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Found 96 results

  1. I'm looking for ppl selling their 9 year old ride...pls pm me :) you guys think its worth it to buy over a 9 year old car at close to scrap value?
  2. Shocking 2 in 3 working Singaporeans do not have savings to last them beyond 6 months: OCBC survey https://www.straitstimes.com/business/banking/2-in-3-working-singaporeans-do-not-have-savings-to-last-them-beyond-6-months-ocbc?xtor=CS3-18&utm_source=STiPhone&utm_medium=share&utm_term=2020-06-01 9%3A06%3A23
  3. The Land Transport Authority has announced that there will be fewer certificates of entitlement for the next three months starting from February. There will be fewer certificates of entitlement (COE) for the next three months starting from February. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said the supply of Category A COEs, which are for cars up to 1,600cc, will shrink by 9.1% to 3,300 a month. Category B (cars above 1,600cc) will have 2.9% fewer certificates at 2,471 a month. There will be 26.4% fewer open category COEs, which are for all vehicles except motorcycles, at 784 a month. Commercial vehicle buyers and sellers will have 25.2% fewer COEs at 1,651 per month. And motorcyclists will see a 7.6% dip in their COE supply to 608 pieces a month. In total, the supply is 12.9% smaller than the November-January quota.
  4. .........for illegally using SGH’s computer system to sort out personal affairs https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/plastic-surgeon-suspended-3-months-illegally-using-sghs-computer-system-sort-out-personal?fbclid=IwAR3QqrrqoTQ4jRWFbPFPL1_EyaDSTMVKnjk_vXg1EbV3RFETaaJVxXVvexo SINGAPORE — Suspecting his wife of having an affair, a plastic surgeon accessed the computer system of the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) to get contact details of the wife of her alleged lover, in the hope of saving his own marriage. Dr Leo Kah Woon also installed a keylogging software on the laptop he shared with his wife to spy on her personal communications. He later used the information he got in their divorce proceedings. For his actions, a disciplinary tribunal of the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) suspended him from practising for three months from Dec 18 last year. In its grounds of decision published on Tuesday (March 5), the tribunal noted that a suspension "would well deter like-minded medical and other professionals who have access to large databases of personal information from abusing the privilege”. In particular, last year’s SingHealth data leak served as a “timely reminder” for everyone to treat cyber security with “the utmost seriousness”, the tribunal added. Read also S$50,000 fine for psychiatrist who failed to protect patient’s confidential info Dr Leo, who has since divorced his wife, now practises at his own clinic at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre. He was employed at SGH when he committed the offences. In 2017, he was fined S$13,000 in the court for his actions. The SMC then began disciplinary proceedings against him, as his offences implied a character defect making him unfit for the medical profession. THE SPYING BEGAN Dr Leo and his wife tied the knot in 2005. However, sometime in 2011, he started suspecting that she was cheating on him. Her alleged lover was identified in SMC’s grounds of decision merely as Mr C. Around September 2012, he installed a keylogging software in the MacBook Pro laptop he shared with his wife. The software captured her keystrokes and took periodic screenshots when she used the computer, which were sent to his email account. This meant that he could gather information about emails and instant messages that she sent. The spying continued when she left their home to live with her parents and took the laptop with her. The tribunal noted that in October 2012, she began “very acrimonious” divorce proceedings against Dr Leo after he asked her to leave their home. The pair, who have two children, finalised their divorce in May 2015. During their divorce proceedings in the Family Justice Courts, Dr Leo used the information he gathered to explain his concerns about issues relating to the custody, care and control of their children. He also wanted to find out all he could about Mr C’s wife at the time, identified as Ms A, and reach out to her. Dr Leo hoped that Ms A would be able to convince her husband to leave his family alone. On Nov 7, 2012, when Dr Leo could not find any reliable public information to contact Ms A, he used a computer at SGH to search for her contact details in the hospital computer system. He then gave the details to his sister and told her to call Ms A. Ms A came to know of her husband’s infidelity from that call. Mr C then filed a complaint with the SMC against Dr Leo and the police were called in to investigate when the illegally obtained emails