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Found 652 results

  1. Having been very much involved in the 2003 pandemic outbreak, which spread across >35 countries and killing almost 800 people, I do not wish to see any diseases of such kind in my life again. I was one of the member in MOH committee to map out the quarantine and employee health screening requirement, and at the same time working closely with MOM and our regional team to map out the pandemic response plan, which include splitting functional team into 2 or more groups, to be stationed in different offices. I can tell you that everyone, including personnel from MOH and MOM, are clueless as to what is the best approach, so every suggestion and reasoning counts. One of my colleague was infected when he went to SGH for his regular medical checkup and died a few days later. The saddest part is that none of us were able to send him off (he was in fact cremated on the same day for fear of spreading the virus further). Dr Alexandre Chao, the only son of Professor Chao Tzee Cheng (renowned forensic pathologist in Singapore), was one of the 33 who died from severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars), while serving in a hospital fighting the deadly virus. China probes pneumonia outbreak for Sars links: State media BEIJING (AFP) - China is investigating an outbreak of atypical pneumonia that is suspected of being linked to Sars, the flu-like virus that killed hundreds of people a decade ago, state media reported on Tuesday (Dec 31). A team of experts from the National Health Commission were dispatched on Tuesday to Wuhan, in central China's Hubei province, and are "currently conducting relevant inspection and verification work", state broadcaster CCTV reported. An emergency notification issued on Monday by the Wuhan municipal health committee said hospitals in the city have treated a "successive series of patients with unexplained pneumonia", without offering details. Chinese news site The Paper reported 27 cases of viral pneumonia in Wuhan in December, citing unnamed health officials from the city. "Of the 27 cases, seven were critical, the rest were under control, and two patients are expected to be discharged from hospital in near future," The Paper said. It is unclear whether all these patients are suspected of having contracted severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars), a highly contagious respiratory disease. The emergency notification has urged hospitals to offer treatment and report cases in a "timely manner".
  2. With the situation escalating by the day and the other thread moving 2Fast2Furious, we have decided to start this thread to share / highlight critical information relating to the virus outbreak and important health tip for easy reference by all MCF readers. We urge all to post only official information and useful tips from reputable sources to maintain the "tidiness" of this thread. Any post we deem unfit for this thread will be deleted or shifted to the other thread. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. @pChou @BabyBlade @kobayashiGT Please feel free to add other criteria to this thread and we shall regulate it from time to time. As a rule of thumb, NO tcss here... Some useful websites for official information: Ministry of Health - Updates on Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Local Situation World Health Organization - Novel Coronavirus 2019 The Straits Times - Wuhan Virus Outbreak Channel News Asia - Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak Singapore Government - Wuhan Coronavirus Updates Singapore Government - WhatsApp Push Notification Some useful tips for protect yourself and others from getting sick. More will be added in due course.
  3. I see many bros here like to talk about China history. Lets discuss here.
  4. https://mothership.sg/2020/01/china-bungee-jumping-pig/ Seriously what's with humans man. They should be thrown off the ledge instead without the harness. A colleague of mine showed me this video and first reaction was "China right?" Pig with a Superman cape bungee jumping. Maybe they meant for it as a joke but honestly it's so sick it ain't even funny. If you wanna eat your pork, you eat your pork. No one's gonna call you out for animal cruelty etc since neither of us are saints including vegetarians/vegans because who are we to say vegetables can't feel lol, but don't do such shit.
  5. Carstyle

