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Found 152 results

  1. Hi all, i need a good recommendation for a baby car seat. My baby is now 4 months old and weighs about 6.5kg. What do you suggest? I see a lot of cradle like kind of seats, are they better? http://babymeadows.com.sg/maxi-cosi-1/2008...eflection-.html as compared to this http://www.littlewhiz.com/pd-maxi-cosi-dor...le-car-seat.cfm ? please share your experiences! Thank you!
  2. I am having a Latio now and planning to have the 2nd baby. The car seat I'm using is quite big (360 degree turning from Combi). We plan to use the same for the 2nd baby. Currently my first baby is about 15months old. If I need to use 2 of this combi 360 degree turning car seat, I am afraid that my wife may not have enough space to sit in between with 2 car seats installed at the back. I have 2 questions: 1. What's the youngest age for toddler to use a basic toddler seat / booster seat? 2. What is the 5 seater car that has good space to house 2 such car seats yet having enough space at the centre? (besides Edix?) Any other suggestions are welcome! I try not to go beyond 5 seaters categories.....
  3. Dead baby discovered in clogged toilet at Malaysia bus terminal https://www.asiaone.com/malaysia/cleaner-discovers-dead-baby-clogged-toilet-malaysia-bus-terminal?xtor=EREC-16-4[Emarsys_Newsletter]-20190925&extid=6934d0cfb7b252f1ae9f0dbddf5ff88ca8637e77 Reported by : LAM MIN LEE The toilet wouldn't flush and overflowed with bloody water. A cleaner startled by the sight sought help from taxi drivers who were taking a break at a bus terminal in Kuantan, Malaysia, on Monday (Sept 23). At first, they thought a sanitary pad had caused the toilet to clog up, but they found an umbilical cord when they took a closer look. After fishing out the cord with a wire, the toilet was still choked. That was when they realised there was a baby inside and immediately called the police, Bernama reported. The police found the body of a premature, fully-formed baby in the toilet, which had been closed for upgrading works since Sept 19. CCTV footage revealed that a woman clad in black had entered the female restroom at 6am that day with a luggage bag in tow. Half an hour later, she was seen exiting the toilet wearing a baju kurung. Kuantan police said they are tracking down the woman who is believed to have abandoned the baby at the bus terminal, and appealed to the public for information on her whereabouts. A post-mortem is being carried out on the infant's remains at Tengku Ampuan Afzan Hospital. The case has been classified as concealment of birth by secret disposal of a dead body, which carries the penalty of a jail term of up to two years, a fine, or both. According to statistics released by Malaysia's Women, Family and Community Develop­ment Ministry last year, over 900 newborn babies were dumped between 2010 and 2018. Commonly left behind in public toilets and garbage areas, only a third of abandoned infants were found alive. lamminlee@asiaone.com
  4. A woman aged 55 or older gave birth in March, making her one of Singapore's oldest mothers. The woman, whose exact age was not specified, gave birth to a boy and registered his birth in March, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) told The Sunday Times. This is only the second time a baby was born to a mother aged 55 or older since ICA started keeping birth records in 1989. In August 2016, a woman aged 55 or older gave birth to twin boys, according to ICA records. Dr Khoo Chong Kiat, who delivered the twins, said the woman was 58 when she gave birth. He added that the woman and her husband, who is four or five years older than her, had been trying for a baby for years. Dr Khoo does not remember their occupations. Dr Khoo, who runs CK Khoo Clinic for Women & Laparoscopy, said: "She was very determined to have a child. And she stretched social and medical norms. "Once you hit menopause, there's no need to think of babies anymore but she managed to conceive through in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) using her own eggs even after menopause." Dr Khoo said his patient had previously appealed to the health authorities to be allowed to undergo IVF here to no avail. Last month, the Government announced the lifting of the age limit of 45 for women to undergo IVF treatments here and this will take effect from Jan 1. Dr Khoo's patient went to a fertility clinic in Johor Baru even though she had reached menopause at the age of 50. Through hormone replacement therapy and with the help of IVF drugs, her menstrual cycle started again and she managed to produce eggs. Her eggs were mixed with her husband's sperm in a lab and the resulting embryos were implanted in her womb. However, she developed pre-eclampsia, a pregnancy complication characterised by high blood pressure, and the twins had to be delivered by cesarean about three weeks premature. This was a very rare case, Dr Khoo said, adding that the boys are healthy. He cautioned that older mothers face significant health risks, from a higher risk of pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes to having a child with a genetic disease. The woman believed to be the world's oldest mother is a 74-year-old Indian national who gave birth to twin girls earlier this month through IVF using donor eggs. Her 82-year-old husband collapsed from a heart attack shortly after the birth, while she remained in intensive care. While the Singaporean couple were elated to finally become parents, they hid the good news from relatives. Dr Khoo said: "She shared with me that she dared not tell her relatives she has given birth as she was afraid they would laugh at her or call her selfish for giving birth at such a late age." source: straits times premium article congrats to the lady.. with medical advancements these-days,never say never.but personal health comes first regardless.