and messages were used in the divorce proceedings. Dr Leo’s wife was fined S$3,500 by the courts, for abetting a private investigator to unlawfully access his Asus laptop on Dec 18, 2012. She had seen documents related to the divorce proceedings on it and wanted to make copies of them. A LACK OF INTEGRITY The SMC sought a suspension of at least six to eight months for Dr Leo, while his lawyers asked for a S$10,000 fine. While the SMC argued that Dr Leo had displayed dishonesty, which could see him being struck off the registry of medical practitioners, the disciplinary tribunal concluded that there was no clear evidence of that in his conduct. Instead, it said that he clearly displayed a lack of integrity “to a somewhat appalling extent”. Dr Leo had hired a private investigator to surveil his wife, including installing the keylogging software on the laptop to gather evidence against her in the event of divorce proceedings. To use this evidence “brings (his) integrity to the lowest of levels”, the tribunal added. As members of the public expect doctors to keep medical records confidential, a fine would not be enough to correct his breach of trust, it said. “A suspension would also convey to the public that the disciplinary tribunal does not condone such behaviour and acts, even if they are related to matters in the private family domain. It will convey the message clearly that doctors are expected to conduct themselves with integrity and ethically both in their professional and private lives,” the tribunal added. Dr Leo was also censured, as well as ordered to give a written undertaking to the SMC not to engage in similar conduct and to pay the costs of the disciplinary proceedings. i smell a rat...seems like all sorts bad news abt doctors of late.....sth brewing??? then Gan KY talks abt increases in healthcare costs...hmmm
  5. No supermarket at VivoCity for several months; FairPrice Xtra to open by Q3 2019 When the Giant hypermarket in VivoCity mall shuts on Feb 17, patrons will find the shopping complex devoid of a supermarket for several months until rival chain NTUC FairPrice opens its biggest store there later this year. VivoCity houses another supermarket, Cold Storage, but it too will shut on the same day, TODAY has learnt. Giant and Cold Storage are managed by retail group Dairy Farm. TODAY reported in September last year on the closure of Giant at VivoCity. The outlet, which was spread over two levels, opened in 2006 and is among the mall’s anchor tenants. FairPrice, the largest supermarket chain here, is set to take over the space by the third quarter of this year. The FairPrice Xtra outlet, spanning 90,000 sq ft, will be its largest in Singapore. A FairPrice spokesperson said the store will boast “unique features” but did not elaborate. In October last year, Ms Sharon Lim, the chief executive officer of Mapletree Commercial Trust Management — which oversees VivoCity — said FairPrice will bring a “new integrated concept” to cater to the varied needs of shoppers, and this is expected to improve the mall’s offerings. With only a fortnight before the Giant outlet shuts, regular patrons told TODAY on Friday (Feb 1) that they would be inconvenienced and would have to visit other supermarkets. Housewife Maria Peter, 57, visits the hypermarket several times a week and was sad to see it go. “The store has a good variety of produce and the prices are reasonable. It’s very upsetting,” said Mrs Peter, a Tiong Bahru resident. After the store shuts, she will have to shop at the FairPrice Finest supermarket at Tiong Bahru Plaza or visit the Giant Express store at Jalan Membina in Bukit Merah. Mr James Fernandez, 59, frequents Giant’s VivoCity outlet because of its range of offerings. “I prefer this store because of the choices and quality, and they refresh it pretty often. It’s very difficult to replace,” said the part-time lecturer. He will go to a FairPrice outlet at Bukit Merah after the hypermarket shuts. Mr Fernandez said he may have fewer reasons to visit VivoCity in future, as “there is no reason to come here except to eat”. A resident of Sentosa who wanted to be known only as Mrs Tan, 55, said she may turn to online grocer RedMart or visit supermarkets in Telok Blangah and Pasir Panjang. She was surprised that FairPrice would open its outlet only several months later. Giant’s closure of its VivoCity hypermarket comes after it shut two stores in Bukit Panjang and Jalan Tenteram in Whampoa estate last year, TODAY reported previously. The chain is also reviewing if business will remain viable in at least three other stores. The outlets — at The Grandstand mall on Turf Club Road, Block 512 on Bishan Street 13, and Block 118 on Aljunied Avenue 2 — are being reviewed for lease renewals and store performance, among other considerations. When approached on Friday, a spokesperson for Dairy Farm said the business has progressively redeployed