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  1. Enye

    YouTrip Mobile wallet

    always bring more CNY cash as a foreigner in China. foreign credit cards(youtrip card included) and atm cards often not accepted there and you need to visit the bank during banking hours to exchange foreign currency in CNY very scary to get caught out without $$ and have no other means to pay when you are there 😬
  2. Enye


    wah....i wanna go to 峨眉山 to look for 周芷若 xmm. will bring 屠龙刀. 🤣
  3. doc...pang chance leh mcf got many ex cdo, ex pti, grandpa and fit zai 20 year olds leh all faster than my fail ippt pace hor 😅 wah ....see xmm so nurturing unlike those people wanna scold me extremely white one 🤣
  4. Enye

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    how you know? you work for sinopec or shell? or you saw shell truck unloading at sinopec? 😅
  5. Enye

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    me too... the most convenient one is the lowest cost one so why do china brand petrol always price lower than ang mo brand? is it they love their customers and want them to shout 万岁? or they very noble and helping consumers to keep prices in check? 🤣
  6. Enye

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    so if all same price, how would you decide? 😬
  7. Enye

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    so if spc and sinopec petrol not cheaper than esso, shell or caltex, will you all buy the china brand petrols? 😏
  8. less than 1 full size mooncake 😱😅 very slow leh....this pace 2.4 km is 13 min plus lucky mr long ago liao....if not fail ippt 😌 boss...i cannot do half marathon yet lah even this distance, my knees and heels were hurting badly in the last km havent run since then...still recovering and regaining weight 🤣 瑜哥哥 so unfriendly one 😬
  9. increase distance a bit but pace slowing down drastically ... 😔 jialat old 165kg body not used to long distance pounding.... pain everywhere think just run lah method reaching limit liao... cannot improve how... got teacher boh? 😱😅
  10. Enye

    Hdb income ceiling revised 2019

    wah....now ah gong says 14k monthly basic hh income is considered low income wor better to stay hdb....don't hanker after condos then housing agents will say 14k can afford 3 million property based on tdsr how now? 😅
  11. Enye


    don’t go for those tour groups.... waste time always bring you to those tourist gift shops to earn commissions just book airfare and accommodation and arrange airport transfer. thereafter at the hotel, ask the concierge to arrange a local driver (not hotel car) to bring you to the various designated attractions you want to go to. at the attractions, there would usually be local guides for hire or just listen in on the other groups’ guide.... and no i have not been to 黄山 🤣
  12. wah...why you all cyber bully atas xmm....say until she so crass? i only heard her remarking to the uncle that there was an extremely clean cup 那杯超级白 🤣
  13. wah...they should appeal and hope that the high court judge handling the appeal had experienced an upset stomach before while driving a vw. check engine light very common in VWs de 🤣
  14. Enye

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    kopitiam where ytf stall is located, will be closing for reno. changing owner. last day of operation is this friday. dunno when reopen but tiagong ytf, bryani and vegetarian stalls are confirmed to operate when reopen. uncle kopitiam talk....😁
  15. wah...no such thing as a cheap merc lah atas merc atas owner you all don't bluff peasant 165kg hor 😵