workers or the like...i have seen w my own eyes Food for thought! these are my observations, feel free to discuss
  18. Picnic06-Biante15

    Another Incident At Child Care Centre

    From Yahoo news: MSF, police investigate baby scalding incident at PAP childcare centre The Ministry of Social and Family development (MSF) and the police are investigating reports that a six-month-old baby suffered second-degree burns at the hands of a caregiver at a PAP Community Foundation (PCF) infant care centre. According to a Facebook user named Wendy Foo, the unnamed infant, a child of a friend of hers, was being looked after at the government-run Little Wings childcare centre in Boon Lay on Wednesday when his hands were scalded. Foo's account of the incident, in a post on her Facebook page, revealed that her friend was initially told by a caretaker at the centre over the phone that someone had spilled coffee onto his wrist by accident. It was accompanied by three pictures she posted of the baby's left wrist, perforated with bubbles, sagging skin and an angry red burn mark on the top side. "But my friend (said there) wasn't any coffee stain at all," Foo wrote. "So my friend insisted (to be given access to watch) their CCTV (footage), and the video show(ed) differently," she added, without elaborating on what her friend saw instead. In subsequent comments, she noted that the CCTV camera had only captured "half" of the area of the childcare centre, adding that her friend has withdrawn her baby from the programme. Foo also said her friend was told by a teacher at the centre that the person in charge was unable to travel there to speak to her because she stays "very far" away, adding that a complaint was lodged with the MSF. When contacted, a spokesperson for the Early Childhood Development Agency, a subsidiary of the MSF, confirmed it had been informed of the incident and is investigating. "The safety of our children is of utmost importance," the spokesperson told Yahoo Singapore on Thursday. "ECDA is investigating, and working closely with the centre to ensure that safety guidelines are adhered to." Local media reported also that the police have also been alerted to the incident and are investigating. Yahoo Singapore has also contacted the PCF for a statement. link: http://sg.news.yahoo.com/msf--police-investigate-baby-scalding-incident-at-pap-childcare-centre-035259766.html Look at the baby arm, sooooooooooooooo sad ...
  19. Saw this on HWZ http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drin...-a-4205756.html Parents and care givers, pls take note of the below incident. Unlike previous attempted kidnappings which were reported on FB, this recent incident was made known by PCF.
  20. Another complaint thread, please bear with me guys, need your advice in case i was in the wrong. GVGT. the location is the filter lane from North Buona Vista road onto AYE in direction of ECP. I thought it was my turn to merge in as the merging lane was narrowing to a single lane, and merging means alternate car left-right. However the black Civic didn't seem to agree and horned me twice. After a while it squeezed in front of me from my left using Shoulder and grass patch. Did I do something wrong here? In case you might think there was some exchanges prior to the incident, there was none. Please see 2nd video.
  21. Happening right now. Jam. Please avoid. Dont know what happen but saw a merc landing in between the road divider. Along the way 2taxi hitted, a a bus also got involved. Anyone knows?
  22. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...r_parks_on.html http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...rt_carpark.html http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg..._mcdonalds.html
  23. Another "collision" This time round the MPV driver culprit very balant and did a hit-&-run stunt even being stopped by the father of the victim. Best part is this joker ended at MBS. Rushing there to place bets perhaps? From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/forum-...clists-20121107 Effective penalties needed against motorists colliding with cyclists Published on Nov 07, 2012 I WAS cycling behind my son at 6.50am on a weekday when he was involved in a collision with a car - a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) - along Nicoll Highway at Republic Ave. A bus driver who was behind my son was quick to stop to offer assistance, but the MPV driver sped away. When I caught up with him, he denied that a collision occurred, and sped off when the lights turned green. I called 999 after trying the Traffic Police hotline without receiving a reply. The ambulance and the police came shortly, and medical aid was given to my son, who had bruises on his right arm and leg, and who was left with a partly damaged bicycle. No traffic policeman was dispatched to track down the driver and I was informed later that the driver and the car was found at Marina Bay Sands. The law does not do enough to protect cyclists, and the penalties are too light to deter errant drivers. The insurance will pay for the damage, and an errant driver gets off all too lightly. The fact that my son's injury was not severe should not mean that the penalty need be less punitive if the driver is found to have erred, and certainly not if he remains in denial and unrepentant about his role in an accident. Mohamed Salim Mohd Amin
  24. Ok bros... not too peculiar like got alien invasion etc. Today i'm on leave, and at about 11+ pm, I decided to meet an old friend at his HDB void deck to chit chat (very ah chek i know). I parked my car at a red lot (season parking only).... there were many lots available (70% empty) because its a normal working day. My car remained at most 10-15 metres from where we were chit chatting. then came a non-chinese cyclist within 2 minutes after I parked my car. In his bicycle, he squeezed through my car and the adjacent car even though there were plenty of other spaces for him to cycle. He was dressed very very casually, in an o-biang shirt and shorts, wearing a cap. He had spectacles on. He peered into my car for a good 10 sec, especially at the front windscreen area. Initially, I thought he is a summon officer. But curiosity get the better of me and I continue to observe if he will whip out his summon handheld device. Shortly, he passed my car, steady himself on the bicycle and start riding away. This was when i pressed the unlock button on my remote. It caught him by surprise.... he smiled and rode away. In that split sec, I shouted "what's the problem?" at him. I'm just really curious what was he trying to do? 1) He is a crime watch assistant, trying to report to police post people who anyhow park illegally. 2) He could be a thief, during day-time look into the car, night time break and steal. At my front windscreen area, I have 2 device holder, one for GPS, one for mobile phone. 3) He is a summon person, but decided to give me some allowance. But he is TOTALLY not dressed like one. Everything about him is very unclean. Anyhow has such experience to share?
  25. [sweatdrop] From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1238207/1/.html Singapore News KKH apologises for baby swap incident By Shing Geok Shan | Posted: 19 November 2012 2012 hrs SINGAPORE: Two new-born babies were wrongly discharged to different mothers at KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) on Sunday. The babies have been reunited with their biological parents and are doing well. KKH said the incident came to light when one of the parents noticed that the baby taken home wore an identification tag belonging to another mother. This happened about an hour after they brought him home. KKH said all babies have double tags, and this baby had an incorrect tag and a correct tag on his legs when he was given to the wrong parents. The hospital suspected that checks were not carried out properly when the baby was being discharged. The other baby, also a boy, was with the wrong parents for about 10 hours. He was wearing two correct tags but was given to the wrong set of parents during discharge. The hospital informed the parents after a blood test of the first baby confirmed the mix-up. It has conducted DNA tests on the babies and is waiting for the results. KKH said on Monday that it deeply regrets this error and is now carrying out thorough investigations to find out how this error occurred. It is extending full support to both families -- medically and emotionally. Both mothers have been offered counselling by the hospital. KKH said it takes a very serious view of the incident and it unreservedly apologised to the parents for this error and pledged to take all steps to prevent any recurrence. A full review is being carried out, and the Ministry of Health has been informed. - CNA/lp