its employees from its VivoCity outlets to other stores. A “core team” remains at VivoCity to serve patrons. The spokesperson did not say if other stores will be shutting this year, but noted that the company reviews its strategy continually and adjusts its “portfolio mix to meet the evolving tastes and demands” of its customers. “For us, this is business as usual.” OFFER AN EXPERIENCE In the first half of last year, operating profit for Dairy Farm’s hypermarket and supermarket businesses dropped to US$33.2 million (S$44.8 million) from US$71.3 million in the same period the year before. Dr Michael Chiam, a senior tourism lecturer at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, suggested it could make shopping more experiential by setting up a cafe or conducting cooking lessons in its stores, for instance. Mr Samuel Tan, course manager of the retail management diploma at Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Business, said Giant could be competing with players targeting similar customers and with similar product sources, such as Sheng Siong, another supermarket chain. Hence, it needs to reinvent itself by introducing more house brands or exclusive products. As for the future FairPrice Xtra outlet in VivoCity, Dr Chiam said it could consider a lifestyle theme and feature an in-store cafe. “Customers could select the ingredients found in the supermarket and the cafe offers to cook (a dish) for them at a fee,” he said. Mr Tan noted that FairPrice has been testing ideas at its Paya Lebar store, where shoppers can collect their purchases at a pick-up point, for instance. It could build on the concept at VivoCity, enabling consumers to scan a product or quick-response code to better understand the product, its possible uses or cooking methods, he said. “Fresh food from farms, ready food with seasoning and dine-in options could be considered as part of the shopper’s experience,” Mr Tan added.
  6. ChaosMyth

    Boracay to shutdown for 6 months!

    MANILA - The resort island of Boracay will be closed to tourists for six months from April 26 to fix sewage and environment-related problems that have led President Rodrigo Duterte to describe it as a "cesspool". Mr Duterte approved the recommendation by three government agencies to shut down Boracay, his spokesman Harry Roque told reporters late on Wednesday (April 4). The go-ahead was given despite pleas to carry out the shutdown in phases and to limit its scope. http://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/philippines-to-close-boracay-to-tourists-for-six-months-from-april-26 Take note for those who are planning your vacations! Time to go Maldives then.
  7. Prof gets 1-year probation for stealing hostelite's undies By Elena Chong AN ASSOCIATE professor at a China university was placed on 12 months' probation on Monday for theft of women's undergarments. Lee Wing Foon, 39, pleaded guilty in February to three counts of stealing brassieres and panties from three students at Nanyang Technological University on Dec 20 last year. The value of the stolen items was $153. Lee, who is suffering from fetishism, a sexual disorder, was caught at around 9.40pm that day when an NTU security officer saw him loitering at a hall of residence carrying a black bag. He was detained and taken to the security post where his bag was found to contain two bras and a panty belonging to a 21-year-old student. He had earlier stolen clothings and undergarments from the same hall when he drove there. He then placed the two 19-year-olds' bras and panties in a plastic bag in his car. Community Court Judge James Leong had called for a pre-sentence report which recommended probation for Lee. His lawyer, Mr Jose Charles, had earlier tendered a psychiatric report which said Lee had committed the offences as a result of his urges, work and marital stress. Under the probation order, Lee cannot leave the country for work beyond seven days on each occasion without first getting the permission of his probation officer. He has to attend psychiatric treatment and follow-up regularly, as well as specific treatment programme to address his condition. Lee had told the court that he was still doing work in China and would consult the probation officer if he was needed over there. Judge Leong said it was imperative that he undergo the period of probation without any problem. If he breaches his probation, he would be brought back to court to be sentenced for the original offences. Lee thanked the judge after the probation order. Two charges of fraudulently having a total of 544 pieces of underwear and apparel believed to have been stolen were considered during his sentencing. He could have been jailed for up to three years or fined, or both, for each charge of theft. http://www.straitstimes.com/Latest%2...ry_224703.html yay!! he gets 12 months of probation aka holiday but no free food and lodging!
