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    19 year old jumps from flat after being jilted by ex bf

    Have been threatened with a ban for sharing stuff here, so this is probably my final post in a long while. So long guys and take care.
  2. nuttyprofessor

    ALL consolidated SMRT/NEL/KT.. simisai BREAKDOWNS here!

    They made the right decisions all right. The right decisions for their pockets.
  3. nuttyprofessor

    19 year old jumps from flat after being jilted by ex bf

  4. 19岁少女疑走不出情伤,清晨约见前男友后坠下丧命。父亲受访感叹说:“养了女儿19年,就这样没了,她太傻了……” 这起悲剧发生在昨天(11月5日)清晨5时许,地点是大巴窑8巷第225座组屋。死者是19岁的少女何倩宜。 据了解,死者与前男友清晨5点约谈后,不知何故想不开,从11楼坠下丧命。《新明日报》记者走访时,居民纷纷表示,清晨时分听见一声巨响,之后还传来了阵阵的嘶喊声,不少人因此被惊醒。 More at http://www.zaobao.com.sg/znews/singapore/story20171106-808844
  5. nuttyprofessor

    Friend issued legal takedown 4 posting full article in forum

    Guess its considered theft of original work if you simply reproduce things in full? Beats me.
  6. nuttyprofessor

    2017 Apple iPhone 8 & iPhone X

    S’porean who dropped brand new iPhone X into MRT train tracks gets it back unharmed If you haven’t heard, a 26-year-old Singaporean dropped his brand new iPhone X into the MRT train tracks. This was after queueing more than 16 hours and paying S$1,888 for it. The unfortunate incident occurred on Nov. 3 between 8pm to 9pm, at Dhoby Ghaut Station (North South Line). Thankfully, by Nov. 4, around 8.50am, Lee had managed to get it back with negligible damage — there were only scratches on the iPhone case, and the device itself was unharmed and working fine. More at https://mothership.sg/2017/11/sporean-who-dropped-brand-new-iphone-x-into-mrt-train-tracks-gets-it-back-unharmed/
  7. So just a heads up, in case you feel inclined to share everything, better don't. Btw she had to make a public apology never to undertake similar action in the future. Better be safe than sorry fellas. PS: I am not at a liberty to reveal which company did that, or which forum it took place in either.
  8. nuttyprofessor

    Gifted Education Programme

    By GEPthrowaway To this day I still have no idea how I got in. I was never an exceptional student. I had gotten into a 'branded' school because I live extremely close to one but I had always gotten slightly above for everything, except Math which was the only subject I was good in. I had a discipline record, having fought someone in P2 (f***er wouldn't stop annoying me).I didn't get a CCA until Secondary School, because no one chased me. I had won no awards, acomplished nothing, I was just an ordinary boy. When the initial sense of happiness wore-off, I thought about the hundreds of more deserving students whose place I had taken. The next 3 years were absolutely shit. Being in a different league all together with my class mates, I consistently got last in class. I couldn't even get a 75 for math whereas everybody else got 90s without even trying. In the GEP, you were required to take an extra subject, Social Studies, which was examinable, and get at least 70% to be promoted to the next year. Being 10, 5 subjects was ALOT. In addition to that, there were numerous other projects. I really tried my hardest, but I was stressed out of my f***ing mine trying to keep pace. Frankly, they were complete and utter wastes of time. I'm no saying they weren't interesting, but I learnt skills that will never help me get a job, never help me buy a house or car, never help me in life. i remember in P6, 2 months before Prelims, when the mainstream classes were doing revision papers and stuff that would help me pass we started advertising in English.
  9. A stretch of Penang Lane, just a stone’s throw from the Istana, was temporarily closed on Friday afternoon (3 November) after a suspicious grenade-shaped item was reported in the vicinity. Police said that the item was actually a toy resembling a hand grenade. Yahoo News Singapore understands that the item in question was found on a patch of grass along Penang Road. Authorities were alerted to the item by a member of the public at about 2pm. Police sent out an alert via social media at around 4pm, advising members of the public to avoid the area and not to speculate on the matter. More at https://sg.yahoo.com/news/false-alarm-penang-lane-closed-suspicious-item-found-101440671.html
  10. nuttyprofessor

    NUS student falls to death after locking herself out of room

    could have totally been prevented.
  11. A student studying at the National University of Singapore (NUS) fell eight stories to her death after trying to get into her residential hall room from a window. According to a report in The New Paper (TNP), the 18-year-old South Korean had locked herself out of her room on the seventh storey of Block C of Sheares Hall on Saturday (28 Oct). The Singapore Police Force (SPF) told Yahoo News Singapore it was alerted to a case of fall from height at 20 Heng Mui Keng Terrace at 11:38am on 28 October. “An 18-year-old woman was unconscious when conveyed to the National University Hospital where she subsequently succumbed to her injuries,” said SPF. Police are investigating the unnatural death. The residents were informed by email of the tragic event on Saturday afternoon. One resident told TNP that a wake was held for the student on Monday evening. https://sg.yahoo.com/news/nus-student-falls-death-locking-room-011752131.html
  12. nuttyprofessor

    Sharing of Good Jokes

    In light of the recent Kevin Spacey saga.....some funny stuff here Why does Kevin Spacey never get 1st place in races? Because he likes to come in a little behind. ================================================= Why is Kevin Spacey so bad at Hide and Seek? Because he always comes out at the wrong time. More at http://tinyurl.com/y8lavp62
  13. nuttyprofessor

    Sharing of Good Jokes

    Since Prince Charles and Camilla are in town.........