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Found 14 results

  1. What is the rough figure? Thanks
  2. by default, family car is Auto transmission, normally driving AT represent luxurious and rich, so many manual car lovers have to switch to auto to avoid to be looked down by others, how do you guys think ?
  3. These men (bio robots) are reservists hor.
  4. Dear Bros, Please advice what documents/papers i should receive upon handing over my car to the buyer. A copy of his loan successful form? A copy of transfer of ownership paper? And what? Sorry, very new to this as this is the first time selling car to direct buyer and also because i sold my car thru a middle man broker and therefore not very sure what should i or should not receive. Btw, my broker told me that the cheque will only be release tomorrow instead of today as the transfer of ownership and for bank to clear my early settlement outstanding. In fact, the reset of asset PIN is done by my broker too as i hand over my IC to him for the reset to proceed (which i felt very unsafe to hand over my IC). However, when i checked OneMotoring the request of reset asset PIN was done thru LTA Channel. Does that mean it was done at LTA front desk? Would be be advisable to release the car first before i receive my cheque? Please advice!
  5. Read TPL has been cleared of infringing the Cooling-Off period in GE2011. Obviously lots of people are not happy at this decision. So will that unhappiness be taken out on TT, because he is perceived to be PAP's preferred candidate? I predict that they have done their sums and this chunk of votes running away from TT will not hurt his chances. OTOH there are too many candidates like Andrew Kwan, TKL, Tan Jee Say, TCB who will split the rest of the anti-establishment votes. If only there would be a 2-cornered fight will TT have odds stacked against him. Will they withdraw from the contest so as to allow non-TT to win?
  6. "Congratulations on the completion of your National Service liability and being posted to the MINDEF Operational Reserve (MR)." I actually felt sad and a sense of lost...don't know why.
  7. Recently been given a 1 min expired coupon summons. Well I was actually late for 5 mins. Just wondering, is there any grace period??
  8. is there any simple calculation to calculate the damage i had to pay to loan company?i took a 10 yrs loan.(know the damage would be big but just wanna check how big is it). loan=49k mthly=537 interest=3.15%
  9. Hi guys... I observe with much interest that quite a handful of bros here prefer flat chested chicks... Anyone care to air their opinions on why there is such an occurrence??? i.e. they look intelligent, they do not misplace things in their cleavage etc... To be honest, I am one of those traditional guys that advocates C and above With all due respect thou, size doesn't really matter, it just a preference!! Ladies, you're invited to participate as well!!
  10. I just want to know which one will irritate u the most on the road.. as i see many people complains about road hogging and people who drove like crazy taxis ( speedings, sudden cut lanes, Zig Zag Filtering )
  11. hi everybody,my mileage going to reach 100k for a coming 4 yrs ride..is it a must to overhaul my engine?
  12. Hi all, Can anyone share as in what are the few thing have to do or to check when collecting new car? Thanks a lot... :)
  13. How much petrol did you brand new car have when you collected it? My Hyundai Getz - Full Tank (at the SE's expense) My friend's Nissan Latio - 1/2 tank My friend's Suzuki Swift 1.3 from a parallel importer in the West - Almost empty tank, low fuel warning light was on