  8. ... What can I say....? Maid, 28, jailed 10 months for having sex with employer's 14-year-old son Elena Chong Court Correspondent SINGAPORE - A domestic worker has been jailed for 10 months for having sex with a minor half her age. The 28-year-old Indonesian woman admitted on Monday to having sex with her employer's 14-year-old son in a house on Sept 5. Neither party can be named due to a gag order. A district court heard that the accused came to Singapore in late June this year and started work for the boy's family on July 3. At about 7pm on Sept 5, the boy was at home with the woman and another foreign domestic helper. His parents and his uncle had gone out. The boy was showing card tricks to the woman when she tried to hug him but he moved her hand away. Later, he went up to his room to put away the cards. About a minute later, the woman came into his room . As he was sitting on a chair in front of the computer table, she came from behind and started kissing his cheeks and neck. He stood up and tried to walk to the door. Before he could leave, she hugged him and began to remove her shorts and panties. Shocked by what was happening, he did not resist. She then removed his clothes, took him to his bed and had sex with him. When she heard the boy's uncle had come home, she stopped. He later told his father what had happened. Urging the court to impose at least 10 months' jail, Deputy Public Prosecutor Nicholas Lai cited aggravating factors such as breach of trust; unprotected nature of the intercourse; and said the woman was tested positive for Chlamydia trachomatis, a sexually transmitted disease. He said it was reprehensible, regardless of whether the boy was eventually infected or not. It could have been sheer luck that he was not infected, but the fact remained that she put the boy at risk. The woman, whose sentence was backdated to Sept 7, could have been jailed for up to 10 years and fined for having sex with a person under 16 years old.
  9. No 1 hotspot at PIE, near exit to Eng Neo No 2 and 3 are at PIE (near Jalan Eunos) and SLE (near TPE exit) by LTA Twitter
  10. Hi all, I would like to check and discuss on this topic. Mitsubishi Lancer GLX CS3 MANUAL, due 2016 October.. Is it better to sell your car 6 months before due date or just drive till end of 10 years and scrap? I heard is better to sell 6 months before scrap date, you will have a much higher value... Come lets discuss! Cheers
  11. STOMPer Nelson came across a Singapore-registered car in Malaysia which he says, has been left unattended for about three months. The STOMPer hopes the photo will help the owner locate his or her car. Said the STOMPer: "This picture was taken in Selangor, Malaysia (the Puchong area near Bandar Puteri), about 10 minutes' drive from Sunway Lagoon Resort. "I have seen this Singapore-registered vehicle being parked at this place for almost 2 to 3 months, unattended. "I think this picture might help the owner of this vehicle locate his or her car." Should you have any information regarding the owner of this vehicle, please contact STOMP at stomp@stomp.com.sg
  12. Every 6 months, i will go for my car servicing. The shop charge me $98 for servicing which is only the change of engine oil and engine oil net. The engine oil used is Mobil Synthetic Engine Oil. I ask the shop if i could bring my own engine oil next time. They say yes and labour charge to change engine oil and engine oil net is $30. The engine oil net is charged at $13 for normal one and $18 for a branded one. Which is more feasible and worthwhile? Buy the best engine oil myself and only pay the shop for labour charge. What do you think?