    BYD Song

    Any idea whether distributors will bring in cars like BYD Tang and Song SUV, especially the 1.5T hybrid version? Very impressive performance and fuel economy, with practically all electronic stuff on the dash. Other models like BYD Tang and Qin are also very impressive.
  6. China Canteens Look Like Exam Halls After Virus Outbreak, Netizens Joke Around Like Invigilators source: https://mustsharenews.com/china-canteens-exam-halls/ Netizens In China Joke About ‘Exam Hall’ Canteens As Tables Are Set Apart From Each Other Although the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has turned some places in China into a ghost town, it has not hindered Chinese netizens’ sense of humour. Tables in canteens in China now stand so far apart, they look odd. While this measure may seem perfectly rational, the topic started trending on Weibo with 3.14 million posts to date. The topic was 食堂吃出了考试的感觉 (shi tang chi chu le kao shi de gan jue), which loosely translates to “I felt like I was sitting for an examination in the canteen”. Netizens mimicked invigilators The familiar, yet anxiety-inducing sight amused many netizens, who contributed pictures of the canteens they ate at. To add to the humour, they imitated the way invigilators would talk during the examination. “Let’s see who will hand in their scripts first. No sitting closely and talking while you eat.” Another netizen added: “No peeping at others eating. The student over there please turn back.” There was even a ‘signage’ in front of this canteen warning others that this “examination hall canteen” only allows one person per table. For many students, lunch hour has suddenly become an examination. Maybe they’ll have to hand up empty plates to pass the test. But what if the tables and chairs come in inseparable sets? This school used cardboard dividers which they even cling-wrapped for better protection. This netizen said she liked the exam hall format more — because she can watch her dramas without being interrupted. At least those who often have their meals alone won’t be the only ones doing so now. A strange but necessary measure Not seeing people mingling or hearing the usual lunch hour buzz in school canteens may be an unsettling phenomenon, but we know this is the best way for now. Hopefully once the virus stops spreading, people can have their social lives back. What do you think about this solution? Let us know in the comments below.
  7. China reports H5N1 bird flu outbreak in Hunan province https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/china-reports-h5n1-bird-flu-outbreak-in-hunan-province fortunately no human infection yet.
  8. Just them sharing their experience and they found out about certain media coverage. Nothing "political" here as highlighted them - Just presenting facts vs media stories. Interestingly, the topic isn't about the virus but rather something else even more dangerous for all of us. Some Mod has concern with my postings, so not sure if Thread will pass his censorship. HA!
  9. https://asia.nikkei.com/Economy/China-GDP-grows-6.1-in-2019-slowest-rate-in-29-years?utm_campaign=RN%20Subscriber%20newsletter&utm_medium=daily%20newsletter&utm_source=NAR%20Newsletter&utm_content=article%20link&del_type=1&pub_date=20200117190000&seq_num=7&si=%%user_id%% China GDP grows 6.1% in 2019, slowest rate in 29 years Sliding birthrate, tariffs and weak manufacturing investment remain a drag CK TAN, Nikkei staff writer January 17, 2020 11:06 JST Updated on January 17, 2020 13:48 JST Demand for key Chinese exports such as cellphones and PCs was sluggish in 2019. © AP SHANGHAI -- China's gross domestic product grew at the slowest pace in 29 years in 2019, as weaker exports, investment and consumer spending weighed on the economy. The 6.1% expansion marked a slowdown from the 6.6% growth seen the previous year, the National Bureau of Statistics said Friday. Growth in the last quarter of 2019 equaled the 6.0% logged in the July-September period. The bureau said China will remain vigilant of mounting downward pressure from a global economic slowdown and domestic structural issues. The downward trend will not be helped by a sliding birthrate, rising unemployment and problems in the banking sector. The 0.5 percentage point decline in the growth rate from the previous year is the biggest since a 1.7 point year-on-year slowdown in 2012. The rate of growth in 2019 was lower than the median 6.2% expansion forecast by economists surveyed by Nikkei, but within the 6% to 6.5% range set by the government. "Economic activity picked up last month, helping to avert a further slowdown last quarter," Julian Evans-Pritchard and Martin Rasmussen wrote in an emailed note. "External headwinds