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  1. Holdenutessv

    Seven habits of the Singapore Driver

    Why the heck road hogging is not on the list
  2. Holdenutessv

    Most Improved Car Brands

    Jatco CVTs are one of the worst in the business.
  3. Still better than KL, the roadworks there will make you pekchek
  4. Holdenutessv

    Preeti/Subhas Nair 'offensive' music video saga.

    He and the Hungarian, 1 Por Favor and 1 Bochanot
  5. Holdenutessv

    Vantage Motors Sells BYD

    Total Range ~750km, overall output of 305hp and 495Nm... Pretty good numbers for a MPV
  6. Holdenutessv

    My 4th Telco TPG Sim Card

    song ah, no more topping up and changing to MY sim card
  7. Holdenutessv

    Taiwan Bubble Tea Milksha is coming to Singapore

    You see Koi always Q so long
  8. Holdenutessv

    Najib implicated in funneling funds into personal a/c

    I'll be shocked as well, but not upset.
  9. Holdenutessv

    Beware of scammers

    It is a scam. Site is under <SGPOSTEN.ONLINE>, site design looks kinda legit and may scam those not so tech-savvy folks. Dodgy site addresses is always a dead giveaway.
  10. Holdenutessv

    Gewinnen Engine Enhancement Tapes?

    Fool people also must innovate ma
  11. Holdenutessv

    Doctor suspended for offensive posts on HardwareZone

    Holiday time for nacht.
  12. Holdenutessv

    2020 Lexus LM350 / LM300h

    Good enough for VIPs and CEOs
  13. Holdenutessv

    Is it alright to pay more for the Toyota brand?

    I'll say just buy whatever you like and could afford.
  14. Holdenutessv

    Perodua Myvi 2018

    1 year late. No sign of the Advance trim though.
  15. Holdenutessv

    How to open under sink of a mixer faucet?

    Honestly think this is better, especially for tight spaces. Useful tool.