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  1. Gheeheng

    Need Advice on Tyres Change

    i am more inclined to change to BFGoodRich. Thank you all.
  2. Gheeheng

    Need Advice on Tyres Change

    I intend to renew COE for 10 years. Hence getting a good reviewed tyre are very important. How I achieve a 700km mileage (almost like prius hybrid taxi 1 full tank above 700km? I research on things that are crucial to engine. I used expensive motor oil Amsoil 5W30 signature series. Tyres play apart. Travel on highway play apart. how to apply your strength on your right foot also important.
  3. Gheeheng

    Need Advice on Tyres Change

    When i send my vehicle to Bukit Merah to do rotation on 4th May (Saturday). They only advised me to change Kumho. (front 2). So i changed [to something i don't know good or not good - this lead me to stress] Sin Ming Mechanic only told me (on 5th May, Sunday) that Michelin tyres was dated 2012 (i didn't keep track - my fault - my apology to those who feel that my car will hit others. "Whatever you think you visualise it will come. If we ask we get". So becareful of your thoughts). Mr Yap has advised me to change the Michelin one too and asked me why Mechanic in Bukit Merah lane didn't (strongly) advise me to change Michelin as well. Where is their professionalism blah blah? How come they didn't check? why why why? I went to Vicom Inspection centre on 27 April 2019 (saturday) they told me to change front is ok. Behind can use. Hence last Saturday I went to change at 119 Bukit Merah Lane. He asked his mechanic to get 2 such and start screw them in. I LL just pay. I sleepless because I DON"T KNOW ANYTHING about BEGOODRICH. Not because of money. If the tyre cost me $250 per piece and give me less noise and good fuel efficent. I will pay. i don't gamble i don't smoke i dont go JB massage and clear pipe and I save 60% of my take home pay. What is quality and got value I will pay no need installment. I start this thread is because i just realised Michelin tyres dated 2012. (i apologized on top) Yes I did request Sin Ming mechanic to change New BFGoodRich to rear, but they refused. Reason I mentioned on my first thread. My driving style is not like many who speed and zoom and cut anyhow at high speed. I am a careful driver who maintain at lower speed than the stated speed limit in expressway. If is 80, i cruise at 70km/h at left most lane (always). Sometime Big Truck (malaysia plate) also over take me. Yes some of your words are harsh or too straight. Is ok for me because this is a forum, not an office email to your boss or stakeholder or to your clients who buy your service or product so tone you using is different.. Sometime before i reply anything i also will check if the user or driver are the first time owning car. Just like all seller and buyer in Carousell. before you accept offer, what you check? Their credibility review feedback, etc. correct? Also one thing i want to state in this forum " If you are unable to say something nice or good, just keep quiet to earn (more) good karma for your yourself and family members". Thank you.
  4. Gheeheng