should ease further in the coming quarters thanks to the 'Phase One' trade deal and a recovery in global growth. But we think this will be offset by a renewed slowdown in domestic demand, triggering further monetary easing." Total retail sales of consumer goods including e-commerce slowed to 8%, from 9% in 2018, while fixed-asset investment including infrastructure and factory construction decreased to 5.4% from 5.9%. Final quarter growth holding steady reflects the effect of fiscal stimulus, and respite from the trade war cease fire, said Zhu Chaoping of J.P. Morgan Asset Management. China also unveiled data on Friday showing the nation's population growth rate (births minus deaths) falling to 3.34 per thousand in 2019 -- the lowest since 1961, and down from 3.81 the previous year. The decline in the fertility rate in an aging society is another headwind for economic growth. The moderation in full-year growth reflected lower demand for Chinese goods, which has been dampened by the trade war with the U.S., and weaker global electronics orders, according to Rajiv Biswas, Asia chief economist at IHS Markit. Exports for the year totaled $2.498 trillion, up 0.5% -- much slower growth than in 2018, largely due to a drop in shipments to the U.S. Demand for key Chinese exports such as cellphones and PCs was sluggish. Exports of products subject to higher U.S. tariffs, such as furniture and textiles, also slumped Despite a "phase-one" deal reached between Beijing and Washington on Wednesday, which will see the U.S. lower tariffs on $120 billion of Chinese goods in return for Beijing buying $40 billion worth of American farm goods, economists remained downbeat on China's growth outlook this year. "While businesses and investors can afford to breath a sign of relief, after a difficult 2019, we still see risks to the China outlook as mainly weighted to the downside, given the fragile nature of the trade truce and the risks that still stalk China's financial markets," according to Tom Rafferty at the Economist Intelligence Unit. More than 20 economists surveyed by Nikkei forecast a median 5.9% expansion in 2020, with many expressing concern local governments' worsening fiscal positions and lackluster manufacturing investment. "The pace of growth is expected to edge lower to below 6%, as ongoing structural reforms in the Chinese economy and the continued impact of [the] remaining U.S. tariffs of 25% on $250 billion of Chinese products remain a slight drag on the growth outlook," said Biswas. More fiscal stimulus could be on the way, as the government said during a high-level economic work meeting last month that it will prioritize "stability" to mitigate rising domestic risks. "Consumer spending has yet to pick up the baton from investment as an engine of growth," said Diana Choyleva, chief economist at Enodo Economics. But the truce in the trade war with Washington may bring some temporary relief for business confidence, according to Fitch Ratings, which on Friday raised its outlook for GDP growth in 2020 to 5.9%, up 0.2 percentage points.
  10. I think VN, PRC and PHP are all indulging in wishful thinking
  11. How To Watch The Decade’s Final Rocket Launch, China’s Game-Changing ‘Long March 5’ https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamiecartereurope/2019/12/26/how-to-watch-chinas-mars-mission-hinges-on-long-march-5-success-the-decades-last-rocket-launch/#50c57ab75da9 Launch this evening @ 8:45pm SGT from Wenchang space facility in Hainan island...on the final Friday of 2019. astastast
  12. source: https://gtspirit.com/2019/11/23/guangzhou-auto-show-2019-highlights/ While most of the European and North American media are on the West coast of America for the LA Auto Show we headed East to the Guangzhou Auto Show 2019. As the second most popular Chinese motor show after the bi-annual Beijing and Shanghai shows it attracts more than 900,000 visitors annually. Guangzhou is the capital of the South-Eastern Guangdong province which is home to more than 100 million people and close to Hong Kong and Macao. The Guangzhou Auto Show provides an ideal opportunity to find out how the automotive market and car manufacturers in China are doing. The first thing we noticed at Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair is the number of halls filled with exhibitors. Virtually all major Chinese and overseas brands are present at this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show and cover a total of 15 halls. Also for fans of luxury and exotic cars there was little to complain with AMG, Aston Martin, Bentley, Lamborghini, Lotus, Maybach, McLaren, Porsche and Rolls-Royce among others all showing their latest and greatest models in Guangzhou. From the