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Found 151 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking for genuine advice for my situation. I bought my pre-owned car via consignment thru a car dealer and took delivery of the car on 26 March 2021. Prior to closing the deal, it was our understanding that the car would still be under warranty by the authorized dealer till Oct 2022. In fact, I even paid for the car to be checked and confirmed by the authorized dealer before concluding the deal. So I've been driving the said car till Monday, 14 June when I sent it for servicing with the authorized dealer. The Service Advisor noted that the mileage on my vehicle doesn't tally with their last records! Before jumping into any conclusions, we both agreed that I should have a chat and check with the car dealer from whom I gotten my carI then wrote an email to the car dealer. No response from them after one day. I called the office line next day and spoke to someone who basically said he can't recall and have details on hand. I told him that I've written an email with the relevant details and attached reports from the authorized dealer to his company and confirmed the email address. He said would look out for the email. Few days passed and still no response. I called again today (Thursday) and spoke to the same Mr Tan. He claimed that never received any email and "don't know what is wrong". Again, I confirmed the email address. In my email, I explained that I wish to get confirmation that the instrument cluster or on-board computer of my car has not been tempered with prior to handover. I'm approaching it with a open mind that there could be other reasons why the odometer is not reflecting correctly. Or if there has been acts that put the warranty by the authorized dealer at risk, we should explore our options to resolve the issue. So I'm all ears to what I should do next? I've written few emails to the car dealer and followed with a couple of re-sent. But the Mr Tan simply claimed "never see". What else can I do? Go onto their Facebook page and try demand a response? I don't wish to suggest that they could be into the "tempering odometer" as it could be disastrous for their business. But I should also be fair to myself too, right? If I should send the car to the authorized dealer for a deeper probe, it could result in immediate void of my warranty. And the odometer discrepancies would be all on me! Thank you all for reading patiently and help. I welcome all actionable suggestions.
  2. Hi all, doing my homework on selling my cars. I prefer not to trade in. Any feedback on using the following to sell our cars? 1) Wheeldeal - new player, FOC quote 2) Quotz - need to pay for service, they help you take pictures and arrange for bidding, can view bidding process "live" 3) List on SGCarmart as owner selling - more control, can sell direct cutting out the middleman, more hassle from the transfer work? Are there any difference in the method of choice in selling depending on the type and model of cars? eg. bread and butter popular models (altis, sunny, civic) just sell to highest and hand dealer eg. rarer less common and niche models (saab, chryser) list and sell to direct buyers who appreciate such cars Thanks!
  3. Hello guys I'm planning to get my first 2nd hand car soon. I'm seriously a noob when it comes to buying cars. I'm pretty sure those car dealers can smell my 'noobness' when i go car shopping. To those pple here who have bought 2nd hand cars a couple of times, pls list your top 5 must ask questions to the dealer. I think many of us new to buying cars can use such questions to our benefit when we go car shopping. So please shoot away.
  4. Motul is widely recognised as the specialist in synthetic lubricants. In 1971, Motul was the pioneer lubricant manufacturer to formulate a 100% synthetic lubricant for automotive engines, the 300V lubricant, making use of its proprietary ESTER Core(R) technology. Motul connect is everything Singaporean drivers will need to check it out. We have featured the full range of Motul's line up and promotion in our website to update all our customers in Singapore! You can now visit us at http://www.motulconnect.com.sg Where can I find Motul products in Singapore? You can visit us at http://www.motulconnect.com.sg and click on the "dealer locator". Select the "Vehicle Segment" and the "Zone" and click "Find Dealers" And here are the workshops in Singapore that carries Motul Lubricants.
  5. Do you know roughly how much mileage dealer will adjust to deceive buyers? It is not 20% or 30%. They adjust as low as you will believe. My friend sold his Honda jazz to a dealer, mileage was at more than 250K. The car was full of problems when mileage was from 150+km onwards. The dealer adjusted it to 120km when advertising it for sale. They will choose a mileage to “match” the car condition in a way that you will believe. They know if adjusted to say less than 100KM, it’s too obvious and buyers will not believe. Maybe I should track down the buyer and inform him so that he can take necessary recourse / compensation / refund / legal actions against the dealer, whichever he chooses. You want insider? My car dealer friend told me ALL his cars are mileage adjusted. This is “Industry Practice”.
  6. Lotus has not been popular in Singapore for a long time.... Will it make any difference by appointing Wearnes? https://www.tnp.sg/news/business/lotus-appoints-wearnes-its-singapore-dealer
