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  1. Rollagt

    Malaysia: Drive up to Malacca

    Will be staying Novotel when I visit Melaka in mid Nov 19. May I know is the parking safe ? This is my first drive in to Malaysia so quite blur.
  2. Rollagt

    10 years worth of photos...

    One word for you, Magnificent !!!
  3. Rollagt

    Movie Releases - 2019

    Abeng-gers 4 is approx. 3 hrs
  4. Rollagt

    RIP Stan Lee

    Must be Thanos snap his finger to take Stan away. Well, maybe Dr Strange can reverse the time ?
  5. Saw an Alphard with VRN SGB1D. From far looks like SG BID. Too bad no pic to share.
  6. Rollagt

    Unusual or Rare Cars

    Saw Kizashi many times, and it does look good with the dugong body..somehow it does look like those Chinese coffin that U see in movies.
  7. Rollagt

    Fibre TV and termination point

    Yippe for me too. Receive SMS to recontract with 1GB fibre broadband for 2 years and 10% off for Fibre TV subscription ! Need to pay the installation of TP for S$160.50 thou
  8. Rollagt

    Unusual or Rare Cars

    Must go for parallel parking training before driving the Mitsoka. LOL
  9. Rollagt

    Fibre TV and termination point

    Does that mean heavier discount and freebies to entice cable folks to migrate to fibre ?
  10. Rollagt

    Unusual or Rare Cars

    760 sia..road tax paid for a few years can use it for down payment for a entry level car. LOL
  11. Rollagt

    Fibre TV and termination point

    The thing is my parents are staying with me, and they like those Chinese classic movies in the 60s and 70s. Those Netflix etc are mainly angmo related channels.
  12. Rollagt

    Fibre TV and termination point

    My cable TV contract ending 19 Oct 18. No one from SH calls me yet.
  13. Rollagt

    Fibre TV and termination point

    thanks for all kind forummers input but I read until super blur !
  14. Rollagt

    Fibre TV and termination point

    Need to seek fellow MCFers view on this. I read that Starhub will be terminating the cable TV and migrate to fibre TV in a few years time and in order for fibreTV to work, the TV set and supporting hardwares had to be connected to the termination point (OpenNet) via cables. If my termination point is located at the main door area, does it mean I have to engage technician to relocate the termination point to my living room with drilling thru walls and ugly trunking ? Is it possible for FibreTV to work via WIFI ?
  15. Rollagt

    Star Cruise vs Royal Carribean

    Things can get very wrong when 1,800 strong testorone active men decides to do funny stuff. Research had shown that men when they are in a group, tend to feel mightier and guts amplified by several folds.