popular performance brands only Ferrari is not there this year. A very strong contrast with the poor turnout at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show and certainly against the trend of dwindling interest in motor shows around the world from exhibitors and visitors alike. Chinese manufacturers are catching up. FAST! A few years ago one could easily mock the Chinese car makers for their odd brand appearance and sub-standard products. But Guangzhou Auto Show 2019 should be an eye-opener for the rest of the world. China is catching up and it is catching up fast. Hall after hall we are surprised by new Chinese car brands. Not only the cars they present are a significantly better than a few years ago also their brand appearance is much better. Nearly all Chinese car manufacturers offer visitors additional experiences – games, interactive presentations, live performances and more to keep visitors on the stand longer and connect with new audiences in a different way. Several brands took inspiration from how Mini presented itself and took that to the next level. It makes the actual Mini stand here in Guangzhou look dull in comparison. What goes for the brand appearance also goes for their products. The exterior is very much up to personal taste and can be deceiving but interior design shows what Chinese customers want right now: large screens, touch and connectivity. Clearly new Chinese brands are taking less inspiration from established European brands and more inspiration from Tesla and smartphones. The young tech-savvy Chinese audience clearly digs it, the stands of the Chinese brands were buzzing all day long. The average buyer age is much lower in China as it is in Germany or the United States. Another key difference is that most customers buy their cars cash without financing or leasing. Byton M-Byte Geely Icon Beyond the buzz at the stands of most Chinese manufacturers there were surprisingly few people at the Audi, Volkswagen and most of the Japanese brands. At closer inspection some of the China-only models Nissan, Toyota and even Volkswagen (like the Phideon and Lamando) offer in China look fairly dated on the inside with small screens and limited connectivity. At Volkswagen the Golf 8 was not there yet, instead the center stage was taken by the Volkswagen Tacqua (Chinese T-Cross), Touareg plug-in hybrid and the new Volkswagen Viloran MPV concept. In terms of e-mobility there are some mixed signals coming from China. The number of State subsidised electric cars has seen a huge increase the last few years but as the government reduced both buyer- and manufacturer subsidies the number of electric cars sales tanked the last few months. Daimler CEO Ola Kallenius is carefully optimistic about sales of premium electric SUVs like the Mercedes-Benz EQC as in the luxury segment there are not many full electric models available yet and the luxury segment is less price-driven. Concept cars at the Guangzhou Auto Show 2019 Denza X styled by Mercedes-Benz Like all other foreign manufacturers Daimler also has joint ventures in China to produce and sell at the massive Chinese market. The new ultra luxury Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 celebrated its world premiere in Guangzhou. The Chinese long established a taste for luxury and over two thirds of all Maybach models are sold in China. Another car expected to do well in China is the new GLB. This compact SUV available as optional 7-seater variant is aimed to satisfy both the demand for SUVs as well as space. The Mercedes-AMG A35 L Limousine also celebrated its world premiere although this long-wheel base version will only be sold in China. Mercedes-Benz also brought the EQS show car to China to share the design vision of its upcoming full-electric flagship limousine. Most interesting of them all was the introduction of the new Denza X. This Chinese SUV is available as a plug-in hybrid and full electric version. It is engineered and build by Denza (a joint venture between Daimler and BYD) in China but styled by Mercedes-Benz. Also available as 7-seater the full-electric version offers up to 520 km of range and does 0-100 km/h in 4.3 seconds. A modern exterior is complemented with an equally modern interior with a large touchscreen console and camera integration for video calls and WeChat. Pricing starts at 289,000 Yuan which translates to around 37,000 euro. Daimler CEO Ola Kallenius said it will be exclusively available on the Chinese market but new Smart models built by Geely in China will be sold in Germany and the rest of the world from 2022. Denza X For European car makers the magic letter in China is L European premium car makers aiming to maintain or boost their sales have long