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Found 19 results

  1. go to the link for the pics ... personally I find the man's reaction totally unbelievable ... I don't believe in angels. S’porean locked up in inhumane conditions in KL after flying in with less than 6 months passport validity Summary: • The Singaporean man flew into KL with his friends for a gaming competition on June 8 and were expected to come back to Singapore on June 11. • However, he did not renew his passport which had about five months of validity left before it expired. • He was denied entry upon arriving at KLIA (KL International Airport ) on the June 8, at 3.15pm. • He was told he would be deported back to Singapore and he felt quite stupid about not renewing his passport beforehand and being a burden to his team. • He did not know what to do next and was told by immigration if he wanted to book a return ticket back himself or one could be booked for him. • He wanted the KL immigration to book his ticket for him, as he was feeling down and did not have enough cash. • The immigration officer then told the Singaporean man he would be denied entry into Malaysia for one month if he chose that option. • When he said he was okay with that, he was then told he might never come back to Malaysia again. • That was when he was taken to a cell the size of a four-room HDB flat to be locked up with 100 other people inside. • He was told to turn off his phone and take off his belt and put them in the storeroom and wait for his ticket, no questions asked. • The conditions in the cell were horrendous and reeked of foul odours from the lack of proper sanitation facilities. • There was not enough space, was filthy, gag-inducing and the people inside were piled up on top of one another. • There were apparently other tourists who were locked up in there, as well as supposed illegal immigrants. • There was a separate cell for women and children. • The Singaporean man was inside for 26 hours in total but it was barely tolerable. • He claimed he saw one of the cell mates being beaten up and choked by the Malaysian officers for asking questions. • He also said those with money could bribe their way out more easily. • Fortunately, the Singaporean man’s father contacted Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs after he stopped receiving messages from his son after a period of one day. • The Singapore immigration was shocked to hear of the man’s experience when he returned back and said Singapore’s lock-up had facilities such as beds. • The Singaporean man ended his note as a caution to other Singaporeans not to take chances and said his account is to shed light on what can actually take place overseas, outside the confines of Singapore’s predictable bureaucracy and standards. Reactions to his allegations and storyThe comments section of the Singaporean man’s Facebook post is a hotbed of accusations and counter-accusations, as well as people demanding for proof and poking holes in his story. One major contention is that his case appears to be more severe than normal given such a straightforward violation, as other individuals who travelled into Malaysia with less than six months passport validity only got turned back without much repercussions other than being inconvenienced. The condition of not being able to return to Malaysia ever again is considered very severe. The Singaporean man has repeatedly said in response to multiple comments that he is remorseful for his mistake and takes the blame for what happened in the first place, but he also wants to let others know how it is like overseas, away from the secure confines of Singapore’s jurisdiction and shedding light on how issues are handled. To satiate those who called for evidence to his claims, the Singaporean man provided a photo of the document that listed his transgression in Malaysia: The document said the reason he could not return to Malaysia is because he is a “prohibited immigrant”.
  2. My bottle of cooking oil states best before date on 3 Sep 2015. As there is no expiry date, I still continue using as there is still half bottle left. How are the consequences?
  3. was involved in an car accident, and i am not at fault. aka, people bang me from the back. What should i do as my car is due for scrap 1 month+ away. is there still anything i can claim? workshop says may not be able to claim repair cuz of COE expiring soon, insurance may not pay out. anything i can claim from the third party? possible to claim car down time?
  4. Read today's Straits Times, some experts suggested "COE expiry should be pegged to mileage clocked by a car instead of years", it's absolutely brilliant suggestion, see how government to implement it, For Singapore car-lite society, the car numbers has to be decreased, and cars also must be used less, however as the high price and limited period COE system, many car owners even used their cars in whatever and no sense, otherwise it's not worthwhile for the 10 years COE, as nowadays technology, a car only be used 10 years regardless its mileage and scraped it's seriously resource waste, this suggestion sure promote Singapore really comes into car-lite society
  5. Hi , My current CAR COE expiring soon in Aug 2015 . I'm considering one of 3 following options : 1. Buy a new car with High COE 2. Buy a 2-3 used car , and buy new car in 2017 . 3. Give up driving for the time being , and buy new car in 2017 Any suggestion ? or anyone selling their 7-8 years old car ? Thanks .
  6. Hi all, my road tax is expiring on 19 March 2013, and my insurance on 09 Jul 2013. I will need to renew my road tax very soon, and from what i understand, i need to renew my insurance too to match with the road tax. I intend to renew my road tax for 6 months which will expire on 18 Sep 2013 (if i calculate correctly). What should i do as regarding to my insurance? Do i call up the insurance coy and ask to extend for another 2 months? I bought my insurance through my used car dealer company (third party) from AXA. In this case, do i call directly to AXA for an extension or do i need to call my car dealer company and which they will liaise with AXA themselves for me? Please advise. Thank you all.
  7. If my car COE registration date is 12th Jan 2005 and a check on LTA website shows that the COE expiry is 11th Jan 2015, does it mean I will be able to drive it till 11th Jan 2015? At least that what my friend says. I thought I should be able to drive it till 11th Jan 2016 so that it will be counted as 10 years on the road?
  8. Recently been given a 1 min expired coupon summons. Well I was actually late for 5 mins. Just wondering, is there any grace period??