  13. I guess I am not the only frustrated owner to be waiting for LTA to approve VICOM and then VITAS. LTA says takes about a month to 2 before a Cat B car can be released... urm yes, a Cat B car and NOT a Cat A car so no issue of turbo or not... The purpose of this thread is to seek clarity on the process and procedures before the car can be released to the owner. There is no transparency from the authorities. Don't understand why one car has to go through 2 inspections and of different sorts to waste everyone's time. Couldn't this be done all at one queue and one visit? How many weeks to get an appointment to clear VICOM? 1 - 2 months. How many weeks to get another appointment to clear VITAS? 1 - 2 weeks. VICOM is causing the queue... true? VITAS can just queue on the spot and get cleared within a day while LTA takes an other week or 2 to issue the certificate... true? What do the check at VICOM or VITAS? The above all based on hear say... like i said, always hearing different things from people. Would appreciate feedback from folks who understand the system and clear serious doubts...
  14. From My Paper: RGPS students made to stand at assembly for months By Samantha Boh My Paper Thursday, Oct 17, 2013 SINGAPORE - For being "too talkative", a class of Primary 2 pupils from Raffles Girls' Primary School (RGPS) were made to stand for 15 minutes during every assembly. This went on for three months, and raised the ire of a parent. The school's vice-principal has now admitted that the punishment was "excessive". Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao reported yesterday that the incident came to light when the father of one of the girls heard what was happening and visited the school to see for himself. "Three months is too long for any parent to accept. I believe the rest of the parents do not know about this," he was quoted as saying. The punishment reportedly began in July, when a teacher chided the class of 29 pupils for talking too much during assembly. They were then made to stand from 12.30pm to 12.45pm during every assembly, before being allowed to sit like the rest of their schoolmates. RGPS vice-principal Choong Pek Lan told My Paper that the punishment was "excessive", and was not commonly used by teachers at the school. Both the school and the Education Ministry are looking into the matter. MP Baey Yam Keng, a member of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Education, described the punishment as "embarrassing for the students". But he added that schools should not shy away from disciplining pupils who misbehave. "There needs to be a balance," he said. samboh@sph.com.sg Get My Paper for more stories. - See more at: http://www.edvantage.com.sg/content/rgps-students-made-stand-assembly-months#sthash.KINBLzJt.dpuf (Source: http://www.edvantage.com.sg/content/rgps-students-made-stand-assembly-months )
  15. Over the weekend, Asiaone ran this article VW to open new service centre in MacPherson, where it also stated the following tidbits:"A Volkswagen Centre Singapore spokesman said that currently 90 cars are serviced a day. 'This will rise to 120 and later 180 with the new facility,' he said, adding that for standard service bookings, customers now wait for up to seven days but VW will bring this down to three days.... ...But according to some VW owners, the waiting time now is between one and two months... ...The VW spokesman said that the waiting period could be even longer if there were other issues that the customer wanted VW to look into. 'For standard servicing, it is within seven days,' he said." And that is bullcrap! I don't think I had a 7 day service wait in the past 2 years. I've driven my car to 95,000km, and with a 15K service interval, that's 6 servicing in the past 4 years, which is fortunately not too often (compared with my previous Japanese cars' 10k service intervals). Go ask any friend who owns a VW and I'm sure they'll tell the same story... 1 month is already lucky. Call today (+65 6305 7299) and the service assistant will politely inform you that the earliest she can slot you in is in April! And a standard servicing for 60k might take 2 days! And the numbers are telling. 13,000 VWs need at least 1.5 service appointments a year each = 20,000 appointments a year. Add the expected 3000 cars they will probably sell this year (16,000 cars, 24,000 appointments) and you know that they do not have the capacity to handle servicing, much less repairs and other car-related work. (In the article, they stated that they can only do about 90 cars a day, and that I presume is including repairs...) As a previously satisfied VW owner, I can only give a word of advice to prospective VW buyers... DON'T BUY VW!