learned to adapt to the Chinese wishes and customs. One letter is key to this success: L. It stands for long – or long-wheelbase – and aims to satisfy the demand for cars with large legroom in the rear. For a long time this desire for leg space had to do with the large number of chauffeur driven cars. But in todays China where even the majority of the premium cars are owner-driven the large leg space is a way of doing good by family members, friends and business partners taking place on the backseat. Take place on the backseat of nearly any Chinese car at the Guangzhou Auto Show and you will find ample leg- and headroom. I’m 1.90m tall and already had plenty of space. Most European cars on the other hand feel very cramped in comparison hence the necessity for European car makers to create long versions of their models sold outside of China. Audi was the first brand to celebrate success with their China only A6 L more than a decade ago. Now you can find L versions of a variety of European premium cars including long-wheelbase versions of the BMW 3-Series, Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Volkswagen Tiguan, Jaguar XF L and many many more. The Chinese market is so important that some manufacturers decided no longer to offer a shorter version but to sell the long-wheelbase variant all around the world. Audi A6 L Mercedes-Benz E300 L Jaguar XF L A Toyota for 150,000+ Euro Believe it or not but one of the most desirable cars for wealthy Chinese is a Toyota. This Toyota Alphard minivan is so popular in fact that customers pay a premium to get the car quicker as there are significant waiting times. At the Guangzhou Auto Show Toyota showed the successor to the popular Alphard called the Toyota Hellfire. Equipped with sliding doors and two lazy boy seats on the second row it is very practical but far from beautiful. The price for this new Toyota? A whopping 1,200,000 Renminbi – over 150,000 euro and that is if you can even get your hands on one as the demand is more than the supply. Toyota Vellfire Copycats and Clones – Not gone but less Most of us recall one or the other blatant copy car produced in China. The number of copied designs is becoming less and the unique designs of Chinese cars like the Byton M-Byte, Geely Icon and the Denza X are clear indications for the growing professionalism and maturity of the Chinese car manufacturers. Having said that we still found a few pretty clear examples of a copy-paste design job: Enovate – Porsche Taycan copy Roewe RX5 emax – Volkswagen Touareg clone Beijing BJ80 – Mercedes-Benz G-Class duplicate World Premiere for the Aston Martin DBX Unveiled only a few days ago the Aston Martin DBX celebrates its global auto show debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show 2019. Equipped with a turbocharged 4.0 V8 from AMG and electronics from Mercedes-Benz the 2.245 kg SUV accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 4.5 seconds. The Aston Martin DBX has a top speed of 291 km/h. Ironically the DBX was the only SUV we sat in all day that felt a bit cramped in the back, so it might satisfy the Chinese desire for luxury but in terms of space it falls a bit short. Chinese Tuning – Low-riders vs luxurious minivans The tuning and customized cars on display in Guangzhou are generally divided in two categories with very little in between. On one hand of the tuning scene you can find tricked out lowriders and stanced cars that hug the tarmac and impress with more camber than most cars can handle. On the other hand there are dozens of companies specializing in personalizing and upgrading minivans – mainly the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. These tuning companies take the otherwise fairly practical V-Class into the realms of the before-mentioned Toyota Alphard. European tuning companies trying to cash in on the trend include Lorinser and Mansory. Conclusion The Chinese automotive market remains strong amid trade war turmoil and reduction of electric car subsidies. The Chinese car manufacturers have made incredible progress in terms of branding and product. Some Chinese brands still produce obvious copies of European premium cars but there number is getting smaller and smaller and the popular (new) Chinese brands set themselves apart by offering unique designs appealing to a young tech-savvy audience. It remains to be seen how the driving dynamics of the latest generation Chinese cars are but if they made as much progress there as with design it won’t be long until the Chinese car makers are ready to take over the rest of the world.
  13. Astonishing beauty of north China after snow. White, white everywhere. Now we have snow, but where is Princess Snowwhite:-)
  14. steveluv