  5. Baby abandoned at Malaysian villager's doorstep, with poignant note https://www.asiaone.com/malaysia/baby-abandoned-malaysian-villagers-doorstep-poignant-note KOTA KINABALU - A mother, apparently desperate to see her newborn son have a better life, left him at a villager's doorstep in Kota Belud some 70km from here early Sunday (June 30). The mother left a note asking for a woman of the house, a "Sumarti", to care for her child whom she had named Yusof. The mother's note said that the baby was born a day earlier and he had not drunk a drop of milk since his birth, as she was unable to lactate. The mother also wrote that she was unable to bring the child for vaccination, buy milk formula, diapers or anything for her baby, and that she was not capable of raising the child. The woman did not leave her name on the letter, but she seems to know the family as she wrote that she was sure "Sumarti" would be able to provide for the child and give him the love that he deserves. The last part of her letter read, "I want someone to love Yusof. I, as a mother, have failed to care for Yusof. Yusof has been very thirsty and hungry since early morning". Kota Belud police chief Supt Mohd Zaidi Abdullah said in the 5.30am incident, the woman Sumarti was woken up by her mother who had heard a baby crying outside their house. "Sumarti read the note and checked for injuries on the baby," he said when contacted Monday (July 1). Sumarti brought the baby to the police station and lodged a report at about 8.57am. upt Mohd Zaidi said Sumarti does not know of anyone in the village who had just given birth, and said she is unsure who left the child at her doorstep. He said policemen took the baby for a medical examination and welfare officials were alerted. He said the baby was found to be healthy and has been handed over to welfare officials for further action. It is unclear at this moment whether Sumarti will adopt the baby. The matter was posted on Facebook page Irranun Peace, which saw hundreds of users expressing their best wishes for the child and praising the mother who did not dump her baby and leave him to die. There were also quite a number of people who asked if they could adopt the child.
  6. 1-month-old baby dies on full month celebration after grandfather gives him alcohol https://www.asiaone.com/china/1-month-old-baby-dies-full-month-celebration-after-grandfather-gives-him-alcohol?xtor=EREC-16-4%5BEmarsys_Newsletter%5D-20190718&extid=6934d0cfb7b252f1ae9f0dbddf5ff88ca8637e77 Tragedy befell a family recently when a newborn baby died after his grandfather fed him a sip of alcohol, on his first-month celebration. The incident shows the dangers of giving alcohol to a baby, even in tiny amounts. According to an article on Sin Chew Daily on 12 July 2019, the incident happened in Beijing, China. Many friends and relatives had turned up at the baby's full month celebration, which is traditionally held to bless the child and celebrate the arrival of a new member of the family. The child's paternal grandfather was apparently carrying him when he proposed a toast to his relatives. Things took a rather weird turn when one of the relatives joked that the grandfather couldn't drink if the baby didn't drink. The grandfather fell for the taunt, he grabbed a cup of alcohol and gave the baby a sip, to "save his face". When the child's mother got to know what had happened, she was furious. She grabbed her baby back into her arms. But the damage had been done. The baby became breathless after just 30 minutes. He was rushed to the hospital, but hospital staff were unable to save the little one. Doctors found out that, the cause of the child's death was alcohol poisoning. "Babies cannot drink alcohol, how can you treat a child's life as if it's a joke?" they asked the grandfather. It has been reported that the baby's heartbroken mum was unable to believe what had happened, and she slapped her father-in-law multiple times. Apparently, the mum had been ill-treated by her in-laws previously, because she was unable to conceive even after 3 years of marriage. Things got better only after she was blessed with a baby boy. Fate though had other plans. According to a report by Dr Taylor McCormick (Department of Emergency Medicine, Los Angeles County & University of Southern California Medical Center), babies appear to metabolise alcohol faster than adults. Alcohol affects the central nervous system. Children's bodies absorb alcohol quickly, and this can occur in less than 30 minutes. Symptoms of alcohol poisoning in babies can include difficulty breathing, reduced activity, and seizures. Some studies have also found a risk for low blood sugar. The long-term effects on the baby are unclear. However, breathing difficulties could deprive the baby's brain of oxygen, possibly causing brain damage. In the case of breastfeeding mothers, the CDC recommends that not drinking alcohol is the safest option. Generally, moderate alcohol consumption by a breastfeeding mother (up to 1 standard drink per day) is not known to be harmful to the infant. However, the mother should wait for at least 2 hours after a single drink before breastfeeding her baby. Breast milk will contain alcohol as long as alcohol is still in the mother's bloodstream. Alcohol levels are usually highest in breast milk 30-60 minutes after alcohol is consumed. The length of time alcohol can be detected in breast milk will increase the more alcohol a mother consumes. For example, alcohol from 1 drink can be detected in breast milk for about 2-3 hours, alcohol from 2 drinks can be detected for about 4-5 hours, and alcohol from 3 drinks can be detected for about 6-8 hours, and so on. Exposure to alcohol above moderate levels through breast milk can damage an infant's development, growth, and sleep patterns. High alcohol consumption can also impair a mother's judgment and ability to safely care for her child. Over time, excessive alcohol consumption can also lead to decreased milk production. This article was first published in theAsianparent.
  7. Sdf4786k

