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Found 180 results

  1. Anyone has done gearbox overhaul or repair before ? (fil car) due to sound coming out from car, workshop says it is gearbox spoilt, and recommend car to be sent to gearbox overhaul specialist. any workshop to recommend ? what is the estimate price ? Thanks !!
  2. Went for servicing for my matrix 1.6M. Told by mechanic, front left lower arm a bit crack. Is this a normal part to change. Right front suspension gone, I can feel it. So going to change front left and right. But the mechanic says don't know the mounting for the suspension will crack or not. So when changing suspension, do I need to change the so called mounting? Regards
  3. if supposing a p plate commits a demerit point offense on march 15, and licence only becomes 1 year old in april 3, when the letter comes, will the point deduction start at the day of the offense or the the day of the processing. after april 3rd, how much points will one have now that the driver is no longer a p plate? what about on 4th april 2016 if theres no other points accumulated? when would the other 12 point kick in? thanks in advance.
  4. Milgram

    Questions about house moving.

    Hi all, I understand that people do not normally move house during the 7th month Hungry Ghost Festival. What about Qing Ming Jie? Is it advisable to move house during Qing Ming Jie? Also, anyone here can direct me to an affordable and (more importantly) credible person versed in the Tongshu who could advise me on what's a good time to move house based on my Ba-Zi? Thanks!
  5. Hello guys I'm planning to get my first 2nd hand car soon. I'm seriously a noob when it comes to buying cars. I'm pretty sure those car dealers can smell my 'noobness' when i go car shopping. To those pple here who have bought 2nd hand cars a couple of times, pls list your top 5 must ask questions to the dealer. I think many of us new to buying cars can use such questions to our benefit when we go car shopping. So please shoot away.
  6. I have email and posted comments on his blog but NO reply questions to him 1. Have you declare that you do not have self interest (that is you did yourself invest in the minibonds) in the minibond that you appear to be fighting so hard for the people 2. If you want to run for the president why do you want to have 100,000 signatures before you decide to apply? Could this be just vanity or an ego trip? 3. While in NTUC as the Chairman what were you doing, hibernating or sucking eggs (must big ones like ostrich eggs) for the past 30 years AND suddenly you come out to grind your axe with almost everyone who had worked with you like your replacement in NTUC and the authorities. I asked if he stepped down or was removed but did not get a reply. These are just but few of the burning questions that people would like to know but you have kept mum. you seek greater transparency from the authorities but how about starting with yourself first especially if you already demonstrated your interest in running for presidency. What do you guys think?
  7. boonhat_91

    Noob questions on property

    Starting a thread for noob questions you always wanted to ask, but didn't dare to or didn't know how to. Let me start the ball rolling. Why does property appreciate? Does it not experience wear and tear like any other material possession? Is it because of demand vs supply and inflation?
  8. Want to know more about The Grand Tour's James May? Here's a video of him answering some of his fans' questions. We wonder why does his fans want know things like "Have you stopped sweating from driving in China with no air con"... Anyway, the good news is that there are also normal and interesting ones like "what car must every car enthusiasts drive at least once in their life" and " What is the greatest supercar of all time". The answer might be predictable but still fun to know. Shot by DriveTribe, James May also divulges in the video what he would like to own in the future and what car excites him.
  9. Yagami85

    Questions about i30 aircon

    im driving a hyundai i30 recently i find out that when i park my car with aircon and engine on after about 15mins i feel that the temperature in my car become higher meaning getting hotter with the same degree set and also my thermometer indicator (not sure what that is call) for the car went up higher too. but once i start to drive cold air start to blow out again and the thermometer went back to normal cause last time i dont think got this issue at all cause i park my car and leave aircon and engine on the aircon still cold after 30 mins or more please advise sorry for the noob question haha
  10. Hiphiphoray