    China Trip

    So, today travelled to China, gonna be a long one, 2 weeks. The trip starts in Foshan. Arrived hotel 9.30pm, tired and hungry Pretty large room
  15. Wishcumstrue

    China 歼-20 first flight new photos 

    Official maiden flight at ChengDu with presence of VIP. Photo taken by armature Chinese aviation enthusista on 11 Jan 2011 outside parameter fence. Auspicious date: 8th day of 12 month on Lunar calender
  16. Carbon82

    2020 Denza X e-SUV

    Let embrace the EV storm, from CHINA. To those that said China brand is dead in Singapore, think again. China is now leading the EV market, and several established auto manufacturers are actually trying to collaborate with these Chinese EV startup to gain entry into the EV segment. Denza X, an electrified crossover, is a product of the joint venture between Daimler and China’s BYD, but more importantly, the design child of the former. Thus Denza X has unashamedly incorporates Mercedes-Benz influences, from the seat designs, to the trimmings, air vents and everything in between. If you’ve driven any recent Benz’s, you’ll feel right at home here. Earlier this year, China’s EV brand Denza, a 50:50 joint venture between BYD and Daimler, presented the sleek Concept X designed by Mercedes-Benz. Since things move really fast in China’s auto industry, the company has already revealed the production model that’s called the Denza X. The midsize crossover stays remarkably close to the concept from a styling standpoint, although the pop-out door handles and rearview cameras haven’t made it to the production model. The bumpers have also been modified, as have the lights. Inside, the 4.89-meter (192.5-inch) long SUV offers seven seats and a dashboard dominated by a massive center display that can rotate, changing its orientation from portrait to landscape and back. The Denza X also features a fully digital instrument panel. Chinese customers will be able to choose from two powertrains, a plug-in hybrid and an all-electric. The PHEV combines a 192 PS (189 HP) 2.0-liter turbo-four gasoline engine, two electric motors, and a battery. The motor mounted on the front axle delivers 150 PS (148 HP) while the one at the back produces 245 PS (242 HP). It’s the same powertrain found on the BYD Tang, with which the Denza X shares its underpinnings. With a usable output of more than 400 PS (396 HP), the plug-in hybrid model is said to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in under 5 seconds. As for the all-electric version, it’s powered by a single electric motor delivering 245 PS (242 HP) and can cover around 500 km (311 miles) on a single charge according to the NEDC cycle. Denza will release more details about its new model at the November launch, with deliveries in China expected to start in early 2020.
  17. 20 single-deck electric buses each from BYD and ST Engineering Land Systems 10 single-deck and 10 double-deck electric buses from Yutong The buses will progressively arrive in Singapore from next year, with the final batch delivered in 2020 Source: The Straits Times
  18. Picnic06-Biante15

    China's Xiaomi Is Coming ...

    Don't get any wrong ideal ........... It's China Smartphone. Yahoo News : China’s Xiaomi confirms it will bring its smartphones to Singapore this year Today Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker known for selling top-notch handsets at bargain bin prices, revealed via social media that it’s next stop beyond the Greater China will indeed be Singapore. Yesterday Xiaomi’s Hong Kong and Taiwan Facebook pages posted messages featuring the company’s rabbit mascot beside a Chinese dragon proclaiming “Hello Singapore”, linking to a Xiaomi Singapore Facebook page. However, now that Hugo Barra posted the same picture on his Google+ profile page, the proverbial writing is on the proverbial wall. Curiously, the Singapore Facebook page appears to have been created in May 2013 – three months before Barra got on board. This might indicate that Xiaomi had been eyeing the move for some time. Xiaomi had publicly indicated that its next overseas stop beyond Taiwan and Hong Kong would be Singapore back in December when it held a fan meetup in Taipei. The move to the city-state will test the company’s chops in a market in which consumers have higher incomes on average. It also will be branching out from exclusively Chinese-speaking markets into a multi-lingual market. Just this morning Xiaomi announced that it had sold over 18 million handsets in 2013, more than twice the 7.19 million it doled out the previous year. In 2014, it’s hoping to hit 40 million. As for revenues, the company raked in over $5.18 billion for the year. Saw it in China last month whilst visiting Hainan Island. Nice and light, only problem is program all in Chinese wording which reframe me from buying....
  19. Civic2000