    Jaguar Baby SUV E Pace 2018

    At the price point of a Golf GTi, its going to sell in big numbers Using Land rover chassis and FWD. Wonder how the new Volvo XC60 will be able to compete. But based on reliability, going by Land Rover , its going to be difficult to convenience the type of buyers with deep pocket who treasure convenience and time.
  8. Hi Bro n Sis, Anyone know where to get this hammock, i hate the wiring, prefer battery type: Kum sia in advance.
  9. Vinceng

    Free COE for Baby Born Next Year

    Now that I caught your attention.....Give a FREE COE for every baby born, and I will waste no time to work OT tonight, and produce 2 babies next year Gift for Singaporean babies born next year to celebrate Golden Jubilee http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/coming-soon-gift-singaporean-babies-born-next-year-celebrate-golden-ju Every Singaporean child born next year will receive a special Jubilee Baby Gift to mark the 50th anniversary of the country's independence. The gift will be "a uniquely-Singaporean keepsake filled with practical yet symbolic items for our Golden Jubilee babies", said Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Grace Fu, who oversees population issues, on Tuesday. Its exact contents will be up to Singaporeans to suggest. People with ideas are asked to send them to the National Population and Talent Division over the next seven weeks, until May 15. A five-member panel led by Families for Life council member Anita Fam will advise on the suitability of the suggestions. A list of the top ideas will be drawn up for people to vote and those with the most votes will be included in the gift set.
  10. Among all the negative news going out in the world, this brought a smile to my face. Grandmother's womb gave birth to the next generation. https://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/2183441/chinas-first-womb-transplant-recipient-gives-birth-healthy-baby?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR2dVQIa11eqiwIvJgOnmpyVnT7TlAXtoQY263UuFri6xjNv8WC33qejRf8#
  11. There was a press release on the Enhanced Baby Bonus packages and its effective date of 1 Jan 2009 this afternoon. Following which was an uproar by expecting Mums who are dued to deliver in this year who will be missing out on the new benefits. What are your views?
  12. anything goes in the US ... esp crappy lawsuits ... next will be kodomo .... then pigeon ... etc...
  13. Bmwcar

    Baby Stuffs for Sales

    Hi ! Guys. Sorry, not sure can I post some baby stuffs for sales in this forum. Anyway, I do have baby stuffs to sell as my daughter has grown-up. (1) North States Superyard XT Gate (Condition: 10/10) Cash and Carry Price: S$80 (Retail at S$149) The Gate-Child 26" High Superyard XT opens easily, so you can have access to your child. It is totally portable so you get maximum convenience along with safety and durability. The weather-resistant Superyard can be used just about anywhere outside, and it's extra tall--26 inches high--so you can use it without worry. This Superyard is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, so you can be confident it's dependable and safe for your kids.(1) (2) MAXI COSI Cabriofix Pink Colour (Condition: 8.5/10) Cash and Carry Price: S$120 (Retail S$~300+) - Side Protection System offers optimal protection in side impacts - Giving baby extra legroom, allowing longer and safer rearward-facing travel - Snug fit for baby (3) The Maxi-Cosi Priori XP Black Colour (Condition: 7.5/10) Cash and Carry Price: S$120 (Retail ~S$300+) The Maxi-Cosi Priori XP is your trusted choice of car seat that covers all your needs for safe travel. Great seating comfort and added Side Impact Protection has made the Priori XP the favourite car seat among parents. (4) Lucky Baby Travel Playpen with carry bag (Condition: 9/10) Cash and Carry Price: S$60 (Retail S$99) Interested party, please send PM to me to deal :) Thanks for reading :)
  14. I have a question to ask: I go to wedding dinner last week, after dinner, since quite late already, decided to send my brother, his wife and 3 year old son back home. I do not have a kid so don't need baby car seat in my car. On the way, got stopped by TP. I explained my situation and TP said after receive letter can go appeal. Now in this case, what will you do? 1. Always buy a baby seat keep in boot even though may use only once a very long while (crazy decision) 2. Tell brother no car seat and ask them join Q to take Taxi. (maybe if you really hate your brother, my mum will look at me strangely too: your car got space dun send your tired nephew back home to rest? [super note: I adore my nephew too]. Plus mum and old relatives never understand new TP rules one: result: Strained relationships) 3. Try luck and drive them home. (my final choice) No, I am not complaining. I take the risk and I bear the consequences. Just think the law so not flexible that those with car cannot tompang those without car and with kids?
  15. Poortraveller

    Baby stroller

    ok, this oso considered a car but a baby car ... so anybody know where can i find shop/warehouse that have huge range of baby stroller/car seat with afforadable pricing. pls dun recommend me places like department stores / retail outlets e.g. kiddy palace thanks :)
  16. ahboy86