  16. Driver caused nine-vehicle pile-up on PIE http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/driver-caused-nine-vehicle-pile-pie-20150604
  17. Free 3 months subscription of TORQUE MAGAZINE with the purchase of four Goodyear Tyres! Promotion ends on 28th February 2015. So hurry and get a set of Goodyear Tyres now!
  18. http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest+News/Si...328-336355.html SINGAPORE - A 23-year-old woman who drove without a licence was sentenced to four months' jail for causing the death of an elderly pedestrian. Candy Siow Pei Shan, a waitress, was also banned from driving for 10 years, The Straits Times (ST) reported. Siow, who was driving her boyfriend's car on Feb 12, 2011, lost control of the vehicle at the junction of Bukit Batok East Avenue 3 and Avenue 4, the court heard today. She was driving along Avenue 3 and attempted to make a right turn without stopping at the intersection. She panicked when she saw an oncoming vehicle and her car veered to the left, mounted the kerb and hit 70-year-old Tan Son Seng, who was on the pedestrian walkway, ST reported. Mr Tan was crushed between the car and a traffic light pole, and pronounced dead on the scene. Before the accident which took place in the morning, Siow had also drunk a substantial amount of alcohol between 12am and 5am. She had consumed brandy with her boyfriend at Club Axchange in Tanjong Pagar, and later brandy and beer at a club in the Esplanade. According to ST, Assistant Public Prosecutor Raja Mohan said as Siow had failed her driving test 13 times, she would have known that she was not competent to drive, yet she still chose to do so. Siow, who started sobbing when she was sentenced to jail, was also driving without insurance coverage at that time. WTF 4 months only????? WHAT A JOKE!
  19. Hi, I have less than 6 months to go (mid-Nov) before I need to scrap my car. Given the unstable market, what would be the best course of action? e.g. scrap car immediately and/or encash PARF/COE rebate? Wait for couple more months to enter second hand market? Thanks!
  20. am i right that it was later changed to 3 months average due to the extremely low successful bidding price during the mid to late 2000s? so is 3 months average an advantage for car owner or 12 months average better with lower premium to pay for extending COE? Why is it that the LTA is not reverting the changes after the COE price went back up to the peak like now?
  21. A Briton, who got into a fight at a Halloween party, was jailed for 11/2 years on Thursday. James Daniel Rhodes, 36, was convicted of causing grievous hurt to Mr Ronald Tan, an Australian. Mr Tan, 34, fractured his skull during the fight and died 14 months later. Rhodes was also ordered to pay $32,000 in compensation to Mr Tan's mother. This is for medical expenses, loss of her son's income and transport expenses. Rhodes, a former bank officer, was also found guilty of punching Mr Kevin Michael Hubbard, 31, an interior designer, at the same party. He is appealing against the conviction and sentence and is out on bail of $25,000. During the trial, Deputy Public Prosecutor Sanjiv Vaswani told the court that Rhodes had been invited by a friend to the party on Oct 23, 2010 at The Spinnaker condominium near Newton. There, Rhodes got into an argument with Mr Tan. The Briton was told to leave but traded blows with one of the hosts in the lift. He was brought back to the apartment to change his bloodied shirt for a fresh one but while being ushered out again, he assaulted Mr Hubbard before punching Mr Tan in the face. Berri cheap, sia.......one country, 2 jurisdiction. where can i bleach myself white
  22. Just to share my experience and alert all drivers. Pardon me for the lengthy post. And to those who like to comment only blame me cause of my mistake, or being stupid to waste $ on mods, save your breadth. It's not meant to debate on allowing illegal mods but simply to share with other drivers whose car are not stock to take note on. Hope it can be viewed constructively as LTA seem to be having less leeway and flexibility in the system. And with the high COE pricing, car owners are even being clapmed down more tightly. I wonder whats the revenue of LTA annually. A non-profit driven authority can be earning so much, I wonder wonder wonder... Just a brief of my incidents, In November, I was stopped in Lavender St and booked for my aftermarket number plate. Officer in-charge claim the material is not acceptable (laser cut) thus he booked me. I explained that onemotoring website guidelines only specify regarding font size and not material of number plate used and since its is clearly visible comapred to those faded off lorry number plates. He told me to