    The (trade) war has started

    Trump imposes 25% tariff on Chinese goodshttps://www.bbc.com/news/business-44498484?SThisFB
  20. Lala81

    Simon yam stabbed

    https://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/3019428/hong-kong-actor-simon-yam-tat-wah-stabbed-stomach-during Dunno who's the siao kia. Hope he's fine.
  21. This thread is purely based on historical version of 3 Kingdoms, and not the novel part. After liu bei passed away in 222AD, he handed shu kingdom to his son liu shan and also zhuge liang and Li Yan. But Zhuge liang still holds most power and authority. during his tenure, he advocated military confrontation against wei for at least 5 major times. And all his military expedition was failures. Was Zhuge liang correct in embarking on offensive military campaigns against a much strong opponents? Or could he have just employed a more inward growing and adopted a wait and see kinda approach? Would that have resulted in Shu lasting longer or grew stronger in the long run?
  22. Sorry. Double post. Mods pls help delete. Kam sia too many to count. 😅thank you
  23. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/china-jiangsu-bridge-collapses-traps-cars-underneath-11989608 Scary. It will be a miracle if no casualty. Safe ride
  24. Lala81

    Beijing Daxing Airport opens

    https://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/3030306/beijings-new-7-runway-star-shaped-daxing-airport-opened-xi?utm_content=article&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1569403585 Beijing New Airport. Epic.
  25. DACH

    Buick, anyone?

