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Found 84 results

  1. I think VN, PRC and PHP are all indulging in wishful thinking
  2. Ciki

    CTL Claims

    Hello seniors, need some advice here. Was involved in accident few days back, and reported to authorised workshop to claim against 3rd party as I was rear ended. 3rd party sent surveyor down and after assessment, declare it as "non-economical to repair", and offer a lump sum figure/mkt value (made up of repair limit + my parf) to settle the case. Workshop's advice to me is that if i'm going to claim CTL, (constructive total loss) i should go and claim own damage and claim CTL as the process will be faster and i do not have to do anything as all paperwork, outstanding loan all will be settled by my insurance cmpy. Compare to claiming CTL from 3rd party, where i have to find find scrap yard and send the car to scrap myself, deregister from LTA myself to get my parf back to make up the lump sum figure, as 3rd party insurance will only pay me the repair limit which is part of the lump sum compensated to me. Question is, is this the correct process? That I had to scrap the car myself, deregister myself to get back the PARF and wait for 3rd party insurance payout of the repair limit to me? Or should it be that my car will be under the possess of 3rd party insurance, they paid me the full lump sum(mkt value) and they do the recovery etc. themselves?
  3. 1. A motor insurance may be cheap, eg. DirectAsia (this is my current plan after I've switched from AAS available insurance plans since 2+ years ago). However, I have recently been told that when it comes to claims, there seems to be fineprints that void certain claims, eg. windscreen. 2. My NCD is 50% discount and I am thinking thrice now about renewing with DirectAsia - because in case I have claims, I don't want to be caught by it's fineprints. 3. This survey is to crowdsource motor insurance claim experiences from fellow forumers who have had at least 1 claim and would appreciate if you can reply by stating these information: (a) Name of Insurance company (and the motor plan if you recall, if not nevermind) (b) Give a score of between -10 to +10 (where the extreme -10 is no claim despite your situation being seemingly a valid claim, and +10 if your claim process is a smooth and quick claim with bare minimum fuss) © Optional: Which year? (if you remember) (d) Optional: You may also choose to elaborate your score, esp. if it's very negative or very positive - optional. 4. While a few data points may not be reliable, however if we have a lot of data points (eg. 100 people claiming terrible experiences with company XXX, or excellent experiences with AAA, then we know what is more probable). 5. Here we go, this is a list of 44 motor insurance companies listed in one motoring: 1 Action Garage Pte Ltd Able Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd AB Lim & Sons Enterprises Aik Chong Insurance Agency All Solutions AMA Insurance Agency Anika Insurance Brokers & Consultants Pte Ltd Automobile Association of Singapore AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd Beng Soon Holdings Pte Ltd BMC Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd Chartis Singapore Insurance Pte Ltd Cowell Insurance Pte Ltd Daglen Insurance Agency Dickson Auto Agency Direct Asia.com Esse Insurance Agency ETS Insurance Agency Far Eastern Insurance Agency Gideon Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd GSC Auto Services Pte Ltd High Power Enterprise Insline Insurance Agency Insure2give Pte. Ltd Inspro Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd JG Motor Agency JMT Insurance Agency K & L Services Agencies LQ Insurance Agency Pte Ltd Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd NSK Insurance Agency O C W Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd Poon Poong Motors Pte Ltd Powerton Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd Pure Insurance Pte Ltd Securisks Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd Sime Insurance Brokers (S) Pte Ltd Sino Credit Pte Ltd Specialists Motor Pte Ltd Sun Hwa Insurance Agency T K H Insurance Agency Tan Bros Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd Times Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd Tong Tah Insurance Vehicle Agency source: http://www.onemotoring.com.sg/publish/onemotoring/en/autoshop/motoring_directory/motorcar_insurance.html Namaste.
  4. My car is turning 3 soon, and due for insurance renewal. For the past 3 years, I kena hit-n-run twice when parked stationary at carparks. Both times, I managed to successfully claim from the culprits. I understand not-at-fault claims are likely to increase insurance premiums. But my car was parked stationary and I was not even in the car. It's not caused by aggressive driving behaviours. Do insurance companies review the situations that resulted in the no-at-fault claims on a case by case basis?