  9. Hi all. Very urgent question. If my niece's passport expiry is 3 months later, can She still clear custom to Johor? Or is there a minimum number of months before expiry, for instance 6 months before expiry.
  10. Hello Guys, Would like to know...is there any expiry date for engine oil ??? how long can we keep after date of manufacture ??? Thanks....
  11. wish to maximize my pages before getting a new one. 60 pages over 5 years. 12 pages per yr is not enough for a frequent traveller. I was still able to enter msia last week with 4 months expiry left. this is contrary to what my friends told me that 6 months is needed. anyone knows ? 3 months? 1 month? thanks.
  12. I have an unopened/ sealed bottle of cxxxxxe 5w30 engine oil. I cant seem to find any expiry date stated on the bottle. so does that mean it does not have any expiry ? thanks
  13. Paging for 酒国英雄 I recently found 10+ cans of Heineken hidden behind my bottles of Martell and Remy Martin. The bottom of the cans read "Brewed on 11-Aug-05", but expiry date is not stated. Still can drink or not?
  14. Hi all, The drive shaft covers of the Superb experience relatively fast wear and tear. If the warranty of your ride is approaching the end of warranty or the mileage is approaching 40000km, please get CA to inspect and change the drive shaft covers immediately. Alternatively, drive to a trusted mechanic to get a second opinion on the condition of the drive shaft. Tell-tale signs: Lots of oil deposit in the inner sections of the rim due to the leakage of oil from the broken rubber drive shaft covers. To confirm the condition, it is best to hoist the car up and do a visual inspection. I suspect that CA does not usually inspect the condition of the drive shaft when you send the ride in for servicing. Hence, damages (if any) are unreported. According to CAG, the possible causes of the accelerated wear and tear are: 1. High amounts of torque transfer from the 1.8T engine to the drive shaft 2. Rubber material which cannot withstand the humidity and heat of our climate Unlike Japanese rides, you will not experience pronounced knocking sounds from the worn drive shafts when you negotiate a turn. However, if the problem stays unnoticed, there will be possible damage to the continuous velocity (CV) joint. The cost of replacing the drive shaft covers including inclusive of labour at CAG amounts to $840.
  15. kindly remind those who hold cashcards issued in year 2002, those cashcards will be expiry in this year 2007, they maybe lose functionality immediately without warning BTW, appreciate any1 can let me know where I can update my cashcard or buy new card and transfer the outstanding $$ to the new card?
  16. How true is this...care to verify...? There is a 4-year expiry (from the year of manufacture).Thereafter, the tyre may burst whilst in use . How to find out whether your tyre has expired? Check for this sign: ( *2603* )There is an asterisk at the beginning and at the end of this serial number. The first two numbers 2 6 will tell which week of the year has it been manufactured. NB : One year has 52 weeks. The last two numbers represent the year of make. Therefore, *2603* shows that the said tyre is manufactured in the 26th week of the year 2003.*2699* This shows that! the tyre is made in the 26th week of 1999. Check all your tyres for safety purposes. Do not use expired tyres. They are likely to burst (especially when running in hot weather) because the rubber component may have hardened and cracked.
  17. >> Tire expiry date >> I m going to teach you how to check your car >> tires to see if its expire!! The date your car >> tire are manufacture and the date of expire >> is only 5 years. I know a lot of people will say >> that 5 years ah, my tire already botak loh! >> Yes, its true. But what if your newly bought >> tire that have a life of only one month to >> expire? How are you going to check, whether >> the tire mechanic is bluffing you. Now, go to >> your car tire and check for this sign: >> >> ( *2603* ) The asterik is at the begining and >> the end of this number. The first two number >> 26 means the number of weeks in that year >> it manufacture, ( one year have 52 weeks, >> remember ) The last two number is the year >> its manufacture. The above 2603 show that >> the tire's are manufacture in the 26 weeks of >> year 2003. >> ( *2699* ) This number show that this tire's >> are manufacture in the 26 weeks of year 1999. >> >> If you are going for a long distance journey, do >> check all your tires for your own and your >> dearest passenger safety. Expired tire are >> bound to be exploded if its run on a hot >> weather, because the car tires rubber and the >> inner layer are starting to crack up. ============================================================================ Please advise if the last paragraph is true. My current tyres has been used for 5yr 2mth. It was manufactured in mid 1998. There is slightly above 1/3 thread left. I've travelled only 32,000 km on this tyre. Is it safe to continue using it? I did notice fine hairline cracks on the edges. Thanks!
  18. Some useful info to share. There is a 4-year expiry (from the year of manufacture). Thereafter, the tyre may burst (or blow up or explode) whilst in use. How to find out whether your tyre has expired? Check for this sign: ( *2603* ) There is an asterisk at the beginning and at the end of this serial number. The first two numbers 2 6 will tell which week of the year has it been manufactured. NB : One year has 52 weeks. The last two numbers represent the year of make. Therefore, *2603* shows that the said tyre is manufactured in the 26th week of the year 2003. *2699* This shows that the tyre is made in the 26th week of 1999. Check all your tyres for safety purposes. Do not use expired tyres. They are likely to burst (especially when running in hot weather) because the rubber component may have hardened and cracked. hope it helps. cheers.
  19. Does any know whether engine has expiry ? I have a 4L bottle (not open) which I got about 3 Motor Shows ago. Din use cos normally send back to dealer for servicing.
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