  7. Former RWS casino dealer stole chips worth at least S$77,000, bought branded goods Sources: https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/former-rws-casino-dealer-stole-chips-worth-least-s77000-bought-branded-goods SINGAPORE — A former dealer at the Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) casino took at least S$77,000 worth of S$1,000 cash chips, asked a friend to help him cash some of them out, and used the money to buy luxury goods for himself and his girlfriend. His spending spree included a Breitling watch worth almost S$6,000, a pair of Balenciaga shoes and a pouch, and S$400 Chanel earrings. He also bought an Apple iPad mini and an iPhone. On Thursday (June 20), Ding Zhipeng, a Chinese national, was sentenced to nine months and six weeks’ jail and fined S$12,000. The 28-year-old pleaded guilty in the State Courts to one charge of criminal breach of trust, one charge under the Casino Control Act and one charge under the Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act. Thirteen similar charges were taken into consideration for sentencing. The court heard that Ding had been employed at RWS since July 2017, and looked after casino cash chips kept in the float — that is, trays where the chips were kept — of his assigned gaming tables. He began stealing casino cash chips from the float sometime in May or June 2018, when there were no patrons at his gaming table. His offences were finally discovered on Nov 12, 2018, when a surveillance operator spotted Ding taking S$1,000 cash chips from the float. The operator then called the police. Officers seized 72 chips and S$3,000 in cash from Ding’s rental room when they searched it later that evening. He surrendered another two chips that he had kept inside his pants when he was arrested. Deputy Public Prosecutor Tay Jia En noted that Ding had misappropriated a large amount over an extended period of time. He showed premeditation by stealing the chips when his supervisor was not looking, the prosecutor added, and he used a friend to cash out the chips as he would attract suspicion by doing it himself. In mitigation, Ding’s lawyer John Koh told the court that his client was stressed and “resorted to improper channels to make extra money”, while working long hours to make money for his family back in China. Most of the money was eventually recovered as well, Mr Koh added.
  8. Planning to get a 2nd Mazda 2. But dunno which dealer to go for or avoid? Anyone can advice
  9. Feeling the heat of competition from online sites, used car traders are banding together to set up their own portal. A group of 20 traders led by Mr Eddie Loo, managing director of CarTimes Automobile, is raising $5 million with the aim of rolling out the site by early next year. "The online presence is eating into dealers' business," Mr. Loo told The Straits Times. "We need to protect our business before it's all taken away from us." He said competition has been coming fast and furious, in the form of such entities as sgCarMart, Carousell, Carros and ------. "And we find it's meaningless for us to support these online portals when they are competing with us," he added. Carousell, for instance, has muscled into the car domain, while sgCarMart has just started a car financial services arm. "Our aim is to become the largest online portal... to create a new marketplace for dealers," Mr. Loo said, adding that the yet-to-be-named site will be run by 'a professional team'. "It won't be run by dealers, so that it won't be one-sided," he added. "Every dealer will have a stake, so that their interest is protected." He said the business-to-consumer site will cater to motorists who want to buy or sell vehicles, and it could eventually allow deals to be done fully online. "It's still preliminary," he added. "The $5 million is just the first phase." Mr. Loo said the investment will go into hiring a team as well as marketing efforts. "There's a lot of marketing to be done," he noted. The used car trade is in the doldrums on account of depressed Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices, which have rendered vehicle stocks bought with higher premiums commercially unviable. The slowdown, which started in July when COEs for cars up to 1,600cc fell to eight-year lows, has claimed at least one company. Shen Tat Enterprises has shut down after nearly 30 years in the business. ST PREMIUM article. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/used-car-dealers-to-set-up-largest-online-portal
  10. Hi I've found a direct buyer who wants to purchase my car. He's a friend's friend. However I told him to give me abit of time to settle the purchase of my car by end March. Once I shortlist the car I'm buying from a dealer, what would be the fastest way to complete both end of the transactions? Should i settle the loan with my bank first?
  11. just wondering usually from the list price on sgcarmart, how much discount will the dealer give usually? eg $32k for civic FD 2litre, how much discount can i squeeze expect out of it?
  12. Hey guys, Looking to sell my ride to a 2nd hand car dealer. Done a search in the forum but could not find any useful threads on this matter. It's my first time selling to a 2nd car dealer, so just want to know any pitfalls or things to take note of. What are the steps involved in the whole process? When do we finally hand the car over to the dealer? Thanks for any valuable advise. Cheers