    Need Advice on Tyres Change

    Dear All – Hope all is well. It has been a while since I start a new thread. I need some advices on tyre change. I have sleepless nights. I am currently driving a manual Avante 1.6L car. Just this Saturday (4th May) I just changed my 2 old tyres (Kumho) installed in the front, to 2 new one (BFGoodRich Advantage T/A) My previous Kumho was changed on 11 July 2015 at a Mileage or 39800km Last Saturday 4th May 2019, I went to one workshop to request for a tyre rotation service because last November when I went to Komoco to service, they refuse to rotate for me because they told me my Kumho tyres are getting bald head (BOTAK), 2 words from them "NO POINT". In the end under Mechanic’s advice last Saturday (in Bukit Merah Lane), I changed Kumho to BFGoodRich. Kind of confused why need to change now and I cannot find any good review on BFGOODRICH! Per last Saturday, my car Mileage read 79285km (Means my Kumho ran for 39485km approximately. Now the configuration of my Avante is 2 Front tyres is a pair of BFGoodRich 2018 and 2 Back Tyres is a pair of Michelin 2012 (Changed before I change Kumho) My Question now is Is it necessary to change my Back Tyres to a pair of new one? Should I use back BFGoodRich? The threading still left a lot to use. Is Michelin brand. Hence I just want to confirm can we use a 7 years old Tyres? I went to Sin Ming one of the Motor shop to request to change BFGoodRich from front to back so that I want to wear off the Michelin pair when I put them in front, Uncle told me he refused to change because Michelin ones are 2012. He told me his has a strong principle being a professional car mechanic, what happen if after he changed and then my car got into accident? May I know what are my options? I have sleepless nights after I changed to BFGoodRich. Because I intend to change all four to GoodYear which I have been researching for months that Good Year are fuel efficient tyres. Option1: Change Michelin to BFGoodRich? Option2: remain same configuration under COE ends? Option3: Change all 4 tyres to GoodYear? Option4: Sell my car now and get a 7 seater? My COE ending 2020 May next year. Mileage done is still less 80k. one Full Tank 45L I can clock 700km per 1 pump of 95. I only drive on Sat and Sun. Mine is a OPC. Thank you.
  5. Not activated. Last time already signed up with them before uber enter sg market. After i got a perm job, grab stil send a lot of sms to my mobile no. Hence i requested them to stop sending. After got fired by my previous company perm job, now need to activate.
  6. thank you all for your tips and advices. yes registering Grab now. cannot go in suspended. pending Grabber to contact me asap.
  7. Hi all taxi uncles or aunties, i am in need (desperately) for advice on how to make a little bit more using taxi share under smrt? Last time i can earn about $12 per hr after deducted rental and fuel. I started to drive again as i kenna fired by company again. Averagely i earn around 6 to 7 dollars per hour. Yesterday was the worst, i earned only $15 for the 10 hours booking. Not much calls from smrt call booking. like 10 hours 1 call. When about to accept after checking how to go, people take already. So i do only street hires. Anyhow Drive for 10km to 20km round ans round the estate only 1 passenger go to short trip $4.58. Not sure Want to laugh or cry. Din install grab because taxi share always different car plate number. Any master here? I like to meet you and buy you coffee hope you can share with me some advice. I am not giving up yet. I only set a very low expectation As long as can breakeven i am fine. Smrt per hour rental was very high. I hope other taxi company can come.out this flexi scheme too. I am a very hard working driver. I usually eat bread inside car to beat time. I only step out to go toilet only. No time to lose. Thank you.
  8. Gheeheng

    2011 Nissan Elgrand vs Toyota Alphard

    TS, post here in the end got answer? Some chosen Nissan. Some prefer Toyota. The answer can only be found inside your heart. The very first model or brand that your heart has captured, that is the one, regardless tested drive or not.
  9. Gheeheng

    What is he/she thinking of?

    Probably but best let the relevant authority makes the judgement. Our views / our opinions are not always the same as other people judgement.
  10. Hi Bro - do you know where to buy Redline engine oil?
  11. can save a bit for children, I will save. FYI, I bring my own shopping bag to NTUC to save 10Cents per transaction. I really support their BYOB program. I pack my own lunch to office, can save S$2.50 on economical rice. I wear a S$10+ digi watch compare to S$10+k submariner. my ex-boss drove a benz but choose to park outside CBD zone and walk miles to destination. to me very cents counts.
  12. Ya, that guy told me any auto shops will definitely cheaper than what Komoco going to charge us.
  13. Hi Bro - thanks for your advices. Can you share with me where is Song Yi? I will try Shell Helix Ultra. Thanks again.
  14. Hi Bro - thanks for your pointers! I called up Komoco this morning. They say can buy EO and Oil Filter if I want. No charge for any disposal. But they say Komoco will get the best EO for the car - something like UW50 Ultra something?? (can't remember what he said about the Engine Oil grade). So now i headache,don't know where to buy that ultra grade? anyone got any idea?
  15. Hi Bro - are you refering to just buy the EO (Engine Oil) only? the rest of the part let AD (Authorised Dealer) do it for me? Thanks for your advices.