  5. Hi all, was very unlucky and got hit by a malaysian van today. My Toyota Altis is just 3 weeks old. It hit our car on the back and obviously it's the van driver's fault as we were stationary at the red light. No injuries and did a police report together. Later then found out that Borneo motors won't do a claim against 3rd party and especially a Malaysian insurance conpany. Found out that total repair cost would be $1500 but the van driver isn't willing to pay as he keep insisting he is covered by insurance and have the rights not to pay a single cent. He then verbally agreed to fork out $1k as a goodwill but it has to be over a few months as he is a blue collar construction worker here. That guy has now gone back to jb and I don't even know if he is really paying me the $1k. We definitely won't do a claim from our own insurance as my dad was at the steering wheel and excess would be in the thousands. Any kind advise from fellow forumers here? Any reliable workshop willing to do Malaysian insurance claim?
  6. I was just thinking, if LTA make it compulsory for every vehicle to install a camera for their car, and when any accident happens, it is mandatory to submit the video plus account within 24 hours, wont it solve the problems of erroneous claims? the videos from both drivers will give a very accurate depiction of what actually happened from both positions, and we wont even need witness. Confirm objective. If they can make every car install 3rd brake lights (cant rem when), and also the IU, maybe the cam will be a good move?
  7. heard 10 died in 9 days, seem like climbing the Mount Everest is not difficult after all. At least seven other climbers have died on other 8,000-metre Himalayan peaks this season, while two are missing.
  8. Phuakangtao

    Travel insurance claims

    Anyone has experience? My laptop was dropped when traveling in usa and LCD cracked. Should I repair it and use invoice to claim or claim first then repair? If can claim I'd rather repair in Sony if not much chance I repair sim lim can already
  9. was involved in an car accident, and i am not at fault. aka, people bang me from the back. What should i do as my car is due for scrap 1 month+ away. is there still anything i can claim? workshop says may not be able to claim repair cuz of COE expiring soon, insurance may not pay out. anything i can claim from the third party? possible to claim car down time?
  10. Saw this in Yahoo web page..... so he is the modern astronomer Galileo??? Saudi cleric claims Sun rotates around the Earth Saudi cleric has become the topic of discussion on Twitter after he rejected the scientific fact that the Earth revolves around the Sun, claiming the exact opposite and added that the Earth is stationary. A video posted on YouTube shows Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari answering students' questions and rejecting the centuries-old discovery that the Sun stays still, while Earth and other planets rotate around it. When a student asked the cleric whether the Earth was stationary or moving, he replied "stationary and [it] does not move". Then he went on to explain his theory while holding on to a sealed water cup and said: "First of all, where are we now? We go to Sharjah airport to travel to China by plane." The cleric then asked the students to focus and continued, "This is Earth, if you say it rotates, if we leave Sharjah airport on international flight to China, the Earth is rotating right? So if the plane stands still in the air, wouldn't China be coming towards it? "If the Earth rotates on the other direction, the plane will not be able to reach China. Because China is also rotating as the plane rotates." The irony of his comment is that it came on the birthday of great astronomer Galileo Galilei. The Italian astronomer was born on 15 February 1564, and has supported the Copernican theory that says the Earth and planets revolved around the Sun. The cleric's answer triggered some hilarious responses with the hashtag #cleric_rejects_rotation_of_Earth on Twitter .
  11. Weez911

    Handover of Christmas Island

    Given the recent tussle over the South China Sea, I have done some research on Christmas Island into sources such as NLB and Wiki to find out more about our own territorial history. Based on what I read, I noted that the transfer of Christmas Island was initiated by the Australian government to the United Kingdom in 1954, and the handover was completed in 1958 between the UK and Australian governments at a sum of £2.33 million (M$20 million). As Singapore only gained independence in 1965, we were never part of the negotiation. Said island has a population of 2,072. They consist of 65% Chinese, 20% Malays, 10% Europeans and 5% Indians and Eurasians. Their mother languages are Chinese, Malay and English. Size of island is 135 km2 and below is the map: Weather: Here is my point - Was the handover in 1957 legitimate? Other than the obvious similarities in population mix, language and weather, this transfer was enacted by 2 countries that have nothing to do with Singapore now. Should we challenge the claims to Christmas Island?
  12. hi, cousin got into accident, fully his fault. he rear ended another car. damage to his car is minimal, but damage to the other party is serious. boot cannot close, bumper dented with some cracks, bumper and headlights misaligned. just want to know, if he can settle privately, which workshop is recommended (won't carrot chop). another question, lets say the repair bill too high, then settle via insurance, my cousin wants to know what will happen. the car is his company's car and thus under commercial insurance. will his company premium go up? will there be a record on the company or on the driver? this record will be permanent? this record will affect future car purchase?
  13. Hi, My wife got a day surgery with KK hospital recently. KK hospital deducted the amount $700+ from her medisave while we were waiting for reply of her medical claims from the insurance company. Now, We just got a letter from her insurance company saying that her bill is covered by the policy. We don't understand how the payment could be made by the insurance company to KK hospital and how could my wife medisave could be reinstated, so we wrote a first email to the insurance company to clarify. first reply from the insurance company. Dear Ms Tan Thank you for your email. Our claims letter has already been sent to you on 10/12/15. In the claims letter for PruShield policy number XXXXXXX, we have informed that the claim amount is approved within deductible under the PruShield plan. Hence, there is no payment to KKH. There will also be no payment made to CPF. Ok, i don't understand what is no payment to KKH and CPF. So, we wrote again for an explanation in layman terms. Second reply from the insurance company. Dear Ms Tan Thank you for your reply. The deductible portion is the part of the claimable amount that the policyowner is liable for before any benefits are payable under this policy. The Deductible amounts for the various benefits under this policy are stated in the Benefits Schedule. Sorry, i tried to figure out their term myself but after more than a month, i still cannot understand what are they trying to say. my question here is very simple, 1. Insurance says my wife can claim her medical bill? 2. How could her deducted amount be credited back into her medisave? Thanks from a layman.
  14. what an f--ker CB kia face: A car salesman, who was jailed for a week for knocking down and killing a five-year-old girl in 2009, had helped to stage another accident a year earlier. Tijan Syafiq Selamat had loaned his car for the fake mishap among three vehicles so as to file false insurance claims. Earlier this month, he pleaded guilty to conspiring to cheat NTUC Income Insurance by instructing lawyers to submit the false claims. He is currently serving the sentence of 14 months in jail but is appealing for it to be reduced. In the judgement released on Monday, District Judge Chay Yuen Fatt noted that such offences are difficult to detect. He said Tijan Syafiq and his accomplices would have got away if not for their greed to submit too many claims over the same collision. Investigations revealed that in early August 2008, Muhammed Akmal Ahmad, 22, proposed the scheme to Tijan Syafiq. At 10pm on Aug 15, 2008, the car salesman met up with two other unknown men at Tampines Industrial Avenue 2. There, the duo used their cars to stage a chain collision. i still remember was it this fella go online and kpkb about his accident? hope he gets assraped
  15. Good evening A car hit my stationary parked car at my condo 1) reported to security and asked for visitors vehicles but they Denied as they want to protect visitors privacy - it's quite weird that I am the owner and yet I cannot know who comes to visit in my condo? 2) called the police for assistance. They also refused to help. They said its private property so it's not governed in their jurisdiction to lodge investigation It's amazing how the world has changed this days On the brighter side it's not a major damage. And the world moves on with a Scott free hit and run
  16. M'sian undergrad claims cops raped her after catching her having sex in car Quote: Two cops were arrested on Sunday for allegedly raping and blackmailing a 19-year-old university student, Malaysian police said. The teen lodged a report on Saturday, claiming the duo took advantage of her after catching her and her boyfriend having sex in a car on Jan 26. Assistant Commissioner Azmi Abu Kassif said the victim claimed she was made to get into the police vehicle with one officer. The other officer got into her boyfriend's car. "The victim claimed that while in the police car, the officer had asked her to give him RM2,000 (S$745) to let her go. "The victim agreed and the officer dropped her and her boyfriend by the roadside. She said the officers then took down her contact details," he said. Raped her in toilet The student said she received a call later that day from the one of the officers who demanded that she pay up. ACP Azmi said the girl alleged that the officer picked her up from her hostel, drove her to a nearby mall and forced her to perform oral sex on him in his car. "She said he later took her to a toilet in the mall and raped her. He said if she didn’t do as he asked, he would arrest her." According to the victim’s report, the officer didn’t stop there. The girl claimed the man has been calling her up the past week to demand sex again. "Upon receiving the report, we arrested the two officers on Sunday." Source: The Star
  17. Hi guys, got into a minor accident today. This is my car recording of what happened http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1X5u_lloho The uncle now is very reluctant to pay me. Keep claiming no damage. I just wanna respray the scratches, albeit minor. My car is only 5 months old. Would claiming insurance hurt my premiums in anyway? This is my 2nd accident. The first one happened on 25th Nov when my car was barely 2 weeks old. I engaged a lawyer in that case as it was much more serious. That accident was also clearly not my fault. My worry is I would somehow get blacklisted by insurance companies for future renewals.