  13. Hi all, i just want to get attention from people that i realise a lot of direct buyer is actually same person who selling a lot of cars and same contact as other dealer. The reason is to manipulate the market to make people think that the used car price high sky is to blame direct seller who want to sell their car at high price infact the truth is dealer jack up the price, worse is the used car peice depreciation is higher than the current new car price even at $60-65k coe price tag. They realise that people who dun afford downpayment for new car will narrow down to used car search n hence dealer unethically appreciate all their assets that they bought in at low price previously by manipulating market cause they know ppl who does not have a choice will go for used car It is up to the buyer now to think twice n make clear calculation cause if u make purchase used car will always cause the used car market at high price due to dealer think no matter how high the depreciation u dun afford new car downpayment u come to used car n u pay something that is not worth moreover will need to pay for repair cost if the used car went wrong. Overall in actual the used car depreciation will be a lot higher than the new car. example new altis 10-11k depreciation 2006 altis 9-12k depreciation haven count the repair cost n the risk that the car might involve several accident i want to urge the dealer stop manipulate the market price, also sgcarmart do not allow not genuine direct owner to post their car sales under direct owner advertisement.
  14. On 07-July, we purchased a 2006 Audi A6 (Reg# SKD 6169 G) from Mich Automobile Pte Ltd in Turf City for S$39,011 and paid the full amount upfront via trading in our old car (Honda Accord, Reg # SDQ 902 K) for $15,999 and DBS bank transfer of $23,012 to the company account of Mich Automobile Pte Ltd. The Sales Agreement was signed together with Michael Boey (Boey Fook Weng, NRIC: S1750030I); while the sole director of this company, his wife, Michelle (Ow Yin Fun, NRIC: S6914096C) was physically present during the sale, however did not sign any contracts / sales agreements. Sales agreement attached for your consideration. Mich Automobile is a Singapore registered company which at this point is solvent. We also had the car insured on the day of purchase by Aviva Insurance Pte Ltd. Upon not receiving the title transfer confirmation from LTA (Land transport Authority) until 27-July, which Michael claimed to have completed, we tried to contact Michael however he was no longer contactable – our messages were ignored and phone calls not answered. At 1am on 01-Aug, a tow truck with 2 individuals in it, gained entry to our condominium, One Amber on false claims without producing any documentation and towed the aforementioned car away. We are separately pursuing the building management and security for a case of negligence and trespassing. Upon not finding the car in our carpark the next morning, we lodged a Police Report at Marine Parade police station. We later found out that Skyway Credit Pte Ltd repossessed this car as they were owed $33,000 from Mich Automobile for this car. Michael absconded from Singapore on 27-July. I am reaching out to fellow members here to check if you or someone you know has been a victim of Mich Automobile. If so, I welcome you to please share my details so we can join forces in taking action against these corrupt individuals. We have all but lost our hard earned money and are running out of options to recover anything from the system at play here…
  15. Hello anyone have experience for this dealer? thanks.
  16. Hi all, I would like to check and discuss on this topic. Mitsubishi Lancer GLX CS3 MANUAL, due 2016 October.. Is it better to sell your car 6 months before due date or just drive till end of 10 years and scrap? I heard is better to sell 6 months before scrap date, you will have a much higher value... Come lets discuss! Cheers
  17. Went to book a car from them car is 7 months old C&C understand that their salesman told me that I can transfer my DVD player from my old car to their newer car and warranty won’t be void for my car when I go to C&C servicing. Can anyone advise me on this please as I got no experience on this thank u. The car I bought is this http://m.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=689053
  18. Guys, please help advice! I am purchasing a used vehicle from Company A, but on the vehicle log card, the owner of the car is NOT company A but another company. (Let's call it company B) When I ask company A to give me the full UEN of the company that own the car, they refuse to give me. They explain that the reason why the car ownership is company B, is because they not enough cash to purchase the car from the seller previously, so they borrow money from company B. So company B keep the ownership of car to be safe. So should I still purchase this car from company A? Is it safe? Please advice! xoxo
  19. What happens? Any way to negotiate to get back deposit???
  20. Hi, I have a year 2003 Mazda 6 which I am planning to scrap. I understand that I can fetch a higher price selling it to a dealer than scrapping it at a scrap yard. I would like to know what is usual process of selling my to a dealer ? One of the dealer that I have contacted says he plan to export the car. What is the process then ? Do I transfer the car ownership to him and he pays me cash ? Pls advice . Thanks
  21. Ah_nam

    Car Bizz car dealer

    Dear all, this is a true experience that i got from selling a car. Pls help to read the blog and make it popular. Don't let there be another victim. Help Needed. Pls read All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  22. Zerstorer

    Jeff Werkstat dealer in Singapore?

    Is it still available locally? Still have some left over from my old car but wandering where to get the new range. I like the Acrylic Prime and Jett a lot. Or any recommendations for similar products?
  23. LouisYong

    Fiat Servicing

    Any Fiat owners still on MCF? Chanced upon this promotion by EuroAutomobile: https://www.facebook.com/FiatServiceSG/posts/725076194325559 Anyone has any experience with them? Seems like they are the dealer for Alfa Romeo.
  24. I am heading to show room to for a MPV, Odyssey or Estima are my targets. Please could you let me how much I can bargain based on the listed price? how about 5k?