    2018 Buick Regal GS first drive: The backroad Buick The new GS may not be track ready, but it’s an improved Regal by every performance measurementhttp://autoweek.com/article/car-reviews/2018-buick-regal-gs-first-drive-backroad-buick#ixzz58JgWnwXP One might assume the GS (Gran Sport) badge on the back of this Buick means serious business. After all, in the past, those two little letters signaled to everyone that specialized performance equipment was on board. The very first GS models back in the mid-1960s were hardcore. Buick described the Skylark GS as “a howitzer with windshield wipers.” And to be sure, the 2018 Regal GS is a meaningful improvement over the standard Regal Sportback. Yet, this one stops short of being a howitzer—or a true track-ready performance package. “It’s not really meant to drive on the other side of that wall, onto the racetrack,” Buick’s vehicle performance manager Mike Mueller mentions to us as we look out over Atlanta Motorsports Park’s road course in Dawsonville, Georgia. “We could have dialed up the GS but that’s not where we were trying to go. It’s not supposed to be a Camaro, Corvetteor high-performance Cadillac.” While the GS may not be a super sedan like Caddy’s V-Series monsters, engineers massaged the Regal in every way to improve its performance on the street. Under the hood, GM’s venerable 3.6-liter V6 takes the place of the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder in standard Regals. Here, that V6 makes 310 hp and 282 lb-ft of torque—a 60 hp and 26 lb-ft of torque bump over the four. Although the last Regal GS offered the option of a six-speed manual transmission up until 2016, this new one comes paired solely to GM’s nine-speed automatic. And all Regal GS models use a specifically-tuned version of the Regal’s twin-clutch all-wheel drive system. The chassis components as well as the strut front and five-link rear suspension systems are largely the same as the ones used on the more pedestrian Regal Sportback AWD models. The biggest change comes from the adoption of Continuous Damping Control (CDC) dampers from ZF at each corner. The firmness of these shocks can be adjusted through buttons on the center console. The front springs are unique here but only because the V6 carries an additional 40 pounds over the four-cylinder. Mueller says the stabilizer bars as well as chassis bushings remain unchanged. The GS does have Brembo brakes up front that measure 13.6-inches in diameter, up an inch over the standard Regal front brakes. Out back, the GS has 12.4-inch vented discs that are about an inch larger than the solid discs in the Regal. And to cover the new brakes, there are 19-inch wheels wrapped in 245/40R19 Continental Procontact TX tires. The GS carries some tasteful body mods, including more aggressive front and rear facias, side sills and a rear lip spoiler, and they make an already handsome car look a little tougher. On the inside, there are unique GS sill plates, a GS shifter and 14-way adjustable sport seats. Of course, this is still a Sportback. And that means there’s 31.5 cu-ft of cargo space with the rear seats up and a wagon-like 60.7 cu-ft. with them folded. So, this sporty machine is quite useful too. The Execution Slide into the new heated, cooled, massaging and heavily bolstered sport seats and its clear the GS is built to have some fun. The seats are fantastic and even include adjustable thigh support which was appreciated by my six-foot-four driving partner. Another welcome upgrade is the new partial TFT instrument cluster. It’s modern and much more befitting a car in this price class compared to the analog cluster in the normal Regal. Immediately ahead of the shifter are buttons labeled “sport” and “GS”. They are the key to unlocking driving enjoyment in this Buick. Press sport and the transmission will hold onto gears slightly longer and quicken the shifts. Sport mode also increases the heft of the steering, biases more torque to the rear axle and will dial up a firmer damping setting too. An individual mode allows the steering, dampers and all-wheel drive system responsiveness to be adjusted independently. Engage the “GS” mode and its basically Buick’s version of sport plus. The steering boost is dialed back even further, resulting in heavier, more substantial weighting. The transmission shifts are no quicker but the shift schedule is more aggressive, so it won’t upshift to a taller gear if you are hustling down a mountain road. The all-wheel drive system will bias even more of the engine’s torque to the rear axle here, and the damping from the CDC system becomes firmer still. What doesn’t change, no matter what mode you select, are the calibrations for ABS, traction control and stability control. You can turn off traction control by pressing a button on the dash once. And by holding that button down for a few seconds, the stability control can be dialed way back. But as one might imagine—it never goes away completely. “We don’t suddenly give you back 1970s handling,” says Mueller. “There’s always that last ditch effort from the system to keep you on the road.” One of the best things about the Regal GS is that it’s not overly hard-edged in anything that it does. There are plenty of sporty cars that can be a little too stiff and aggressive for daily driving, but Buick strikes an excellent balance here. In the default (normal) mode, the Regal drives just like a regular Sportback. The suspension is smooth and that nine-speed goes about its work in the background without anyone really noticing. The V6 is just fine here with plenty of torque to squirt through traffic. Driven hard, the Regal is quick. But this is the same basic V6 that lives under the hood of so many GM products—everything from Camaros to Colorados and even Buick’s own LaCrosse. So, when you really work this V6 hard, it doesn’t feel or sound particularly exciting, or special enough for a high-performance application Drive it up a set of switchbacks and the transmission’s preference for taller gears will have you pressing the sport or GS buttons. We toggled through all three modes (normal, sport and GS) and found that in almost every driving situation, we just left it in GS. The transmission calibration is excellent, dropping gears or holding onto them without going one gear too far or staying in a low gear too long. The heavier weighting of the steering in GS mode feels good on a mountain drive as well as in the city. On those twisty Georgia backroads the Regal GS was athletic and fun. The only reason to perhaps not have the GS in GS mode? Negotiating a field of Detroit-class potholes. Our $43,510 Regal GS was loaded. It carried the $945 Sights and Sounds package, which includes Buick’s navigation system HD Radio, and a Bose audio system. The $1,690 Driver Confidence Package pulls together all the safety tech like adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, forward collision warning amongst others. The Appearance Package ($485) brings wireless phone charging and LED headlamps on board. Our metallic paint cost an additional $395 and the sport aluminum pedals are $175. The Takeaway The GS is certainly the Regal in Buick’s lineup we’d want parked in our own garage. It’s responsive and enjoyable on ribbons of twisty asphalt without compromising comfort—and that’s appealing. But there are of course others in the Buick’s competitive class -- performance German machinery that will bring a little more agility and a little more cache to the driving experience for a little more money. Still with all the options checked, the GS is a really good deal and easily the best Buick we’ve driven in years.