write in to appeal instead as it is his job. I did not want to argue. I wrote in to appeal to LTA after receiving the summon on the guidelines for an aftermarket number plate as the details in website is vague and only measurement of fonts is mentioned. LTA only replied with a standard template informing me details available in website though I clearly asked for clearer specifications guidelines so I can re-order a "complaint" number plate. Not surprisingly, they did not bother to entertain my appeal for waiver. Neither did they provide more information to answer my queries. In December, I was stopped in CTE and guided to road chevrons with heavy traffic during that time. Officer in-charge told me my number plate did not comply to their standards. He took out a ruler and measured the fonts and its a little smaller than required. He took effort to explain to me that the smaller font size is the reason my number plate did not meet the standards. He also inform me that my DRL is not allowed even though its not switched on. I notify him that I was just book earlier the previous month and only made payment for the offence last week via AXS and will be changing soon as I wrote in to LTA for advise on the type of number plates they allow to be fitted, pleading for leniency. He replied that he will be giving me a verbal warning but also input into the system so the next officer who spotted me with this will issue me a summon. I thanked him for his graciousness. Moving on, I happily forgotten or rather did not bother to change my number plate as I was awaiting LTA reply on the guidelines (yes, I did not want to spend $ doing up another number plate that is non-complaint) which never came back... On 1 Feb, I received a registered mail from LTA. I picked up the letter and realised that I have been issued a summon for the offence committed in early December in CTE. Then I realised that I was "played out" by the LTA officer. But what I was curious is what took so long for the letter to come as the issue date is 30 Jan, not the usual 1-2weeks. Is it because of quota or target that the LTA officer decided to only submit my case in Jan? Today, I was stopped by another LTA for the same thing, my number plate. I showed him my summon received few days back and told him I already receive it and will duly change 1 as I was initially waiting for LTA email reply. He told me that now that he see it again, he will need to summon me again too. He referred to the summon (for number plate and DRL) and proceeded to tell me he will summon likewise. He carried on to ask if my sunshade is too big and wanted to summon me for it. I was surprised as it came as a default from the dealer, KAH motor. Hearing that he then claim that he will give me a chance but the shades on my windows are also not allowed while driving and to be only to be used during parking. I explained that the design of the shades only covers the rear half of front windows, thus 1st half is not blocked. This is designed for use when driving so it does not cause obstruction or danger to driver's view. He also passed me on that. He then elaborated that I can appeal to LTA if I want. I was rushing for time and took my license and IC back from him and left. Though some may be telling me to shut up and just pay for fines, I am more interested to find out if the LTA officers has a standard procedure or passed proper training to know about LTA guidelines. They always reply with an open-ended answer refusing to provide clear boundary as to what is legal and what is not. Many areas seem greyed; intentionally or unitentionally. A summon can reach my place only 2 months later though officer previously informed that its only a verbal warning. I mean that they can simply summon instead of playing dirty tricks like this.. Zzz Can anyone also firmly knows if laser cut number plates are allowed by LTA if the font type and size are within their specifications? Many thanks for reading. Your views and comments is appreciated.
  23. Hi All, just came across this cry for help from a fellow Singaporean couple with regard to their 3 months old baby gal. personally, have called up KK hospital to verified their situation and have contributed under my nick STAFF, for oblivious reason..i left 69 out please help if you can http://saveneira.wordpress.com/2013/09/21/...-3/#comment-121 https://www.facebook.com/adrian.xplore please don't throw stones.
  24. Ixus75

    COE quota for next 6 months

  25. Zach Sobiech, at the age of 14, found out he had a rare form of terminal cancer. So he became a rock star, and millions of people got to see his music before he passed away on May 20, 2013. Salute this guy! Sadly, he passed away this week.... His MV here: A touching journey: