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Found 152 results

  1. See The Differences Between $1,000 And $8,000 Recaro Seats source: https://www.motor1.com/news/432285/difference-between-expensive-recaro-seats/ Often overlooked, a great seat can make all the driving difference. If you ask most people about what modifications they'd want to do on their vehicles if money was not an issue, chances are some aftermarket seats might not be on that list. For all the engine mods, suspensions upgrades, reflashed ECUs, and aftermarket wheels, most people often neglect something as simple as a comfortable, supportive, and well-made seat. Recaro, a German company that's been around since 1906, has its presence in a myriad of applications where people need to support their butts. Aircraft? Yes. Gaming chairs? Definitely. Cars, baby seats, and strollers? Of course. In fact, Recaro has been a leading manufacturer in aftermarket seats for decades now, even being tapped by manufacturers as OEM suppliers for their performance vehicles. Recaro also happens to be huge in Japan, so much so that they actually have some Japan-only models in their lineup; and they aren't cheap. So who better to explain the nuances of these exclusive models than the guys behind JDM Masters? This video takes us on a virtual tour of ASM Yokohama and its Recaro seat section. As with every Recaro, there is importance given to the way the spine is supported. The spine must always retain the position as if you were standing, with lumbar support being a primary feature on all Recaros. The seats vary wildly for the Japanese market, and you can even get a luxury seat to replace the seats in a minivan. Then you have semi-aggressive seats with some bolstering with varying levels of suede and leather applications.
  2. We can all agree on one thing; it is important to have seat comfort in your car! Just think about it this way: when you drive, you're spending all the time in your car seat, so that car seat has to be comfortable and suitable for you. However, when choosing a car seat, there are several choices you can make. Leather or fabric car seats are the most popular choices. Anyhow, the real question here is ' ' Are car seats in leather better than fabric '? ' And, we're here to discuss all of this. So, let's no longer waste time and get straight to business. Let's see the leather and fabric car seats ' advantages and disadvantages. I prefer fabric seats myself as it is not as hot as leather. But the thing about fabric is that it gets dusty very quickly. So usually I will standby a magic clean duster to dust away from the dust.
  3. Hi. I am looking for a car seat company which deals with this kind of car seat for the car. Is there anyone in Spore who does it? http://articles.sae.org/11983/ Thanks!
  4. Trusty

    Dashboard wrap

    anyone done it before? trying to prevent the dashboard from cracks/bubbles also where can buy quality seat cushions/protectors for leather seats? the ones that can nicely attach to the seat
  5. I am having a Latio now and planning to have the 2nd baby. The car seat I'm using is quite big (360 degree turning from Combi). We plan to use the same for the 2nd baby. Currently my first baby is about 15months old. If I need to use 2 of this combi 360 degree turning car seat, I am afraid that my wife may not have enough space to sit in between with 2 car seats installed at the back. I have 2 questions: 1. What's the youngest age for toddler to use a basic toddler seat / booster seat? 2. What is the 5 seater car that has good space to house 2 such car seats yet having enough space at the centre? (besides Edix?) Any other suggestions are welcome! I try not to go beyond 5 seaters categories.....
  6. Dear bros/sis, Looking for used car seats for Honda Stream, a y body can help me? Thanks
  7. Any one know where got cheap and good deal for Johor Bahru Leather upholstery for car seats?? Pls list address and contact no here.... Thanks
  8. Wondering how useful these types of seats are in our hot weather and how many different models here have them...so far i know Kia Sorento, Toyota camry 2.5, volvo xc90 and most higher end Lexus, BMWs and Mercedes come equipped with these.
  9. Dear all, Just committed to a new Honda Fit 1.3 (PI Model) yesterday. Leather seats were not included in the package so I need to source for my own outside. Any recommended shops with good workmanship yet not too pricey? Thanks!
  10. I am trying to clean this car and found that underneath the rear seat, there are a lot of rubbish dropped and stuck there. However, I can't seem to adjust the rear seat to a position which I can reach those rubbish. For the rear seat, is it just flipping it forward and flat? Or can I do more? I know some cars can (but I don't really know how to describe it) Can someone point me to the tutorial/video to it? Or guide me along? Thanks!
  11. While looking for booster seats, I found another source of testing done by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Just though to share with parents out there.. Evaluation done in Dec 2009 http://www.iihs.org/research/topics/boosters/best_bets.html http://www.iihs.org/research/topics/boosters/good_bets.html http://www.iihs.org/research/topics/booste...ecommended.html I was already leaning towards Maxi Cosi Rodi XR from previous research and recently was considering between a Combi Kobuk highback (due to similar price point) But was surprise at Combi "Not recommended" status. together with other parents' review of it's difficult use, I will stick to Rodi XR. Any one else with booster seat experience?
  12. Hi everyone can someone recommend a cheap place to swap seats (front and back) between 2 cars, and some parts of the door trims. Thanks.
  13. Sugar

    Possible to change car seats?

    I am driving a suv... i find my car seat very uncomfortable and wondering if its possible to change the car seat? i dont want those bucket seat or racing kind...i prefer those with lots of cushion. anyone knows where to get and how much?
  14. Ahseng

    Two child seats?

    Hi bros, planning to have a second one soon at the same time car almost going expire already. New car prices out of my budget so considering second hand. Could someone please tell me if normal cars e.g. altis or suv like forester or Suzuki vitara can fit two child seats behind plus an adult in middle? Total members in family 3 adults 1 child and planning to have one more.suddenly thought this child seats thing previously only budget was in my mind. If altis this size can't fit does it mean have to go up to like Chevrolet epica size?
  15. Is the space between the first and second row seats of SUVs fairly standard? I am looking for one that has a good legroom for the second row. Any car to recommend? SUVs only.
  16. Beware, if you are thinking of flying with Qatar Airways. They have Boeing 787 Dreamliners (I think 30). The Economy class seats are incredibly cramped. We flew to London with Qatar and on 2 of the 4 legs, we had the Boeing 787. The flights Singapore to Doha QR 945, departing SIN at 0230 - Boeing 787-800 Doha to London Heathrow QR 011 departing DOH at 0550 - Airbus A340 (45 minute layover at Doha) For the return London Heathrow to Doha, QR 002 - departing LHR at 2130 - Boeing 787-800 Doha to Singapore, QR 938 - departing at DOH at 0700 - Airbus A350 (very new plane!) I made some flight review videos, if you are interested to see the cabin. Singapore to Doha https://youtu.be/HEAy1KHMVtw London to Doha https://youtu.be/_bkNZfvfFf4 On a more positive note, the rest of the experience was good. The new Airbus A350 and the older Airbus A340 product was good too. So, it is just this Boeing 787 product. Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Singapore to Doha This is the flight review video - https://youtu.be/HEAy1KHMVtw This was the very first leg, Singapore to Doha. The flight would depart SIN at 0230. By that time, we were all very sleepy. A picture of the departures that early morning. Fortunately, Changi Airport had some loungers where we could snooze a bit. The loungers were very popular though. That area of the airport was very quiet and you could look at some plants and even a small water feature. Boarding was smooth and departure was slightly early, which was good because our connection at Doha was 45 minutes and we were wondering whether we could make the connection. The flight from Singapore to Doha would take about 7 hours. Now, I begin my rant. They call the Boeing 787 the Dreamliner, but it is certainly no dream sitting in the Economy class. Why? The seats are awfully cramped and the legroom is crazily tight. Even my kids felt a bit squashed and they are small in size. The Boeing 787 in Economy is in a 3-3-3 configuration. I went into lots of detail about this point in my flight review video. But here are some pictures to illustrate my point. This picture shows you the legroom available and the infamous IFE box, which takes up some space. The remaining space in front of my can barely take my backpack, which is by no means big. This picture shows you my legs in that small space. Another picture showing you the cramped seat and legroom. I guess for a short flight, say 2-3 hours, it is still ok. But for a red-eye, it is a completely different proposition. Do watch my video as I show you more of the cramped seating and I also take a walk around the cabin and you can see for yourselves the seating situation. To be fair to Qatar, other than the cramped seats on the B787 (which you can appreciate is a big deal given that we spend 99% of our time in the seat during a flight), all other aspects of the flight was very good, if not excellent. International crew was attentive and very pleasant. Service was prompt. The IFE system was very modern. Shortly after takeoff, we were served with a sandwich snack. These were warm sandwiches as well as a nice piece of warm cake. They were delicious. You could have a full bar service with your sandwich, that was nice. Thereafter they turned off the cabin lights so that we could get some sleep. 2 hours before landing, they served a full meal (breakfast). We landed early, which was a relief. To my surprise, we didn't have an aerobridge. We had to be take an airport bus to the terminal. However, while on the bus, I noticed that there were many empty aero-bridges. Strange. Were they deliberately creating work for the buses? I don't know. Here is a picture taken while boarding the airport bus at Doha Airport. The ground crew were unloading luggage, especially those that required rapid transfer. Anyway, do watch my review video if you want to see more, including the cabin, the food and even the bus ride from the plane to the terminal at Doha. Qatar Airways Boeing 787 London to Doha, Flight QR2. This was the flight back to Singapore, via Doha, on our way home. We had a good holiday in London. Now, it was time to go home. Departure was from London Heathrow Terminal 4. I spent quite some time at the Observation Deck and made a number of videos, see this link - http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/u-k-ireland/1686930-viewheathrow-london-heathrow-terminal-4-a.html This is the flight review video. https://youtu.be/_bkNZfvfFf4 Gate 22 was the Boarding Gate. It was a short walk from the main terminal. Read this sign. Some planes parked at Terminal 4. We would be walking over to the other side for Gates 22-25. That would be our ride to Doha. Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner, A7-BCK. Spotted this plane coming in. Air One. Airbus A320. I checked wikipedia which reported that this company has ceased operations in 30 Oct 2014. So this plane is now operated by Alitalia? Boarding was quick and smooth and we got to our seats quickly. Now, in my last report, I had already made a big deal about the cramped seat. That left me thinking, what else can I do to illustrate to readers just how narrow the seat is? An idea struck me, let's do a selfie. Check out this photo of me. I am seated upright, leaning back against the seat fully, with shoulders touching the seat. Look where my shoulders fall and look where my arms are, in this relaxed position. I am by no means a big guy. To be more specific, I am about 5"9 and weigh around 160 pounds. And that's how cramped the seat is for somebody like me. See also the video, where I did a video version of the selfie, just to make the point clear to all interested viewers. Alright, it would take 6.5 hours to Doha. In the air. The main meal was served and I chose the beef. It was pretty good. The meal came with this small piece of chocolate, which was very good. Fortunately for me, the load on this leg was light enough such that the seat in between me and the other chap on the other aisle seat was empty. Phew! Much more comfortable. At least I managed to catch some sleep. Woke up about 2 hours before landing. This was the breakfast snack, which was pretty good. All the snacks we had on Qatar were good. We were put in a holding position before landing and that got me a bit anxious since our connection was only 45 minutes. Anyway, I figured the next plane would wait for us (I hope!). I took this photo to show you a comfortable leg position. Obviously, such a position is not possible if the middle seat is taken. This would be the typical position for my legs if the middle seat were taken. You can see that it would NOT be comfortable at all, especially if you are trying to sleep! Despite the holding pattern over Doha, I think we still landed on schedule. Again, we had to be bussed to the terminal. Oh well, at least I had an empty seat beside me for this London to Doha leg. That made the flight very much more comfortable.
  17. Hi Need some advice from bros... I have a kid about 2 years old and another one coming soon. Thinking of buying a new car, preferably an SUV. What I would like to know how to place the child seats (one front facing and one rear facing), bearing in mind the car needs to seat 3 more adults (me, my wife and maid)? If I prefer not to place any child seat in the front passenger or the third row seats, it seems like my only choice is to place them on the second row seats but that would pretty much take up the second row middle seat too. The maid will have to go to third row, which is fine. But would I have to then to remove the child seat at the entry point everytime I need to fold the second row car seat to let her in and out?? How do the rest of you do it?
  18. Any ideas? Kind of thinking of getting a passenger van liao.... or a London cab too.
  19. AL5509

    Re-wrapping of Car's seats

    Hi guys, as my 'leather' seats start to tear after being under e hot sun, cold rain in the open-air carpark for the past 4 years. So guess it time to change. So any one know any 'lobang' or good recommendation of workshop doing seats rewrapping. I do not mind if it is to be done in JB if the price and the quality is right. But as what most driver concern, possible not to leave e car behind? Likewise, do not know if such suggestion be used in SG too. Just my own thought, can the rear seats together with passenage seat be left behind for rewrapping first following by making arrangement to send the driver's seat for rewrapping. The above mentioned is just one of my assumption given that the car still can move around with the driver seat. My ride: Honda Accord JDM Please advise the following if any so I can go chek it out. 1)Name of company: 2)Address/location: 3)Contact person with number(if any): 4)Price range (estimated) 5)Quality 6)Product range (single colour or mix colour-if any) 7)Days required for rewrapping Appreciate all kind and positive comment with recommendation. Cheers
  20. Hello MCFers, My friend fimaly members increased, he owns one sedan, now hesitating to change sedan to 7 seater MPV or buy another 2nd Sedan, please advise
  21. Tjkbeluga

    Child car seats

    Hi Guys, I have 2 children, age 4 and 6. I am thinking of getting children car seats for them. However, since I also quite often bring my whole family out, the back seat will need to fit another 2 adults. So, I wonder, is there such thing as a twin child car seats which I am thinking of putting in the middle of the back seat and the adult can sit on the both sides?
  22. Hi All, Just would like check compulsory to have child car seat when travel on Malaysia roads? If Malaysia TP catch estimate to pay how much "settle"?
  23. dear fellow bros, i would like to find out from u guys tat if those van installed with sofa seats behind, do they nid to b dismantled during inspectation? thanks bro and happy new yr to you guys out there
  24. Hi Like to check if anyone here who has baby and drives a 4-seater convertible / cabriolet manages to put a infant car seat in the back seat ? Any issues with fixing a rear facing car seat ? difficulties in getting baby in and out of the car ? advise appreciated.
  25. Gokiburi


    Any Bros fitted the above sport seats? What's the damage like for 2 including installation? Any good Shop to recco for this job?