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  1. Moral of the story, "No circumcise, no void deck" heehee...
  2. Tjkbeluga

    Star Wars EPIX: Rise of skywalker

    Ooooo.... aa no ne.....
  3. Tjkbeluga

    Star Wars EPIX: Rise of skywalker

    Didn't know tie-fighter can go warp speed....
  4. Tjkbeluga

    Self drive to khao kho, khao yai

    Just came back from KY, the place is practically like JB, lots of mix Singaporean and Malaysian...
  5. Should send this guy to kautim the protesters...
  6. Tjkbeluga

    1.5m condo owner scold security guard

    Che... sianz, nothing interesting to see liao....
  7. Tjkbeluga

    Terrorist Group ISIS

    Good that he is really bakar into abu....
  8. Tjkbeluga

    Comments on Mazda CX5

    I notice in Msia, price diff BTW cx3 and cx5 is only 5k but in sg, its like 30k? Why such a big gap?
  9. Tjkbeluga

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    One thing I REALLY HATE about SG custom is sometimes you queue at a specific custom lane and suddenly become X due to some clearance issue. You need to really pay attention to the tick sign. It can turn into X anytime. Then the stupid aetos will give you that "Eh you blind ah, never see the X sign is it?"... f**k them....
  10. Tjkbeluga

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    MY starex was not targetted by MY mata as what I noticed on sunday, yesterday. Police was waiting at the curve. Those private vehicle, all kena, MY or SG plate, not exception but starex they let go.
  11. Tjkbeluga

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    Funny incident on sunday, yesterday. To speed up the clearance, SG side will occasionally allow car enter heavy vehicle lane. When they exit from the clearance and try to join the car lane, many selfishly don't want to allow them to get in. So some will drive all the way up to Msia side, only to be caught by MY police for queue cutting.
  12. Car will soon (if not already have) categorized the same as tobacco... - Both produces smokes - Both gahmen don't want ppl to use but can't live without it (golden goose)
  13. Also need to ban those calorie-laden coffee drinks from starbucks and cbtl.... My gawd, whip-cream with caramel and with simi laici-pop.... Always scold my wife for buying those expensive drinks for the kids...
  14. But then got so many bobo tea shops.... Sure, you may ask for low sugar, but it's still high-cal and carbs from the pearl.
  15. Aiyah, not surprise if they just want to get funding from gov, show show some POC and kill it. This happen to computer game and animation industry few years back. Gov wanted to spur this industry and started giving a lot of funds. Attracted big guys here like disney, pixar, gameloft. Some smaller opportunist company came in, hire and fire within the span of 2 years. Now, trying esport again.