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  1. Desrongrong

    Who like dogs?

    took my girl's toy and tot he hide himself well
  2. Desrongrong

    Need Advice on Tyres Change

    I am sorry , my words gonna sound very harsh.....you are using a pair of 7 years old tyres and yet you still can say you have sleepless nights becos of 2 brand new tyres , seriously ! And you can even think of option 2 .... (remain same configuration under COE ends?). Please la change out that pair of 7 years old tyres. Your car is not the only vehicle on the road.
  3. Desrongrong

    Who like dogs?

    I was very pissed and upset from watching the video but after reading your post , all i am left with is Confused....
  4. Desrongrong

    Who like dogs?

    If really the case , this is heart breaking ... the leash is still on the dog.
  5. Desrongrong

    Who like dogs?

    My "black" solemate
  6. Desrongrong

    Singapore Reckless Drivers part VII

    Ya , lucky him if he on the right lane , first to get KOed
  7. Desrongrong

    Singapore Reckless Drivers part VII

    Wah , the first bike in the video really super heng
  8. Desrongrong

    Lorry altercation with cyclist at Pasir Ris

    Hi , after reading all your posts in this thread , i really feel you are trying abit too hard really. Take a break. No offence. Cheers
  9. Desrongrong

    Who like dogs?

    used to have a mongrel when i was a kid and i guess being a mongrel grass training her was easy , took only 1 day to fully grass train her. so i don't think that can be considered as "prior experience". As for my poodle , due the breed being smart so she was pee tray trained after just 1 time of placing her on the tray right after she peed on the floor. Its my pom that was a huge challenge , i spent a good 6 months trying to pee tray him but still failed. So i grass train him instead , took 1 week to fully grass train him.
  10. Desrongrong

    Who like dogs?

    nope...Mine are all self-trained.
  11. Desrongrong

    Who like dogs?

    Photo shoot with Cesar Millan
  12. Desrongrong

    Who like dogs?

    lol , here is one with eyes
  13. Desrongrong

    Who like dogs?

    My 2 fur kids . Love them
  14. Desrongrong

    Ah! the joy of a manual..

    hi all manual lovers , need some input here , i have been driving manual for 15 years. Now on my second manual car (forte). recently i encounter this problem whenever i drop gear and accelerate hard , my car loses power for a about a second or 2 and the engine check light lights up and will go off after 6 blinks. this only happens when i drop gear and accelerate hard if i drop gear and smoothly accelerate everything is fine. Have been to WS but no fault read and its not misfiring. Really wonder whats the problem
  15. Desrongrong

    SLT6883G - Time for you to get Famous

    Very true. As for this BMW driver , he fully deserves all of these but I hope his Wife and child are able to cope with the mental and social pressure