  18. http://online.wsj.com/articles/u-s-fines-hyundai-kia-for-overstating-fuel-economy-1415028646?mod=e2tw Those of us with kimchi cars can claim compensation or not?
  19. Hey Guys, Got into a minor accident this evening, where my mitsubishi lancer EX hit the back of a 04' Toyota Corolla Altis. Just need some help to get an estimate for the repairs on the Altis.. Was at the junction to turn left, stopped behid the altis cos there's still on coming traffic, but thought he would drive off cos saw him moving off.. But too bad I was checking for on coming traffice never notice he stop so bang into him. Though i never accelerate, but damage seems quite bad for the altis. Basically the right part of the bumper slightly dislodged and some scratches on the back bumper. But this "helpful" driver came along pointed that the boot cannot close & "recommend" to bring to his workshop to repair. Anyway, the driver said he prefered to send back to BM. So arrange to meet him with at BM tmr morning to check the damages. Just want to get a heads up, as understand that will kana chop. Depending on cost will contempt on private settlement vs claiming insurance. On a separate note, was looking at past forums boot not closing properly for the altis quite common, so not sure how the cost of damages would be like.. Thank hyou in advance should you revert. :)
  20. One of Singapore's leading general insurance providers said today (Aug 29) that the number of motor accident claims involving cyclists that they have received doubled from 2010 to 2012. AIG Asia Pacific Insurance (AIG) also said that the number of bodily injury claims made by cyclists doubled in that same period. "We've seen a significant increase in bodily injury claims involving motorists and cyclists over the past year," said Ms Wong Siew Lee, AIG Singapore Vice-President who heads the auto insurance business. The number of cyclist-related motor accidents in the first half of this year has already exceeded the total for 2012 by 30 per cent, AIG said in a release. According to Ms Wong, AIG has seen an average annual increase of 11 per cent over the past five years in terms of bodily injury claims overall. "This is a rising trend which road users need to be aware of. We encourage everyone to take extra care on the roads," Ms Wong said. "With the rise in accidents involving cyclists, it is very important for motorists to ensure their insurance is up-to-date and comprehensive. Whatever the mode of transport, everyone has a right and a responsibility to be safe on the road." The insurer also said that the increase in accidents involving cyclists has coincided with the growing popularity of cycling in Singapore both as a sport and as a mode of transport. Source: http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/claim...ast-three-years
  21. HI anyone can advice any insurance coy as i got hard time getting insurance for my car as i had claim 3 times in the past 3 years cheers.
  22. In Jan, I reversed into a 5-series while doing a 3-pt turn. I was slowly doing reversing while he chiong and try to squeeze through. bang into 3 panels. two doors and last panel. anyway, say so much also no use. i reverse sure i lose right? so after negotiating, almost settle with him 1.5k cash. Last minute did not materialise and he went PM to repair. 6 moths later, still no update from my insurer and this morning called them, guy said case closed long ago 6k. wah lao.. i tot supposed to inform me if any claims made against my policy? made me worry for so many months that it will be a giant claims. he went back PM and changed 3 panels and est 5 days loss of use. 6k quite ok rite? never tock me i think. juz do good his car. I just curious next round what is the increase in premiums like? I heard under 10k claims the increase should be minimal rite? vis-a-vis paying 1.5k to private settlement, i should be "earn" rite?