    Exam Questions options

    Ask you guys on something. If there a exam coming up with this scenario. What would you guys choose. 1) Logistics exam subject with 8 topics. 2) Leaturer study notes is for reference nia. Self study is the culture. 3) Exam in 3 weeks time. 6 Q choose 4. 3 hours. Close book. 4) Leaturer presented a list 20 exam questions for students to nego. Questions difficulty level is about the same. 5) Voting and bargaining ended in agreement on "2" + "6". 6) "2" = confirm exam questions but very strict marking. Minimum 5 pages (i assume is 1000 words?) and have have very good substance just to pass. The bar will be set very high. 7) "6" = not so confirm exam questions Bcos only 4 will come out. Less strict marking and good chance for scoring. Standard 3-5 pages nia. Bearing in mind, the answers cannot be found in the study notes. Only through self study via books, articles, white papers, magazines, internet sources etc etc. Hence gathering the answers will be another set of challenge. What kind of options will one choose ? Im thinking of dropping the "2" and go for the "6" instead. The "2" + "(4 out of 6)" looks good but im skepitcal. Both sets are preparing 6 questions to tackle 4 questions. What would u choose ? Any other formations with explaination will be appreciated.
  11. Bros. I am starting my girl on piano classess soon. As a parent, I want to be able to support her as much as I possibly can. Those who have your kids enrolled for piano classes,are you allowed to sit in? Any parent here who took up an instrument for your kid also? as an adult learner, what are the challenges we may face? eg lack of time, stiff fingers, lack of discipline... I have zero piano knowledge. With the exception of being in the symphonic band as a trumpet player in sec sch and jc times. Any good piano teacher to recommend for young kids and also adult? do you recommend to take lessons in school or at home? looking at cristofori for my girl as its near our place. Have a Yamaha P115 if school does not work out esp this Just out in the news also https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/piano-teacher-sexual-assault-5-year-old-student-pleads-guilty-11470900?cid=FBcna&fbclid=IwAR32lAVkvi7oAuRsA3GXXJW0253Uvr5CeJzt-43TI9EJXGNdcXGQjXJkeIo this is not good at all
  12. Airlines - in the name of security in the air, generally airlines replaced metal utensils to plastics, this is very evident in the economy class. However, in many airlines, I still continue to see metal utensils being used in First and Business class. I am assuming they found that terrorists often travel economy class. Any explanation for this observation?
  13. Hi all, Tried searching but can't get a comprehensive ans on this. Only managed to get bits and pieces of info here and there. I'm looking at getting a new E Class, not sure E200 or E250. Definitely PI as i find the sales service at CnC not that great and it's too overpriced compared to buying from PI. I have bought from PI before but only jap cars, never continental. I understand the general feedback from most people is that conti cars run on more electronics so there's a higher tendency for conti cars to have abit of electronic issues/replacements that need to be done from time to time even though Merc is supposed to be the best in terms of reliability for conti cars. So i have a few questions as follows: 1. Which workshop has one of the best equipment, experience in servicing Merc cars? Can they handle it if there are real serious issues or under what situations can i only turn to CnC for their help? (i hear names like MBM, Auto Spritz, Star Black etc) 2. If i turn to CnC, is the admin fee still $500 or has this changed? What other docs would i need? 3. Is the warranty and the workshop basically the same? Which warranty coverage is generally the most reasonable? 4. I'm not looking to pay the cheapest but just want to pay reasonable pricing to service the Merc. Which workshop would be best? Lastly, is the E250 worth getting over the E200? Seems like from Merc SG website, the specs look rather similar. Thx all
  14. I am with MSIG motor insurance. Had an accident recently. Wanted to bring my ride to Lye Design to repair it. However Mei informed me that they are not an authorised workshop. I informed her that my insurance allows me to go to any workshop but she said they still can't repair for me. Does anyone knows why i can't go to certain workshops to settle the accident claims and yet mine is any workshops?
  15. Fellow ICE enthusiasts, I have a question hopefully some can help or suggest. Recently I installed underseat sub Pioneer ts-wx130da which comes with remote and on the fly adjustment of LPF (between 50 to 125 Hz). Slope wise it is unknown even from the manual. My question is because HU also allow for sub crossover adjustment, how can I set it the right way without interference with each other. HU: JVC KW V230BT
  16. Hi, I am asking the questions on behalf of my dad and I am a total noob in this area. Appreciate if anyone can shed some advice. Thanks. My Dad's ride is a OPC Latio sedan (4AT) whom COE will be expiring in Oct 2016. He took the 10 years loan and his car parf value is about 4.9K. Due to my mom's medical condition that required the car, he is looking into renewing his COE for another 5 years. The current condition of his car is tip top, mileage is super low as well. Qns: - If he get a COE renewal loan, how much cash he has to down? I am assuming that under the new MAS ruling, he will not be able to loan full amount. I read elsewhere that finance company is able to loan up to 80% while banks is about 60%? - Also, the loan prepayment period is max at 3 years for 5 years COE renewal? - Is the road tax and insurance going to cost the same regardless if his car is OPC or non OPC after renewing his coe? I read that it is more worthwhile to convert back to normal plate before renewing coe. Or is it more worthwhile for him to trade in to Tan Chong Motors and get a new OPC Almera?
  17. Hi everyone, some questions that I can hopefully get answered here instead of heading down to the authorised dealer showroom and disturb the executives. I am looking at either a mitsubishi attrage or a honda jazz. 1. For driving PHV, will the in-house Authorised Dealer warranty and servicing apply? 2. Will I get a better deal bidding for my own COE instead? For example, C&C cays the COE charged amount is $20,000. Meaning if I buy a car without COE, they assume COE is worth $20,000. But I will lugi if I bid for my own COE. 3. How will the AD charge me for the COE? Guaranteed COE? Do I need to pay a markup to guarantee my COE? 4. If I pay cash upfront, how much price markup should I expect? Or is getting a loan better overall? 5. Can anyone recommend me a SE for C&C or KAH that will treat me nicely? I am a greenhorn and don't want to get destroyed by their sales tactics. 6. Can anyone recommend me a good car insurance for PHV, with good excess and reasonable premiums. 7. Is the in house insurance usually any good for the bonus for $5000? Will I end up paying more in the long run? Thank you!
  18. Anyone knows what does the lr and ud stands for?
  19. Uber drivers are not allowed to deduct any expenses, even petrol, right? So they are basically paying income tax on their entire revenue? I understand that most Uber drivers do it as a side business. But is it possible for a full time uber driver to make more than a full time taxi driver (after tax)? For comparison sake, assuming the exact same trips on the exact same day and exact same time, just one is taxi, one is uber. Can commercial vehicles be used for Uber? Eg. P-plate passenger vehicles, as well as double-cabin goods vehicles? Also, is Grab abusing the Research and development vehicle scheme? I see a lot of RD-plate Grab vehicles on the road carrying passengers. They have many of these RD-plate Grab vehicles parked at their rental place in Jalan Pemimpin. Is Grab abusing this scheme so as to deduct their expenses and pay less tax?
  20. Hi Members, I m unfamiliar with KM servicing hence i hope the experienced folks here can help answer some questions, short of calling them direct and getting templated answers. I m driving a frd's FD in his absence, and the car is due for 20k servicing. 1) KM policy of allowing own oil to be brought? 2) 1.8L FD uses 4L or 5L engine oil? 3) what entails 20k servicing and estimate costs? 4) To leave car for entire day and come back later? What is the norm? Many thanks
  21. Kelpie

    Questions on TRIATHLON???

    1. I'm new to Triathlon and I have some questions. 2. The 1st event is swimming at the sea. It seems like must swim suit and a swim cap. Wonder what short of swim to get?? As I only know what is a swimming trunk . I assume the organizer will help to look after the bicycle and my belongings during the swim. 3. After swim, how to change out the swim suit and trunk ? Do they have a toilet to put on t-shirt, short, running shoes and helmet for the next cycling event? when I start to cycle, who take cares of my swim suit, trunk and etc ? 4. After the cycling, where to park the bicycle? again, who takes care of the bicycle and my helmet? Anyone know what is drafting? What is a race belt and a race bib? 5. If during the running event, want to go pee, can go visit toilet? Hope the experts out there can give me advice. Thank you very much. Regards,
  22. How long have you been a Forex Brokers? In what financial condition is your company? Will you show me your balance sheet? Do you have good relationships with reputable banks? Who is quoting the rates, my broker, a bank, or multiple banks? Are the spreads fixed of variable? How tight are the spreads? Do you offer Fractional Pip Pricing? Are there any trading restrictions? Can I place orders inside the Spread? Can I earn interest on positive rolls ? Get all answer in http://alpari.com/ .
  23. I always wanted to learn to play the piano ever since i was young but wasnt able to afford it then. Always dream of playing november rain like axl rose of guns and roses. Now i can afford it, and i think it's time to put my dreams into action Some questions to check with bros here.... 1) Where is a good place to learn? Any recommendation? I'm looking for a music school but there are just too many choices 2) Dumb question...but is it too late? I'm in mid 20s and everyone has been telling me that i'm too old to start. 3) Should i get a piano first then go for lessons or vice versa? I'm looking at those digital pianos first before getting the real mccoy... Please kindly share your experiences or advices!! Thanks
  24. Any bros recently take and passed the Class 4 license? Can share some infos? I called up SSDC and asked, was told that the total costs is around $900++, that includes 1 theory, 8 practicals and 1 test. Is that amount correct because I saw somewhere saying that is will cost about $600 over only. Please share some of your experience, thanks !!!
  25. Hi, I'm in the process of looking for a used MPV as my family is now consisting of 7 members including myself. I believe the norm is to send the car for STA evaluation but I have heard many stories saying that it's not worth the money. Reason being that it will only detect some MAJOR problems. Another test is the Vicom evaluation. Can anyone share the details on this type of test? Is it a good yard stick?