    Jaguar Baby SUV

    Hot on the heels of the Fpace, to slot below the Fpace. To be called, E-Pace? http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/jaguar/e-pace/91850/jaguar-s-baby-f-pace-suv-takes-its-next-steps
  17. https://youtu.be/DVRTZ9rPPEM http://www.wnd.com/2016/11/angel-pushed-boy-to-save-falling-baby-brother/ A 9-year-old Florida boy says an “angel pushed” him to catch his baby brother as the baby fell off a changing table and nearly smacked his head on the hardwood floor.
  18. As a father reading this, I'm heart broken and my blood is boiling at the same time. You don't realize how f**ked up some people can be until you read news like this.
  19. Just watching Crash Test Dummies on Discovery Science. Shows how dummies are used to make cars safer. Made me recall seeing some adult front seat passengers in cars with a baby or toddler carried in their lap. They don't realise...(cannot be don't care right?) how dangerous it can be if the car rear ends the vehicle in front or driver e brakes....the child could be launched forward by the momentum and crash into the windscreen. Child seats are also life savers...i suggest parents be more strict with their children when it comes to seat belts. Even for short drive to school less than 2km away, I insist my kids put on their seat belts. You can be the safest driver in the world, but there are many who are reckless or bobo.
  20. Judge sentences Dynel Lane to 100 years for attack http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_29829790/woman-who-cut-fetus-out-expectant-mother-set BOULDER — Aurora Wilkins should be nearing her first birthday. Her parents should be watching her take her first steps. Her mother should know what her daughter's smile looks like. Instead, Michelle Wilkins stood before a judge on Friday and asked for the woman who cut Aurora from her womb to receive the harshest punishment possible. Chief District Judge Maria Berkenkotter sentenced Dynel Lane to 100 years in prison for beating Wilkins unconscious and cutting her 7-month-old fetus from her body. The details that weighed heaviest in Berkenkotter's decision weren't the things that Lane did. They were the things that Michelle Wilkins never got to do. District Attorney Stan Garnett's voice shook when he described the first words Wilkins never got to hear. Aurora's parents will never get to scoop her off a grocery store floor during a tantrum or hang her artwork on the refrigerator, Berkenkotter said. "They won't get to watch as she decides who she is or what she wants to do with her life," Berkenkotter said. "Ms. Lane, you stole that from Michelle." Lane, 35, was convicted on Feb. 23. After seven hours of deliberation, a Boulder County jury convicted Lane of one count of attempted first-degree murder, four counts of assault and one count of unlawful termination of a pregnancy. Lane spent months faking a pregnancy before she lured Wilkins to her Longmont basement on March 18, 2015, with a Craigslist ad promising free maternity clothes. In a frenzied attack, Lane beat Wilkins unconscious and removed her fetus using two kitchen knives. Juno Mak's movie becomes reality.
  21. Omg! Just saw a grey Porche guy driver driving with a baby in front of him at the wheel! I don't dare to imagine what happened if he e-brake.. Brainless or what??
  22. Is that whose name we shall not say ???????????? https://sg.news.yahoo.com/she-riding-mt-everest-solo-042601898.html SINGAPORE — What to do when life puts obstacles in your path? If you’re Vaune Phan, you think of them as mountains to climb. That’s why the 27 year-old biker has decided to set off on an epic journey in June, starting from her comfortable home here and crossing 8,000km of mixed terrain, all the way to Everest Base Camp. “This trip signifies there can be “mountains” in our lives, but if we remain determined and persevere on, we will conquer the “mountain”, we can achieve our dreams,” she says. MORE: Another female rider who is braver than you
  23. Little_prince

    How many kids do you plan to have?

    Number two on the way! Woohoo! Another girl. Was having this discussion with my Wife. She was worried I will make her give birth until we have a boy. LOL. Just curious. How many kids do you guys intend to have? And what are the factors that will influence the number of kids you have?
  24. Little_prince

    Raising awareness for baby yujia

    Apologies in advance if this is not allowed This is damm heart breaking My wife and I also have a young daughter. We just donated too. just want to share with you guys https://life.indiegogo.com/fundraisers/save-baby-yujia-help-her-eat-by-her-mouth Baby Yujia is born with long gap esophageal atresia and multiple anomalies. It is a rare birth defect that unfortunately happens to her. She is not able to eat anything since her birth til now because her esophagus is not connected to her stomach. This requires definite surgery to join them together. It may sound simple but unfortunately it is not as easy as it seemed. She has been staying in hospital pretty much most of her life and recently just discharged but this is not the end of the story. To help you understand more about her condition and why we need your donation, we have made a video that self explains our current situation. Below is the video link: Thank you for spending time reading and watching this. Please help to share :) We really appreciate your kindness and hope that you can help us share our story and reach our goal. Your kind donation will help Baby Yujia to finally be able to eat by her mouth. What We Need The Surgery medical bills is estimated at 1.3million USD. As we are not US citizen, we are not covered by any insurance should we go to Boston Children's Hospital for treatment. We hope to raise enough funds to her our baby girl to get her esophagus fixed and we really hope to see her eat by her mouth soon. Thank you very much!
  25. RadX

    I let the baby say!

    Bad day and just fed up w things until I saw this but sums up what I feel An oldie but feels good saying it... The baby, not me