  23. Needed some serious advise because I had some very bad experience with an accident last year. My car was knocked from the back and after viewing around, we verbally settled for $200. But the guy said he dont have the cash now and is going back to Malaysia and will transfer the next morning. We exchanged contacts and personal details and left the scene. After stopping (about 2-3 hours later) and further checking, i realised that i have difficulty opening my car boot and then immediately SMS the guy not to transfer me money as the cost should be much higher. I also mentioned that i will send to car workshop the following morning to access the damage and will let him know the cost of repair first and see if he still wants to private settle or claim insurance. I even tried to call him but there was no answer (assuming he is in Malaysia). At the car workshop i tried to call him and still no answer so i texted him the repair costs and gave him an hour or so to reply or else i will claim insurance. Times up and i proceed to claim insurance and accident report (without highlighting about the private settlement portion). A few months after i gotten back my car, the workshop called me and told me something like the other party did not report the accident because he has already done private settlement of $200 on the next day after the accident. Then i explained the private settlement part to them and forwarded the text messages as proof. I even went to the extent of getting the date / time of the $200 transfer and it was long after i message him the cost of repair. All this while, there were no calls or sms from this guy and i didnt check my bank account untill i got the call from the workshop to verify the transfer. After a few weeks, i received some lawyer letters asking for my actions to proceed with 'writ of summons' against the other driver as well as a cheque payment ($200) back to the owner. They also indicated that in the event that the writ of summons failed, i will need to pay the workshop all the repair costs as well as some fees (about $5k+). Being reluctant to be put to such risks, i explained my situation to them via email and did not consent on the writ of summons portion because the accident is clearly not my fault and only sent back the cheque to them. I also tried writing to my insurance for assistance but there were no response or advise at all. Several months passed and i recently received a letter stating that the law firm is discharging me from this case. About 2 weeks later, i checked my mailbox and saw a letter from another law firm representing my workshop and they are claiming the costs against me. The letter was dated 21 Jun and i have 7 days to act but i only opened my mailbox on the 30 Jun (Sunday). I have written an email to the law firm explaining that i only saw the letter on Sunday and hope they can give me a week extension for consideration. So now i am totally stuck on what i can or should do next. Pardon the above long story but is there any advise from anyone please ? Regards.
  24. Now he also chup motor insurance liao? Anyway a good reminder article nonetheless Just doubt the relevant folks would listen... From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/forum-...claims-20121113 Motor insurers should tackle root causes of inflated claims Published on Nov 13, 2012 ACCORDING to the General Insurance Association of Singapore, regulations introduced in May last year require motorists making property damage claims to give other motorists or their insurers the opportunity to inspect the damage to the vehicles before repairs are undertaken ("Pre-repair inspection rule for accident vehicles"; last Friday). The association should state the percentage of third-party claims that follow this regulation. Anecdotal evidence indicates that payments for third-party damages continue to be high, contributing to hefty motor insurance premiums. Also, are a significant proportion of these claims made through lawyers, and do their fees add to the cost of the claims? Perhaps the insurer paying the claim should also be given the opportunity to settle it without the need to incur legal fees. The requirement to report directly to the paying insurer should be made mandatory by law, rather than being a non-binding regulation by the insurance industry. This will be more effective in addressing the exorbitant cost of third-party claims. In my consulting work in the region, I know that the cost of motor repairs in Singapore is several times that in neighbouring countries. While this can be partly explained by the higher cost of doing business here, the scale of the difference indicates that there are other contributing factors. The motor insurance industry should address the root causes of inflated claims and bring relief to consumers, who now continue to suffer increases in premiums. Tan Kin Lian President Financial Services Consumer Association
  25. From the good doctor's description, it seemed like the other driver/owner was the victim as his vehicle's damage was "scratches to right back tyre ream and door". If that was the case why would the other driver wanted to claim his own insurance le? I guess Dr Lee might have mistaken and it would be good if the other driver could respond because his honesty/integrity had been doubted liao... From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/forum-...claims-20121105 'Blank cheque' motor claims' Published on Nov 05, 2012 I AM a mother of two with 12 years of driving experience and no prior accident history or claims experience. On Oct 23, I had my first car accident at the junction of Balmoral Road and Dunearn Road while I was driving my husband to work. After the other driver and I exchanged the relevant details and snapped pictures related to the accident, it was agreed, or so I thought, that we would each claim the cost of the repairs from our own car insurance. I paid $1,400 for my own repairs, after much deliberation, to avoid claiming from my insurance. Subsequently, I received a letter from my insurer informing me about the other car driver's application to claim the cost of his repairs from my insurance. His repairs for the scratches to his right back tyre ream and door cost $3,500, which was double what I paid to repair the damage to my car. Are there any regulatory bodies guarding consumer rights when a car owner uses these workshops? It seems to me that they may quote high prices when they know the owner is likely to claim from the other party's insurer. Are there cameras at every traffic junction that can provide useful evidence for the claims process? How do we go about obtaining such evidence? Mandy Lee (Dr)